Nisan 17, 2021

The Airline Stud Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Missy had something that Alvin needed

The kind of challenge Samantha liked in chasing a man was helping him to seduce her. She liked sex. She liked feeling close to someone. She loved being pounded. What she wanted the most was being romanced. Most men needed to be trained in the art of seduction. Seduction made sex far better.

By this time, she heard that Alvin was the stud of the airline, though only through innuendo and conjecture on the part of the flight attendants she befriended. No one with firsthand experience could be found to share with her what his skills really were. That made the challenge doubly intoxicating.

“Miss, you never told me what I can do for you.”


“What I can do for you. You ID’ed me as a pilot AND as a flight attendant. Are you still with me?”

“Oh, you are Alvin, right, the baseball player?”

“At your service. What can I do for you?”


“Samantha Greeway, yes, the gorgeous Australian blonde who almost owns this route. You are among our best riders. Let me thank you from the flight deck for your devotion to the airline.”

“Is that printed somewhere? Am I that well-known?”

“You are legendary. You have been on this flight every month for the past three years and have almost a half million miles. Yeah, we love you.”

“Alvin, right? If you love me what do I get in return?” She was trying to be seductive. It really wasn’t working.

“Upgrades, admiral’s clubs, preferred seating…”

The navigator stuck his head out of the cockpit. “You’re up,” referring to the first officer’s checklist.

“Let’s continue this conversation sometime.”

“You know where I will be for the next sixteen hours.”

The flight was smooth for the first three hours so Alvin thought he could get away for a minute but just as he made mental plans, he received a weather update from Honolulu control that there was a shift in the weather pattern that would require his full attention until it was his turn for the formal and required rest in the crew rest area where he could catch some ZZZ’s and refresh himself.

When they landed, once again Alvin’s duties kept him in his seat. He never got to say goodbye. However, Alvin went down to the counter and secured Samantha’s home address, email and phone number. This is how he did it, despite company rules against.

Many women on the ground crews or counter agents had approached him in the past. In previous times, it would be called ‘making a pass’ at him. At parties or company functions often the more aggressive women would take the initiative and strike up a conversation. It typically went like this:

“Hi, I’m Heather.


“Yes, Alvin, I know who you are.”

“I am flattered”

After small talk (very small talk), she would suggest dinner or an outing. He never accepted. While he wanted and needed the unique, special and intimate charms of women often, he had his standards.

“Missy, one of the elite passengers gave me her purse accidentally and left before I could return it. Please give me her address and I will drop it by her house.”

Missy could lose her job for handing over this kind of personal information and told him so. The airline had a procedure for returning items. Alvin had approached Missy for this type of information in the past and always hinted that she wanted something in return but Alvin never offered. Still she accommodated him this time, hoping that one day he would take her out.

“Mr. co-pilot, I could probably find that information but I could only give it over to you away from the counter, far away, say at dinner tomorrow.” Alvin knew what Missy wanted but he needed Samantha’s contact information.

“Tomorrow night, Monday, would work. Where…?

“I will text you my address in Playa Del Rey. Pick me up at 7.”

“I am on a budget since I just refinanced my condo. Can we go Dutch, at least?” Missy was thrilled.

Alvin picked her up in his Porche 993. Dinner was great. “Alvin, I must admit…I have been hoping to see you socially since the company Christmas party. Remember you said you would save a dance for me but left before I could collect. I will give you the information…right here in my purse…but I want a good night kiss.”

“Is that all? I was actually hoping for more, Missy. We have all the time in the world.”

Missy was flattered beyond measure and knew he was putting her on. She was not nearly as attractive as the female flight attendants, most of whom were size one or two, had long legs and wonderful figures. Missy wore glasses (they flattered her), was good with her makeup but not great and was a size 7 at 5’6″ and 148 lbs. She was surely not what Alvin was used to but he hadn’t had any trim for months and, well… As the guys at the base might say, ‘they all have pussies, the trick is to find one who can suck cock.’ Alvin had never done a charity-fuck, did not believe in them. Sure, he was the company playboy but he did honestly like the women he had sex with. He only acted the way he did to keep pendik escort up appearances and to seem more hard-to-get.

In Missy’s case he had been very hard to get. This was not the first time Alvin had asked her for personal information on one of the passengers. She figured that if she helped him, he would finally agree to take her out. Each time, she would give him the information with, “My appreciation would just be dinner. I am easy…”

He always had a feeble excuse. She had never gotten her dinner with Alvin. What Alvin wanted in a woman was…

The subject of Alvin’s relationships was a regular story line among the flight crews. Most of the flight attendants wanted him. Chloe could not hide her sense of accomplishment when she arrived at O’Hare the next day after fucking Alvin—on her flight to Miami. She had an expression of contentment that was glued to her face. The other girls could tell. Any girl would know that expression.

“Missy, girl, what were you doing last night. I swear you look different,” said Philomena, a beautiful 5′ 9″ black girl. “You changed, or something. What got into you?”

“The question for Missy is, WHO got into her,” exclaimed Daphne, the Asian flight attendant. “Everyone saw Mister Alvin Stadinger saunter up to you in the employee lounge last week. That boy only has one thing on his mind. Did you score with Mr. Baseball?”

Chloe knew that she should have prepared some kind of dodge but did not. She could not hide her excitement. “No, so drop it!” she screamed.

“I know you better than that, little girl. You have given it away…”

She denied it a few more times on the way to Miami but Daphe and especially Philomena who had a sixth sense, came to their own conclusions. It did not take long for some of the other flight attendants in the company to hear the news. Alvin let his guard down and hooked up with one of them. The ones who cared—because they secretly hoped that they would catch him in a moment of weakness—started to get their hopes up again. That was the status of the scuttlebutt from the flight attendants.

The pilot cabal heard this story from Capt. Marc Pull who was paired with Alvin about a year ago on a long flight from Dallas to Paris. They were passing the time somewhere over the Atlantic. “Ted, come clean. What kind of girl would make you settle down? Everyone wants to know.”

“That is not everyone’s business.”

“You are obviously on the prowl. Let me put it this way. We have known each other for a long time, right?”

“We now have 112 hours together.”

“And you know I have your best interest at heart, right?”


“If I were to run into the woman who would compel you to settle down, describe her.”

“Is this a joke?”

“No, for real. I would love to help you find someone special. You know your chances of becoming a captain increase if you get married. The airline wants pilots who are stable.

They sat for a while. Alvin called in their coordinates and spoke to air traffic control when they left Newfoundland airspace. It was silent for fifteen minutes.

“OK, I will let you know. This is just in case you see this girl, you will alert me.”


“I am turned on by women with a sexy foreign accent. French is good. Australian is better.”

“Hey, do you have a French girlfriend?”

“This is getting personal”

“You already told me about the girl in Australia and about the girl in London. France?”

“Sure, there is a French girl. Let me continue. The French girl is great, tall, like I prefer. She is a fashion model, barely makes a living at it but works in the industry. Her bio says she is 5′ 10″, which is an inch taller than the ideal, she says, but, yes. I will not have time to see her on this trip as she is working in Milan this week.”

“Tall, check. Foreign accent, check. Would the French girl come to the states?”

“In a heartbeat, but I am not finished. I am crazy for blondes. When I see one I can’t stop starring. Evette has auburn hair, amazing green eyes but she is not a blonde. I prefer green eyes but blue will do. “


“Yes, my girlfriends must have tits. You old man… I am a legs man. Tall and athletic legs. Mmmm, smooth killer legs. To answer your question, I prefer a girl with a nice rack, not necessarily a big rack. And certainly not fake. I have been with women after surgery and that is a scene that turns me off. Other important characteristics include winning personality, not a clinger but with a sharp independent mind and with a world-view that is compatible with mine, on the conservative side of the aisle. If that girl appears, call me immediately.”

After a few more minutes, a thought occurred to Marc. “I just thought of someone. You know Jeff Delay, his sister is blonde…and hot..and played softball for Florida State. I got it…”

“Stop right there. I know her. Many great qualities…but a liberal wacko.” Alvin did hook up with her a year ago. They had a great date at a Miami Marlins game. She is knowledgeable about maltepe escort baseball. After the game they kissed in her apartments parking garage. She sucked him off, used her teeth too much. They were talking about another date, and she told him she was attending a rally to bring attention to global warming, was on the group’s board and told him that sooner or later, airplanes will have to run on electricity or another renewable form of energy. That turned him off but he wanted to bang her so a month later, he got a route to Miami. He told the other crew members he would be staying at a buddy’s apartment and would not be staying at the crew’s assigned hotel. They met at a motel.

Alvin was horny as it had been a month since he had tasted pussy. Sex was good, mostly mechanical. He made her come. She asked him to find a way to get to Miami again soon. He said he would but he was already moving on in his mind.

“Well, my friend, I will be on the lookout.”

“I told you because we are close. I forbid you to tell anyone else. Can I trust you?”

Marc had gained the trust of the younger guys because he was discreet. Alvin felt that his personal desires would not get into every cockpit in the company.

“My place or yours?” she stammered, quite nervously, trying to appear nonchalant. She was certain that he just wanted to get his rocks off, that she was not his type but what the heck? A lot of other girls would kill to be in my shoes right now.

“Mine,” he said. He did not have his condoms, nor his lube, which were in the pouch on his nightstand. “I am going to get the information you promised, right?”

“It’s right here.” She produced an elegantly written note with all of the information Alvin wanted. “That customer did not get her purse last night, of course… I can keep a secret.” They left.

They got to Alvin’s apartment in El Segundo, not the best neighborhood but he was almost never there. They drove through the security gate.

When they got into the apartment, he put his hand in hers. “Is there anything you want, Missy?” She was touched by his tenderness. She fully expected a wham-bam-and-thank-you-ma’am experience.

“Oh yes, but it I have a personal request.”


“And intimate.”


She was shaking so she anchored herself by putting her arms over his fine shoulders. She pulled him down. They kissed right there in the kitchen area. He took control turned her around so she was backed up to the counter. He used his strong arms to pull her tightly to him. She melted. He got aroused. “Whatever happens next will be easier, more comfortable and fun in the bedroom.”

“I figured we would get there eventually.”

He led her to the bedroom. She was anxious so she started to unbutton her dress in the back. “What’s the hurry?” He stopped her and placed his hands on her shoulders, kneading them. “I like necks, Missy. Would you mind if I got a taste of yours? She flushed and felt a heat in her whole body.


He bent way down to nibble her neck, moving aside the cheap necklace. Her neck did not have any of the baby fat that he expected. He was treating her right. She moaned and grabbed his neck to pull it closer. They were both facing the window and he pressed his groin into her behind. She flinched a bit because she really felt that he wanted her. He cupped her breasts and nibbled. She felt for his bulge and found it with great delight. She broke the embrace and kissed him, trying unsuccessfully to pull his shirt off, and then pawed at his pants.

“Let me do that”. She finally got the opportunity to unclasp the dress at the top in the back. She pulled her arms our and let it drop to the floor. She smiled as she got a good look finally at his muscular frame. She took off her bra. They were naked now and kissed again. His erection was getting to full staff when she reached down for it and gently squeezed. “Sit on the bed,” she asked. He complied.

He was sitting on the bed and his cock looked to her like a flag pole. She dropped to her knees and took his cock in her right hand. She put her mouth over the head and flicked her tongue.

Missy was not a party girl but was experienced in the art of love. She had had many lovers starting in high school, onto college and had no problem meeting men working the busy counter, going out with her girlfriends. She would provide him more than one surprise tonight. She sucked his cock at least as good as Aubrey, who was his standard for cocksucking excellence. Aubrey was good, but Missy was very good. Missy flicked his sensitive head over and over again, played plenty of attention to his balls and knew where and when to squeeze. She had talent. She did not slobber all over it, like a lot of other girls. He never liked that. She was really enjoying it and moaned as she moved to offer new actions. She loved the feeling of him inside her. The fullness made her flush. Just to see how her body was responding, she reached her left hand down to find her pussy soaking wet with slippery kartal escort goodness. She licked his balls down to the very bottom of the stratum. She pushed him back so he was lying on his back. He was shocked by her aggressiveness. The reward came when she flicked her tongue into his anus. He grunted loudly. No one had ever done that, not even Aubrey. It was delightful, maybe the most intensely satisfying thing he had ever felt. She did it again and again and seemed to enjoy it. She licked his butt for a few minutes.

“Missy, no one has ever done that.”

“Do you like it?”

“Amazing, it felt amazing. Let me start giving.”

“OK.” And she stood up.

“Get on the bed.” She jumped on and lay on her back. Another shock was coming. Missy’s pubic hair…was not there… Her clit was pierced with a tiny silver circle pined to her pink lips. She was very sexy. Her slit was still closed but Alvin could tell that a lot of blood had rushed to her groin, pelvis and pussy because he inner lips were dark pink and slightly protruding. He was very turned on. “I apologize but I miss-judged you. Fully shaved, that is super sexy. Pierced clit… very sexy. Do you always, well, leave it like that?”

“No I got a wax today in the hope that we would…uh…be here…I mean…naked.” He ran his fingers over her lips and found a flood of lubrication flowed from her vagina.

“You seem quite excited, Missy. I truly feel lucky to have you here in my bed.” With that he climbed between her legs, spread her lips wide and licked and sucked her, slurping with fulfillment. His licking got into a fantastic rhythm. Missy was getting higher.

“I am..getting…close. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Right there. Right there. Right there.” After two quick breaths she grunted and sighed. She had the biggest smile he had ever seen. Her eyes were very wide open. “Oh god, that was incredible. I want to give some now,” she said.

They switched positions again. Now Alvin was sitting with his head against the headboard and Missy was sucking, so good, and smiling and moaning softly like she was really, really liking it. This girl was good, better than most and he had had a hundred blow jobs.

She stopped to catch her breath. “Do you have a condom?”

“Of course. I too am prepared.”

“We know each other quite well, I would say. I licked your butt and you licked my bottom. Quite intimate.” Missy had never felt so safe during a sexual encounter. “Put it on. I need to be fucked hard.”

Alvin reached into the drawer and produced an envelope. He rolled it on. “This is my favorite position,” he announced. She straddled him but did not sit down right away. She put her arms around his thick neck and kissed him in a way that Alvin had never experienced. He felt different but could not explain it to himself. She was teasing him, and doing a great job. His cock seemed to get harder.

“I can use something tight right now. Stop teasing me.”

“Enough is enough.” She positioned his cock at her opening and sat down. She humped him a few times so she could get relaxed. They kissed some more. “I feel so good,” she said and started cooing and oohing more and more. She bucked him over and over and grinded him so good. She was not loud but she grunted with each and every thrust. The fact that she was a bit heavy made the entry thrusts more satisfying to Alvin as her full 148 lbs allowed him to feel deep into her belly.

He felt the tight grip of her women-ness and squeezed her plump butt. It was soft and nice, not firm and tight like Aubrey’s or certainly like Evette, the fashion model. She picked up the pace. “I want it harder and faster, Alvin. He sat there, in ecstasy. Her pussy was soft and tight. Condoms were a necessary evil. There is a world of difference between condom sex—stranger sex—and bareback. In bareback Alvin could feel the liquid, the wet feeling of vagina. It was the wet of vagina that he loved the most, which made him come. When using a condom, he could go forever.

She slowed down.

“I thought you liked it fast and hard.” She was especially turned on when her lovers talked during sex. It made her feel so much closer to them.

“I’m actually getting tired. Can we change positions?”

“How about doggie? Stand on the floor and put your elbows on the bed.” That sounded like fun. She got off of him. He noticed the flab of fat above her waist and thought, for a one-and-done this was pretty good.

Missy got more aroused when he ordered her around. She got off of him and stood on the carpeted floor. He got behind her. He had a difficult time feeling her opening so she reached back to help him. He had to bend down deeply, like deep knee bends in training camp. He filled her. She moaned loudly. “Ohh, ohh, ohh, over and over again. They fucked in this position and Missy felt an orgasm coming on. “Can I come?”

Can I come, she asked. That was interesting. The way she said it. It sounded like she wanted Alvin to be part of her decision, like teamwork. Alvin felt a sexual attraction he had never felt before. “Of course.” He pumped harder and faster for about five more minutes. She felt it coming on and came with a squeal. It was a small orgasm but satisfying. She shuffled her feet a bit so she could have leverage to push back into his thrusts.

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