Nisan 27, 2021

The Abandoned Son Ch. 03

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All characters are over 18+


Florence, Italy

The warm sea air flowed through Damien’s raven hair as he assembled the Remington CSR. His partner Agent Silvermane stood over him peering through her binoculars at their targets location. The snapping of the components caused her to peer down at her counterpart. She knew he was one of the best snipers they had within their organization. It was the reason why they had recalled him from his temporary leave. Her auburn hair fluttered in the breeze as the scope snapped into place. The muted brown stock fading into the stone of the bell tower as Damien took up his position.

“Distance 1.5 km, wind seven knots east/southeast,” Silverman’s said peering down as Damien made the changes. “We only have one shot at this can you make it?”

“Obviously or I wouldn’t be here,” Damien said arrogantly peering down the scope.

“30 seconds,” she warned looking at her watch. Three black sedans rolled down the ancient cobblestone streets. Steadying his breathing as their target’s men bustled around the middle sedan. Stilling his heart rate as his target stepped into view.

“3,2…” pigeons scattered to the wind as the bells rang out in the morning air. The copper jacketed lead bullet cut through the air in its spiral fight to find its home. His finger tapping the seconds before the 7.62 mm found its home in the skull of the Czechoslovakian weapons dealer. Damien had been sent to eliminate the man before he could sell off the stock pile of yellow cake uranium currently in his procession. Smiling sinisterly as the red spray of blood was followed after the jerking of the man’s head. “Excellent work as always Metalbane,” Silvermane said watching as he broke down the rifle. “Go I shall take care of it,” she said as Damien stuffed it into the art portfolio. She had used to smuggle it into the church.

“That’s not how I work and you know that,” Damien said as he zipped up the bag. The first rule he learned never trust anyone especially those in his line of work. Damien knew it would only be a simple matter for her, or someone within their company to plant the weapon. Damien wasn’t about to have that blow back onto him. Plus, he had to pick Martha, Lynn, and Amber up from the airport. He knew the prefect spot to dispose of the pieces of the rifle. Repelling down the shadow side of the bell tower another rule Damien had was always have your own escape plan in place. Escaping across the courtyard’s rear wall dropping down into the small alleyway knelling down as police siren’s roared passed. Walking casually towards his rental car tossing the portfolio into the rear seat of the Bentley Mulsanne. Wondering how the girls would enjoy the luxury he had in store for for them.

Damien leaned against the metal frame that housed the enormous window planes of the arrival terminal of the airport. Checking his watch then looking to the arrival board. He had left a few days earlier to take care of the job now he had to play the role of brother and son. Which to him relaxing in the Italian country side wasn’t such a bad thing. He had been in far less hospitable places, and the Villa he had rented for the next two weeks. Would probably blow their minds, plus the owners had built their own fresh water lagoon on the property. Damien had already scanned the home for any electronic listening devises. Knowing his organization he wouldn’t put it past them too listen in on their little get away.

“Damien!” Lynn and Amber screamed in joy as they caught sight of their brother. Their bags bumping into his legs as they crushed him in their warm embrace.

“I’ve missed you so much Damien,” Amber whispered lustfully into his ear.

“My bed has been so cold the last few days without you in it,” Lynn purred her tongue teasing his ear.

“Hello Joshua,” Martha said her linen sun dress clung tightly to her body. “I hope you got whatever business it was taken care of?” she asked longing to spend her days at his side in that foreign land. Where none knew that he was her son and she was his mother. Where for once she could treat him like the lover he had turned into be. To spend the Italian nights lounging beneath the star filled sky. Exploring each other’s bodies without hindrance to her fun with his glorious body.

“Just wrapped up this morning,” Damien said taking Amber and Lynn’s bags. “Come the car is this way,” he said leading them out of the airport.

“Wow!” Lynn gasped at the sight of the expensive luxury car.

“Damien is this for us?” Martha asked as he set their bags into the trunk of the car.

“While we are here yes,” Damien said as the trunk closed with a loud thud. Martha’s hand rested high on his inner thigh as the sped through the countryside. Her eyes savoring the rich culture that zipped past them, listening to the gasps of wonder from the lips of her children in the car. Knowing her daughters were as pleased as she was that he brought them along.

“Oh my!” Martha gasped her hand covering her mouth bursa escort as the Villa came into view. She had seen some very exquisite places either on TV, or in magazines yet she never dreamt of ever being in such a place.

“Damien, brother just how rich are you?!” Lynn asked from behind him.

“Oh, just enough to be a nuisance,” Damien said smirking as he pulled the car to a stop in front of the entrance to their vacation home. “Go on I’ll get your bags,” he said before they dashed off to explore the place. Chuckling at their shrieks filled the home as he set their bags by the door.

“I so love this place!” Amber said smiling down at him from the second floor mezzanine. His eyes running up her smooth legs her skirt did little to hide her naked womanhood. “I can’t wait to break it in,” she purred seductively.

“I have to said Joshua I’m impressed,” Martha said hugging him as her chest pressed into his back. Softly kissing the back of his neck as her hands ran up his chest. Since he had been gone on his business trip they had their own conversation about the man that tugged at their hearts. They had agreed since they all had a taste of the man they would no longer tiptoe around each other. No more sneaking around having their fun with him whenever they could. Now they would do it openly before each other ensuring that each one of them were taken care of. “I can’t wait to show you just how much,” Martha whispered her hand slipping beneath his waistband of his jeans. Biting her lip savoring the tool that rested in her hand.

“I just wish we were closer to the beach,” Lynn pouted knowing the little swim number she had brought along would go to waste.

“We are,” Damien fought to steady his voice. “The owners of this place have their own private lagoon just out back,” he said pointing towards the rear door. Fighting back against the pleasure of his mother’s hand as she stroked his cock.

“Oh, do they,” Lynn said hungrily as she watched her mother pleasure the man they hungered for. Sinking to her knees as her mother held him, the days they were separated were murder on her body. Working his jeans free of the button that shielded her for their prize. Licking her lips as his rod stood proudly before her. Her mother’s hand softly caressed his hard tool. Looking up to her mother who offered it to her hungry mouth.

“That’s it baby suck his cock,” Martha cooed as she watched her daughter servicing his manhood.

“No fair!” Amber pouted as she leaned on the railing. Her hand slipping between her legs playing with her moist lips. Blowing Damien a kiss as he looked up at her.

“Yes, baby work his cock!” Martha purred as Lynn worked in time with her hand. “Are you ready to shallow this huge load baby?!” Smiling wickedly as her daughter nodded in response. “Make sure you don’t waste any of it,” Martha said nibbling on his earlobe. Wishing it was her on her knees swallowing his hot cum she felt surging forth from his cock. “Didn’t that feel good Joshua?!” she purred as she turned his chin towards her. Her lush lips capturing his she had waited days to do this so freely. “Mmm… baby I’ve missed you so much,” Martha said breathlessly.

“Uh huh,” Damien said indifferently wondering how got himself into this mess. “I going to take a nap explore the place we will be here for two weeks,” he said drifting off to his room.

“Mom, Lynn!” Amber cried out in glee as she stood on the pale sandy shore of the lagoon. “Look at this place,” she in awe as she looked around the secluded spot. Her turquoise mini bikini did little to hide her womanly body, her sister’s crimson matching outfit showed far more then she was comfortable with. Then there was her mother’s pale white two piece which she suspected was translucent once it was wet.

“Oh my, your brother sure knows how to find the hidden places,” Martha said in wonder as she surveyed the grandeur of the estate.

“Though, I wish he would get up so he can see me in this,” Lynn pouted the g-string felt uncomfortable in the crack of her ass. Knowing she should have gone with the thong piece instead.

“Come on Lynn he’s only been sleep for two hours now. I’m sure he had a rough day already so what if he’s resting,” Amber said her toes testing the temperature of the crystal blue water. “Plus this way we can explore this place for you know,” she said feeling her cheeks heat. It’s only been three days since she lost her virginity, and she couldn’t wait to be in his arms again. Hopefully she could learn to be a better lover to Damien. She knew how inexperienced she was in such things, even Lynn knew how to properly pleasure their brother with her mouth.

“Amber what’s wrong sweetheart?” Martha asked she knew her daughter enough to know when something troubled her mind. Even if she couldn’t see her face her body language spoke volumes to her.

“Mom can I ask you something?” Amber asked as she turned around as her mother’s beach towel bellowed out on the breeze before settling onto the warm sand.

“Of bursa escort bayan course sweetheart! You know you can ask me anything,” Martha said in a loving motherly voice.

“How do you suck a…” Amber stuttered her cheeks glowing in a ruby red. Her hands fidgeted at her sides as she worked her tongue to say the word. “Cock,” she said in a low whisper.

“Oh!” Martha said tilting her head to the side, her index finger tapping her chin in her contemplation. “Well the sucking part is straight forward baby, now if you want your brother to curl his toes. Then you’ll need to work on your tongue technique,” Martha said smiling to herself as she lowered herself onto the towel. Wanting to work on her tan while they were under the Mediterranean sun. Thinking that would answer her question closing her eyes eager to show her son her newly tanned body.

“Mama,” Amber whispered kneeling in the sand at her feet. “Can you teach me?” she asked with doe like eyes.

“Baby I don’t have a cock for you to practice on,” Martha said resting on her elbows as she looked at her daughter.

“But, we want to get better mom,” Lynn said pleading with her as she sat at her side.

“What are you two asking me?” Martha asked looking between her twin daughters.

“That if we practice on you,” Amber said inching forward. “That if we can get you off with our tongues then we would know Damien would enjoy it as well.”

“Plus, we all know how horny we all are, ever since Damien left before us we all have taken care of our own needs. We know how lonely you have been since he’s been gone mom,” Lynn said her hand slipping beneath her mother’s top cupping her left breast.

“Lynn! Get your hand off of my tit!” Martha said nearly screaming at her daughter. Yet she knew she couldn’t not without the neighbors hearing if there were any around. Yet as her daughters hand remained on her breast playfully teasing her nipple. Martha couldn’t refute her daughters words ever since she and her son have started having sex with one another. Her libido has been rocketing skyward with no signs of slowing. Every part of her body seemed to be sensitive making her womanhood moist at the slightest touch. Then she felt Amber’s hands on her thighs as she neared her covered snatch.

“Please mom! All we want is to please Damien,” Amber said sneakily untying the strings that held her bottom piece taut. Seeing the growing wet spot as Lynn continued to play with their mother’s tit. “And, what better way to learn then with you,” she said quickly exposing her mother’s naked cunt to the world.

“Amber you give that back right now!” Martha screeched trying to grab her garment yet Amber quickly tossing it into the grass. “Lynn what’s gotten into you?!” she asked as Lynn exposed her breast, trying to cover her body yet her daughters batted away her hands.

“Who us! We aren’t doing a thing are we Amber,” Lynn said smirking at her mother. “I think you have an excellent idea mother,” she said undoing her top before tossing it aside. Doing the same with the g-string bottom glad to have that irritable merger piece of cloth off her body. “Amber don’t you think we shouldn’t leave our mother all alone do you?”

“Good point Lynn,” Amber said with a nod. “We shouldn’t leave our mother out here all alone that would just be wrong,” she said loving how her naked body felt underneath the sun. Leaning down blowing softly along her mother’s slit.

“What’s wrong mom surely this isn’t affecting you,” Lynn said leaning down capturing her left breast before Martha could offer any words of resistance. Kneading her mother’s right breast while she toyed with the one in her mouth. Her eyes glanced over to Amber seeing her mother’s legs slowly opening. Holding back her sister’s hair as her tongue ran through their mother’s moist lips. Exposing her throbbing clit to the warm air of the afternoon sun. “Is Amber doing it right?!” Lynn asked as she tweaked her mother’s nipple.

“N… fuck right there! Yes use that tongue baby!” Martha moaned pressing her daughter against her sex. “Stick that tongue in me baby taste your mother!” she growled her back arching as Amber’s tongue penetrated her channel. Martha’s eyes went wide as Lynn’s landing strip hovered over her mouth.

“Mama you can’t be the only one here getting pleasure now that wouldn’t be right,” Lynn said smiling down at her mother. As her fingers spreading her lips as she lowered herself onto Martha’s mouth. Martha wondered how or when her children became so forceful yet she wouldn’t deny her daughter either. Lynn bit her lip thinking of the time Damien was between her legs giving her what none of her former boyfriends would ever do for her. “Yes! Right there mama!” Lynn moaned falling forward. Her fingers digging ruts in the pale sand as she ground her hips on Martha’s tongue. Unaware of the pair of eyes that watched from the tree line. Damien had awoken just as they left the Villa to partake in the cool waters of the lagoon. Slipping out from the other escort bursa side of the house shadowing their every move as they neared the lagoon.

While he might be called a peeping tom and what not for staying hidden as they pleasured each other. Yet what straight man would break up the show that was happening before him. None that he knew off and if he did there was the off chance they would be furious that he was spying on them. While the risk was a small one still a risk he wasn’t about to test. Not when Amber was working furiously on their mother’s cunt. The soft moans that escaped Lynn’s lips as Martha tasted her teenage twat. Scowling as he felt his member straining his underwear wondering why his body was so disloyal. Sighing knowing if he didn’t take care of it then they would wonder why he had a hard on. Stroking his rod as he peered around the tree he was using for cover. As Amber now was the one on her back and their mother between her legs. Lynn sat off to the side playing with herself as she watched on.

“Yes! Yes Damien right there!” Amber cried out in a state of bliss. Causing Damien to increase his pace along his hard shaft. “Make me cum Damien!” watching as Amber pinching and tugged at her nipples as her orgasm peaked.

“Fuck!” Damien hissed as streams of semen jetted out from the tip of his cock.

“Mmm if you do what you did to me Amber I doubt Damien will stand a chance,” Martha said smiling down at her daughter all the while her juices glistened along her chin. Looking down at her towel that was now soiled in hers, and her daughters juices. Damien sneaked out from the grove of tree’s that shielded the lagoon from prying eyes. Back tracking to the house making sure he wasn’t seen in the process. Making it appear that he had exited the rear door as he head back to the lagoon.

“Hey,” Damien called out as he neared the beach. “Seems you’ve found the lagoon without any trouble,” he said innocently his eyes running over their naked bodies. “Just what have the three of you been doing while I was asleep?!”

“Oh a little this and a little of that,” Lynn said grinning up at her brother. Showing off her womanhood to his wandering eyes, loving how her body seemed to please him.

“I see,” Damien said trying to still his rebellious body at the sight. “Well, I was wondering if you all want to go out for dinner, or should I go buy some charcoal for the built-in grill here?” Smiling inwardly as he watched as Martha and Amber quickly washed their faces clean of each others sex.

“You don’t mind if we just in for tonight do you Joshua?” Martha asked as she rested on her legs.

“Nope I’ll go run to the market and pick us up something to eat,” Damien said his right foot moving behind him ready to pivot his body back towards the Villa.

“Wait I want to come with you brother,” Lynn said quickly getting to her feet. “You don’t mind waiting a bit do you?” she asked picking up her discarded garments before heading off to get change.

Lynn leaned against her brother as drove causally through the country side. Her red tube top was so tight to her chest it-might-as-well-be-painted-on. Her red mini skirt would give her brother easy access to her hot mound. Which she hoped to get filled while they were away from the others. While they had agreed to please him in front of each other. Yet Lynn wanted him all to herself. Even if they would get angry with her. She knew they too were planning to have their own private rendezvous. Lynn didn’t mind that it was fine with her. It was the act of having their own one-on-one time with each other. She knew they couldn’t expand their own relationships with everyone clustered around Damien. Her blue eyes peered at him as the sun haloed his face. Taking hold of his right hand she knew where it truly belonged.

“Touch me Damien,” Lynn purred seductively into his ear. “Can you feel the heat pouring off of my pussy?” she asked as she placed his hand over her covered mound. “Here feel for yourself, brother,” Lynn said pushing her panties to the side to give him access. Her hand guiding his touching her in the most intimate of places of her womanhood. “Yes, right there brother,” she moaned as her folds squeezed his fingers. Grinding her hips on his fingers smiling joyfully as her sex coated his hand. “Take me somewhere old and fuck me in those ruin’s,” Lynn commanded pointing to the outcrop that loomed over the hill top. Lynn pulled him along as they entered the ancient temple of Cybele. Leading him through the crumbling marble columns, to the small sanctuary that lay dead ahead. Pine cones decorated the walls, two lions laid at the foot of the stone throne. A stalwart woman sat proudly her stony eyes watched their every move. Lynn wasted no time wiggling out of her matching panties. “Come fuck me on her lap,” Lynn said beckoning him with her index finger.

Lynn licked her lips as her hands ran down his chest. Her fingers made quick work of his zipper as she scooted back onto the statue of the goddess. Looking into his eyes as her hand worked along his rod. In the back of her mind she wondered what the temple was once used for. Sending whomever it belonged too her apologies. She just couldn’t wait any longer to have her brother once again.

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