Şubat 6, 2021

Test Subject

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Private Arnold Williams swallowed heavily and adjusted the lapels of his dress uniform before rapping sharply on the metal door before him. He stood back and puffed out his chest, his cap held in one hand, his spine rigidly straight.

“Come in, it’s open,” a deep but distinctly female voice uttered from within. Arnold switched his cap from one hand to the other before opening the door and stepping in.

He stepped onto the slick white surface of the room’s floor and turned to his right, where a figure sat at a desk against the wall, her back turned. With a click of his heels, Arnold came to attention once more, staring over her head at eye level. The figure at the desk gave him a cursory glance over her shoulder and continued writing.

“Private Williams,” she said idly.

“Yes Doctor Francess. Reporting as ordered Doctor Francess.”

“You are very punctual Private, that is good,” she said flatly.

“Yes, thank you Doctor Francess.”

She stood, lifting a metal folder with her and turned, facing him at last. Arnold guessed her to be in her early thirties. She was tall, at least six feet and wore a form fitting black dress of completely seamless material. The skirt of the dress stopped a few inches above her knees, and the sleeves just a few inches below her shoulders. The neck had a small collar trimmed with white and a thin zip ran from her neck to her navel. Her hair was straight and raven black, cut just above her shoulders and across her forehead. It framed a face of smooth round shapes, with large brown doe eyes and full lips. Her skin was immaculately smooth and tanned and appeared, at least to the eye, to be too soft to have seen much sun.

Arnold felt his heart quicken as she stepped slowly toward him, opening the file as she came. She drew up on his left, standing over him by a few inches, and Arnold stared stoically ahead as she scanned the contents of the folder, just a few inches from his side.

“Can you verify for me that you are Arnold Williams, age of eighteen and rank of private, and that you were selected at random from your unit to aid me with my research?” Her soft voice resonated in his ear and Arnold nearly jumped.

“Yes, Doctor Francess, my name was drawn from a hat before the entire unit,” he replied hurriedly.

“You need not call me by my entire title, Private. Doctor or Ma’am will be sufficient.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Have you been briefed on the nature of my research, Private?”

“It is my understanding that you are conducting research into how to better manage military units deployed in remote areas in light of their primarily male populace, Ma’am.”

“The military has identified an issue that has been plaguing them for some time, and has finally commissioned someone, me, to develop a solution to it. Specifically, the members of units stationed in remote areas frequently go many months without sexual release of any kind. This creates an understandable amount of tension that is counterproductive and often dangerous,” she paused now for several seconds and Arnold felt her staring at him. “Do you understand what I am saying, Private?”

“Yes, Ma’am, absolutely, Ma’am,” Arnold shuffled his feet slightly, shifting is weight from one foot to another.

“Excellent. I will begin this with a few questions then. Bear in mind that although some questions may be rather personal, everything is entirely confidential, and will not leave this room. Understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good. You have recently returned from a posting in northern Siberia, correct?”

“Yes, Ma’am, six month posting Ma’am.”

“During in this time, did you have any sexual contact with a member of the opposite sex?” Her voice remained as flat and calm as before.

“Ma’am?” Arnold shifted his eyes slightly, trying to gauge her expression, but she was out of sight. He heard her heels click on the floor, echoing against the walls as she moved a few steps away and around behind him.

“It’s an easy question Private Williams. Bear in mind that everything is confidential,” the Doctor said patiently.

“Yes, Ma’am, when we were given leave to the city.”

“How many times did you get leave, Private?”

“Once every two months, Ma’am,” he heard her writing in the folder.

“And you had contact with the same girl each time?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Where did you meet this girl, Private Williams?”

“Uh, M… Ma’am?” Arnold stuttered.

“It’s okay, Private, I doubt you’ll say anything that will surprise me. Was she a prostitute?”

Arnold gritted his teeth and squared his shoulders. “Yes, Ma’am,” he said. There was a pause.

“You need not be embarrassed, Private Williams, the data I’ve collected so far, through written surveys, indicates that at least eighty seven percent of military personnel on postings of three months or greater will visit a prostitute during their leave.”

Arnold let his jaw and shoulders relax, and raised one eyebrow. “Huh,” he said, somewhat taken aback.

“Did you go to a brothel, or meet her on the street?”

“We went casino şirketleri to a brothel, Ma’am.”


“Street is the quickest way to trouble, Ma’am.” He paused for a moment, and when she didn’t reply he added: “And the girls are better for the most part.”

“In between your leave, how frequently did you masturbate resulting in an orgasm?” Still her voice remained professional and impassive. “On average, Private Williams.” He could feel her eyes regarding her and felt blood rising to his cheeks.

“Uh, maybe twice every three weeks.” There was a long pause, during which he could hear her writing. “We didn’t get much privacy, Ma’am.”

“You’ve just returned from your previous posting today, correct?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“So when did you last masturbate Private?”

“Yesterday, Ma’am, in the evening.”

At that, her folder slammed shut, echoing about the room. “Very good, Private. That’s about enough questions for the moment. You may stand at ease.”

Arnold did so, finally taking in the rest of the room. A large metal bench divided the room into two halves, and atop it was a set of shelves, packed with an assortment of exotic tools and containers. Behind that was large examining chair, much like that dentists use, with stool beside it and a lamp above it. The wall on the other side of the chair was covered by a large cabinet with shelving above it covered by an opaque sliding glass panel. There were no windows in the entire room and all the walls and ceiling were painted a stark white. Cool air streamed in from numerous vents in the roof. Beside the Doctor’s desk stood several large machines, but Arnold had no idea what they might be used for.

The Doctor strode over to desk and shuffled through a few papers, finally selecting one and reading it over. Arnold watched her as she bent over the desk, her skirt sliding pleasantly up her tanned thighs, her round ass pressed against the fabric. He felt a stirring in his crotch and quickly looked away. Without lifting her head from the paper, she said, “Okay Private. Please go over by the chair and strip down to your underwear.”

Arnold hesitated. “Ma’am?”

“Go on, I need to take some readings of your vitals.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Arnold walked over began undressing, carefully folding his uniform and stacking it on the bench. Finally he was down to just his boxer shorts, and realized to his horror that his half hard penis was tenting them out.

“Stand to attention, Private.” Arnold snapped up as the Doctor walked toward him, eyeing his near naked body, muscular and hairless. “Very good, Private Williams, very good.” In the corner of his eye, he though he saw a slight smile cross her face. Arnold felt a slight movement in his crotch, and tried to think of other things. Slogging through the snow in Siberia, the cramped barracks and despicable bathrooms. He felt his cock relax slightly.

The Doctor began applying electrodes to his bare skin. Her fingers were cool and gentle, and he could feel her warm breath on his chest as she leaned in. Her hair brushed his chest and he felt his cock rise up again, even further than before. Though Doctor Francess must have noticed as she applied an electrode just below his navel, she said nothing, and continued with her work. When she was finally done, Arnold had three electrodes in a line down his chest, one beneath his navel, one just below his right nipple, one on the left side of his neck and one on his spine in the small of his back. A network of wires trailed to a machine on the bench beside him. The Doctor stood before him, just a few inches from his face. He was almost completely erect, his cock nearly bridging the distance between them. A shadow of a smile held on her face and her doe eyes sparkled.

“Now you are ready to give me my sample, Private Williams.” She produced a small plastic container with a slightly funneled rim.

“Sample, Ma’am?”

“Of semen, Private.” His cock stood fully to attention now. “I’m afraid I don’t have any reading material for you, and the screen that used to divide my laboratory is broken. But I’ll be at my desk with my back turned the entire time. Just let me know when you are finished.” Arnold was agog. She took his hand in hers, cool and slender, and placed the cup in it. “I’ll leave you to it, Private.”

Arnold watched her as she walked business like back to her desk and sat, giving him one final lingering look over her shoulder before turning to her papers. Well, at least he was already hard.

Arnold unbuttoned his boxers and drew out his member. He curled his fingers tightly about his thick shaft and began to stroke, just slowly; trying hard not to make any noise the Doctor could hear. After a couple of minutes passed, Arnold began to relax a little and his strokes got faster. His thoughts turned to the Doctor’s lush body. He imagined her bending over the desk again, her skirt sliding up her gorgeous thighs, her round ass pouting out, and her legs straight and smooth. He imagined peeling her skirt up like skin from a mango, exposing her smooth golden skin to the casino firmaları cool air. Arnold could feel his orgasm gathering at the base of cock and lifted the cup into position and increased his pace slightly. Returning to his fantasy, he would spank her ass, each cheek in turn and she would moan, instructing him in that authorities voice of hers too take his cock and-

“How are things going there, Private?”

Arnold snapped out of his fantasy world instantly. Several minutes had passed, but was there really any great rush? He felt his orgasm retreat from the interruption.

“Uh, fine, just fine, Ma’am.” -and she would tell him to-

“Very good, Private, just let me know when you’re done.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Arnold cut to the chase in his fantasy and imagined standing over her, his cock inches from her wet and eager pussy. He would thrust forward, filling her in one stroke. He imagined her squeal and suddenly the orgasm was upon him. It rushed up his shaft as he pumped furiously, sending the first gout of cum directly into the cup. He closed his eyes and let his head arch back, a grunt escaping his lips as the second huge load spurted into the cup. It seemed to last forever, but eventually it was over, and as Arnold stood milking the last few drops of come from his thoroughly worked cock, he heard the Doctor’s chair scrape across the floor.

“Finished I take it, private?” The clacking of her heels sounded and Arnold frantically crammed his deflating cock back into his boxers, nearly spilling his sample in the process.

“Ma’am, yes, Ma’am,” he said, coming to attention once more. She stood directly in front of him, less than a foot away and took the cup from his hand. Holding it up between their faces she smiled.

“Nice work, Private Williams. Take a seat and rest while I process your sample. Leave the electrodes on, I still need readings.”

Arnold plunked himself down on the stool and watched the lovely Doctor divide his semen between three machines and a freezer. She attended to each of the machines and her notes for about ten minutes before returning to Arnold, who jumped to attention as she approached.

“Well, Private, time for your second sample,” she offered an identical cup to him.

“My… uh I…” He stuttered. “Ma’am I… uh.” She pushed the cup toward him, which he reluctantly took. She took a step back and stood, one hand on her jutting hip, the other holding her metal folder. She looked him up and down critically.

“Perhaps under the circumstances you’ll require some aid…” she threw the folder on the metal bench with a clang, and in one smooth motion brought her hand up to her neck and grasped the zip of her dress. Slowly she began to pull it down, past her breasts. The noise of the zip was deafening in the otherwise silent room and Arnold stood transfixed as the Doctor revealed her cleavage. Finally the zip reached the end of its track at her navel and Arnold had a view of the wonderful strip of flesh between there and her neck, the sides of her breasts round and inviting. She straightened up and brought her hands to her collar, hooking her index fingers under each side. She stared at his boxers as his cock rose beneath them and without breaking her gaze peeled back her dress from her beautiful breasts. They were round and high the size of large oranges, with small dark nipples that stood proudly erect. She stepped forward and grasped his cock firmly through his boxers. Standing over him like this she breathed:

“Would you like me to collect this sample, Private Williams?” She said, and squeezed the head of his member in the ring of her thumb and forefinger. Arnold shuddered slightly and gasped.

“Yes, Ma’am!” He replied.

She smiled and released his cock. “Lie back then,” she gestured to the examiner’s chair. Arnold hopped up and laid back, his cock pointing straight up into the air. The chair had two separate limbs for each leg, and Doctor Shapiro separated them, spreading his legs wide. She placed the stool between them and sat. She paused and cupped her breasts, squeezing them outward towards the dumbstruck Arnold.

“Ready, Private?” She cooed, looking down at the tepee in his boxers.

“Oh, yes, Ma’am,” Arnold replied eagerly. She reached down and unbuttoned his boxers, watching as his member sprang out.

“They certainly provided me with a well equipped soldier,” she murmured to him, before gripping it firmly. Her slender hands were cool and soft on the sensitive skin of his member. Arnold shivered gently, the muscles across his stomach and chest rippling slightly. With one hand she gripped his base, and with other ran her thumb up his underside until she pressed against the spot where his head met the shaft. She lingered there, giving short little upward strokes with her thumb whilst pressing downward with her fingers on the other side.

The intensity of her massaging sent waves of pleasure rolling down Arnold’s cock to break against the rest of his body. He gazed down at the Doctor as she worked on his member. She was intently concentrated on her labor, leaning forward güvenilir casino over his cock, so close that he could feel her breath along his head and shaft, and her silky black hair fell down on either side. As her hands worked her beautiful breasts swayed slightly in time with her stokes.

Just as he felt his orgasm gathering, the Doctor stopped and changed her stroke. She pushed his cock flat against his stomach and stroked its underside slowly and firmly with the palm of one hand while gently pulling his balls down with the other. She looked up into his eyes from her work and without pausing said:

“You’d better be ready with cup when you come, Private, or I’ll be *very* upset…” Arnold’s breathing was shallow, his muscles tense and he nodded down at her. “Hmm, about time for some lube don’t you think Private Williams?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Arnold gasped out between breaths.

“I’m glad we agree, Private,” the Doctor said, and with that, she lifted his cock from his stomach and engulfed it in her warm mouth without hesitation. She took about half his length into her mouth and began a rhythmic sucking, not moving her head at all. One hand grasped his base firmly; the other squeezed his balls softly. Arnold relaxed all his muscle to fend off his orgasm a little longer. The Doctor’s soft lips formed a seal on his shaft, and he could feel the silent, wet suction above them. Her soft, smooth tongue was pressed motionless against his underside, and Arnold did not endure long before he felt himself fall over the brink.

“Oh god I’m going to come Ma’am!”

The Doctor drew up from his cock just fast enough to point it into the cup he was holding up before he squirted out the first rush of come. The Doctor licked her lips and held his pulsating cock as he filled the cup almost to the brim. When it was finally over, she milked the last few drops from his member before lifting it removing the final clinging pearl of semen with a delicate kiss on his head which sent a shudder through his entire body. She sat up straight and looked down at him:

“Good work, Private Williams, that’s quite a sample,” she said, smiling. She looked him up and down and then stood, produced a towel from under a bench and tossed it onto his tender cock. “Get cleaned up and have a drink, I’ll require a third sample soon.” She zipped her dress back up and returned to her machines to process the sample.

Arnold did as she instructed and then lay back on the chair to relax. He was not nearly as intimidated by her demand for a third sample as he was by for her demand for second. He had no doubt that she would have no difficulty in extracting many more samples from him if she so wished, though he might not be motivated enough to produce one himself for some time.

It was almost an hour before the Doctor returned from processing the last sample and Arnold already hard just thinking about the Doctor attending to his member again.

“Well, Private, you should be well rested by now. Shall we begin?”

Arnold looked up from the chair at her shapely body. “Yes, Ma’am!” He said enthusiastically.

“Okay, lose the underwear, Private.”

Arnold hopped up the chair and stood before her. “Yes, Ma’am,” his boxers hit the ground and he stepped out of them.

“Turn around Private Williams,” she ordered and he obeyed. He could hear her zip descend and then the sharp click of her heels as she stepped forward. He felt her breasts touch his back, first the hard nipples and then the full, warm flesh of her globes. Her arms circled round, her hands gliding across the sculpted muscles of his stomach towards his member. When they finally reached it Arnold nearly jumped so great was the release of his anticipation. Her fingers curled around his shaft and pulled outwards firmly stretching it away. She pulled in even closer to his body, her curves matching his. He could feel the warmth of her pussy through the fabric of her dress where it was pressed against the top of his left buttock. He felt her hair brush against his own as she lowered her head to whisper in his ear, so close her lips stroked it.

“I have a device I want to test, Private. Would you help me test it?” Just then she stopped her insistent pulling on his member and squeezed it tightly, hand motionless.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Arnold whispered breathlessly.

“Very good, Private,” she whispered, and her warm body drew away from his, her hands releasing his teased member. “Lie down in the chair and I’ll get it ready.” The leg supports had been pushed back together and Arnold jumped up into the chair, lying back to watch the Doctor prepare her device. She had peeled the entire upper part of her dress down off her shoulders to be gathered about her waist. Arnold watched the muscles of her back work beneath her perfect tanned skin with each movement of her arms. She turned, holding in her hand a large phallic object a few inches longer than Arnold’s member, and at least an inch thicker. It was a light grey color and seemed to be constructed from a series of stacked rings, shrinking at the end where a transparent tube led off to a small machine on the bench. In her other hand the Doctor held a small tube, like that of toothpaste. Arnold stared at the bizarre phallus as she walked over to him, standing over his now quivering cock.

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