Nisan 17, 2021

Temptation Ch. 02

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For the next few hours John struggled to keep hold of reality. It was like he was running on autopilot. When John got back to his home he half expected his family to notice that he had been up to ‘no good’ but no one did. John finished his evening dinner in record time although he couldn’t have told you what he ate. As he sat down in front of the TV John’s phone vibrated in his pocket, he recognised the number instantly it was Mary.

‘Hello John just thought you would be online by now. I’m rather upset with you’ she started. What had he done to upset her? Mary never called him on his phone, that wasn’t the deal they had he only ever called Mary when he knew he was alone. He asked her what he had done without hesitation. ‘I allowed you to come earlier but I was denied that joy. You could damage a girl like that. I’ve tried all day to stop thinking about you but its just getting me hornier than ever. Is there any chance I could see you tonight so you can satisfy me? I know it’s a long shot but you’ve made me so horny and I need to cum. I thought you would help me like I helped you earlier.’

‘I’m at home you better go Mary or she’ll notice!’ John whispered down the phone. Mary wasn’t going to be denied and told John to meet her on the corner of Albert Street by the phone box in half an hour and told him in no uncertain terms not to keep her waiting. With that Mary put the phone down abruptly. John was eager to both please Mary and be pleased but how would he excuse himself at this time of night?

‘Are you sure there is no one else who can do it? Oh for pity’s sake Bill its easy I will be there shortly!’ John said loudly into his phone slamming it shut in mock disgust. ‘Damn it all, babe I am going to have to go back into work that idiot Bill’s lost an important file. There is no way around it. They need the file first thing in the morning or we loose a major account.’

Within ten minutes John escort ataşehir was driving down Albert Street and there she was in the phone box sheltering from the heavy downpour. John lowered his window and called her and she made a mad dash to his passenger seat. ‘Thought for a minute you weren’t going to come, glad you did though!’ Mary said huskily learning over to kiss John on the lips. She slipped her hand down his legs to check his excitement, which was now growing by the second.

‘Where can we go?’ John asked eagerly I don’t know this part of town that well.’ Mary explained their way to a car park nearby that was used by a local football team where she knew no one would be around at this time of night.

Mary gave John directions until they pulled into the car park and pulled up by the field. The car park was uneven and difficult to drive over. The spot nearer the pitch was slightly more level but it was pitch dark with only the distant glow of the streetlights over a mile away. Mary got out of the car, telling John to get into the back seat. He moved quickly into the back seat and watched Mary take her coat off and put it on the shelf at the back of the car. The rain was lashing down her hair sticking to her body loosing its volume quickly. Mary had a front fastening dress on and slowly removed it revealing that she was naked underneath. He could only just make her out in the dim light from the bulb inside the car.

‘Come here! Let me reward you for earlier’ John said loudly to be heard through the downpour. Mary sat on the back seat of John’s car and put her back against the door. John moved forward and kissed her, Mary’s soft lips felt good against his. Her hands moved to the sides of his face as he moved his kisses further south to her neck as she offered it up to him. John’s lips moved further south and his hands moved upwards to cup her breasts and prepare them for his eager kadıköy escort mouth. They felt so firm yet soft to the touch, the nipples were so responsive that they were now standing upright and his mouth found them in the darkness with ease. They felt so good that John moaned slightly as they entered his mouth. He had wanted to suck them since Mary had sent him a cheeky SMS message on her phone. They felt much better than John had anticipated.

John carried on further down Mary’s body he could always return to her nipples later on. She moved her body down the seat so that John could access her vagina. It looked so wonderful finally in full view, trimmed to perfection. He had wanted to see it for so long and now it was right before him, tempting him and drawing him in. Without thinking John extended his hand and touched her soft mound. He could smell the excitement from her vagina and he so wanted to taste her. John slowly moved his hand around so that the fingers started probing the soft folds of the vagina entrance. He pushed them slowly inside Mary watching her face as she watched them disappear inside her. She was so wet that his fingers slid in easily. John moved them slowly in and out of her gently increasing the amount of fingers that he used. He had virtually his whole hand inside her his knuckles rubbing at her clit. Mary moaned as he did so.

John took his hand out of her wet dark folds and as he did so Mary took his hand and took it to her lips. She licked at her juices that were virtually dripping from his hand. Mary took his fingers inside her mouth and sucked them longingly. She reminded John by doing so of the earlier moments when she had sucked his penis like that. Her mouth was firm but soft, a warm inviting place. Mary’s tongue swirled around his fingers sucking and licking every drop of her juice from them.

John slowly pulled his hand from her mouth and looked maltepe escort bayan at her vagina. He was envious that she had taken all her juices from his hands John needed to taste her. Mary’s vagina looked so good and he bent closer to smell her blowing gently on her hot and now very wet mound. John started licking at her soft folds John lapped up her sweet juices. He poked his tongue out rigidly and pushed his way inside her strong vaginal walls. Mary had not let a man close to her like this before and she had to admit that she was a fan. John kept squeezing her thighs with his strong muscular hands and his true skill was with that soft mouth of his. He would alternate between soft breaths onto her vaginal lips, kissing her lips letting his mouth envelop it and pull in away from her body to nuzzling right in close to her clit and flicking it rapidly with his tongue. Mary locked her legs around the back of his head pulling him inside her.

Mary let her head fall backwards and a loud moan emerged from her ample frame. The profanities emptied from her mouth at an ever-increasing speed, letting him know full well that she was enjoying every second of this experience. Ever the demure lady in her normal day to day existence she had a lot of profanity during sex ranging from ‘fuck me’ to ‘fucking hell’ it was like the simple act of telling him what to do to her and how hard to do it set her free and this freedom brought about stronger orgasms than she could manage if she didn’t let go. John knew that whilst he wasn’t one for swearing if Mary swore she was getting very horny.

Her orgasms were coming thick and fast now. Her breathing became shallow and she ran through his hair with her fingers pulling him further and further into her hot and wet pussy. Mary’s body started to shudder and shake before she went rather quiet. John knew she had come more than she was used to, he had drunk literally cups of her cum. John moved up her body and kissed her to let Mary taste her juices. She was obviously very tired but she leaned forward and kissed him eagerly taking in all the juice on his lips. ‘Thank you’ she whispered in John’s ear ‘I’ve been wanting that for a long time!’

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