Nisan 25, 2021

Teaching Tara Ch. 05

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Ok, so I fell asleep, even with all those holes ready and wanting more, I fell asleep. I am not as young as I was and I had had a restless night.

When I woke I was alone. The room was dark and someone had covered me with a blanket. A note on the bedside table told me that Pauline had gone home, my daughter Tara, her mother, Marion and new family friend Mike had gone shopping. They would pick up dinner on the way home.

I lay back in the bed and thought about the great day. From the first moment I had laid my hands on my daughter’s tits to shoving my fingers up her ass. Such a great day. Knowing I was the first to fuck that tight pussy, man, that was so good. I regretted not tit fucking her more, but figured there was time yet, plenty of time. She had chosen to go to a local college and so would be staying at home.

Did I feel like a dirty old man for filling her tight pussy? Hell no, she was 18 and had proven more than once that she could make up her mind and stick to it. She had wanted my cock, I had given it to her. Better with me than with some pimply teenager who would not give a damn about her pleasure. The idea of others fucking her made me angry. I wanted that sweetness all for myself. And if I wasn’t actually fucking it at least I would be watching. My house, my rules, she would not be allowed to fuck anyone else unless I was there.

“Dad, where are you?”

I heard the voice of our younger daughter Susie. She was supposed to be staying over with her Aunt Pauline this evening. I had arranged it earlier before I had known that it had all be arranged before I even knew it.


“Up here honey, in bed.”

She poked her head around the door. “Is everything ok Dad, not like you to be in bed at this hour.”

“Just needed a nap baby, what are you doing here?”

She came and sat on the side of the bed, one leg on the floor and one bent at the knee. I wondered if she knew how provocative that was. Knowing her sweet pussy lips would be open. Get a grip Tom, this is Susie, not Tara. I tried to re-focus on the conversation.

“I forgot one of my books for tomorrow. Bryan dropped me over, he is waiting outside.”

Bryan was the boy she had been seeing for a few months. He was a nice enough kid, though her mother and I thought it was too soon for her to be seeing only one guy. But she was a sensible kid, never gave us a moment’s trouble.

“You are not supposed to be seeing him during the week honey, you know that.”

“I know Dad, but Auntie Pauline wasn’t home and Sam and Nate are playing on the Xbox. You know you can’t get them away from it when they start and I needed my book.”

She looked around and sniffed the air.

“Dad it smells like you were having an orgy in here. Jerking off cause Mom is not here?”

“Susie, behave.” I tried to look annoyed bursa escort with her but broke out into a grin. “I jerk off even when your Mom is here.”

“Horn dog. I am going to get my book.” she kissed my cheek and left the room.

She was back a few moment later, “I thought Tara would be here, grounded for life.”

I was trying to work out what to say when we both heard the front door open and giggles coming from downstairs.

“Susie, where are you baby?”

“Mom? Mom is home?” She ran out of the room and downstairs.

I pulled on some shorts and went down in time to see Tara whispering to Susie as Mike and Marion brought in bags from the car.

Susie’s eyes widened and she looked up at me for a moment before kissing Tara on the cheek and running out the door, her book under her arm. “See you tomorrow!”

“She knows?” It was more a statement than a question.

“Yup Dad. Who do you think told me what to look out for when you and Mom were having one of your evenings? Susie has always been more observant than me.”

I sat down on the step. It was a shock to think of my beautiful, sweet Susie like that. I know, I know a moment ago I was thinking of her pussy and I should not have double standards for the girls, but Tara has always been wild and Susie the epitome of innocence. A thought struck me:

“And Nate?”

Marion came through the door “And Nate what honey?”

“I was wondering if any of the kids had not watched us fucking?” We both turned to look at Tara.

“I dunno, but his room is nearer yours than either of ours, and if we could hear you…..” She let the sentence trail off.

Tara came up the stairs and stopped in front of me taking my hands in hers. “Dad, it is ok, you and Mom are great role models. You two may fuck like perverted rabbits, but you love each other and have given us a great life. Better than the asshole could have or would have. “

The asshole was her biological father, John Marshall. She never called him anything else. I hugged her to me and despite the turmoil inside I could feel her tits against my chest. Taking her face in my hands I kissed her deeply.

“Thank you baby, I love you too.”

I was ready to break the embrace, but Tara had other ideas and began to kiss me. Her sweet tongue tasting my lips and pushing through them to tentatively play with mine, it was soft and exploratory, but she wanted more and deepened the kiss, demanding I respond to her.

I pulled up her t-shirt and opened her bra and began to caress her tits, forcing my hand between our bodies to reach her nipples. They were already hardening and I wanted to taste them. I pulled away from her savage mouth and dipped my head to suck on one glorious nipple. Her sigh and her hands pushing my head harder against her, was all I needed. I devoured one nipple bursa escort bayan and then the other, sucking them deep into my mouth and flicking them as I had her clit earlier. She pulled the t-shirt up over her head and threw it and the bra away. Taking her tits in my hands I squeezed the firm flesh loving how heavy they were. Her mouth found mine and as I lay back on the stairs she lay on top of me.

I trailed one hand down her back and over her shorts, squeezing her ass, that beautiful round perky ass that had tempted me so often. The soft material was nice, but I wanted to feel her skin. I pushed my hand under the elastic waistband and using both hands began to knead her cheeks. She was moaning into my mouth and put her full weight on me as she pushed her shorts down over her hips. I began to circle her puckered hole with my finger adding pressure every now and then.

“I guess I will put your dinner in the oven to keep warm.”

Tara giggled at her Mom’s words. “Good idea Mom, I need my Daddy to fuck me again.” She looked down at me her face very serious, “Daddy will you fuck your girl’s pussy again. It is calling out to be fucked by your gorgeous cock.”

I pulled her hair back from her face and looked back with equal seriousness.

“Only if you promise to cum all over Daddy’s cock. Soak it with your cum. Can you do that for your Daddy?”

She smiled, “I think I can Daddy, but only if you fuck my hungry pussy really hard.”” She stood for a moment and after discarding her own shorts, pulled mine down to reveal my cock hard and ready to fuck her little pussy again.

“Looks like Daddy is ready baby, climb on for the ride of your life.”

Raising her knee she angled my cock at her pussy hole and slowly lowered herself onto it. I watched fascinated how such a tiny pussy could stretch and take my cock. But it swallowed up every inch and once again I enjoyed the sensation of her tight walls hugging me.

She balanced herself with one hand on the banister and the other on the wall and began to slide up and down my cock.

“That’s it baby, ride Daddy’s cock, fuck yourself with it.” She started bouncing up and down her tits jiggling with every movement. I slid my hands up her small body and cupped them.

“Oh Daddy, your cock is filling my pussy. It feels so good in my cunt.”

She knew I didn’t like her using that word so I slapped her tit, she let out a moan.

“Do that again Daddy please. Slap your girl’s tits.”

I needed no encouragement and began to slap in time with her pussy slapping down onto my balls. I pulled and tweaked the nipples hard.

“Oh baby inherited more than a great body from her Mom. You like it rough do you?”

“Oh yes Daddy.”

Grabbing her, I turned and put her down on the steps, “Anything to make my baby happy.”

I escort bursa pushed her knees up to her chin and pulling out most of the way slammed back into her pussy. I could feel her orgasm twitching her tight walls. I continued to slam my cock into her, I could feel myself hitting her cervix again. It was amazing combination of tightness and wetness, pummelling my cock into my daughters tight pussy. I fucked her good and hard to another orgasm.

“Oh Daddy that is so good, harder, harder.”

I switched places again and supporting her under her arms, raised and lowered her onto my cock fast and furiously. Her body and mine were slick with sweat, but I was going to fuck this young pussy for all it was worth. I slammed her down on my cock as hard as I could and was rewarded by the now familiar tightening of her walls. She came so hard she squirted her juices all over me.

“That’s it baby, Daddy is giving you the best fuck you will ever have.”

“Yes, Daddy, more please, fill my pussy with your cum.”

“Yeah baby, Daddy will, but not yet. Baby has to cum at least two more times before Daddy gives her a reward.”

Bringing her up to the landing, I lay her down on the floor and supporting myself on my arms, fucked my 9″ in and out of her pussy as hard as I could. Sweat dripped off my face and onto her tits.

“There that is one baby, one more for Daddy.”

She was screaming and shuddering, I wondered if she had had enough, but I hadn’t, I wanted more of this sweet fuck toy.

Resting all my weight on one arm, I found her clit and pinched it hard.

“Oh fuck Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” she was incoherent. I could feel my cum rising but waited for her to hit another orgasm before dumping my load right into her womb. Consequences be dammed, I was filling this tight pussy with my seed. I off loaded squirt after squirt of hot sticky cum into my daughter’s pussy and them collapsed on top of her.

We lay there for a while, panting and recovering.

“If you two are quite finished your dinner is waiting.”

I picked Tara up in my arms and carried her to the kitchen. I loved the way she entwined her arms around my neck, it was like when I carried her to bed when she was younger. Her face was smiling up at me.

“Thank you Daddy.”

“You are most welcome baby. In fact anytime you want.” But reality came back. “Emmm baby, you are protected aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah Daddy, Mom took care of that. You can fill my pussy as much as you want.” She grinned wickedly “And maybe even as much as I want, if you can keep up.”

I laughed, “Not too old to be spanked young lady” as I deposited her at the table where her mother had laid out plates of food. “Now eat.”

Marion turned from the fridge, and looked at me “Don’t mind if I do.” She crawled under the table and began to lick my cum out of our daughter’s pussy.

Mike was sitting at the table drinking coffee. “I can’t believe you guys, don’t you ever get tired?”

From under the table Marion answered, “You have tasted this, could you ever get tired of it?”

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