Nisan 21, 2021

Teaching Daughter a Lesson

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The door bell rang and my heart began to pound. Everything was as I had planned it. Before answering the door, I looked at the four men I had invited over to ‘interview’ to work at my store. Each one was hand selected by an disreputable colleague of mine. With their help I was about to exact my revenge on the woman who ruin my marriage and my life. I answered the door and there stood my former stepdaughter in the outfit I told her to wear.

Marissa stood there in a tiny naughty outfit. My eyes roamed over her tight young body from head to toe and back again while my cock sprang to attention and almost exploded. Her beautiful long raven hair was pulled tightly into two pigtails to which she had tied with red ribbons. She made my heart beat faster because she had put on the deepest red lipstick on her full pouty lips which brought out a very slutty sensuality that I never knew she could possess. The thick black mascara and eye liner brought out her big round baby blue eyes which contrasted very seductively against her fair skin. As my eyes traveled down her body, I was thrilled to see the curve of her bare neck and shoulder as the tight white shirt fell slightly to one side.

Again, my cock twitched as my eyes fell upon her perfectly perky 28b tits. Through her slightly transparent white button shirt (which she had tied into a big knot in the front to show off her abundant cleavage) you could see her tiny pink yet hard nipples. Her pink areolas begged to be sucked and licked. They were easily seen because the shirt was tightly fitted around her firm body and she was not wearing a bra. Traveling down slowly, I bit my lower lip looking at her tight flat stomach and cute little belly button. Further down, my eyes became glued to her thick firm milky white thighs which peeked out from under her little tiny plaid micro mini skirt. She had the thick firm thighs that young Latina’s have which make every grown man want to see what is in between their legs. The white stocking began half way down her thigh bringing a sweet innocent yet slutty look to her entire look. Finally, the black platform shoes she wore made her seem talker than her small 5 foot 3 inch frame.

My eyes met hers and I could tell she was angry to see me and was forcing herself to not only to be here but dressed as she was instructed to do. I didn’t care. She had to go along with everything I wanted her to do, if she was to have my help. She gave me a half hearted smile when I grinned showing my approval. As I looked out the door, there were several men across the street checking her out which added to the fun I was having.

Without letting my guests see, I motioned for her to turn so I could see the full outfit front and back. Even though she gave me a little attitude she still did as instructed. Of course the only part I really wanted to see was her firm round Latina bubble booty. Seeing it in such a tiny outfit made me realized what I had been missing. One of my friend’s would say it was an ‘Onion booty,’ just looking at the perfectly round ass made you want to cry. The mini skirt barely covered it. It was neither too big nor too small but as nice as her chest was her booty won the battle for the attention.

After she completed her turn I invited her in. She was surprised to see the other four men in the room. Her eyes gave me a dirty look while almost asking “what the hell are they doing here.” I smiled at her and put my hand on her firm round ass and pushed her forward so I could introduce her to the strangers.

“Hey fellas, this is my daughter Marissa. I didn’t know she was coming. And boy am I surprised. I haven’t seen her in a long time. How old are you baby? How long has it been? Here, Marissa meet some of my new workers,” I told the group.

“I’m 23 now daddy,” he answered meekly.

Nobody moved. Everyone was a little hesitant. Marissa did now know what to make of the strangers and the strangers were drinking up my stepdaughter’s young vivacious body. She stood there nervously and timid as every man in the room ogled her incredible body. I looked from the men to my daughter satisfied with how things where working out.

I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and gave her a big hug squeezing her firm tits onto my chest. As sneaky as I could be I made sure I pulled her tiny skirt up so her lovely ass cheeks could be seen and moved her so her back was to the group. Every eye was on my daughter’s lovely ass and for a second I was jealous of the strangers who were getting a great view.

“It’s so good to see you baby. I’ve missed you so much,” I said with as much enthusiasm as I could muster.

“What the fuck are they doing here? Why are you letting them check out my ass?” she whispered into my ear with a very low growl.

“If you don’t behave and keep playing along, they will be doing more than just looking,” I promised her.

I picked her up while hugging her and place her down again.

“Go on baby shake their hands and introduce bursa escort yourself like a proper lady,” I told her; spanking her ass to give her some encouragement.

Shyly she went to each man and shook his hand and reintroduced herself. The men licked their lips like a pack of hungry wolves ready to devour a tasty young lamb. I was sitting down when she finished and she came to stand by me. Again, I patted her young ass and let my hand slip between her thighs just below the skirt squeezing her inner thigh and let it rest there. Slowly I caressed her leg feeling the soft yet firm skin. Every fiber of my body wanted to bend her over and just shove my throbbing cock into her young delectable body. Yet, I sat and watched all the men looked at my hand and I could tell they would have to have their own hands on my daughter.

Looking up at her I continued to rub on her leg. My eyes drifted to her tits and I imagined myself suckling on them with hungry abandonment. Smiling I squeezed her inner thigh again.

“Honey be a dear and get us something to drink will ya?” I asked.

She looks down at my with the most incredulous look and was about to give me a smart remark when I squeezed her leg reminding her of our deal. The look turned into a sweet and innocent smile and as she skipped away I swatted her behind again.

“Isn’t she just a lovely little thing? I can’t believe how much she has grown,” I told the group.

There were a few muffled comments made by each man which I was sure were sexual in nature. I acted as if I did not hear or that I did not catch their meaning and smiled at the men and continued the fake interview with the men. Soon she returned with beers for each one of us. As she bend to hand each man his beer, I was able to see her incredible ass which look so much sexier in her white cotton thong barely peeking out from under her skirt. My cock was fighting to escape my pants once again.

When she handed me my beer I reached up and gave her another huge pulling down to me again exposing her cute round ass to the guys but this time she was bend over a lot more than before. Again their eyes were glued to her perfect little ass. Before she took her place standing next to me, I encouraged her to have a drink herself which she begrudging did after being coaxed by our guests. For the next few minutes, I acted like an interviewer and sent her for a few more rounds of drinks. She out drank all of us in those few minutes.

When we were done with the questions and the “interviewing process” I sent her for another round of drinks and when she returned I had her sit on my lap. It was more like she was on my crouch because as she sat down I gently guided her on me. I almost came in my pants when I felt her wonderful tender young ass on my cock. The men’s eyes were drawn to her pussy because the tiny little thong barely peeked out from under her skirt showing off the littlest speck of white. One of my hands rested on her inner thigh almost touching her mini skirt while the other wrapped around her waist.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am. I hadn’t seen my daughter for a year and here she is,” I told the guys as I hugged her tightly.

“Look at how big she’s gotten. Last time I saw her she was a skinny little thing now look at her. She’s all woman! Get up honey. Give us a twirl,” I added.

She reluctantly did as I command and gave a few turns for the men who hooped and hollered as she turned. She was about to sit back down when I stopped her.

“Come on honey. I know you can do better than that, how about a little dance?” I told her.

Again, the men all cheered their agreement. Slowly and timidly she began to dance a little. I know she was not into the scene I had just created because she was barely moving. This did little to deter the men from encouraging her to dance sexy.

“Stop being a bad girl and dance sexy baby. You don’t want daddy to spank you in front of all these men do you?” I stated in mock anger.

Marissa shot me the angriest eyes she could muster. My look reminded her she was in no position to bargain and she better do as I say. Stomping like a little girl, she pouted and crossed her arms while she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Listen to me little girl. If you don’t dance, you will be spanked,” I stated again feeling my blood boiled with excitement.

Again she stomped the ground then she turned her back to us. Grabbing her elbow, I shoved her toward the couch and bend her over. Both her hands landed on the cushions while I spread her legs with my feet. Everyone could not only see her perfect round ass but the camel toe in her tight white cotton panties. Time stood still as we took in my daughter’s wonderful ass and pussy. Her tiny little pink pussy was barely visible as her lips were just parted by her thong. It took all my strength from pulling out my cock and shoving it up her tiny hole. I moved so the men could see her without any obstructions while I smacked her ass bursa escort bayan with one hand.

“I’m sorry gentlemen. You shouldn’t have to witness this. I don’t know what’s gotten into her; she’s usually a very obedient and good girl. Now I’m going to have to teach her a lesson in front of you men. Again, I apologize,” I said with mock concern.

They all assured me that it was alright with them and that daughters should listen to their fathers and that I should continue with my punishment. Yet no one took his eyes off my daughter’s gorgeous ass; some even adjusted themselves as they looked at her. My own hardon was hurting as it struggled to free itself from the confines of my pants. Marissa looked like she should be getting fucked hard as her mini skirt began to fall onto her back exposing her entire ass.

I placed my hand on one of her ass cheeks and said, “Honey, this is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you.”

I grabbed her firm cheek and rubbed it before I gave it a smack. Her ass give a little jiggle and she let out a little grunt as my hand landed on her ass. Marissa’s ass felt so wonderful in my big hand. It was firm yet soft which sent chills to the base of my throbbing cock. Grapping the top of her thong I pulled on it making it tighter exposing both her wonderful ass and her tiny pussy.

“I’m so sorry men; it’s so hard rearing a good girl. You shouldn’t have to be put through this,” I told the men as I rubbed her ass.

“Are you going to start listening to daddy?” I asked as I smacked her other cheek and rubbed it as well.

Marissa didn’t say anything, she just stood in place.

“Look at these men. See what you’re making me do in front of them,” I commanded as I smacked her other cheek again.

When she didn’t turn I pulled on one of her pigtails so she could face the men. Her eyes became big when she saw the four horny men looking at her bare ass as I held her in position.

“How am I going to make it up to them? I just met them and look at what you’re making me do. Oh wait, I know I have a great idea. How about each one takes a turn with you,” I announced.

Everyone’s face turned to shock and astonishment and they all turned to face me including Marissa.

“That’s it. Each man will take his turn with you because you’re such a bad little girl. I’ll give each man a turn spanking you once,” I smiled trying to act oblivious to the sexual overtures everyone was thinking about when I first made the announcement.

“What do you fellas say? Is that ok with you?” I asked again in mock sincerity.

The men stepped forward announcing their agreement as Marissa glared at me. I was the only one that notice that look for the rest of the men were too busy fight to be the first to spank my daughter.

“Ok, everyone gather around get close. Ok Roy you’re first,” I said as I stepped in front of Marissa holding her shoulders so she would not move.

Roy stepped behind Marissa and grabbed her hips like he was going to fuck her doggy style. I, on the other hand, placed my cock inches from her face like she was about to suck my cock. Then Roy’s hand ran up and down my daughter round ass as he prepared himself to spank her.

“Go ahead Roy don’t be shy. Give it to her good. Show her what men do to bad little girl,” I said with encouragement.

Roy took his time feeling up her great ass before he smacked her. Jerry was next in line. I pushed Marissa shoulder down a little more, making her expose her ass more and bringing her face onto my crotch. Jerry used both hands on her ass as he felt her cheeks bringing both his fingers over her panty covered pussy before he spanked her. I rubbed my throbbing cock on her face as Jose took over. Keeping in line with the other men, he too played with her lovely ass before he spanked her. Finally, Bubba took his place behind her and repeated everyone actions.

“Thank you gentlemen for helping me teach my daughter a lesson. It’s the responsibility of every father to teach their daughter’s their place in life. And I appreciate you fellas helping me out with this,” I told them.

The men thanked me for the opportunity to help and offer to continue the lesson.

“Well I think she’s learned her lesson. Isn’t that right honey? You’ve learned your lesson haven’t you? You’ll listen from now on, right baby?” I asked Marissa.

With such hatred in her eyes she looked over her shoulder and told me to fuck off. Acting shocked and astonished I spun and looked at my slutty daughter. I yanked on one of her pigtails making her arch her back and spanked her hard.

“Is that how you talk to your dad? Only sluts talk that way. Are you a slut Marissa? Do you want to be treated like a slut?” I asked.

She only looked at me without saying a word.

“If that’s how you want it, fine. We’ll treat you like a slut,” I told her.

I stepped behind her and ripped her tiny panties off her young firm body. The men drew escort bursa closer when I exposed her bald tiny pink pussy. Without skipping a beat my pants fell to the floor and I grabbed her hips placing my pulsating cock right at her pussy.

“This is what we do to slut Marissa. This is how sluts get treated,” I announced as I buried my cock into her tight young pussy.

I shoved half my cock into her little pussy and grabbed a handful of ass while the men looked on in utter shock and amazement. Her pink velvet lips felt great as they squeezed on my hot throbbing cock. Everyone man’s eyes were on my cock as it penetrated her tiny box. Still they did not move or say anything as the realization of what was happening was setting in. Grabbing her firm once again, I shoved the other half of my dick deep into her making her grunt and scream.

“Daddy! No! Stop! Please oh god I’m your daughter,” she cried.

Before I could reply, Jerry spanked her and told her, “This is what you get for not listening to your dad. Now be a good little slut and take all his cock.”

I grabbed each pigtail in my hands and pulled back on her making her arch her back and look up at the ceiling. Moving my hips back a little I waited until she started to speak before I jammed my dick back deep into her. The men finally came out of their trance because Jose grabbed onto one pigtail as Roy grabbed the other and each man stood on her sides. With my hands free I untied her shirt and pulled it off her nubile body. Before any other man could beat me to her tits, I cupped each one and began pumping my hungry cock into her like a jackhammer.

As I fucked Marissa the four men mauled at her young body with lustful hands. The build up to this scene and seeing these strangers playing with my daughter’s body was too much for me to stand. Soon I felt the huge build up of cum starting to reach its climax. Quickly I pulled out of my daughter wet pussy and ran to the front of her grabbing her head and pulling her onto my cock. As she started to protest I shove my pulsating cock deep into her mouth and shot my load making her gag with surprise. Holding her head I shot the next three loads down her throat.

I stepped back and watched as the men positioned themselves around my lovely daughter. Bubba was holding her hips and shoving his hard throbbing cock into her young pussy as Jerry grabbed Marissa’s head and made her gag on his cock. Jose and Roy played with her firm perky tits and guided her hands to their hard cocks as well. Watching my daughter get abused by four strangers was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Soon my cock was at attention and I want to fuck my daughter again.

All four men had huge cocks; one of the reasons my acquaintance had referred them to me. Bubba’s cock looked like a long coke can. Very thick and dark and by the look on Marissa’s face he was stretching her more than she’s ever been. She would have been screaming if not for Jerry’s cock stuffing her throat. Bubba moaned with pleasure as he fucked her tiny hole. He began picking up speed and really hammering his dick into my tiny daughter’s body making her rock back and forth. Every now and again he would spank her and called her dirty names.

“When you get ready to cum I want her drinking it,” I told them.

Bubba looked at me and smiled. Within a few minutes he tells Jerry to switch. While the men traded placed Marissa moaned and cried; begging the men to stop.

“Keep going. I want her to be fucked good and hard. Show this little slut what happens when she disobeys me,” I told the men.

Eagerly Bubba shoved his cock down her throat and exploded with a loud grunt. He held tightly to her head and he shot his cum into her mouth. Then he stepped back and walked toward the couch and continued to drink his beer. Jerry had taken his place fucking Marissa’s used pussy. Her wet hot pussy ached from being fucked twice within the last few minutes and she whimpered every time Jerry slammed it into her.

She was about to speak with Roy shoved is cock into her mouth. Roy gagged her with his cock as she looked at me with her big blue eyes. Her body rocked back and forth as both men fucked her like a little slut. Jose played with her firm milky tits pinching and pulling her light pink nipples making her winch and moan with pleasure. Jose put her hands on his cock making her jerk him off as the other two men ravaged her body hard.

Jerry pulled down on Marissa’s hips as she jabbed her tender young pussy with his cock making her grunt with each thrust. He was fucking her hard and deep while Roy filled her mouth with his throbbing cock. I moved beside her and patted her head then pulled on one of her pigtails. When she turned to face me I smiled.

“You look so fucking hot with a cock in your mouth Marissa. You know that? It so fucking hot watching you get fucked like the little slut you are. I’ve always wanted to fuck you like I just did right now. Did you like the taste of daddy’s cum down your throat? Did you love swallowing my load? I bet you did you little slut. Now show these fellas what a big slut you are and make them cum down your throat,” I told her as I pulled on her hair and spanked her firm ass.

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