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Teacher The Gay Bottom

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Teacher The Gay Bottom
Teacher The Gay Bottom

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Baal Krishna was very horny. He was feeling a knot in his belly and his dick was also getting hard. He knew, he could not stand up even if he needed to; Fuck! He simply could not think to imagine the quandary and just bowed his head; anything else, any other damn thought to keep him away from thinking about the hunky boy in front of his eyes. Baal Krishna was a teacher at this high school and he did not know what brought him to school faculty lounge, but now he was sitting and typing some report he reminded himself; that was pending for over a week. Shit! Aarush Singh was still around, a hunky student, of junior year. He was a true definition of masculinity on walking legs. All muscles. Aarush even had a full beard for his age. He looked no less than a poster of a youth, in jeans, jacket. Krishna could smell his almost adult sperm; he was so close.

It was a long time, Krishna had not had a boy inside him, his ass was not stretched over a big, young cock and he had not felt the surging male seed inside his rectum. He had been looking for a job and not been able to concentrate on the need of his greedy ass for the last almost 6 months and was not fucked since.

Ironically; Aarush Singh also seemed to know the Gay power he had and the waves radiating from him to Krishna. Krishna could almost tell, Aarush was wearing a brief and not boxers. Tight, high cut, low waistband style; not pure cotton but a blend or just the Lycra / Speedo stuff. Krishna suddenly realized that he had stopped typing and was looking straight at the bulge in front of him while imagining the heavy package in the pouch carried by Aarush Singh. That huge cock of his, the hood of foreskin pulled over his dark brown with a hint of pink cock head. Krishna was breathing heavier, imagining a big drop of youth’s pre cum oozing out and caught by his tongue.

He almost bit his tongue, thinking to stop his arousal and quick hardening cock. Aarush was still there, with his body facing Krishna; his crotch at the level of Krishna’s face. Real big bulge as if Aarush had stuffed a baseball bat in there. He knew, he had to be careful and not get caught. He did not want to get fired from this very new job, he found after a search of at least six months. B K knew Aarush was a legend in the school. He was the captain of the school hockey team and had walked in with some of his team mates, perhaps to sign a request for the bus for a trip to a game. All big boys with him, of course Aarush the biggest; a very famous figure in the school. In a short while Krishna had heard a lot about Aarush and plenty of girls he had fucked. He was definitely imagining, what it would be like for the girls to be bred by Aarush, stretching their cunts, making them women instead of the girls, taking their cherries forever, breaking their seals. Damn lucky boy. Krishna wished, he was a student here instead of a teacher; so he could be with Aarush Singh in the showers, just accidently, may be only once, no, no; more than once he imagined after the PE class.

Krishna daydreamed; Aarush got a huge one, uncut and gigantic thick also when it stiffened, cockhead appearing out of the foreskin; moist, warm and slimy touched by his tongue. No! he quickly shook his head, collected himself and started typing the report. WTF!! Aarush, the sex magnet; came to an arrogantly close spot near Krishna, where Krishna was working. He was a true monster, appeared a couple years older than his age. Only thought in Krishna’s mind; what it would like to be fucked by Aarush, how would his ass hole stretch and feel around Aarush’s thick firehose. Although Krishna had never seen Aarush naked but as he walked close, Krishna could almost feel how the whispers went but it was something, some special stir down deep in his balls that was assuring him that Aarush had a big cock. This is what was causing a knot in his belly and hardening his cock, making it impossible for him to stand up.

Krishna felt a wave gushing in him again and adamantly he shook his head; no, he was not going to get horny for this boy, risking his job, endangering his career; he looked up a little. Aarush was not even looking back at him. His body did face Krishna but his head was turned towards the coach and the head of the sports department, who were telling him about the tour. Surely the big bulge in Aarush’s pants was at Krishna’s face, making him at the verge of shooting in his pants. Aarush just stood there, producing the heat of throbbing sex waves from his bulge and sending them to Krishna’s face. O’ Lord!! Krishna wanted to reach and cup the huge hanging basket but really knew, not to and resisted.

Krishna looked at the typewriter, noting that he had typed many words twice but thankfully they all left the lounge soon after and he let out a sigh. His forehead was all wet with sweat due to the embarrassment. Fine so far bahis siteleri but the rest of the day, lots of horny experiences. So many hunky horny boys around, scratching their adult balls, emitting their aroma in the air of the classrooms as they sat at the desks. Everyone showing a huge bulge in his jeans or shorts.

Why did coach Dev came to Krishna, later on and spoke about Aarush, to make Krishna hot. Krishna could only chuckle, when coach Dev said that Aarush was hung like a horse but those words caused a lot of itching in Krishna’s ass sphincter. He wanted to get away from coach still saying that Aarush was like an army all alone, strong, power packed and aggressive, more so when he was fully stiffened. Coach Dev was feeling sorry for most of the cheerleaders; Aarush got into. It was a chance but what an erotic and amatory stimulus it was as he saw out of the staff lounge door to see some of the strong bully boys of the school, yank down the pants of Manan; the tiny framed, meager boy. All of them ran away as they saw Sir Krishna come out of the staff lounge to give a little bit of comfort and support to the young Manan. Krishna was reminded of his school days when he was of this age. He was also very feeble and cowardly. A bit short in height too and even had pimples. A true nerd.

Manan was facing the other way as Krishna walked up to him, struggling to cope with what happened, picking up his books and pull up his pants. As Sir Krishna got in front of little Manan to help pull up his brief; Damn!!! Damn!! A cock of such enormity. His hands desired to grope and stay there for a little while longer at the bulge, as he helped Manan. Krishna’s big erection was now a full reality as Manan left. Now he could think of nothing else but sex. The big sized coach Dev was like a bucket of petrol on fire as they passed each other later in the halls. Heavy set, a real squared jaw and shaved head to cause terror for sure. Although Krishna tried not to look but the most defined bulge in coach’s pants, trapped in the jockstrap, meant nothing but that Dev had something special inside the mesh pouch.

FUCK!! Krishna was really horny now but he had still a class to go before the day was done for him and he could go home, take a shower and enjoy a good session of masturbation. He was to show some slides to the class with Aarush being one of the students. He walked fast towards the storage room, which was down a dimly lit hallway at the far end of the school to get the projector. As he turned around the darkest corner of the hallway, he was stunned to see Aarush, with his back against the wall, his zip down, his cock out and Rohit on his knees in front of him, sucking it. Oh fuck. Krishna thought, it was like the good guy surrendering to the evil. Of course Aarush was far more than hung like a horse. His cock was spreading Rohit’s jaw wide. He had taken only a part of the cock length in his mouth and was gagging already. Rohit was swaying his head back and forth in an attempt to swallow more and also using his hands jerking both Aarush and himself. They were so busy that for a minute or so, they did not notice Sir Krishna and by the time they did, he was staring with a deep interest. He heard Aarush speaking to Rohit, “Let us show, Krishna; you swallow my cum and then we go to the class”.

B.S. Sir Krishna thought. He thinks I will allow such activity in the school and Aarush even did not say ‘Sir Krishna’. Rohit did not stop sucking, Aarush did not stop fucking his mouth with an ugly smile. “Ooongh, here it comes” and Aarush started filling Rohit’s mouth. His orgasm triggered Rohit’s orgasm also who spilled all the pleasure in his balls on the floor. It was next to impossible for Krishna, not to abide by the craving and kneel down to suck up some of the free flowing young juices but he managed, not to. Aarush pulled his cock back out; Damn, it was awesome. Truly long, thicker than an anaconda, huge mushroom getting red with total satisfaction and trying to hide back in the hood of the foreskin.

After all, done, Rohit stood up and tucked his cock back in his pants before getting to a side. Aarush stood there, his all wet, shining cock still hanging out of his pants, as he announced to the teacher that he must have come to get the projector from the store for today’s slide show and even offered to help but Krishna refused saying, he can manage by himself. As he located the projector, Sir Baal Krishna realized that Aarush had also followed him in the storage because the sound of the zipper going down was very familiar. As Krishna turned to look, Aarush had taken his pants off and was removing his brief. He was looking the other way and Krishna could only see the back of Aarush in excellence. A very muscular boy, much bigger for his age but the view of his back was something else. Buttocks were most perfect in balance and symmetry of the hard muscles of the globes and tipobet güvenilir mi looked brawny. Shoulder muscles were like the steel plates and the thighs and legs were like the works of art. Aarush looked very healthy and strong. Suddenly he turned around and there was the cock, the eye candy that had mesmerized and hypnotized Krishna only a couple of minutes ago; hard as rock again. The young boys can reload rather quickly; Krishna thought as he looked at the balls of Aarush Singh, fucking bigger than Krishna’s balls for sure.

Aarush looked at Sir Krishna with a special smile and announced for him to drop his clothes because Aarush always enjoyed his bitches being totally naked when he fucked them. He told Krishna that they had hardly 40 minutes to start the class and he should hurry up because it was already less time and it might be a quickie instead of a full fucking session. Hurry up and come suck me, make it wet. He told loudly to Krishna.

Sir Krishna was stunned and dumb founded. I am going to fuck you, Krishna; repeated Aarush Singh the student to his teacher and did not hesitate to say that Krishna needed and wanted to be fucked. Krishna did not know what was happening. The risk was tremendous. Aarush’s age was no problem but still he was the student, which could get Krishna fired very easily. But Krishna was very horny to think logically or straight. He removed his clothes and dropped to his knees in front of Aarush’s hard cock.

What a joy, the magnificent cock of a true stallion in Krishna’s mouth. Cock head so blunt, broad. Krishna licked it rapidly; especially the pleasure spots on the underside, the utterly swollen veins on top along the lengthy shaft. The mix taste of cum and sweat, very familiar flavors for Krishna; he was loving it, it had been long, fucking too long.

“Okay Krishna” Aarush said rudely, “Stand up and cooperate. It is going to be a quickie”.

Krishna stood up and Aarush bent him a bit standing between his legs and spread his cheeks while swiping some slime in there and then threw the small tube of Brylcreem on the floor. WOW! Fucking boy carries his own lube. A true stud.

Aarush reached and grabbed one of Krishna’s ankles, lifting his foot off the floor, taking full control as Krishna was off balance now. Finding Krishna’s hole with his cock head, Aarush pushed in. Oh God, it has been too long. The pain erupted, making it difficult to breathe for Krishna. Aarush was huge to make Krishna panting. It was hurting Krishna’s ass ring but it was sexy too and Krishna needed it to be rammed all the way in and sure Aarush sank it in deep to the balls. Stretching of the ass hole around the giant girth of the young stallion had started fiery feeling but Krishna did not care even if he was totally damaged, destroyed or wasted to tear open for good. Krishna was hard as hell and knew it will a true motherfucker of an orgasm soon. The boy was a master fucker and had started the hard lunges, hitting Krishna’s prostate with every stroke making him squeeze his hole tight around Aarush’s cock to give him more pleasure. Krishna felt proud when Aarush grunted in lusty ecstasy and he enticed Aarush to fuck harder, deeper, big cock all the way in until there were endless low growls knowing that Aarush was ready to shoot his seed.

Krishna, unmistakably could feel and tell of the warmth spreading in his rectum as Aarush ejaculated in him and germinated him with billions of swimmers. He did not forget to clench his ass ring as he felt Aarush flex in him to increase the pressure and pleasure for Aarush’s cock. Of course it made Krishna to erupt as well. The squirting was so powerful that it made Krishna see stars as he made puddles with white globs on the floor. Finally, Aarush stopped cannoning and let go Krishna’s leg, pulled out his cock, telling Krishna that he was a very goof fuck and he would like to take him on regular basis. Krishna gave a big smile of consent; feeling proud and shy as well for his new fucker, a young student.

Krishna grabbed the projector on the rolling trolley, locked the door and hurried to the class room. He checked the watch. The teen boy had done him plenty in a very quick 15 minutes only, making him sing with joy. His ass was sore after being fucked with a huge cock after so long but it was good sore like most athletes feel after winning a game. In the class he set up the projector and started it making the students busy to take notes for the report they were supposed to write over the weekend. Having free time now, Krishna slipped out hurriedly to the faculty men’s room. He checked his shorts, wiped them clean as best as he could. He checked carefully for any wet spots showing before coming back to the class. As the slides ended, he shut the machine off as all the students left the room one by one except for Aarush, leaving them alone. It was Aarush, who broke the silence, “You have a tight perabet ass, Krishna. I am horned up to fuck you once again but this time no hurries and no quickie; if you understand what I mean. What do you say”?

“Okay, but when” asked Krishna, sheepishly.

How about right now, right here” Said Aarush with a kinky giggle.

“No, no, Not here. I cannot”. Krishna was a bit disappointed in his tone but Aarush explained him that it was late Friday afternoon and everybody had gone home. Still it was a terrible risk, Krishna realized and resisted but the thought of that big cock and this time even better fucking attempt; as assured by Aarush, he could not resist much and came quickly to his knees for sucking Aarush again like that cock really owned him. Krishna wanted to service that cock, any way possible. Soon Aarush ordered him to get naked as he liked his bitches bare skinned while fucked, he repeated for Krishna to remember always.

While keeping Aarush’s dong in his mouth, Krishna obeyed and pulled off his tie and shirt and then struggled a bit to remove his pants. After good half an hour of making Krishna suck every erogenous area of the youngster’s cock, Aarush pushed him on his back as he stood over him to reach down, grabbed both of his ankles and lifted Krishna up, until his whole body was off the floor, upside down with his feet straight up in the air and whole body was balanced on his neck and shoulders. Aarush was in total control, his giant cock, the symbol of masterful masculinity was once again fully sunk and stretching Krishna wide open, claiming him as his property. Krishna was in pain as Aarush rammed in him balls deep but even the pain was a turn on of its own kind. Aarush Singh was making Krishna moan and gasp with his balls pressing against the tight balloon knotting with each deep stroking. Krishna truly was being Aarush’s bitch, loving his size reaching the deepest ends of his ass, even he did not know existed.

Krishna had relinquished the total control over to Aarush, begging him to fuck harder, deeper and nonstop. His own pre cum was boiling out of the cock hole on to his face and lips. Aarush was moving in him faster, making it yet more painful and uncomfortable. All of Krishna’s weight was on his neck and shoulders, Aarush towering over his body and hitting the deep, deeper and the deepest places in his ass moaning mindlessly. Aarush was holding and massaging Krishna’s thighs now for better grip, instead of the ankles. Krishna was being a total slut and loving it as his toes curled in ecstasy with repeated hitting of his prostate by Aarush’s larger cock head. It was a totally shameful sight, being lifted as a side of beef by his young student, standing up and fucking him but Krishna did not give a fuck, whatsoever against the joy he was getting by being ass fucked, disrespectfully. Krishna was his hole.

Aarush suddenly started pile driving and accelerated his pace of fucking Krishna once again, making Krishna hang there vertically as he ravished the teacher’s ass hole. Good half an hour of varied pace and rhythm, range of motion with short and long jolts with fat youthful cock and now Aarush was once again doing short rapid strokes, making Krishna figure that he was to get another breeding dose soon with fresh youthful seed. Aarush Singh was gasping like never before, just about ready to cum. A second too soon, there was a noise at the class room door, a nightmare in real.

Krishna impaled on his student’s cock, upside down, looked up as the door opened and coach Dev walked in.

“Well, well, Well. I could never in million years believe of this, Mr. Baal Krishna” he said sarcastically.

“You dirty Whore”, roared Aarush. “Shut up, you are next. Strip up fast and bring your fucked up face close here. I am glad you are here, just in time as I climax and cum in your mouth. You my cum dump bitch, coach Dev sir”.

Right then and there, coach Dev started to remove his clothes but Aarush grabbed Krishna’s attention, fucking him with renewed lust and rebuilding his orgasmic rush, raising himself higher and pummeling the ass in use already. A true and sure power fucking ensued, driving Krishna insane as Aarush pulled himself completely out, then sinking to the hilt rapidly, fucking like a rabbit for about one minute and finally, he grunted, “Uoounngh, I’m cummmminnn”.

Krishna could not see but there were like 8 or 9 intense blasts in coach Dev’s throat, as Aarush rapidly withdrew from Krishna’s fluttering ass hole for coach Dev’s mouth. Krishna’s ass clenching and convulsing at the loss but then coach Dev came to share some of Aarush’s juices with his tongue devouring in Sir Krishna’s well fucked hole.

As Aarush got over his refractory period and ready to fuck coach Dev, Sir Krishna, got dressed and slipped out to rush home to lay in his bed and enjoy the thoughts of all the wrongness of getting fucked by the young student of his with a gigantic cock even larger than the teacher. He was sure of many more yet powerful sessions for the next year and a half he had to be in this school until graduation of the fucker boy.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan May 5, 2019.

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