Nisan 19, 2021

Teach Me About Oral Sex, Uncle Jim

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Uncle Jim was my favorite Uncle.

He was only a few years older than my parents but he was cool and easy to talk to. We’ve enjoyed several vacations together as a group and enjoyed each other’s company.

My name is Trudy. I married my childhood sweetheart at age 21 and we had our first child at age 23. My husband Matt and I enjoyed a good life and an active sex life even after the baby arrived.

Once the baby was here our lovemaking went from several times a week to several times a month and didn’t seem to have the same intensity.

A good friend at work and I got talking about our relationships and the discussion turned to sex. Although we both seemed to fuck several times a month my friend Ann enjoyed getting oral sex several times a week. Ann claimed the oral sex was much better than fucking.

Matt and I talked about oral sex years ago and it was clear that Matt was disgusted by the act and would not even consider giving or getting oral sex.

After hearing Ann talk about her experience I was convinced I needed to learn about oral sex and if it was as good as Ann described, I needed to figure out how to convince Matt to give it a try. I didn’t want to cheat on Matt but I needed to experience oral sex for myself.

I thought about this throughout the week and came to no conclusion until a family birthday party when I saw Uncle Jim. We talked for quite awhile at the party about trivial stuff but we really enjoyed each other’s company. At the end of the party I told Uncle Jim I have a problem I’d like to talk to him in private and he told me to call his cell phone anytime I wanted.

A few weeks went by and Matt had to be out of town at a conference and I thought this is a great time to call Uncle Jim. It was early Saturday when I called but Uncle Jim answered right away. We had small talk for awhile and then I told him I had an issue I needed his input on and I asked him if he could come over to my house this weekend.

He told me he was free bursa escort Saturday afternoon and I agreed that would work. I made arrangements to take the baby to Grandma’s house before Uncle Jim arrived.

I wanted to make a good impression on Uncle Jim so I soaked in the tub for over an hour then I dressed in a short jean skirt and a tee shirt. I wore my best Victoria’s Secret thong (Purple) and a matching lacy bra that allows my nipples to standout against the tee shirt. Looking in the mirror I felt very sexy for the first time in a long time.

I know that Uncle Jim really enjoys red wine so I asked for a good bottle at the liquor store to hedge my bet.

At the scheduled time Uncle Jim arrived and hugged me like he always does but this time I hugged back a little longer. He asked where the baby was and I told him Grandma wanted him this weekend so I had the house to myself. We sat in the living room and I offered drinks or the Merlot I had picked up. Of course he went for the wine.

We talked for awhile about work and family and vacations and then he asked what was troubling me. Rather than delay the conversation I came right out and told him that I was not getting enough intercourse with Matt and I heard that oral sex may be a great alternative.

To my surprise Uncle Jim blushed and told me in confidence that he agreed with Ann and really enjoyed giving oral sex to Aunt June. In fact they had oral sex several times every week and sometimes several times in a night.

I confided in Uncle Jim that Matt would not even consider talking about the subject and that I never had the experience of giving or getting oral sex and that I wanted to experience the fabulous feeling that Ann described. I asked if Uncle Jim could teach me.

Uncle Jim turned three shades of red. Although he seemed embarrassed I couldn’t help but notice a rise in his jeans that indicated he was very excited with the subject. Neither one of us said a word for a few minutes. Uncle Jim bursa escort bayan then said that he was always willing to help me out but if Matt should find out it would be a major family issue and would most likely lead to a divorce for I and him.

I told Uncle Jim there is no way that Matt would ever have to know about. I needed to find out if oral sex could satisfy my needs and perhaps save my marriage. I needed Uncle Jim to teach me about oral sex.

All this talk about sex was making me hot and I started to open and close my legs to cool off giving Uncle Jim a good view of my purple panties and my ever hardening nipples. I knew he would help me when I saw the tent formed in his jeans. He agreed to show me what oral sex was all about and suggested we move into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom he suggested we both get naked which I quickly did and then laid on the bed as I watched Uncle Jim undress. Although Uncle Jim is a bit older he is in good shape and had a dick that seemed wider than Matt’s. Very Interesting!

Uncle Jim lay down next to me and commented on the size of my breasts and how nice my nipples looked. He said he always admired my “Rack” since I was a teen. He was surprised to see that I kept my pussy well trimmed but glad that I did. We started to kiss which felt a bit strange for a few minutes until my “Pilot Light” was lit then I welcomed the affection. He caressed my breasts and pinched my rather large nipples.

I was getting rather wet from the attention when Uncle Jim turned his attention to kissing and sucking my breasts. My breasts responded by growing even larger and my pussy started to respond with more love juice.

Uncle Jim started kissing down my belly, stopping to tease my belly button and then moving on to my inner thighs. He kissed and licked up and down the inside of my thighs. I apologized for being so “Juicy”. His fingers worked their way to my triangle and caressed the outer lips and then slightly touched the inner escort bursa lips, brushing across my clit.

I felt an oncoming orgasm but held off. Uncle Jim inserted a finger into my pussy which slide right in. He started to kiss the triangle from the top down and inserted a second and third finger. As he continued kissing he spread my lips and breathed on my clit sending shivers through my body.

By now I’m more than ready to finish this with an orgasm but I held on a bit longer. Uncle Jims’ tongue lightly touched my clit and plunged deep inside my wet pussy. He fucked me with his tongue for a few minutes as I moved my butt to meet his tongues rhythm. No sooner did I get with the rhythm when his tongue started to concentrate on my clit and flicked it back and forth. Then he started to suck on my clit which brought me very close to orgasm.

Uncle Jim could feel me tensing up ready to cum and immediately moved away from my pussy and refocused on my nipples and mouth. I begged him to go back to my pussy but he told me to be patient. We continued to kiss and stroke my breasts. This went on for a few minutes as I felt even more juice pour from my pussy.

Without warning he pushed three fingers into my pussy and began to suck on my clit. Within a minute I was ready to cum and began to moan and move my hips to meet his tongue. Then he stopped and returned to my nipples. I was ready to explode!

I could taste my juices as his tongue plunged into my mouth. He continued to pinch my nipples driving me wild. Again without warning he plunged his fingers into my pussy but this time he pulled the fingers out and plunged his tongue deep into my pussy and used his thumb to flick my clit sending me into a screaming orgasm that lasted several minutes. I graduated with an A+ in oral sex.

I was so horny I really wanted Uncle Jim to fuck me but he said he felt he was stepping over the line if he did. Perhaps a different time a place he told me. He asked what I thought about oral sex. I told him that this was by far the best orgasm I have ever experienced and I looked forward to many more. Now the question is how I convince Matt that this is a good experience. Or do I need to visit Uncle Jim every week for a rerun?

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