Haziran 8, 2020

Tabooville – Episode 5

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Tabooville – Episode 5
Cindy was so relieved to learn that Paul would not deploy again that all she wanted to do was have a few drinks and fuck just about anything that had a dick and a pulse. On the other hand, she thought to herself, she always felt that way so her mood was nothing new in that regard. Paul was working at the hotel, making sure the final details were nearly done so that they could meet the room commitments they had booked for the coming weekend. The boys had done a wonderful job working the long hours it took to finish up the newly remodeled premium rooms they already had booked. Paul was reviewing the client profiles of those arriving to see if anything looked out of the ordinary. Of course, family fucking was all out of the ordinary, but he was looking for anything that just seemed out of place. So far nothing. He was still concerned about Dan Winston’s comment about a having a good lawyer, then dismissing it as being about the pool. The more he looked, the less he saw and decided he was worrying about nothing and began searching the archives his uncle left behind. Fortunately, his uncle had an excellent filing system, whether physically or digitally and Paul began matching names of incoming guests with the videos and data so that he could call them by name when they arrived.

Paul was not normally into watching porn, but he had to admit that his uncle had an eye for camera angles and wasted little time and storage on nonsense. His films began when the guests started fucking and he quit when they were done. There was something refreshing about the amateur content as well and Paul was getting a boner watching some of it. There were two or three women of various ages that turned him on and he would like to get in their cunts if given half a chance. He would have to talk with Cindy about making some of the arrangements since she was taking over as hostess and concierge, otherwise known as head porn camera woman.

Meanwhile, Cindy was nearly three sheets to the wind when her three sons came downstairs from cleaning up with thoughts of downing a few beers before bed. All three were casually walking into the kitchen wearing only boxers. Each was reasonably muscled and lean like their father. None really thought much about their mother looking them over as she sipped on her third scotch. They sat down at the kitchen table with her and they chatted a little while. Cindy commented on how lucky she was to have three handsome, well built sons who also could put in a man’s day of work and still have the energy to come home and enjoy their evening. Matt, the oldest, noticed his mother was not wearing a bra under her tight-fitting t-shirt and that her nice round tits were punctuated by hard nipples straining at the fabric. When she stood up to fix yet another scotch, they all noticed that she was only wearing bikini panties that left almost all of her ass hanging out for them to enjoy. As she walked away from them toward the counter to pour another drink, he nudged his brothers, who took in the scenery with wide eyes. Cindy noticed the room suddenly got very quiet.

She turned around quickly to catch them staring at her, but before she could say anything, she felt slightly dizzy and started to stumble. Matt was closest and quickly caught her before she fell, wrapping his arm around her waist and lifting her back to a standing position with his arm tucked up under her loose tits.

“Thank you, Matt. I guess I should stop with the last drink before I am too drunking fuck to drunk.”

“I think you mean too fucking drunk to fuck.” Luke corrected with a laugh.

“Isn’t that what I said?” she asked, confused.

“Not quite, but close enough,” interjected Mark. All three of her sons were adjusting increasingly hard cocks tenting in their boxers.

“But, hey,” said Matt, “I don’t think you have to worry either way since dad said he would probably not get back until after midnight. By then, you should be sound asleep, mom.”

“I may be asleep by midnight, son, but casino siteleri it’s only ten o’clock. I can get a lot of fucking done before midnight,” she said as she grabbed Matt’s stiff cock through his boxers.

Matt let go of her and pulled away, surprised at his mother’s actions, in spite of her being a little drunk.

“Oh, come on son. I know you want to bone me. In fact, I know all three of you want to bone me. And your dad knows it too. We heard your conversation when y’all were having a circle jerk at the hands of your sister a few weeks ago. And your dad says it’s fine with him. I’ve just been waiting for the right time and now seems as good as any. So what’ya say boys? Up to fucking your mother?” Cindy chose to pour herself another drink after all.

“I think we better call dad,” said Luke cautiously. “He ain’t drunk and if he says the same thing, then I say let’s go for it. I mean, fuck, guys! How often does a guy get a chance to screw a beautiful woman – even if she is your mother?!”

“Why, thank you, Luke. Compliments are always appreciated. And after you get your dad’s okay, I will let you go first since you are so sweet and protective of me.” he took a bigger sip of her scotch this time and was really feeling the buzz. And she was really hoping to feel the bone in short order.

Luke called his dad. “Dad, mom’s drunk and says she wants us to fuck her and that you are okay with this?! Do you need to come home and take care of her? I mean, I have never heard her talk this way before and, well yeah, we are ready to take advantage of her, but it ain’t worth getting the shit kicked out of us if you aren’t on board with it. And there isn’t anything to suggest you would either one be okay with it. I mean, well, she’s our mom!”

“Take a deep breath son. Yeah we talked about it and yeah, if she wants to fuck you, then go for it. As long as you all swear to keep it a secret. And treat her good or I will fuck you like you fuck her. Got it? By the way, the video camera is on the dresser, so film it for me so I can watch it later.”

“Uh, okay, holy shit dad. You’re serious, aren’t you? You ain’t drinking too, are you? Fuck, you just gave us permission to fuck our mother. Are you okay??”

“I’m fine. I am also busy. So go for it and we can talk about it all another time.”

Luke hung up. “Fuck! Mom, dad just gave us permission to fuck you. You sure about this?”

Matt already had his hands full of his mother’s tits and pinching her nipples through her tight tee.

“Come on, let’s take her upstairs and find out if she is as good as she looks.”

Cindy led the way, with three tented boxers close behind already drooling out the ends of their cocks with pre-cum at the thought of getting some of their beautiful mother’s pussy – or anything else she might be willing to offer.

She walked them to their bedroom, thinking Paul would be able to sneak in and watch from the utility access if he wanted to. As soon as they were all in the room, she shut the door and ordered them to remove their boxers.

“I already know what you have to work with, so there is no need to brag. None of you are quite as large as your father, but you have more than enough to make me happy if you know what you are doing, and I expect you to make me happy. Now, Luke I said you could go first since you were so sweet. But actually, you get first choice of where you put it. I plan on doing all three of you at the same time just to show you what I am capable of doing. So, son, what’ll it be?”

“I think I will take your pussy, mom. I really want to fuck you.”

“Okay, Matt?”

“I’ll take your ass.” he replied.

“Mark, you get my mouth. Given the hour, I will let you each cum twice. I assume you will each want a shot in my twat, and then you can choose the second hole. Now let’s get started.”

Luke laid down on the bed and pulled his naked mother on top of him. She quickly climbed aboard and sank down on his thick cock and was quick to start pumping and moaning as the pleasure hit her soon after güvenilir casino the first stroke. Mark walked up behind her and put some spit on his cock head and spread her ass cheeks apart, pressing his cock head up to her asshole, pushing it in past the sphincter. She paused her pumping on Luke until Matt was fully imbedded in her ass. He could feel the stretched opening and the thin distance between his cock and his brother’s cock rubbing up against his own as they both stroked in and out of their mom. Mark waited patiently until his mom was ready and she finally got comfortable with two cocks in her, motioned him over to her and he walked up to her face and let her take what she wanted of his cock in her mouth. Cindy was quickly sobering up and was thoroughly enjoying the otherwise off limits sex she was having with her sons.

Luke was enjoying looking at his mother’s expression of pleasure on her face and the large, firm tits in his hands as she humped his cock. The added intensity of his brother’s cock rubbing against his as they fucked had him concerned that he would not last nearly as long as he wanted to given the first time in his mother. He tried to think about anything else, but he was just having too much fun getting his first mother screwing and watching her suck cock at the same time was almost too much. He didn’t need to worry though, because his brothers were dealing with the same issue and his mom was acting as if she were about to cum herself and they had only been fucking a few minutes. Matt groaned and seemed somewhat annoyed as he said he was about to cum. His mother moaned something that sounded encouraging to him to go ahead and shoot his load. Mark grunted and began to shoot cum down his mother’s throat, nearly making her choke as he flooded her mouth.

Matt was still going strong but he was near the end of his stamina for the situation. Before he could shoot his load, Cindy pulled off of Mark’s drained pole and cried out as she climaxed hard and nearly pushed Matt out of her ass. Luke grabbed her hips and held her down on his cock so he did not pop out of her during her cum. Her muscles locked down on his cock as if holding on for dear life. Her nipples hardened to the point they felt like little rocks as Mark played with them while Luke held her down.

Once she relaxed from her cum, Cindy encouraged Matt to finish and cum in her ass. He obliged and flooded her ass with the biggest wad of cum of his life. He bucked and wobbled and held her hips as spurt after spurt shot out far into her ass, leaving her with the warm feeling of a cum enema and she tightened her muscles on him to finish milking his cock. Luke was relieved that he lasted long enough for his mother to cum and as soon as Matt was done, Luke resumed his own fucking motion and had his mother’s undivided attention as she met him stroke for stroke and they went after it at a furious pace. Cindy and Luke came at the same time and they nearly bounced around on the bed as they writhed in orgasmic pleasure. Luke came, shot after shot, flooding his mother. Each stroke caused cum to run out her pussy and down his shaft onto his balls.

They all took a short breather and Cindy said that she would take each of them one at a time for the second round and Mark was the first. He led her over to the dresser and asked her to lean over it so that he could watch her tits bounce in the mirror as he fucked her from behind. Cindy loved the idea, having always liked to watch herself getting fucked. She would also be able to watch her sons watching her and stroking themselves hard again. Mark wasted no time entering his mother’s pussy. He grabbed her hips and plowed his cock deep into her cum-wet pussy and began pumping her hard, making her tits sway and swirl around as he banged her. Cindy watched her tits swinging and looked around the room through the mirror as she saw Luke and Matt tugging on their long hard cocks, waiting their turns and marveling at their mother’s fucking internet casino ability. Mark lifted her and told her to wrap her legs around him while he held her up. She did and he was able to take her the deepest he could and fucked her hard and fast. Cindy rested on her elbows and squeezed her pussy muscles on his cock, moving herself closer and closer to another cum. She came hard on his dick and everyone in the room knew she was cumming from the twisted expression on her face and screech she let out that seemed to last several minutes. Just as she came down from her sexual high, Mark added to his brother’s deposit by filling her pussy with another load of cum that made his strokes sound like liquid sloshing around in a water bottle. He jerked as he squirted inside her and nearly dropped her, but held on tight until he was finished. He set her feet back on the floor as he pulled out.

Matt took his mother back to the bed and laid her on her side. he lifted her leg in the air and slid his long cock into her pussy, fucking her sideways. She bent her legs, keeping one in the air, as her son began fucking her. Matt then slid a finger into her asshole, soaked in his brother’s cum, making it easy to slide it in and out. Cindy’s eyes were only half open and her mouth was only half open. She looked half asleep, but she was anything but asleep. She was working his cock like a pro and knew how to get the most out of a good fuck.

“That’s it son. Keep fucking me just like that, yeah, baby. fuck it good. Make me cum again, son.”

Mark picked up the pace and focused his cock angle so that he was putting full pressure on her clit with every stroke. Cindy never stopped the sounds of a woman on the verge of cumming and it finally washed over her like an ocean wave and she flopped around on the bed like she was having a seizure. Mark held on to her tightly and filled her with her third load of cum. By the time all three boys were done cumming in her cunt, her thighs were wet to her knees and her ass was wet with jizz from the one load in her ass, now coating the inside of her ass cheeks. Luke moved onto the bed and told his mother that he wanted his second cum in her mouth. Cindy was relieved that she could use something other than her pussy and immediately went to work on his cock and surprised everyone in the room by taking him down her throat so that his entire shaft disappeared. Only his balls were visible and Cindy even managed to take one of them into her mouth as well. While his shaft was buried deep in her mouth, her tongue was working over that shaft from side to side and up and down, invisible to everyone, but intensely obvious to Luke as his eyes rolled back in his head. She pulled off of his cock and took both of his nuts in her mouth and rolled them around with her tongue as she stroked his cock with her hand. She slipped a finger into his crack and pressed one against his asshole and then went back to work sucking his shaft and licking his knob until he was speaking unintelligibly. He finally was ready to shoot his second load and warned her in case she was not ready for it. He should have known better as she only latched down tighter and took him deeper, letting his cum shoot freely down her throat.

They were all worn out, although all three of her sons could have spent the rest of the night working her over, but they honored her limit of two cums each and helped her to her feet and walked her to her room. They hung around long enough for her to take a shower and then tucked her lovingly into bed. They headed for the shower themselves and all hoped that this was only the beginning.

Cindy looked at the clock. It was 11:45 and she smiled as she remembered telling the boys she could get a lot of fucking done before midnight. She had lived up to her word and knew that she had just embarked on a new journey that she hoped would last a long time. She also hoped that she could find the right time to work Lisa into the picture as well, getting horny again at the thought of playing with her daughter and watching Paul fuck her as well. But that would have to be another day. Cindy fell asleep soundly, exhausted from the very good fucking she had received from her three handsome, big-dicked sons.

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