Mayıs 23, 2021

T and Me Ch. 04

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Dropping my towel to the floor ( I would hear about it later) I slid onto the cool sheet, next to my love. As I was about to spoon up behind her, she rolled over and met me on her back in the middle of her California King bed.

“Greg?” she asked

“Yes Lover?”

“What have you done to me?”

“What do you mean, Teresa?”

“Well….I have been married three times. Each time, I was looking to give my heart completely away and I never could really let go. Even with the father of my children, I held back a bit.”

Her accent was doing it to me but, I listened intently.

“When I emailed you, I was just having a little internet fun. Then you answered and I though you were doing the same. When you asked me to meet you half way, I thought “” Damn, this guy is going drive all that way to meet me, hoping for a piece of ass?”” and I never gave a second thought about driving to the halfway point, just to see your face. What the heck happened?”

(There was that accent again…”heck”…I love it)

“I don’t know Lover. I thought I was just an internet plaything for you at first but, the truth is, I fell hard for you the night I laid eyes on you.” I smiled as I brushed the damp locks from her eyes.

“Do you really love me Greg? Are you messing with me? Are you serious about wanting to be with and stay with me?

Do you mean it when you say you won’t get bored with me and then change who you are?”

“Teresa…I…I’ve been married twice. I totally fucked up the first one because I didn’t give my heart away to her. I was a whore chasing, dope smuggling bad boy. I changed all that way before I got with the second one…I gave her my heart and she broke it, over and over again. I had totally shut down my heart and turned into a player…then you emailed me and my life changed again. Please Baby, I beg you my love…stop doubting, start living and just let me love you until you can love me back.”

“I already do Greg…I want to be with you…to do the simple things together… to make you supper when you work late…take care of you when you are sick…to love you when the world is hurting you…I do love you.”

As if a switch had been thrown, there was no more need for words. We met, mouth to mouth in mutual passion. There was no more “freaky”, no more “nasty”, no more “I wonder”.

Our tongues met in the middle and danced like they had been in the same mouth from the beginning of time. Our hands roamed and caressed as though it was our own skin we were touching. Familiar, trusting and non-judgmental. The barriers we had kept up had fall into the abyss behind us. We were in love for sure.

Holding my face in her hands, Teresa rolled me on to my back. Putting her hands on my outer shoulders (not pressing me down but, just holding me) she began kissing me in a new way. Her soft lips across my eyelids and forehead, her searching tongue at my earlobes and down my neck, her foot sliding up and down my leg the other foot playing footsie with my toes.

Our breathing was coming in long heaves through our nostrils. We took in the clean scent of each others flesh.

She began running her manicured nails across my willing skin. As she again kissed my forehead, I nuzzled my face into her ample bosom. Not lustily now, it was the passion ignited by love driving me ahead.

Reaching between us, Teresa lightly gripped my aroused meat. Breathing softly into my ear, “Here, bahis firmaları Baby…let me put it in for you.” She whispered as she sunk her hot flesh down over my cock in one fluid motion. She held it there, all the way in and looked into my eyes. “I’m yours Greg, mind body and soul. I want you to make love to me…really make love to me…the way you want to.”

I grasped her hips and barely pushed down, trying to bury myself deeper inside her without feeling like I was “fucking” her. She rolled her hips in a circular motion caressing her insides with the shaft of my steel hard prick. She increased her circular motion as we started the old familiar in and out stroking.

Her hands were on the sides of my face as she breathed into my mouth. “Yes…yes, Baby…love me…you feel so good inside me…such a gentle man…such a tender man…where have you been…I’ve waited so long.” Her hands trailed up and down my flanks. Her nails left hot trails across my ribs. Her breath made stipples of perspiration, wherever her mouth came to rest on my skin.

“I have to taste you…taste me on you.” She whispered as she rose off of me and slid down my body.

Grasping my cock at the base, my swollen balls cradled in her palm, she licked herself from my shaft with loving care, then kissed around my groin and up my belly as she moved back up to re-sheath me in her sweet, hot passage.

I groaned as she sunk back down over me. I pushed back up to meet her and we rolled onto our sides. Laying to her left, I gave her gentle strokes, with her leg under my right side and her ankles crossed behind me.

Suddenly, she straightened her legs. My hard-on slipped from inside her with a slurping sound. She pulled her left leg out from under me and pulled her knees up a bit. With the deft moves of a salsa dancer, she swung her hips to her left, grasped my erection and re-impaled herself on me, letting go of me so, I could move to a 90 degree angle and bury myself at a new angle.

From here I could caress and squeeze her huge breasts and tug her nipples, with one hand and hold her hips up a bit with the other hand. She rolled her hips in wild circles, enjoying my breast-play and the sensation of maximum penetration, as I slid in and out of her now super slick slit.

My cock felt like it would have split open if it had been pricked with a needle. I had never been this hard…ever but I wasn’t ready to cum, even though I want to so badly. I was reveling in this passionate exchange and I wanted it to go on forever.

Teresa gripped my forearm. It was the arm connected to the hand that was giving her nipples the attention they always craved. She dug her nails into it as she started down the path toward her climax.

” Baby…oh, Greg…You’re going to make me cum again!”

She started bucking her hips now as she started to rain on both of us. This woman is a human fire hydrant and I can’t get enough.

As her orgasm eased, she rolled away with her back to me and I spooned up, still inside her and resumed my pumping.

” I want you to do it, Greg.” She whispered.

” I am Lover.”

“No, I want you to do it…back there.”

I froze. Teresa had always enjoyed a couple of fingers in her ass but asserted that she had never had anal sex and was sure that my equipment was just too big for sure. I had never pressed the point, even though I had often jerked off with the vision of my meat sliding in kaçak iddaa and out of her magnificent backdoor.

“But, you said…” I started.

“I know what I said, Baby. I know you want to, the way you constantly finger me there and after you showing me so much trust, and I want to trust you too. I know you won’t hurt me and I want to give you the last vestige of virginity I have. Take me where I’ve never been.” She was almost whining, in a pleading voice. ” You already opened me up with your fingers earlier and I noticed how soft and relaxed my hole was when I was in the shower.”

With that, she rocked her hips forward, pulling her pussy off of my straining erection. She lifted her leg and reached back between her legs to grip my cock, just below the head. Aiming my aching cock at her little pink pucker, she rubbed the head around her hole in little circles the way I did with my fingers, relaxing the ring of muscle by massaging it. She was smearing my pre-cum around and spreading the juice from her orgasm, mixing the two into a natural lube. I could feel her sphincter clench and release against the tip of my rod as she increased her backward pressure against me.

I let her take control of the situation and moved my hand from her hip, up to massage her breasts and stimulate her nipples. This sent her into a higher gear and she really started to push back, trying to work me into her softening asshole. I felt the tip penetrate the softer outer flesh, meeting the resistance of the ring of muscle, just inside. I gave her left nipple a twist and a pull. That did it. She opened up and expanded her ass and half of my cock slipped inside, with no resistance. She rocked forward, withdrawing me all the way out and I thought she had changed her mind. Then she again expanded her new receptacle and impaled herself completely on me. My balls were slap up against her wet gash and I could feel her contracting and relaxing around the base of my meat. She just held me there inside her, her hand pressing my hip against her as she massaged me from inside.

“Ohhhhh…that…I…this is…I never dreamed.” Was all she could sputter out, making no sense. I got the message though. She was really enjoying it.

She let go of my hip and started pumping herself back and forth on me. Fucking herself with my cock, as though I was her own personal dildo. I began to gently meet her thrusts, no wanting to get too exuberant right away and hurt her. I decided to let her pick up the pace when she was ready. It didn’t take her long.

“I feel it hitting my G-spot, right through my ass!” she announced with squeal in her voice. ” I think I’m going to cum with you in my ass, Baby. I want you to fuck me good though, let me move.”

Rolling away, from me, my cock popped out of her. She got on her knees, grabbed one of the big body pillows, folded it in half and fell forward on the bed, with the pillow under her hips. We use the pillows like that a lot when I take her from behind because she can relax and I can bury myself in her to the hilt.

Reaching back, she rubbed up and down on her waiting anus, slid two fingers in and out of the pink spot and said, “Put it back in, I need it back in me. Fuck my ass like you fuck my pussy, come on.”

I knelt behind her and guided my way forward. As my swollen cock approached and touched her, she removed her fingers from her butt and grasped my meat to aim it herself. With one steady kaçak bahis push, I was all the way back in.

“Oh yes…do it, Greg…take me…own me…fill me…I want to feel you cum in me.”

I picked up at the same pace where I had left off and pulled all the way out before plunging back in balls deep.

A few more strokes at that controlled speed and I started fucking her hot tight dirt chute in earnest. Teresa went fucking wild. Panting and squealing into the mattress, she alternated between rolling her hips in circles and bucking them back and forth. All the while rocking her entire body back to meet my thrusts. The harder I pushed, the harder she pushed back. Building speed with each pump.

“Oh, shit…I’m going to cum…you’re going to make me cum…fuck me, Baby. Yea, just like that…fuck me.” She was shrieking now. Letting out and “Oh” or “Yes” or “Shit” every time my balls slapped her cunt and my hips hit the round pillows of her wonderful ass.

My head was spinning. I watched in awe as my slick shafted slid in and out of her stretched hole. Enjoying the view as I was, I wanted to feel her against me. I fell forward and brought me full weight to bear on her back. She reached back and spread her cheeks, wanting me deeper.

As I kissed the back of her neck and nibbled her shoulders, I went into overdrive. I started pounding into her like an animal. Her ass felt so good, I couldn’t help myself.

“That’s it Baby, I’m cumming!” she screamed into the mattress.

Her asshole began clenching around my cock, her pussy began to gush and she dug her nails into her own ass cheeks as she rode this monster orgasm. I wasn’t going to be far behind. I started fucking her at breakneck speed.

The feeling of her clenching hole, the globes of her ass against my belly and the bath her pussy was giving my balls was just too much. My cock began to twitch.

“Yes, Baby…I feel it…your cock is getting bigger…you’re going to cum in my ass, aren’t you…fuck me… fuck me hard.”

“Oh Babe, I’m going to cum.” I grunted as I reared up and grabbed her hips, pounding the living shit out of her. I was taking my pleasure now. I was ready to give her a semen enema and I was past the point of caring how she felt.

As The first searing rope of cum shot out of me and into her, she began slamming up into me. Screaming my name with every thrust, Teresa was milking my cock with her asshole, trying to get the cum as deep into her bowels as she could.

I was seeing stars, my ears were ringing and the room went black around me. My entire universe was the connection between my spewing cock and her wanton asshole.

I had never cum this hard before and it was going on forever. I could feel my cum surrounding my buried meat and it made me cum that much more. Teresa was riding one orgasmic wave after another beneath me as she screamed into the pillow she had pulled to her face.


As I injected the last few jets of spunk I had, she went limp her orgasm was passed her. I held still, buried to the nuts in her still clenching ass. My cock still twitched in post orgasmic spasms. I waited a full minuet before pulling out.

Teresa pulled the pillow from under her and tossed the soggy sex aid to the floor. Rolling to me, she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. Then planting little kisses all over my face she whimpered at me.

“I love you…I love you…I love you.”

” I love you, Babe.”

The last thing I remember was the vision of her baby blue eyes, through half open lids and a sweet smile on her face.

We passed out in the puddle of her cum.

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