Nisan 17, 2021

Swing Vacation

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“How’d you like Connie’s party last night, Wayne?” his wife Lana asked.

“It was funky, dear. Rachel Goodman likes to play games. She flaunts her big boobs and then in the bedroom, Rachel says she’s not in the mood. Last night, she wanted to do it doggie then she said that wasn’t right and she wanted to be on top. Rachel didn’t like that either and said she would decide after I ate her out. She still couldn’t make up her mind, so I crawled on top and fucked her until she said she wanted anal. It was too late. I was already cumming like Niagara Falls. I hope she was happy with the load I left inside her. I didn’t see you all night honey. Who were you with?”

“Greg Bergstein. You know, Greg. He was the new guy at our last swinger’s party. Betty Feinberg said he was great, so I wanted to try him out.”

“How was he?”

Well, I’d give him a seven out of ten. Greg wasn’t a very good pussy licker and he came before I had an orgasm. On the good side, he recovered quickly, and we did it in every position and for a very long time. I think my pussy is still dripping. By the way, Connie asked if we would host the next party. I said we would talk about it.”

“Why, Lana? It’s our turn.”

“Yes, I know but there was an article in ‘Swingers Monthly’ that got me thinking. It’s about a resort on a remote island for swingers somewhere in the tropics. It isn’t just a nudist colony. The island is set up for people to meet others to have sex like on the Bliss cruise we took last fall.”

“If it’s just for sex, we can do it here with our friends,” Wayne replied.

“Yes, but we know everyone. At the resort, we meet new partners. I think it is time for us to fuck strangers, fresh cunts for you, and new hard meat for me.”

Lana went on to describe the resort. “They also offer activities and classes. There is a class for women demonstrating how to have more orgasms and one for men teaching them how to last longer. There are special rooms for massages and there is even have a ménage à trois room.

“Some of the activities are for sex, but some are just for fun like a zip line, scuba diving and sailing. Have you ever fucked a girl on a yacht? I’d love to do a guy on a sailboat drifting in the ocean.”

“I see what you’re saying, Lana. Let’s look into it.”

Their trip was booked for October. They flew to Ft. Lauderdale, then took a private plane to Intimate Island. A topless hostess warmly greeted them at the airport and the porter was there wearing a small thong ready to carry their baggage. At the entrance was a large overhead sign reading, “Welcome to Intimate Island where intimate is shared.”

After being shown to their room, their first stop was at the beach. Lana and Wayne soon discovered they were overdressed. A beach sign read, “Clothes are for the office. This is not the office.”

The undress code was observed by most beachcombers. The men were naked except for a few wearing cutout thongs allowing their penis to drop free. A few women wore crotchless thongs and the rest had nipple or pussy piercings. It was the most inviting beach for social intermingling.

Further down on their beach, a couple was copulating in front of a half dozen guests that used their cell phones to record the mating. At one of the cabanas, a sign stated that “Couples having sex on the beach are entitled to free drinks HERE.” Lana and Wayne ordered two boat drinks and went back to watch the couple finish.

“Wayne, watching that guy’s balls swinging and slapping her ass makes me so horny. I need you to do it to me. Let’s go back to our room.”

“We could do it right here and get free drinks,” Wayne joked.

“Maybe tomorrow honey. I’m not ready yet.”

Lana was a little more relaxed after the hour and a half they spent together in their room. Dinner was served at seven and it was followed by introductions, a meet and greet hour, and a short sexy floor show. After the show, they mingled, exchanging names and room numbers. Some were married, others not. It didn’t matter because everyone was there for the same thing.

“Did any of the women excite you dear?” Lana asked after returning to their room.

“Most of them were delightful and quite open. A girl by the name of Deloris asked me to join her on the beach tomorrow after breakfast.”

“Funny, her husband said the same to me. I think it will be a good way to get our vacation started on the right foot.”

“Right! I agree.”

So, they spent their first morning fucking on the beach with their new friends. Lana and her partner had finished and were resting when an older man about sixty stopped and asked, “Do you mind if I join you?”

“Dad, this is Lana. She made me very happy a few minutes ago. Lana, this is Rodney, my dad. He brought us to the island for a wedding present. Do you mind if he joins us?”

“Yes, I think it’s alright,” Lana replied soon wishing she had said no.

Rodney kissed her lips then gently sucked her nipples as if he was sipping wine. “Oh Lana, you are so delicious,” he said rubbing her wet pussy. kartal escort bayan Lana was surprised at his brashness when the old man penetrated her without another word. He didn’t cum for a long time but when he did, he creamed her with a healthy dose of his vintage spunk.

“Ahh, Lana that’s a nice tight pussy. Thank you for making an old man feel young again.”

Wayne was recovering from a long round with Deloris, the woman who had met at dinner. Her cries of delight made it clear she liked what Wayne had to offer.

After the preliminaries were over, the couples took some time to introduce themselves.

“We’re from Toledo. This is Mark and I am Deloris. This is our wedding present from Mark’s dad. We’re on our honeymoon.”

Lana and Wayne said they were from the Midwest, then Lana asked, “If we fuck twice on the beach, does that mean we get two free drinks?” The four of them laughed then jumped in the ocean for a swim.

At lunch they met Susan and Mort. Mort was an obnoxious braggart. “I’ve fucked a dozen cunts here. How many cocks have fucked you Lana?”

“We just got here.”

“Okay, how many guys have you screwed at a time?”

“I didn’t count,” she said.

“My girlfriend Susan here fucked seven guys in one night.

“No,” Susan objected. “It was only five. The other two guys came in my mouth.”

“That’s a lot, Susan,” Lana said. “How did you feel the next day?”

“I was okay, but I was sorry I didn’t do all seven.”

“Maybe we can get together later,” Mort suggested.

“Maybe,” Wayne said sarcastically.

Following lunch, there was a group meeting where the resort director was explaining the plan for the next few days. “Every male will be given a number,” she explained. “Those same numbers will be on balls in our bingo machine. Each woman who wishes to play will spin the machine and out will come a ball with a number like in lotto. Her partner for the day will be the man who matches that number.

“All liaisons are to be consummated strictly in the women’s rooms or in our playrooms. It starts tomorrow at breakfast. You will be partners until the next morning when you draw for a new partner. You are free to have other partners during the day.”

Lana pulled number thirty-eight a man about her age whose manners were rough and rude. He lacked even the basic rules of etiquette. The first thing he said was, “Let’s go to your place so I can see if you’re a good fuck.” Lana realized that it was going to happen one way or another, so it was best to get it over with.

Wayne was number twenty-two and was selected by Peggy, a woman ten years older than Wayne. She was kind and thoughtful. Peggy said, “I know I’m older. If you don’t like being with me, please feel free to find someone else. I just came here on a dare from a friend. I was complaining to her that I hadn’t had sex since my husband died so she bought this for my birthday present. The funny part is my birthday won’t be for six months! It’s been a lonely time for me so I went along with it.”

“You’re a lovely woman, Peggy. Let’s take a stroll on the beach. Tell me your interests and if you wish, what you miss about your late husband and having sex with him.”

Wayne loved her warmth and kindness. Peggy deserved to be treated like a lady. “You know, Wayne,” she confided in him, “I never had anal with my husband. Do you do it with your wife?”

“Yes, Peggy. She likes anal but then she likes every kind of sex.”

“When I was growing up in the seventies and eighties, we all were having sex. I was like a hippie. When I married Alex, we just settled in as a normal suburban couple. The truth is, I always fantasized about trying new things as I did back then. Would you mind if we went to my room and rekindled some of those fantasies?”

“I’d like that Peggy,” and she kissed him passionately.

She was far more passionate and responsive than he had expected. Peggy had large breasts of a mature woman but firm like someone much younger. After a slow and deliberate blow job, he pleasured her pussy with his lips and tongue before slipping inside her. When they had finished, she said, “That was wonderful, Wayne. I like it so much feeling a man squirting inside me. It’s something my dildo doesn’t do. The great thing about being forty-five is that I can do this all day and never worry about getting pregnant.”

Wayne took her on an ATV ride around the island before dinner. It was a dinner dance. Peggy knew all the songs and all the steps. They went back to her room and finished with anal.

Lana got very little sleep that night. The man snored and at five in the morning, wanted a “breakfast fuck,” as he called it. At seven, Lana left her room headed for the dining room for a cup of coffee. She could only hope for a better partner. Breakfast was at eight. The lottery was at nine. This time Lana drew the number fourteen, a young black man. He was in his twenties, muscular, and good looking.

Lana had never been with a black man before. She wasn’t disappointed. They escort maltepe spent some time in the playroom with a collection of sex toys that put her in a good mood. She wore a butt plug and nipple clamps while he pounded into her the first time. Then he took her on a boat ride where she gave him a blow job on the deck. He treated her to a nice cunt licking. At night, they fucked doing a standing sixty-nine.

Wayne hooked up with a bitchy lady from New York. She was pretty with a nice body but demanding. The woman didn’t seem to have learned how to use a feminine touch. She said she wasn’t into sex and her husband took her to the island to change her mind. “Nothing will change my mind, Wayne. Sex is dirty.”

He tried his best to be considerate but finally left her to get a drink at the bar. At a table not far from him was a girl sitting by herself crying. She had remarkably perfect breasts as if sculpted by an artist and a cute young face to match. She looked to Wayne to be younger than the twenty-one-year-old age minimum.

Wayne took his drink and asked if he could join her. Her only words were, “He’s a beast. I can’t stand being with him.”

“Who are you talking about?” Wayne asked with a calm understanding tone.

“I think his name is Mort. I hate him.”

“Yes, I’ve met Mort and his girlfriend Susan. I see what you mean. Is there a way I can help? Maybe I can get you a drink.”

“No one can help. I’m stuck here.”

“Why is that?”

“My uncle brought me here for a vacation.”

“How old are you?”


“You’re underage for this island.”

“My uncle knows the owners. You won’t tell, will you?”

“Of course not. What’s your name?”

“Julia,” she said sweeping away tears from her cheeks.

“Well, Julia, did you know about this island before your uncle took you on this vacation?”

“Yes. Our whole family knows about it. My parents have been here.”

“So, you are okay having sex with your uncle.”

“He’s okay. Jack is my stepdad’s brother.”

“How long have the two of you been together?”

“You mean having sex?”

Wayne nodded.

“He was my first time. It was at my graduation party. I had just turned eighteen and he made me feel like a queen. Uncle Jack taught me everything I know about making love. I kind of fell in love with him.”

“I like your honesty, Julia.”

“Thanks. I guess I learned that from my mom.”

“Have you had sex with other family members?”

Julia blushed when she said, “I’d rather not get into that, but you probably have figured out that my family is open-minded about these things.” Changing the subject, she asked, “By the way, what is your name?”

“Wayne. Let’s take a walk and make it a happy day.”

Wayne adopted her for the day starting with scuba diving lessons. Late in the afternoon he asked her if she wanted to go to her room to help her forget that Mort never happened. Julia wasn’t hesitant when she said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

In the room she turned on music from her cell phone and said, “Dance with me Wayne.” They did a few steps together before she pushed him on the bed and danced alone like a pole dancer without the pole seducing him with her puffy nipples and plump pussy. Julia took her time about falling on her knees to take hold of his dick. Her mouth and tongue were magical in how she licked up and down his shaft, massaging his knob with her lips, and taking him deep in her throat. Obviously, her Uncle Jack had trained her well.

After a few minutes with her succulent pussy, Wayne wasn’t bashful about drilling her with fast and deep strokes that ended with him spilling cum in her wet cunt.

Her sweet murmurs were whispers when she said, “Oh, I like it rough like that. Uncle Jack doesn’t do me like rough. He is afraid he will hurt me.” Wayne was sorry to leave her for dinner. He hadn’t been with a girl that young and a pussy that tight since college. He didn’t see Julia until the last day when she was with a man Wayne’s age who doted on her like she was his daughter. He must have been Uncle Jack.

The after-dinner entertainment was more of a commercial for the products they were selling such as lingerie, sex toys and videos. The lady from New York bought a penis pump and a vibrating stroker with the idea of punishing Wayne for abandoning her. She pumped him to 30 psi then watched him cum in the stroker. It worked out fine for Wayne and not a bad way to end a day of contrasts.

On the third day Wayne hit the jackpot. Kitty was the sexiest woman on the island with glamorous tits, a slim body, long gazelle-like legs, and a gorgeous face. She loved sex. Said it was like an all you can eat buffet. This was her fifth trip to the island. For their first stop, Kitty took him to the ménage à trois room where they met Ralph for a three-some. That lasted until noon, then they fucked on the yacht after the captain spent time with her. Kitty and the captain seemed to have known each other from the past. Wayne didn’t really mind sloppy seconds pendik escort having had the experience with friends at their swingers’ parties.

Dinner was followed by a performance exhibition. Couples were encouraged to go on stage and entertain the spectators. Kitty couldn’t resist the opportunity and practically dragged Wayne on stage. They were the third performers. Lana was second with the black stud.

With Wayne giving Kitty pussy pleasure, her vocal orgasms came with everyone’s approval and were followed by Kitty’s deep-throat blowjob. Wayne never thought of himself as an exhibitionist but he decided to show off and give Kitty a mouthful. Some dripped down her chin when she licked her lips to illustrate her approval. An appreciative audience gave the couple a standing ovation.

They parted ways the next morning after a sunrise fuck. She hugged him and said, “A girl who starts the day with a man’s happy juice inside is on her way to a perfect day.”

The lottery was over, and it was time for Lana and Wayne to share stories. Finally, Lana said, “Wayne, I’ve made reservations for us at the ‘Happy Ending Stables’ room this morning.”

That was their first stop after breakfast greeted by full-breasted topless hostess. “Welcome to the milking table,” she said with a thick Russian accent. My name is Olga and I will be responsible for your pleasures. Please lay on the table so I can start you on the way to your happy ending.”

The table looked like an ordinary massage table except for a hole in the middle. Olga, on the other hand, looked anything but ordinary. She used her massive tits to rub his balls and cock and when he was erect, she told him to turn on all fours.

“Lay on your stomach, sir” Olga ordered like an army sergeant. “There is a space for you to fit your equipment. Put them through the opening,”.

He laid flat on his stomach and fitted his package through the hole. It felt strange as if his genitals were detached from his body.

“I will spray you with this climax control to extend your pleasure. Then she scooted under the table taking his cock in her mouth and stroking his balls. Her under the table manipulation worked him into a frenzy, then he got sprayed. It held him back for a little while but not for long. He was so ready to cum when the masseuse waved Lana under the table and said, “You will like this too. Be ready for a surprise because I can guarantee he will cum like you have ever seen him.”

He started with short spurts, then ropes of cum poured out splattering Lana’s forehead, and creaming her waiting mouth. It was a massive ejaculation. This was the highlight of his vacation. He had to do something to make Lana as happy as he had become.

On their last day on Intimate Island, Wayne said, I’ve made arrangements for us at the Joy Room this morning. They met three men standing at attention with their dicks pointed straight out like a firing squad preparing to execute the accused. “Which one would you like, Lana?” Wayne asked.

“All three but maybe they can introduce themselves first?”

Wayne nodded to the men and one of them stepped forward and said, “My name is Stanislav from Romania.” He was the man that helped them with their luggage when they first arrived. The second man said his name was Pawel, the restaurant manager from Poland. The last guy was hung like a horse and said, “I am Zivko, a Serb from Belgrade in customer service.”

Lana went up them and shook hands with each of their cocks and said, “I’d like to start with Stanislav, our porter. He was so nice to us on our first day.”

He treated her well once again in the Joy Room and ate her out like a porn star. When she began hyperventilating, he called over Pawel who stuck his dick in her eager mouth. Zivko was at her side taking her hand to stroke his thick hard cock. The porter took her deep on the first thrust and each thrust that followed. Every few minutes, the men switched and took her in different positions.

Wayne watched, stroking himself trying not to fire off his wad until the last man had finished. He almost made it but the excitement was too much and he exploded when he heard Lana’s orgasmic cries.

Wayne recognized her moans of pleasure as each man shot loads of their hot Slavic seed into her cunt. It was just the kind of sex she had imagined when they signed on for the island.

Spreading her legs apart, Lana whimpered, “Honey, show me some love. Be a good cuckold and help me clean up this mess.”

Wayne understood what she meant as she hemorrhaged massive amounts of creamy fluids streaming out of her pussy. He slid between her legs giving her the most cunnie love he could manage.

As they left, Zivko said to Wayne, “We’ll have the video of this ready when you check out.”

“You had a video taken of this? Oh honey, how sweet!” and she gave him a tongue kiss that said more about her gratitude than saying thanks.

In the afternoon, they went to the bondage class and bought some equipment to take home. At night they experimented with them anxious to put them to use at home with their friends.

Wayne and Lana arrived home on a chilly afternoon. Taped to their door was a welcome home message from Lana’s girlfriends. “We loved your ‘Three Studs’ video on the Internet. We’re so jealous!”

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