Nisan 7, 2021

Swimmer Returns Home To Mom Ch. 02

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I appreciate the patience you have shown waiting for this sequel to Swimmer…This is a story about mother/son incest, so if that is something that does not interest you, or even offends you, please select another story. For those who appreciate the psychological mechanisms and natural eroticism the genre invokes, I hope you enjoy it.

Michael and Lisa hurried through the halls of the theater hand in hand, and by the time they reached the lobby both had burst out laughing thinking back on the erotic show they had put on for a clearly interested audience. There was something so incredibly erotic about having wonton sex in front of perfect strangers. Still, both of them were conservative enough that they were hoping not to run into their audience on the way out.

Michael held the theater door for his sexy mother as she stepped outside and into a downpour. The temperature had dropped several degrees during the movie, and the rain made it feel even colder. They looked at one another and Michael simply nodded his head signaling for them to make for the car. Lisa pulled her coat over her head to keep her hair dry and she and Michael strode toward it. The rain was coming down almost horizontally though, so keeping dry was a futile attempt. It was not easy going given that Lisa’s heels limited her speed, and by the time they got to the vehicle, both of them were soaked to the skin.

In spite of the pouring rain, Michael still insisted on playing the perfect gentleman and held the door open for his mother. She slid into the seat causing her coat to fall open and her dress to ride well up her thighs. Michael wanted to continue to stare, but Lisa was clearly anxious to get out of the weather. Once he was sure her coat was clear of the door, he closed her side and raced around to his.

“Honey, I don’t think we can go to the restaurant like this. I am soaked to the skin.”

“Well, we can run home and change, but I have to tell you: You look so freakin’ hot in that dress I don’t know if I will be able to keep my hands off you.”

Lisa looked up at him and briefly questioned herself. “God Lisa, this is your son, your own flesh and blood telling you that he can’t keep his hands off you. And what are you doing? You are encouraging him; that is what you are doing! You should be ashamed of yourself. But you aren’t are you? He is a stud, and the truth of the matter is that he is more of a man than any you have met lately. The other truth is that what you really want to do is pull him into the back seat and bury his dick in your soaking cunt.” She blushed at the blatant sexuality of her incestuous thoughts.

“I am still your mother and I am not sure you should be having thoughts like that,” was the best her confused mind could muster.

“Mom, tonight I want you to look at me differently. I want you to think about how you would feel and react to me if we were totally unrelated.”

“That might be easier said than done.”

“I know it is a bit of mind manipulation, but I can tell you that I see you as an unbelievably sexy woman, who for tonight happens to be my date. You can go back to being just my mother tomorrow if you wish, no questions asked, no crazy drama, but tonight, you are just Lisa, the hottest thing in town.”

Lisa weighed his words. He actually made a lot of sense. She wasn’t sure if he or she would be able to roll the clock back tomorrow, but if she just lived in this particular moment, no guilt, no recriminations, she had a chance to enjoy a few hours of bliss. She also knew that if she was supposed to be feeling some huge amount of guilt, it just wasn’t happening.

When they pulled up to the front of the house Lisa was shaken from her thoughts. It was still raining cats and dogs so they decided to sit and wait for a break. Their conversation turned to Garibaldi’s and they began to speculate as to what they each might order for dinner. Other than each other, neither of them had eaten for several hours.

“I think I am going to have the red snapper,” Lisa said. “They have a way or scoring the fish that makes the presentation just beautiful. And the fish itself is wonderful. But I am really looking forward to the apple martinis they make. Mmmmmmmmmm.”

Lisa’s dress was well up her fabulous legs and while Michael was trying to pay attention to his mother’s words, he was boring a hole in her legs with his eyes. Still, he managed to control his raging emotions enough to respond, “All their food is great, but I think I am going to wait and see what specials they have. The last time they had an Italian pasta sampler that was really good.”

“The rain isn’t really letting up any, but I am starving Michael. Let’s go on in. We can dry off and maybe by the time we get changed it will have slacked off a little.”

Without a word, Michael swung open his door and raced over to the passenger side of the car and opened her door. The dress was so high on her legs that when she swung them out of the door Michael was treated to a view of her naked escort ataşehir pussy, a sight that immediately sent a pulse through his member.

“She must have put her panties in her coat pocket,” he thought absently. Lisa knew what was happening to him and she couldn’t suppress the smile that followed. “Put your tongue back in your mouth sweetie.”

Michael blushed but continued to stare all the while reaching for her hand to help her out of the car. Her pussy was fresh and tight and petite and looked like a teenager’s.

Even though they moved through the rain very quickly, it was so heavy that they were again within the few short moments it took to get from the car to the front door.

Once inside, Lisa said, “Wait here honey so we both don’t track water all through the house. I will get us some towels.”

Lisa went to the downstairs bathroom and returned with two thick teal colored towels. She was tossing her hair with one as she handed the other to Michael. His hair was short as was hers, so getting dry heads only took a few moments.

Lisa’s dress and Michael’s shirt was soaked and clung to their bodies. Michael pulled his shirt over his head. Lisa stepped behind him and dried his back while he dried himself in the front. When she was finished she came back around to face Michael, shivered and exclaimed, “My dress is soaked!”

“Let me help you with that,” he said. Instead of looking for a zipper, he squatted and put his hands on the outside of her bare legs at her knees and ran them up her legs until his thumbs hooked under the hem of her dress. He pushed the dress up, his eyes locked on hers. He broke his stare when her pussy slowly came into view. Lisa blushed with excitement at the blatant nature of the act. He continued moving her dress up until she was naked from the hips down. He could see that her pussy was glistening with her juices. “Looks like you got a little wet here too,” he said moving his head forward and sliding his tongue up her slit tasting her sweet juices.

A small gasp escaped her lips. “Not yet,” he thought and reluctantly rose from his crouch and moved his hands up her sides raising her dress up her sweet body. She moaned in protest at his depriving her mound of his fat tongue. He moved his hands to the front of her body and pushed the dress up to her breasts. Slowly he slid his hands over her soft tits and translucent bra until the dress rested on her upper chest. Her rock hard nipples threatened to pop though the ultra thin material of her baby blue bra. He bent his head over and flicked his tongue over her nipples. The friction of his tongue moving the silky material across her nipples sent shock waves through her body and made her pussy throb with desire. She could feel the juices running from her slit onto her thigh and making her legs weak. “Raise your arms,” he whispered.

The feeling racing through her stomach and down through her mound made Lisa involuntarily bite her lower lip. She raised her arms and Michael moved his hands to her back and then to the sides easing the wet dress over her head and arms. He turned and hung the dress over the back of a straight chair in the hall. He looked at his mother. She had on a pair of heels and a see through baby blue bra and nothing else. His dick surged and threatened to burst from his pants. He stepped forward and reached behind her back to undo her bra, pressing his cock against her bare mound in the process. Before she realized it, her hands went to his ass pulling his cock tight against her.

“Mmmmmphhhh,” she moaned into his chest.

He unfastened her bra and stepped back. She shrugged her shoulders and he pulled the bra off allowing her firm tits to spring free. He tossed the bra over the chair and turned back to her. All she had on was a set of very sexy pumps.

He picked up a towel and began to pat her dry. He turned her around and dried her from the back of her neck to her ankles, very slowly and very carefully. He reached around her body to run the towel over her soft mounds and stomach. He did not dry her pussy. He rose and turned her back around. He pulled her to him and kissed her softly and first and then with increasing passion. Her tongue was flying over his. He pushed his fat tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it like it was the cock she was dying to have in her mouth.

He took her hand and guided her to the couch. He sat her down and then put his hands under her knees moving her body around so that her legs were draped over the armrest. “Lie back,” he whispered. She lay back and he went to the end of the couch. He reached forward putting his hands under her ass and drew her pussy to him. Her pussy was dripping juice. His tongue snaked out and urged a droplet of juice onto the tip. He ran his tongue onto the back of his teeth savoring the slippery sweet taste of her. He saw that some had leaked out of her slit onto her inner thigh.

“Mmmmmmmmm, you taste so fucking good” he moaned as he licked it up.

She squirmed kadıköy escort bayan listening to his words and moved her hips forward, her pussy begging him to lick it. He didn’t disappoint it. He used his thumbs to spread her ass and pussy. He looked down at the sex he had splayed open. The pink inner folds of her pussy stared back at him almost pulsing with desire. His strong arms lifted her as he flattened his tongue and licked her from the top of her ass crack to the top of her pussy. Lisa groaned loudly. She put her hands flat on the couch and leveraged her pussy forward jamming it into his mouth. He slid his tongue below her pussy and flicked it against the thin ultra sensitive membrane. Lisa squirmed, panting hard. He lifted her ass and shoved his tongue into her rosebud.

“Oh migod Michael! What are you doing to your mother? Oh, God, stick it in me baby!”

He crammed his tongue in and out of her ass. Her taste was more sexy than musky. She humped his tongue as though possessed.

“Mmmmmmmphhhhh! Don’t stop baby! You…..are….going……to…..fucking make….mommy….cum!” she grunted.

“Unnnnnnnppphhhhhhhhhh! Unnnnphhhhhhhhhhh! Unnnnnnphhhhhhh! Ohhhhhmiiiiigodddddd!”

She slammed her ass into his mouth and then shuddered. Michael withdrew his tongue. Her juices were streaming out of her pussy and down her crack. He lapped her girl cum up. His tongue went into her hole as deep as he could shove it and with or against her will, her tired body started to respond again. He dropped her ass down and flicked his tongue onto her clit sending sparks through her. Her pussy began to pulse again and a second orgasm more powerful than the first crashed over her.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she grunted from deep inside her body. Her legs wrapped around Michael’s head in what felt to him almost like a death grip. A moment later a shudder went through her groin shaking her entire body. Slowly she released her grip on his head and he began to lick her sopping pussy again, softly, gently, lovingly cleaning her, searching for every droplet of her spent juices.

Lisa lay on the couch, her eyes closed; sweat beading on her upper lip. Michael gently laid her legs on the armrest. Her legs were slightly splayed with no thought given to modesty. She was breathing deeply from exhaustion and satisfaction. Michael realized he still had on wet pants and removed them along with his boxers. His leaking cock slapped against stomach. He went to the chair across from the couch and sat down. He was admiring his mother’s beautiful body. Her head was tilted toward him and she appeared to be sleeping.

His dick was crying for attention, pre-cum oozing from the tip. He began to slowly jerk it. Lisa was watching him through slits in her eyes. ‘His cock is so big and fat. It’s gorgeous,” she thought.

“Bring that over here,” she said startling him. He stood and walked over to her. “Up here,” she said holding out her hand.

He moved up to her head. She wrapped her long fingers around his fat member. “You have a beautiful cock Michael; so long and fat.” She released him long enough to push herself up the couch and then swung her legs over so her feet rested on the floor. She pulled his cock back into her face and shot her tongue out to run it over the head slick with pre-cum. “So sweet,” she moaned.

She swirled her tongue over his cock head and in one movement sunk it into her mouth until it banged against the back of her throat.

“Mmmgghhhhhh!” He groaned. She put her hands on his ass and pulled him deeper into her mouth swallowing another inch until his pubic hair tickled her nose. He put his hands behind her head and began to slowly fuck her face. He was sure he had never felt or seen anything hotter in his entire life. Her eyes were tilted up looking at his. She knew he was close as his cock started to swell obscenely. She reached between his legs and cupped his drawn up balls.

“I’m going to cum!” he shouted.

Quickly she pulled off his cock and brought her hand up encircling it. She looked into his eyes and stuck her tongue out as she jerked his cock. “She wants me to watch my cum shoot into her mouth!” he realized and that thought sent a wall of cum blasting up and out of his cock and onto her tongue. It flew out in thick, white ropes. He could see it filling her mouth. She quickly swallowed to keep up, temporarily closing her mouth and causing the next rope to fly onto her nose and upper lip.

She opened her mouth again and another rope of cum splashed into her mouth and then finally subsided. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and gently sucked him dry. Satisfied she had every drop, she pulled his cock from her mouth and used the head to push the cum on her nose and upper lip into her open mouth. She carefully cleaned under his dick cap, eased him from her mouth and kissed his cock head before gently letting it hang limply between his legs.

“Thank you honey,” she said and then ran her tongue escort bostancı over her lips to clean up any remaining residue.

“Thank you,” he responded.

“Well, I think we should get a shower and go to dinner before it gets too late,” she said.

Michael looked at his mother, the woman who had given him birth and the sexiest blowjob/hand job of his life. He pulled her naked form up against his and kissed her passionately. He could taste his dick and cum on her breath and tongue. It was so fucking erotic that his dick began to stir again.

Lisa laughed, “Settle down cowboy. I’m not done with him yet, but I have to have something to eat before I pass out.”

Michael laughed and gave her a quick kiss. She turned and headed up the stairs, her tight ass moving in perfect rhythm. She looked over her shoulder at Michael and smiled, “If you promise to behave you can take a shower with me.”

“Maybe I better take mine alone then!”

She flashed a smile and called, “Get up here mister; I need you to wash my back.”

Michael bounded up the stairs after her, his long cock bouncing out of control.

Lisa only had to pull away from him twice during the shower when he was washing her back. Once he had reached around her and squeezed her tit and once he slid his finger between her cheeks flicking her rosebud. He was trying, but it was like a bee to honey and he couldn’t keep his hands off her. Finally, she gave him a playful slap and stepped out of the shower while saying, “You are incorrigible!”

In spite of her rhetoric, her brilliant smile told him that she was enjoying the attention as much as he was giving it.

“Hurry up and get dressed,” she called. “I’m starving.”

Twenty minutes later they were on their way to the restaurant. It had finally stopped raining and the air had a fresh, clean smell to it.

Lisa was wearing a short, dark green slick feeling dress made of a material he could not identify, natural hose, and a pair of black pumps. Her face had a rosy flush and her hair looked perfect.

Michael rested his hand on her thigh as he drove. After a few minutes, he slid his hand up her thigh, over the top of her thigh highs to the bare skin in between the hose and her panties and brushed his little finger over her slick, slightly moist panties. Lisa grabbed his forearm and pulled his hand back a few inches.

“I am dripping already. Don’t make it any worse,” she whispered in his ear.

As luck would have it, they arrived at a time when they did not have but a few minutes to wait. After they were seated the waiter arrived and asked Michael if they would like to order from the wine list. He looked at his mother. She smiled and he took that as approval so he boldly ordered a German Bremmer Calmont Mosel. It was a little pricey, but not so much that it would break the bank.

The waiter looked at Lisa and said pleasantly, “Ma’am, I’m afraid I will need to see your ID.”

Lisa smiled and pulled the ID from her purse. The waiter being satisfied that he was serving adults took their order and returned to the kitchen. Once he was out of sight, they both laughed quietly at what had taken place. “Two glasses is your limit Michael. You are driving home tonight,” she cautioned.

Both had ordered seafood and as usual it was amazing. Lisa had drunk an apple martini while they waited for a table and three glasses of wine over dinner. She was getting a little tipsy, but it had only served to make her loosen up even more. She told mildly ribald stories about her co workers. At one point she said that she thought her boss might be gay and that Michael should steer clear of him because, “I think he would jump on your dick in a New York minute – not that I blame him.”

“I will keep that in mind should he ever want to fire you. I will give him a little,” Michael joked.

“Oh no; that belongs to me,” she retorted.

“Be careful what you wish for,” he shot back.

A little later, they left the restaurant and headed back to the house. Michael again rested his hand on her thigh, but when he slid it up to her pussy this time, she grabbed his forearm and held it against her steaming mound. He rubbed her rapidly moistening slit through her panties as she humped his hand. He slid his fingers under the hem of her panties and up her sopping pussy. He pulled his fingers out and while she watched pushed them into his mouth to the junction, sucking noisily.

He put his hand into her panties again and found her clit. She moved her hips up and down holding his hand tightly in place. Within a few minutes, she began to move his hand furiously up and down and again felt an orgasm sweep through her pussy. Her fingers slipped from his arm and she fell back against the seat. He removed his hand and sucked one of his fingers clean. Her eyes were closed, her head lolling against the seat back.

He put his saturated middle finger on his mother’s lips. She opened her mouth and sucked his finger wet with her juices into her mouth, sucking on it like a mini-dick. “Mmmmmmm. I taste good,” she said.

“I know that’s right,” said Michael as he put the finger he had just extracted from his mother’s mouth into his own, licking off what was left of her taste and his mother’s saliva.

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