Nisan 17, 2021

Suzanne the Desert: Day 01

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As we left Buck and Suzanne on Saturday morning they were rushing around to get Suzanne to the airport across the street from the hotel where they had stayed Friday night. (Read Suzanne to catch up) Buck had decided to come back and check out after getting Suzanne on the plane. Suzanne looked delicious in her blue shorts and white blouse as she came over to Buck and put arms around him and said, “I told you I’d be back next Sunday but I don’t know if I’ll last that long. I had a wonderful time with you last night. You always make me feel so special and I always feel very safe with you. I still can’t believe I got up and sang in front of all those people last night. It seemed so natural. You must know everybody around here they all seem to cater to what ever you want. Oh Buck, I love you so much, you just don’t know how I feel inside.”

Buck was looking down at her as she was talking knowing that he was fighting a losing battle within himself. “Suz,” he said, “you’re babbling. Now listen to me. You’ll be fine once you get home. You’re just all excited because of all the things that have happened the last few days. You’ve got my phone number so you can call me anytime you want to. I must admit though being with you last night was a real kick. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people so jealous. You’re enough to make any man proud to be with you. Suz we’ve got to go or you’ll miss your plane.”

He walked over to pick up her suitcase, as he reached down she put her arms around his neck and kissed him hard and open mouthed, squirming her soft supple body against him. He kissed her back as his cock started to harden. Suzanne whispered softly in his ear, “I love you body and soul.”

Like a drowning man who can’t help himself he hugged her tighter and said very softly, “I love you to baby. I’m trying to fight it but I’m not made of steel.” He reached down and picked up her suitcase and headed for the door.

As they reached the hotel lobby Buck said, “The car should be out front. I called for it half hour ago.”

David the sax player and Tommy the drummer were in the lobby and greeted Buck and Suzanne with “Hi how are you?” with these big grins on their faces.

Buck nodded at them and said, “I’ve got to get her onto a plane across the street. I’ll be back in a little bit.”

They drove across to the airport and Buck parked the car in the lot. As he opened the car door to get out Suzanne grabbed his hand and laid his hand between her breasts. She said, “Can you feel my heart beating?” Buck could feel her heart beating rapidly under his hand as she said, “If I come back on Wednesday can we spend the rest of the week together? We could always go out to the desert and stay at the Desert Springs Hotel.”

Buck said, “Jesus Suz, the room rates out there are over $300.00 a night. Don’t you think that’s a bit much.”

Suzanne was laughing now as she said, “That’s true for normal people but you forget I work for the hotel chain that owns it. I get employee rates which are $29.00 a night. Please I just want to spend time with you.”

Buck was laughing now too as he said, “Okay, okay I know when I’m beat. We’ll go to the desert. Being with you for 4 days should be interesting. Now get out of the damn car so we can get you on your plane.”

As they walked out to the gate (pre 9/11) Suzanne was babbling about how much fun they were going to have at the desert. Buck was thinking 4 days with her was going to kill him.

They got to the gate, Suzanne already had her boarding pass, so she checked in and had about 15 minutes to wait until the plane boarded. When they called the first rows to board Suzanne was in that group, she reached into Bucks lap and squeezed his cock which immediately begin to harden and said, “Take care of this till I get back, then I’ll take care of it and you too.” “Damn,” Buck muttered as he picked up her small carry on. Suzanne hugged and kissed him again squirming her body against him when they got to the door to the ramp and said softly, “Until Wednesday,” and walked down the ramp into the plane. Buck stood and watched until the plane had taken off.

Buck returned to the hotel to check out. As he walked into the lobby Greg the entertainer was standing at the front desk and said, “Are you going to bring Suzanne again tonight? She’s great. She can sing anytime.”

Buck said, “No, I just put her on a plane to go home for a week. Greg are you all right? You look awful. What’s the matter, no sleep?”

Greg said, “I spent the night in the hotel with my girl friend. Who ever was in the room next to me had a screamer. They didn’t stop until after 4:00am and started again shortly after 7:00am. It made my girl friend horny and all she wanted to do was fuck and suck all night. I’m getting to old for that shit. Now I’ve got to go home and get some rest so I can play tonight. I’d like to find out who that son of a bitch was so I could ring his neck. Ted said they had half the hotel up all night. He wouldn’t kartal escort bayan tell me who it was though. You coming tonight?”

Buck said, “Yea, I’ll be here about 10.00pm or so. See you later,” and beat a hasty retreat. When the elevator doors shut he burst out laughing. Greg must have been in the room next to Suzanne and him.

Buck worked all day and went home and cleaned up. He arrived at the hotel about 10:00pm and valet parked the car. As he walked through the lobby several people he knew said “Hi” with these big knowing grins on their faces. Ted was at the door to the lounge when Buck walked in and said, “No Suzanne tonight?”

Buck answered him with, “I put her on a plane home this morning. She’ll be back next week.”

Ted then looked at him laughing and said, “Well it should be a relatively quiet night then. You guys really did have that whole wing of the hotel up most of the night. I stalled as long as I could before calling you. Where did you find her? She is so beautiful and God can she sing. The place was buzzing all night about her. Is this a really serious thing?”

Buck looked at Ted and said, “I’m trying to keep it from getting serious but I think it’s becoming a losing battle. I don’t know what I’m going to do about her, she’s just so vivacious and bubbly.”

As Buck started to turn to leave Ted said, “You know Greg was in the room next to you last night.”

Buck started laughing and said, “Yea, I talked to him this morning in the lobby. He was pissing and moaning about the Son of a Bitch in the next room having a screamer. I guess his girl friend got real horny from all the noise and didn’t want to do anything except fuck and suck all night. He said he was getting to old for that shit and was going home to get some rest.” Buck and Ted were both laughing as Buck said, “later” and walked into the lounge.

Jesus, the bartender, had Bucks drink setting on the bar when Buck arrived at his usual bar chair. Buck was taking a sip of his drink when he felt a pair of female hands on his back as a voice said softly in his ear, “I thought you were coming back last night. Did you use that 10 inches on her?”

Buck almost choked on his drink as he slopped part of it on the bar. Kathy was standing there with a big shit eating grin on her face. “What the hell are you talking about?” Buck inquired.

“I heard a couple of girls in the restroom last night wondering if you were going to use that 10 inches on the Fuck Bunny you were with. Judging from some of the stories I’ve overheard tonight about a certain wing of the hotel last night you must have.” Buck exploded, “Jesus Christ, is that all you girls talk about in the bathroom, the size of a guys cock? You must all be horny and deprived of sex. What’s the matter, jealous?”

Kathy answered, “Yes, I wouldn’t mind trying 10 inches sometime!!!”

Buck answered, “Oh for Christ sake, I’ve had enough of this conversation. I owe you some money for the check last night. How much was it?”

She said, “Jesus took care of it.” Buck handed her $40.00 and said, “Thanks for taking care of us last night. One more thing Kathy, Suzanne is no Fuck Bunny.”

Kathy looked at him and said, “I think I see that in your eyes. I’m sorry I made you mad. Thanks for the tip,” and walked back to wait on her tables.

When Buck turned back to the bar Jesus was standing there smiling. Buck said, “Don’t you start. How much do I owe you?”

Jesus said, “$80.00.”

Buck peeled off 5 20’s and handed them to him saying, “The extra 20 is for taking care of it last night.”

Jesus suddenly said, “Quit worrying about it. She’s already in love with you. I saw it on her face several times last night. The first time when you guys walked in, and then again when she was singing. Suzanne was singing to you, the rest of us were just here. She truly has the voice of an angel. I watched you guys all night. The Mexican race is a romantic race, we know these things. You’re falling in love with her too, aren’t you?”

Buck looked at Jesus took a deep breath and said, “There’s no falling about it, I’m already in love with her. I wish to God I was 20 years younger.” Jesus said, “God put you and Suzanne together for a reason. Just enjoy it, she’ll keep you young. I’ve got to get to work.”

Buck sat at the bar and had several drinks letting his space place do its work. He left at 12:30am and went home.

Buck worked all day Sunday. Sunday night he had just turned off the light to go to sleep as he had to be up at 4:00am when the phone rang. He answered as he usually did, “This is Buck.”

His heart started to race and he got butterflies in his stomach when he heard the soft voice on the other end say, “I miss you so much and I’m very horny. My nipples are long and throbbing, my pussy is all wet and juicy, and my clit is so hard it hurts. Ohhhhhhh Buck what am I going to do? I love you so much!!!!!!!!”

Bucks cock got hard very quickly as escort maltepe he said, “Honey, You’ll just have to masturbate to get yourself off.”

The little voice on the other end of the phone said, “I don’t know how, I’ve never masturbated. How do I do it?”

It had been a long time since Buck jacked himself off, but he now had a raging hard cock. “Listen to me, baby. Wet your thumb and first finger with saliva and gently massage the nipples on your breasts. Think how good it felt when I gently sucked on them and ran my tongue over them. Are you doing it baby?”

Suzanne moaned, “Oooooooohhhhhhh yes. Feels sooooooo good. Oh please suck on my nipples harder. It feels so, so good. Ooooooohhhhhhh God.”

She was constantly moaning as Buck said,”Suzanne stop.” Moaning “Stop Suzanne right now. You can’t cum until I do.”

Suzanne was pleading with him as she said, “Oh please, I’m so close. I need relief so bad. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh I can’t hardly stand it. Please, oh please hurry.”

She was moaning as he said, “Suzanne, listen to me. Are you listening. Remember how I jacked off your clit in the shower?”

She moaned, “Yes, oh yes, please.” She was almost frantic now to orgasm but she was waiting for Buck to tell her she could.

“Suzanne, get a lot of saliva on your fingers and do what I did in the shower very gently and slowly to your clit. Think about how good it felt when I wrapped my tongue around your clit.” Buck’s cock was very hard and he was oozing precum as he masturbated himself and listened to her moan. “Suzanne take the index finger on your other hand and insert it just inside your pussy. Right on the top should be your G spot. Gently massage it with your finger. I wish you were here to lick the juice off my cock. Now Suzanne, cum now. Damn cumming.”

Suzanne was moaning, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit, I’m pissing juice all over bed. Please baby, I need your cock so bad. Ooooohhhhhhh damn. So good.”

Buck had jizz all over his hand, stomach and chest as he said to Suzanne, “You okay, baby.”

She responded breathlessly, “Yes, much better. Wait until I get hold of you Wednesday. That was the first time I’ve ever done that but at least I know how to keep the wolves away till then.”

Buck looked at the clock and said, “I’ve got to get some sleep. Call me and let me know when you’re coming home. Love ya baby.”

Suzanne said, “I’ll have to change the sheets tomorrow. I made a real mess. I love you so very much. Sweet dreams,” and the line went dead.

Buck muttered “Damn” as he got up to clean himself up.

Tuesday Suzanne called to tell Buck that she would be into ONT airport at 1:30pm Wednesday afternoon. Buck ask her how many times she had masturbated since Sunday. She told him 3 or 4 times. How many he had ask. Okay 6 she had said. No more masturbating Suz he had said. What am I going to do? I’ll go nuts Suzanne had said. No more Suz promise me he had said. Okay I promise she had said but my clit will be hard and my pussy will be dripping wet. I love you honey she had said. Love you too, baby see you tomorrow.

Tuesday evening he was sitting at the hotel bar having a cup of coffee wishing it was Wednesday. All the patrons had left the bar and there was just he and Kris (you remember Kris the bartender. Tall, lean, also gorgeous). Kris leaned across the bar and said, “10 inches huh. I wouldn’t mind trying ten inches. Todd is only 7 inches. I wouldn’t mind getting a little taste of Suzanne either.” This caused Buck to slop coffee down the front of his shirt as she added, “Donna wouldn’t mind either. You’ve got coffee down the front of your shirt let me get you some soda water so it doesn’t stain.”

Buck just looked at her as she was dabbing at the stain on his shirt. Finally he said, “What the hell are you talking about?”

She had come around to the front of the bar and before Buck could stop her she said, “This” as she quickly ran her fingers down his soft cock.

“Damn, Kris, stop it,” he said and then added, “I didn’t know you were Bi and what’s this shit about Donna.”

Kris said, “Maybe I better explain. Donna and A J were down at the club the other night when Suzanne sang. Donna overheard some women in the bathroom talking about whether you were going to use your 10 inches on the Fuck Bunny you were with. Donna said she was gorgeous. The only time I ever saw her all dressed up was the night you took her out to dinner. As to being Bi sometimes licking a women’s soft pussy or having yours licked and sucked is kind of nice. Donna and I have messed around a few times. Anytime you want to exercise your 10 inches let me know. I’m sure Donna wouldn’t mind either.”

Buck said, “Is that all you girls do in the bathroom, talk about the size of mens cocks?”

Kris said, “Oh we talk about other things too. Pussies. asses, tits, you know just the general run of the mill old stuff.”

Buck said, “I gotta go, tomorrow is going to be a long day. Later,” and pendik escort headed for the door muttering “damn”.

Buck was at the gate when the plane pulled up at ONT airport. The airport hadn’t been modernized so you still had to come down stairs onto the tarmac. Buck saw Suzanne bouncing down the stairs. She had on cutoff jeans and tennis shoes and a light bare midriff tee shirt. She was practically running to the gate. Jesus, she didn’t have a bra on and her nipples were sticking out like proud headlamps he thought.

Suzanne jumped into his arms, jammed her nipples into his chest, threw her arms around his neck and kissed him hard. She whispered in his ear, “It was hard but I kept my promise. Now I’m going to Fuck your brains out. I’m so wet I had to stuff a Kotex in my panties to keep the juice from running down my legs. I love you so much. Let’s get my bag and get out of here.”

Buck said, “Good idea,” and they headed for baggage claim with Suzanne clutching his arm with both hands as she rubbed her very hard nipples on his arm. Buck was thinking this is going to be an interesting 4 days and wondered if he could handle it.

When they got to the car Buck put her bag in the trunk and opened the door for her. As he got into the car Suzanne said, “Can I masturbate on the way to the desert. I’m so horny and my clit is rubbing against that damn kotex.”

Buck answered with, “I’ve got a better idea baby.” He grabbed her into his arms and once again felt her soft warm lips against his as they French kissed. It was one of those long teasing, exploring kisses. When it ended Buck said, “Turn around with your back to me.” As Suzanne complied he wet the thumb and fore finger of his left hand he reached up under her tee shirt and rolled the nipple of her left breast between his fingers.

Suzanne turned her head in to his neck and moaned, “Ooooohhhhhhh yes, Sooooooooooo good.” Buck reached down with his right hand unsnapped her cutoffs and unzipped them. As he reached into her panties he could feel the kotex. It felt like it had been dropped in a bucket of water. Suzanne was slowly thrusting her hips against his hand and moaning as he spread his fore and index finger and gently ran them down each side of her fully distended clitoris trapping it between his fingers. As he slowly started to jack her off she moaned, “Ooooohhhh, please, good, ssssoooooooooo good.” She thrust here hips hard into his hand as she orgasmed and bit and sucked on Buck’s neck. She immediately had a second orgasm on Buck’s fingers as he could feel her clit pulsing and spasming between his fingers.

When it was over Buck said, “Come on baby. We better go before somebody catches us. You better get that kotex out of your panties, it’s soaked. You already have a wet spot on your shorts. Do you have another one?” Suzanne nodded her head yes as she reached down into her panties and pulled the now dripping kotex out of her panties and dropped it out the window onto the pavement. As Buck started to back the car out he saw a couple in there 30’s standing in front of the car with their mouths agape. They must have seen the whole thing. Buck said, “Look Suz, I think we’ve already been caught.” Suzanne waved at them as Buck dropped the Towncar in gear and headed out of the parking lot. In the rear view mirror he saw the women walk over and pick up the kotex gingerly and shake her head. He also saw a big hickey on his neck. Buck said, “Suz, your incorrigible. Look at the hickey you put on my neck.”

Suzanne said, “I had to do something to keep from screaming and yelling. Now everybody will know you belong to me cause I’ve put my mark on you. Oh Buck, you’re wonderful. I love you so much.”

It was 4:00pm when they pulled up in front of the Desert Springs Hotel. The valet opened the door for Suzanne and another one opened the door for Buck and ask if they were checking in. When Buck answered in the affirmative he signaled for a bellman who took the bags out of the trunk of the car and took them into the hotel. They walked into the lobby holding hands. Buck said, “Would you just look at this place!”

Suzanne said, “Wow.”

The lobby was all done in marble and shining copper. The ceiling was open all the way to the roof, 21 stories. The walk ways were all along the outside of the rooms over looking the lobby. Ivy hung all the way from the ceiling to top of the lobby. In the center was a big lagoon that extended beyond the plate glass windows across the back. There were islands in the lagoon with restaurants on them. Suddenly the plate glass windows parted and a boat came through to the landing to pick up some people. It was definitely upscale.

Suzanne said, “I better check us in since I’m the employee.” When they got to the front desk Buck was shocked to see a face he recognized but he couldn’t remember her name. Suzanne said, “Hi Lettie. We’re here to check in. Buck you remember Lettie, she used to work at the hotel and transferred out here.” Now Buck remembered who she was, her real name was Elizabeth. She was a very pretty Cajun girl from Louisiana, tall, slim, nice figure and long wavy black hair that hung half way down her back. Buck heard her say I’ve upgraded you to a suite on the corner of the top floor.

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