Mayıs 29, 2021

Suzanne the Beginning

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Suzanne was gorgeous. 5 feet 1 half inch tall, 105 lbs, brown shimmering chestnut hair that hung down to her shoulder blades, hazel eyes that changed color like a chameleon depending on what she was wearing, and flawless, creamy smooth skin. She was 21 years 6 days old in June of 1991. She also appeared to have an outstanding figure. She was working as a food waitress at a major hotel. She was also attending a Christian college across from a major state university.

Buck was just an ordinary 48 year old guy. 6 feet tall, 195 lbs, brown hair graying along the temples, also with hazel eyes that changed color depending on what he was wearing. There was absolutely nothing special about him other than his eyes which women had told him were beautiful for many years. He had been driving a cab for about 2 months and had established a relationship with the hotel.

This particular evening, Buck was in the hotel taking a break about 8 pm as was his normal practice. He was sitting at the bar having a cup of coffee chatting with Kris (also gorgeous) the bartender and the girls that worked there. This included Suzanne who suddenly asked,” Buck, would you take me over to Baxters when I get off work. I want to enter a talent contest they have Tuesday nights and I don’t want to go by myself.”

He was about to say no, when he thought what the hell and said, “Okay”. When they left the hotel, she had changed into jeans, a sweat shirt, and tennis shoes.

They arrived about 9:15pm and Suzanne filled out the entry form. She was going to sing a song called “BROWN EYED GIRL”. There were probably about 150 people in the lounge. Buck ordered drinks for both of them and they sat and listened to the contestants. They chatted about mundane things, his driving a cab, her job at the hotel. He learned that she was a music major taking voice and piano. He had taken piano lessons for over 8 years as a boy and also played first clarinet in the school band. He was certainly not ignorant about music. Finally it was Suzanne’s turn to perform. She sang about 12 bars when he thought my God she has the voice of an angel. As he looked around the lounge, all conversations had stopped and everyone was looking and listening to Suzanne. She had stopped the place cold. She won first place, $500.00. He paid for their drinks and they left.

They drove the short distance back to her dorm where she stayed. She was all excited about winning the contest and babbled about how she was going to buy a new outfit with the money she had won. He walked her to the door and said, ” It was fun and certainly different. I had a good time and I’m glad you won. I’ll see you at the hotel. Goodnight.”

Suzanne looked at him and said, “Aren’t you going to kiss me goodnight.”

Buck looked at her standing there, all bubbly with the light dancing in her eyes. He said, “Suzanne, I’m old enough to be your father and I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

She reached up and put her arms around his neck and kissed him. It was no peck either. Her lips were soft and moist, her body soft and pliant, the kiss lasted 15 or 20 seconds. With that, she opened the door said “goodnight” and closed the door.

Buck just stood there absolutely dumbfounded. As he walked to his cab, he could still feel her soft, warm, moist lips against his. He had been kissed many times, but not like that, and certainly not by someone less than half his age. He spent most of the night thinking about Suzanne.

They saw each other several times over the next couple of weeks at the hotel. No mention was made about what had happened that night. Then on a Wednesday night Buck was going to go to his favorite nightclub, a place he called his space place. He had stopped by the hotel to pick up a couple of reservations for trips the next day. He was dressed in nicer clothes than he usually worked in, dress slacks, silk shirt, and dress shoes. He was sitting at the bar having a drink and talking with Kris when Suzanne walked up and said, “Why don’t you take me out for dinner, I get off in 10 minutes”. While she was doing this her breasts were poking into the back of his right arm. Then she left to finish waiting on one of her tables. He casually commented “Christ, she acts like she wants to get laid or something.”

Kris just looked at him and said, “Don’t be to sure, just be gentle with her.”

Suzanne came back about then and said, “So, are you going to take me out to dinner?”

He said, “Okay, if you really want to go.”

Her whole face lit up and the lights started dancing in her eyes again. “I’ll be ready in 20 minutes”.

Kris set another drink down in front of him and said “I think your going to need this” as if she knew what was going to happen.

Buck had had a couple of sips out of his drink when Suzanne said, “Okay, I’m ready to go.”

She was standing sort of behind him so he had to turn to see her. He vaguely remembered Kris laughing and saying “close your mouth, your going to catch flies”. My god, she was stunning, he bahis firmaları thought. He grabbed his drink and downed it in one swallow. Suzanne was dressed in a short black skirt(not mini but close), a red silk blouse trimmed in white that clung to her body, a black half length open vest, dark nylons, and white 4 inch heels. On a scale of 1 to 10, she was a 12. Without thinking he said, “The hell with dinner, I’ll eat you.” He immediately turned the color of her red blouse realizing what he had said and apologized profusely. Kris and Suzanne were laughing, they thought it was funny.

Buck took her to a nice restaurant that had a lounge with live entertainment. As they ate dinner they talked about their lives. Suzanne told him that she was adopted and had been engaged to a guy in Florida. She had broken the engagement when he had made her have sexual relations with one of his friends. She also told him that she had only ever had one sexual experience that she had enjoyed and that she thought she had had an orgasm. She told Buck many things that night. He sat quietly looking at this vision of beauty that was sitting next to him. When she finished she said, “okay, your turn, what about you?”

Just then the entertainment started to play a song called “CRAZY”. Buck looked at Suzanne and said, “Do you dance?”

She said, “A little.”

He got up, took her by the hand and led her onto the dance floor. She nestled right onto his arms as they begin to dance. He was 7 or 8 inches taller than she was even with the heels on. He could feel her breasts in his stomach. She put her right hand behind his neck and pulled him down so she could nuzzle his neck with her lips. Then she began to sing softly in his ear. Buck new he was fighting a losing battle. Her nipples were getting hard because he could feel them in his stomach. He was losing control of his body too. Her fragrance was delicious, his cock was starting to get hard. She snuggled in closer. It was slow and sensual. Just before the music stopped Suzanne whispered in his ear, “I want you to Fuck me.” Mercifully for Buck the song ended.

They walked back to the dining room and sat down in the booth. Suzanne sat very close to him and as he was taking a sip of his drink she dropped her hand into to his lap. She gasp as she gently squeezed his cock and said, “Your big aren’t you?” as she continued to gently massage his cock through his pants.

“Suzanne, stop it!” Buck said as he grabbed her hand and put it back on table. “What are you trying to do, make me cum in my pants?”

Suzanne laughed, the lights dancing in her eyes and said, “That would be different wouldn’t it?” She leaned over and nuzzled his neck as she said, “I meant what I said, I want you to Fuck me,” as she rubbed his chest with her hand.

His cock lurched in his pants. Buck looked at her with a really longing, kind of sad look and said, “Suzanne, I could never Fuck you, I’m not a normal guy.”

Suzanne looked at him and smiled as she said, “I’m not a normal girl either, but most guys would throw me to the floor or whatever if I said that to them. I want to know why you won’t Fuck me.”

Buck sat there for a few minutes looking at her and thinking about how to answer the question. Finally he said, “Why me? Why can’t we just be friends and enjoy each others company? I know that every guy on the face of the earth that likes women would love to Fuck you, but I can’t for several reasons. One, I could never Fuck you, I would make love to you and if I did that I would probably spoil you for anyone else your age. Two, I really like you and I’m afraid I’d fall in love with you. That wouldn’t be good for either one of us given our age difference. Besides I’m sure that you want to get married someday and have a family and I’m much too old for that type of commitment. My chance for that came and went sometime ago.”

Suzanne looked at him for a few minutes and then leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “I’m going to answer your why me question. The night you took me to enter the talent contest and I kissed you it was like electricity going through my body. I’ve never had anybody make me feel that way. You still make me feel that way every time you touch me. I’m going to rephrase my question, I want you to make love to me.” Buck hadn’t noticed that her hand was again softly messaging his cock until he suddenly realized he was rock hard. He grabbed her hand and muttered, `Damn.”

As they were driving back to Suzanne’s dorm, she turned to him and said, “I almost forgot, can you take me to the airport Saturday morning, I want to go home for a week before school starts. My flight is at 10:45am out of JWA. I’ll be back next Sunday and hoped you could also pick me up.”

He said, “Sure, I’ll take you to the airport. What time do you get off Friday?”

“6:00pm” she said softly.

He said, “Why don’t you pack Friday and I’ll get a couple of rooms across from the airport. We can go have dinner and then I’ll take you to my space place. We can kaçak iddaa have a couple of drinks and dance. Don’t wear a rig like that though it’s a much older crowd and you’ll make all the old men get hard tongues. That way I can buy you breakfast before you fly home.”

She looked at him and said softly, “okay.”

When they arrived at her dorm he got out and walked her to the door. She said, “I’d invite you in but if anybody caught us I’d get in a lot of trouble. I had a wonderful evening and I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.” With that she stood on her tip toes put her arms around his neck and kissed him, open mouthed long and hard. Her nipples had gotten very hard and felt huge, her body was trembling. His cock was instantly rock hard, as she squirmed a little against him. When it was over she opened the door, turned around, kissed him again softly and said, “until Friday.” She walked in and closed the door.

Buck didn’t see Suzanne Thursday because he had been busy with trips all day. He had went to his space place late that evening though, arriving around 11:00pm. While setting at the bar listening to Greg and the Top Hats (name of entertainment), he was thinking about Suzanne and what he was going to do about her. Buck knew Greg well as he had entertained there for some time, as well as most of the bartenders and waitresses. Buck talked with some people, made some arrangements and left about 1:00am. The only bad thing was the hotel only had 1 room left, it had a king sized bed. He thought about it and took the room.

Friday, Buck arrived at the hotel in white dress slacks, light blue dress shirt with French cuffs, gold cufflinks with diamonds, a red and blue tie, dark navy blazer and highly polished black shoes. Kris was bartending and didn’t see him walk up. She said, “What can I get you?” followed by “My god Buck!!!”

He was laughing as he said, “Just a cup of coffee for now. I’ve got a hot date this evening.”

Kris looked at him and smiled as she said, “You sure have, be gentle with her. She likes you an awful lot, maybe to much.”

“I know,” Buck said, “and I will be gentle. I like her too, maybe to much but she’s so damned insistent and I’m only human not made of steel.”

Just then Suzanne came up and said, “Okay, I’m finished. Wow, don’t you look nice!!!!!”

As they walked out the front door of the hotel, she took his arm. He stopped at a car and opened the door for her. She looked at him and said, “I didn’t know you had a town car. This is really nice” as she slid into the passenger seat.

Buck leaned in and looked into her beautiful hazel eyes and said, “There are a lot of things about me that you don’t know.” He kissed her very gently and thought he felt her tremble before he closed the door.

They drove the 2 blocks to her dorm and she went in and got a small bag. He didn’t go with her because it was still daylight and someone might get the wrong idea. As they drove down the freeway, he told her that there had only been one room left and they would have to share a king size bed. She told him that was okay and they would just have to manage.

When they arrived at the hotel about 7:30pm, Buck valet parked the car and took her bag. He had checked in earlier in the afternoon. He also had left a bottle of vodka and orange juice in the room earlier along with a bottle of champagne. When they got to the room on the top floor, he opened the door and made a sweeping gesture with his hand and said, “After you gorgeous. I hope you like the room.” He followed her into the room.

She asked him if he had made reservations for dinner and he told her that he hadn’t. Then she said, “Why don’t you go to the bar and get a drink. I need about an hour to take a shower and cleanup before we go. I’m not very hungry; maybe we can have appetizers in the lounge.” As he turned to go she said, “aren’t you forgetting something.” He turned and looked at her with a look of puzzlement on his face and was about to ask her what he had forgotten when she put her hands on his neck and kissed him. As she nuzzled his neck she said softly in his ear, “You smell good, don’t get in any trouble because tonight your mine!!!!” All the while she was squirming her body against him, as his cock began to harden. She reached down and gently stroked his cock through his pants and added, “That’s going to be mine too even if it is big. Go get your drink and be back in an hour.”

As he walked out the door he muttered “Damn.”

He came back an hour later and let himself into the room. He said he was back and she said she would be out in a minute. Buck made himself another drink and asked if she would like one. She refused the drink and he sat on the sofa sipping the one he had made for himself. Five minutes went by before she came out of the bathroom. When she did she was an absolute vision of beauty. A black above the knee A frame dress with a V neck that showed the top of her cleavage, a white open half jacket, black nylons and those white patton 4 inch heels. She kaçak bahis looked ravishing as she walked up to him and said, “I’m ready.” She kissed him lightly on the lips.

He looked at her and said, “I’m going to be the envy of every man here tonight and probably most of the women too. You look absolutely stunning. I’ve got to warn you though, I come here a lot and know many, many of the people who will be here tonight. They’re going to wander what the hell is going on. Suz (he had never called her Suz before) you are just to much.”

She kissed him again and said, “That’s what I intended.”

As he started for the door he turned and walked back across the room to his small overnight bag. He reached in and took out a small box and gave it to Suzanne. He said, “I almost forgot. I’m not giving these to you, but I do want you to wear them tonight.”

Suzanne opened the box and gasped. “Buck” she said, “these our beautiful.” Inside was a pair of dangling diamond and ruby earrings, matching bracelet and necklace, and a rather large diamond and ruby dinner ring. After she had finished putting them on, she stood quietly as he gazed at her. Amazingly, the ring fit perfectly.

Finally he said, “Take off the bracelet, to much jewelry.” After she had done this, he looked at her again and said, “Perfect, now you’re ready.”

They took the elevator down to the hotel lobby. As it was about to stop, Buck said to her, “Okay honey, are you ready to make an entrance?”

Suzanne looked up at him and said, “I feel like Ms. Rich Bitch, or someone famous with all this expensive jewelry on.”

Buck leaned over and kissed her gently and said, “Here we go.”

It was precisely 9:15pm as the elevator doors opened. As they walked across the crowded hotel lobby, the sound of a song called “Satin Doll” was coming from the lounge. Suzanne’s heels were clicking on the tile floor as she walked. She asked Buck “Why is everybody staring at us.”

He answered, “They’re not staring at us, they’re staring at you because you’re so stunningly gorgeous.”

Ted, the head of security, was standing at the lounge entrance and greeted Buck. Buck introduced Suzanne and told her if she had any trouble this was the guy to take care of it. Ted winked at Buck and smiled as they entered the lounge.

Kathy, one of the cocktail waitresses, came rushing over and said, “I have your seats already at the piano bar.” As Kathy led the way, Buck gazed at the 100 or so patrons in the lounge knowing that in another hour there would be well over 400 people. Standing room only, another typical Friday night at his space place. He told Kathy he’d have his usual and ordered a Fuzzy Navel for Suzanne.

The next hour was a blur. People Buck knew came over and said Hi. He introduced Suzanne to all of them. They danced to several songs. Finally Suzanne said she needed to go to the bathroom and Buck showed her where they were. She was gone about ten minutes. When they got back to there chairs Suzanne leaned over very close to Buck and said “10 inches huh.” Buck damn near choked on his drink. Suzanne was laughing and the lights were dancing in her eyes again. “That’s what the ladies in the bathroom said. They were also wondering what you were going to do with the Fuck Bunny you were with tonight. Am I a Fuck Bunny?????”

Buck regained his composure and said, “Only half of what you heard is true. I’ll let you guess which half.”

Suzanne replied softly, “I already know which half” as she nuzzled his neck and her hand gently squeezed his hardening cock.

Greg started playing again, as the break was over. Another entertainer, Bobby See, was on the stage and the two of them started playing the four hand Boogie Woogie on the Big Red Baby Grand Piano that Greg played. After 15 or 20 minutes of this, the place was really rocking. When the music finally stopped Greg said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce a new singing sensation to you this evening. Please give a warm welcome to SUZANNE.”

Suzanne looked at Buck and said, “You have to be kidding. This is some kind of a joke.”

Buck said to her, “Suzanne, relax, just be yourself. Sing “Brown eyed Girl” or “Crazy”. I’ll be right here. Go do your thing baby. Break a leg.”

Suzanne got up and kissed him and made her way up to the stage. She whispered something in Greg’s ear. He handed her a cordless microphone and played the opening bars to “Crazy”, then she started to sing.

Buck walked over to the main bar and leaned against it. She was 12 or 14 bars in when he looked around the lounge. Nobody was talking. All attention was directed to the stage. Suzanne had done it again, she had stopped the place dead cold. During an interlude in the song, her eyes searched Buck out. She put her hands on Greg’s shoulder and said, “Isn’t he wonderful folks.” Greg looked like he was going to melt into the piano. Then she was singing again. When she finished people were clapping and yelling. A few of the guys were yelling more, more. Greg said something to her and she answered him back.

He started playing “Brown Eyed Girl”. As she bounced around the stage and sang, the fellow next to Buck said, “Man, she is a natural entertainer and a real Fuck Bunny too.”

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