Mayıs 29, 2021

Surreptitious Love Ch. 79

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Chapter 79 — In Paradise with Thanh

Thanh and I had anxiously kept an eye on the weather forecast for the whole week, since we wanted to go to the hot springs west of town on Thursday, where we could rent a secluded, private pool area for a new sexual adventure. The week before the weather had been rather nippy at around 72 degrees but, eventually, the sun came out and warmed up more than just the cockles of our hearts.

Thanh had already been at those thermal springs last fall with two or three girlfriends, so she had been the one who proposed we go there. Actually, one friend of hers even worked at the small amusement park that had been built around the springs. Thanh had told me that the private pools would be ideal for a naked tête-à-tête, since they were protected by tall wooden fences. She assured me that we would be undisturbed: we could bathe, frolic, drink sparkling wine and, of course, indulge in each other.

Thanh had sent me some photos, too, and I also checked out their website. Of course, I instantly thought of the threesome with Nguyet and Vu, which we had been planning for several months now. We still hadn’t found a venue for Nguyet’s project of ‚banging her into oblivion’, however. Nguyet didn’t want to do it at her office or her home, but since Nguyet and Vu had apparently even fallen in love, the threesome had been put on the proverbial backburner anyway. But the thermal springs did seem ideal for it, I grew convinced.

The plan to sow Vu’s and my wild oats inside Nguyet dropped further into the background since Thanh was an astoundingly beautiful and pleasant young woman. I imagined spending two heavenly hours with her at the pool, drinking wine and having sex, and developed the idea that we run around naked during the whole time. We could play like innocent children in paradise and pursue whatever desire sprung up. I had deflowered Thanh about four weeks back at her house, and since then we had met a few times and played the sexual claviature up and down quite a bit.

Since there was a restaurant at the amusement park, we decided to meet at her house and drive out together, without going for coffee first. We would eat there and then go to the private pool in the back. It was pleasantly warm, at around 84 degrees, and Thanh decided to ride behind me on my bike. She was carrying a small backpack, while my speedos were just under my seat. She was wearing a black seersucker blouse, which left her shoulders bare, and a denim skirt that almost came down to her knees. Said skirt had a ‘collar’ at the top that protruded a bit from her body, while her blouse was so short that I had seen the yellowish skin around her belly-button when she had stretched to put her backpack over her shoulders next to my motorcycle, before she got on. Since we were going swimming, she hadn’t applied any make-up, not even lipstick, and was wearing her hair in a ponytail.

Of course, we had to purchase tickets for the whole park first, but they weren’t expensive. But we also got a small map, so that we could figure out what was where. The restaurant was close to the entrance, to the right was a botanical garden, behind which they had a playground. Further in the back but more to the left, there was a large swimming pool, behind which were said secluded pools. After we had sat down at the restaurant and ordered our food, Thanh texted her friend to tell her we were there. Those private pools were for six or eight people and not cheap, but they seemed absolute ideal for what we were planning. I wondered, though, if the proprietors could imagine that people might have sex there.

Thanh seemed super-relaxed, considering how relatively inexperienced in sexual matters she still was. She had a warm, knowing smile on her face, and I believed I could see the joy of anticipation on her face. We talked less than usual, though; perhaps she was planning something behind her forehead. We skirted talking about sex or the day, for a change, which I liked. The previous week I had proposed to be naked the whole time back at the private pool, but Thanh hadn’t officially agreed to that. She had actually cautioned me not to get my hopes up, but perhaps she had gotten used to the idea in the meantime.

The previous week, we had used a condom as we knew Thanh had been ovulating. To make up for that, it seemed, she had requested ‘the ultimate fuck’ for today, but I still didn’t know what that actually meant for her. So far, our adventures hadn’t been kinky or outrageous but still awesome and refreshing. To be honest, I didn’t really believe in ‘ultimate fucks’ and was happy to plainly bang her again without the rubber wall and explode lavishly inside her young body. Twice, of course.

But I still asked her what she had in mind:

“Well, Ben, you’re so much more experienced than I am …” she skirted a straightforward answer. “I’m sure you’ll have an idea … or two,” she added and then put on her knowing trademark smile bahis firmaları again.

I didn’t like passivity too much, but it was tantalizing how she shrouded herself in semi-silence, which she didn’t do to make it harder for me, though. Instinctively, she knew what to do to ratchet up the spiral of arousal.

“Well, yeah, sure, but you must have thought about our afternoon together …” I surmised. “Isn’t there something you haven’t tried yet, but are curious about?”

She thought about it for a moment.

“Well, the last time you licked me till I came. Kind of. Today, I could do the same with you … we haven’t done that yet. I’ll blow you really long and then you come inside me …” she suggested. “You can also teach me some tricks,” she continued, laughing. “When I’m back in Saigon, I’ll probably end up blowing a guy soon … you know, spending time with you, I realized that I need to keep an active sex-life …” she was explaining herself.

Since I only nodded and lit another cigarette, she continued:

“Since last Friday, I haven’t thought about anything but having sex again. Like the first few times, without a condom …” she admitted. “That’s still really special to me …”

In a way, she was retracting that ambitious ‘ultimate fuck’ thing, which was fine with me. But just when I wanted to ask her about being naked the whole time again, her friend appeared and the two of them began to chat in Vietnamese. We had greeted each other and smiled, but now I had a break. Thanh’s friend was a little chubby and sported dyed, short hair, of none of which I was a fan, but she seemed funny, kinda quirky, actually. Thanh kept looking at me during their conversation, and when I was done eating, I lit another ciggie. If her friend had been hotter, I might have asked her to join us at the private pool, but, no …

When I was done smoking, we paid for the food and the private pool. While Thanh’s friend was taking us back there, I admired Thanh’s lovely figure. I liked her clear, black-and-blue outfit, as it was elegant and sexy yet subtle and discreet at the same time. I got fixated on the inch of naked flesh between her two pieces of garment and realized that there wasn’t an ounce of superfluous fat on her body. The only thing was that the color black wasn’t good for her top, as her beautiful long, dark, wavy hair couldn’t shine as much as on yellow, for instance.

Her friend let us into the secluded pool area, and I was pleasantly surprised: the fence was painted in warm, burgundy-brown colors, and serenity enwrapped us immediately. The young woman had said, I thought, that she was going to come back with the Prosecco in a minute, and so I decided to wait up here at the small gate. Across from the entrance was a bungalow with no doors but a room that was separated from the pool by horizontal bars, through which I could see a bed. There were two banyan trees near the pool and some coconut palm trees to the right. Behind the bed was a door, possibly to the bathroom. Or only a toilet, as there was an outdoor shower. The room had a small fridge, and near the pool was a bunch of brightly colored foam mattresses.

The round pool, which was about 20 feet across, was framed by natural stones and bubbling in the center. We were still standing near the entrance, holding hands and looking around. There were a lot of plants and flowers, and near the pool was also a fairly tall hedge. The only thing that was missing were brightly-colored, croaking parrots. The wind was blowing gently, and it was wonderfully quiet. We could hear children play in the distance, possibly at the big, public pool or the playgrounds not far away. After a minute or two, Thanh put her backpack on the ground, just when I decided to walk down the small path towards the pool.

“Hold on!” she said quietly, squeezing my hand.

“Do you wanna wait here for your friend? Isn’t she gonna come back with the sparkling wine in a minute?”

Thanh looked up at me, took a deep breath, and let go of my hand.

“No, the wine’s already in the fridge. She isn’t going to come back. No one is coming for the next two hours …” Thanh said with a certain heaviness in her voice, which seemed to fit the moment perfectly, though.

Thanh looked pretty serious and opened the button of her skirt, here next to me on her waist. She pulled down the zipper on the side, too, and then let the skirt drop to the ground. While she stepped out of it, I locked the door behind us, and then she bent down to pick up her skirt. She then handed it to me like a gift. Her bikini-panties-clad butt had looked hot when she had bent down, Jesus! I didn’t do anything, though, as I had a hunch that she wasn’t done yet. Her blouse was going to be next, wasn’t it?

When I looked down on her, I saw her cute, little red flip-flops and noticed quite a few long, black pubic hairs sticking out on the sides of her red bikini panties. Thanh was panting but didn’t say anything. kaçak iddaa Suddenly, she pushed her panties down and exposed her large, wild bush, which was protruding quite a bit towards the pool. Good salacious Lord, did she look hot in her black seersucker blouse, from which on down she was now naked! Of course, I instantly felt compelled to undress myself, after I had caressed her firm butt a bit.

Thanh seemed relieved that I had undressed quickly after her, like she had been concerned that I might tell her to get dressed again, which would have been utterly absurd, of course. Encouraged by my nakedness, including my half-erect dick, she took off her blouse as well and reached behind her neck to relieve herself of her bikini top, too. Then she handed me her clothes, I picked up her backpack, and we sauntered down past the pool into the room.

I tossed our clothes onto the bed, and she stepped out of her flip-flops, before she said:

“Ben, I’ve thought about it for the whole week, but you were right: This is a unique chance … to be naked outside. I’ve never done that … never experienced that.”

Seeing Thanh naked had caused my dick to pump itself up further. It was now pointing straight at her, which was probably answer enough that she had done everything right. I rejoiced inwardly about sensible Thanh’s sense of adventure and gutsiness and was happy that I didn’t have to convince her. I was proud of her, too.

Thanh still hadn’t sat down on the bed, so I assumed we would get a frothy libation and go outside to sit down at the pool.

“Prosecco?” I asked rhetorically and took two blinking glasses from the shelf.

With my rod being three-quarters erect, I filled our chalices and pointed outside with my chin. I handed Thanh her glass and, once near the pool, pushed the mattresses next to each other with my foot. We put the glasses on the ground and sat down. The soft, warm water was embracing our calves, and we clinked our glasses.

“I had been worried if I would get you to completely undress at all,” I began. “And now that was the first thing you did …”

“Well, Ben, I’ve never sat outside naked. Maybe as a baby girl, but I can’t remember …” Thanh said quietly.

“Well, where I grew up, in East Germany, it was pretty normal to swim naked, even for teenagers. Often, boys and girls together, just like that. We weren’t ashamed …”

We had propped our bodies on our stretched arms behind us and kissed for the first time. Profusely. I looked around if there weren’t any cameras but couldn’t see any.

“Do you think your friend knows that we’re gonna have sex?” I asked Thanh.

“She can probably put two and two together, yes … but I didn’t tell her. I asked her, though, if we would truly be undisturbed. She promised …”

Thanh played with her calves in the water and opened her legs. I caressed her left boob here next to me and even sucked it for a little while, like a baby, but then I slid in the water. Here at the edge, it didn’t even reach my ball sack, and Thanh handed me my glass again. I leaned against her knees, and we clinked our glasses one more time.

“Here’s to lust and love!” I said and drank.

When she had finished her glass, she joined me in the water, since she had seen that it wasn’t too deep to stand up. We kissed again, and I felt my dick rubbing against her belly. I let myself fall backwards and drifted through the pool, around the simmering middle. Thanh was waiting for me with her arms on the warm stones at the edge of the pool. Now, she tried to float herself, and her pubic hair was dancing in the water close to my face. I stepped between her legs, holding her knees.

Thanh laughed, and I got closer. Under the water, I could make out her fat, crinkled inner labia, which were about to open. I heaved her up the edge of the pool, where she then wrapped her legs around my back and positioned her pussy just above the water. I squeezed her strapping thighs with both hands, and we kissed again, knowing that it was time to unite. I took one nipple between my lips and sucked it like I wanted to remove it from her breast.

When I let go of her nipple and stood upright again, I could feel her wet pubic hair on my glans. She had noticed, too, as she now reached down and began to stroke my cock, which was just above of the water. She squeezed my hips with her thighs, like a gentle vice. The water smelled a little of Sulphur, but I found the simmering noise behind me soothing. Thanh looked at my dick and said:

“It was great to see you come last week …”

We smiled at each other, while she was still kneading my glans. I stroked her labia gently, which seemed wet enough to begin. Luckily, the water didn’t go all the way up to the edge of the pool; otherwise, it would have washed away the precious fluids that our bodies were producing. Thanh repositioned herself and then said quietly:

“C’mon. Let’s do it …”

I bent my knees a bit but, kaçak bahis otherwise, the way she was seated was perfect. I spliced her lips with my glans and leaned forward. Unlike most of the times, I started thrusting right here at the entrance of her pussy, which felt heavenly. Eventually, I would fully end up inside her but, for some reason, I felt like joyfully playing here in the bucolic setting of the tropical garden.

Thanh leaned back and propped her upper body on her forearms. Then she watched me fuck her, like it wasn’t actually her snatch that I was pounding. When I raised my head, I saw the two largest coconut palm trees ever, and Thanh remarked how lovely everything was:

“Ben, I can’t believe that I’m outside, having sex … Aaah,” she moaned to underscore what she just had said.

After she had thrown her head back for a moment, she looked at me again, which I took as encouragement to push in a little further. I pressed my pelvis towards hers, and when I looked down, perhaps two thirds of my dick were inside her. She leaned towards me, in turn, and I could feel her breasts on my belly. I grabbed her head and buried it in my chest hair, from where I now could hear her snivel and moan. Melting together, I pressed the rest of my cock in her, all the while thrusting gently. I caressed her back, and we both kept rocking back and forth, instigating and reacting to the rhythm of our own love-making. I felt a gentle breeze on my skin and then her fingernails on my ass.

It was an almost new feeling to just have started fucking without the usual foreplay. But perhaps the whole situation here—being naked alone in a small patch of paradise—was like a foreplay in itself and completely erotic. We melted together, like Ying and Yang. I had my arms wrapped around her back and heard her pant and wheeze into my chest hair. Since my mouth was directly at her ear, I murmured tender indecencies, and when my glans started to itch, I thrusted extremely slowly for another minute, until I exploded inside her, twitching and hollering.

When our arousal had subsided, I stood upright again and noticed some slight back pain. I let go of her upper body, and she instantly swung her feet onto the edge of the pool. She stood up and was now towering over me. Gooey cum was oozing out of her snatch; once, some thread formed, which the wind then blew sideways. When I looked up at her face, past her tits, I saw that she was pulling her hair back behind her ears and then watched how countless drops of water were dripping down from her skin and pubic hair.

“Ben, I need to pee … kinda urgent … I already needed to go earlier, when we got undressed … but now, with the Prosecco …”

I understood and just got quickly out of the water. She probably knew that I wanted to take part in her peeing. She was looking towards the bungalow, which certainly had a restroom, but when I looked at the outdoor shower, I knew what we had to do. I pulled her hand and eventually sat down tailor-style on the warm concrete under the showerhead. I motioned her to stand right above me and propped my upper body on my stretched arms behind me.

Thanh smiled impishly but was now in position with her feet next to my thighs. She used both index and middle fingers to pull her pussy open and panted longingly. She let go of a loud guttural Aaah, while she was relaxing all muscles of her midsection. At first, I saw a few large yellow drops, before a formidable jet developed. She was licking her lips and laughed, while she was swaying lightly to douse my face, shoulders, and upper body completely. I felt the lukewarm, savory Champagne on my skin and how it was running down my loins. Towards the end, I leaned forward to imbibe some of the precious fluid, and she thrusted her lips like she was fucking to make the last drops leave her cavern. In the end, I grabbed her butt and pressed my mouth onto her half-open snatch tightly. I sucked and licked another pungent, piquant while, before she pushed me away from her gently.

“Ok, enough, “she laughed. “I’ll pee on you again before we leave,” she promised.

While I was getting up, I rejoiced: “Divine!”

“I never thought I’d ever do this …” she admitted, shaking her head.

“Well, out here, under the shower, it isn’t a problem, obviously …”

“Yeah, but that a man actually wants that …” she was still unsure.

“Oh, yes. I love it … for me, it’s just natural after a good fuck … of course, I gotta go, too,” I added, not knowing if she was going to ask me to pee on her.

I would never insist, but I could be sure, at least, that she wanted to watch. She hesitated a bit but then stood directly in front of me. I almost asked her to kneel down but didn’t. She had let me come on her the last time at her house. And, just the same, she grabbed my dick now and moved the jet all over her breasts and belly. Holding onto her hips, I watched how my piss was traveling down her skin. When I was done, we turned on the shower, rinsed, and then soaped each other. When we were clean, we kissed, and then I went over to the fridge again to fill our glasses once more.

“Let’s go back to the pool, shall we?” I said.

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