Nisan 19, 2021

Suprise Party

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It was a very long night at work for Dan. He couldn’t wait to get home to try and get some time with his wife Joy. The past few weeks there has been so much going on that they have not had much time to themselves. This in turn has had Dan’s mind just spinning with thoughts of a few other women that he would love to get his hands on.

He knew that there was no way that he could talk Joy into playing with her own sister Jeannet. Judging from some of the stories that she has told him from her past. He had a suspicion that Joy had got with her or at least snuck peeks of her naked from time to time.

Then on the other hand he also liked one of Joy’s friends Shannon. Shannon was a little number barely older then 22. She was about 5’3” about 100lbs at the most, she had the cutest little tits he had ever seen in his life.

Dan’s mind was racing during the drive home. Visions of Jeannet and Shannon were running through his head. Making it really hard for him to keep his mind on the drive at hand. Finally after what seemed like half an hour of driving, even though he knew it only took him 10 mins to drive home, he pulls into the drive way and shuts off the engine. He puts his keys into his pocket and feels just how hard his cock has grown at the thoughts of these two women that have been running naked though his mind.

He walks in to the bedroom to make sure his kids are ok. Both are sound asleep, he walks over and gives each a kiss on the cheek. He then walks over to his bedroom to tired and too horny to play on the computer tonight like he normally does. Joy is in bed asleep so he removes his clothes and climbs into his side of the bed. He leans over and kisses Joy goodnight, she sighs in her sleep and rolls away from Dan so he knows that he is not getting any tonight. As he drifted off to sleep thoughts of Jeannet and Shannon kept running through his head….

Dan woke at about 10:30 Sat morning. Climbing out of bed he walks out to find Joy and Jeannet sitting in the living room talking. Joy tells him that the kids will be staying with her mom tonight and asks him to run to the store after he fully woke up and get some things that they needed for a party that Jeannet wanted to have tonight.

“Why are we having it here? “ Dan asks.

“Well Jeff won’t let me have these kind of parties at our place” Jeannet says.

“It is a party for females only. You won’t mind going and visiting with Jim for a few hours will ya?” Joy adds. Without even waiting for his answer she turns back to her sister and continues making plans.

“Of course I won’t mind, not like I had any plans.” Dan mumbles as he walks back into the bedroom.

Joy gives Dan the list and off he goes to the store. Dan thinks to himself “wish I would have known about this party, I would have set up a hidden web cam to record it.” He chuckles to himself as he walks around the store picking up stuff off the list. “I can just imagine what happens at those damn parties. Five or six women passing around dildos and vibrators. Taking turns going into the bedroom and trying them out.”

After spending close to $50 to get everything Joy had asked for he heads home. As he pulls into the driveway he sees Shannon’s Corvette sitting there and his mind drifts to thoughts of eating her out right there on the hood of that lovely car. He gets his thoughts back together and proceeds into the house. He finds the three women sitting in the living room planning how the party will go.

“Here is everything you asked for babe.” Dan says while sitting the bags down on the counter.

“Hey Bro, can you help me canlı bahis get a few boxes out of my Van?” Jeannet asks.

As they walk towards the door he hears from behind him. “And don’t be starring at my sisters ass the whole way either Dan!” Dan blushes at the thought.

As they walk out to her van, Jeannet asks. “Do you really stare at my ass?”

“I Plead the forth and drink the fifth.” Dan replies

“Good answer.” She says while bending over to get a box out of the van.

Dan can’t help but stare as her pants get tighter as she bends over. “Mmmm “ slips out from between his lips.

“Uh-ah, bad boy, remember what my sister said.” Jeannet says while looking back over her shoulder. She stands and hands the box to Dan. It surprises him at just how much that box ways.

“How many toys they got in here?” He thinks to himself.

After bringing the box to the house he leaves to go to his brother-in-laws. After playing video games for five hours he thanks Jim for letting him come over and gets in his car to head home. All the way home thoughts of all those women playing with themselves had him hard as a baseball bat. He hoped that Joy would be in the mood to play a little bit after he got home. As he pulls into the driveway he sees Jeannet’s van and Shannon’s car are both still there. “Damn their still here. Guess I won’t be getting any for a while.” He thinks to himself. Then his mind returns to the thoughts of all these girls playing with the dildos and vibrators that Jeannet had brought over. All the women taking turns going into his bed and trying them out on them selves. Some possibly bringing themselves to orgasm, spilling them cum all over his side of the bed.

“Damn my bedroom is gonna smell good tonight.” He thought as he walked to the door. As he walked along the sidewalk he noticed that the bedroom light was on and the blinds were closed. He opened the front door and walked in to find no one in the front of the house where he figured that the women would be. He could see all sorts of toys laying all over the living room. There were dildos of all sizes and every color, there were some double dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, lube, restraints and every other toy you could ever imagine, not to mention the videos. The house looked like a prono shop.

As he walked down the hall to the master bedroom he sees jeans and shirts laying on the floor along the hallway. As he gets closer he sees bras, panties and a hot pink thong laying just out side the door. He hears what sounds like moans coming from behind the closed door. Dan opens the bedroom slowly, he is surprised at the site before him in his bedroom.

Three women were naked as the day they were born, licking and kissing each other. Laying on the bed was Jeannet, Shannon was on all fours on the floor with her head between Jeannet’s legs licking at her lovely pussy lips, behind her was Joy with what looked like a red 10” strap-on just going to town on Shannon’s twat causing her to moan into Jeannet’s clit with every thrust.

Dan just stood there at the door, mouth hanging open, cock getting as hard as a steel rod, just watching the women before him. Shock and awww over came him because this was nothing that he had ever in his wildest dreams thought he would ever walk in on.

“Are you just gonna stand there and watch?” Jeannet says, startling everyone else in the room and catching Dan completely off guard.

Before he could even react to the question asked. All three of the women before him had jumped up, grabbed Dan, striped him and threw him down on to the bed. They were kissing him bahis siteleri all over his body but none ever touching his rock hard cock. With lighting quickness and before he could even react they had him tied to the bed.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” He asked

“We have a little fun planned for you tonight honey.” Joy replies as she pulls a blindfold over his head.

The other two ladies just giggle as they run their hands over Dan’s chest and stomach. Shannon’s hands he could pick out easily because they were much smaller then his wife’s or her sister’s hands. Then all at once they removed their hands from his body and left him laying there for what seemed like ages. He could hear the ladies talking, so he knew they had not left the room.

“Was this their idea of teasing?” Dan wondered to himself. “Well its sure working.”

Out of nowhere Dan feels finger nails being dragged up his body. Unable to decide which woman it was playing with him, he lied there enjoying the pleasures that were planned for him. A pair of warm lips wrapped themselves around his cock making him jump. As the lips worked their way along his shaft another pair of warm lips began kissing and sucking on his left nipple. The hand running up his body came to rest on his right shoulder, the weight on it increased as the owner leaned in towards his head.

“I have always wanted to see you naked Dan.” Shannon said as she leaned in to his ear. He was hoping that the lips on he cock had belonged to Shannon. But now he had to decide whose lips they were.

He felt the bed shift as someone climbed onto it. It had to be Joy or Jeannet because Shannon was still licking his right ear. She moved away as a pair of legs straddled his head, as the legs beside his head lowered a lovely pussy down on to his mouth. Instantly he knew it belonged to his wife’s sister due to the lack of hair, Joy always keep hers trimmed but never shaved completely. As he went to town on his sister-in-laws cunt, a very warm and tight pussy replaced the lips on his cock. It had to belong to Shannon because his wife wasn’t that tight even when he met her years ago.

“Mmmmm!” Escaped his lips and into Jeannet’s sweet twat.

As Shannon was milking his cock and Jeannet was riding his face, he began to wonder where Joy was because he did not feel or hear her anywhere near him. Then out of no where, he felt her grab and start massaging his balls. Shannon had started to moan even louder and ride him harder, so he figured that she must be playing with her ass at the same time. After about ten mins of this pleasure both Jeannet and Shannon had cum on him about 5 to 6 times each. Jeannet got off of his face and laid down on the bed beside him trying to recover from what had been the best orgasms of her life.

“Guess I am better at eating pussy then Jeff is.” Dan thought to himself.

Shannon had her final and largest orgasm of the night right there on his cock, he could feel the wetness flood out of her and on to his balls, which by this time were aching to be emptied into her waiting cunt. Just as she was calming down and he was about to blow his load deep into her belly.

Joy piped up “ That’s enough for now Shannon, We don’t want this fun to end yet. Do we?”

Shannon climbed off of him as her and the other girls started giggling. Still tied to the bed and blind folded there was not much he could do about them leaving him. He could hear the girls leaving the room and walking down the hall chatting and giggling the whole way.

“Hey what about me, you just gonna leave me here?” Dan yelled.

“Only bahis şirketleri for a few minutes love.” His wife replied with a giggle.

After what seemed like hours of laying there naked and cold, did he hear the women returning to the bedroom.

“So ladies which one do you think we should use on our little boy toy?” Shannon asked.

“I think he would like the red one.” Jeannet said.

“No I want to try the beads on him first, then you can use the red one on him sis.” Joy replied.

Dan was puzzled by their talk. “What do they have planned.” He asked himself, only to find out soon enough. Joy was the first to touch him. A warm oiled hand grabbed his cock, stroking and bringing it back to life before it was moved down across his balls to his puckered asshole.

“Oh no you don’t ladies, Joy you know I don’t………” But before he could finish his mouth was covered by another warm and juicy cunt. This one belonged to Shannon and he was loving every minute of tasting her juices as they poured out of her. Enjoyed them too much in fact because he forgot about the fingers that were stroking his cock and playing with his asshole.

The feelings of the fingers running over his puckered little hole were soon replaced by what felt like a marble being shoved up into him. Followed by a second and a third. Each a little bigger then the last. By the time the forth one had entered he had stopped licking Shannon’s twat.

“You better keep licking mister or they will get something bigger for you.” Shannon demanded.

Dan began to lick again in protest of the anal torture that he was going through. When Shannon finally told the others that he was playing along, the beads began to be inserted again. A total of ten beads had been inserted into his bum, the last felt as large as a golf ball. However he never stopped eating Shannon’s little twat for fear of something bigger and the fact that he was loving the taste of her.

“He listens real well Joy.” Jeannet said.

“I guess he likes having he ass played with after all.” Shannon added.

“He hasn’t even felt the best part.” Joy announced.

Dan just laid there licking and sucking away on the twat against his mouth, trying to forget how much his ass hurt from the beads. A warm set of pussy lips were lowered on to his dick, he hope it was Jeannet’s, he always wanted to fuck her good just once. As she started to ride up and down on him, a new feeling took control of his rear, the beads had started to vibrate.

“Mmmmm” He moaned through the twat on his face.

A hand started to squeeze and massage his balls. Making it even harder for him to keep from shooting his load up into the woman on top of him. Just as he could no longer hold it, the beads were pulled quickly from his ass, giving him the best orgasm he had ever felt. He shot he load so deep in the woman on top of him that he thought for sure it was gonna cum out her mouth. This in turn gave Jeannet a monster of an orgasm, she let out a scream of joy that was sure to bring the neighbors running.

The pleasure caused him to suck in hard on Shannon’s clit, triggering her orgasm as well. Female nectar filled his mouth like he had never tasted before. After drinking every last drop she finally rolled off of him gasping for air.

As they all laid there recovering, kisses were planted all over his body. The blind fold was finally removed and he was released from his binds.

“Guess we will have to save the red one for next time.” Jeannet panted.

“We will see.” Dan replied.

After they had recovered, they all got up off the bed and went to the shower together. As the girls packed up their new toys and said their goodbyes.

Joy looked at Dan and said. “AGAIN!!!!!! ” All they could do was laugh as they headed off to bed.


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