Mayıs 29, 2021

Summer Fun Ch. 09

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One Thursday evening I had a visit from Kim. This was totally unexpected, as I knew that Roger and her children were home.

As soon as I closed the door, Kim wrapped herself around me and kissed me deeply. I kissed back, of course, groping her ass while I did it.

Kim broke off the kiss and pulled away from me. “Sorry, Tim, but that’s all you can have tonight,” she said, a little sadly. “I’ve come to ask you a favour – a big favour.”

“He who does a big favour, expects a big reward – old Chinese saying,” I quipped.

Kim giggled. “Don’t you worry about that,” she said. “I’ll see that you get a nice reward.”

Kim explained that next Saturday, Roger’s company was holding a formal dinner for executives and their wives, at a fancy hotel in a nearby city. Kim seemed quite excited at the idea of a weekend in a fancy hotel. “So would you be able to take care of Jason and Lucy for the weekend?” she asked.

“Sure, that’s no problem,” I said. “I’m always happy to look after them. I’m sure that we can find something to do.”

“It’s probably easier if you sleep at our house,” said Kim. “That way the kids can sleep in their own beds.”

“Ok,” I said. “But do me a favour. Don’t change the sheets on your bed. That way I’ll think of you all night.”

Kim giggled, and then she kissed me goodnight and left.

So just after lunch on Saturday, I grabbed my overnight bag and made my way next door. “Thanks for doing this, Tim,” Roger said, shaking my hand. “Make yourself at home. illegal bahis Help yourself to anything that you want. I’ve left some cash for you to buy dinner tonight.” Then he and Kim said goodbye to me and the children, and they left.

We spent the afternoon playing video games, and I ordered pizza for dinner. After dinner I sent the children to shower and put on their PJs. Then we settled in to watch movies. It was an unusual experience, sitting with a child each side of me. I had never really thought about children of my own. Jason and Lucy were always well-behaved, and I thought that it might be fun to have children like them.

Eventually Lucy fell asleep. So I said “Bedtime” to Jason, and without any argument he got up and went to his room. I picked up Lucy and carried her to her room. She woke up enough to scramble under the covers. I leant down and kissed her cheek. “Goodnight, Sweetie,” I said. “Goodnight, Uncle Tim,” she murmured. Then she added, “I love you.”

I returned to the lounge room. I thought that it was so sweet that Lucy had said ‘I love you’ to me, even if she was half asleep. I thought about how nice it would be to have a cute young daughter of my own, who would give me cuddles and kisses because she loved her daddy. Maybe it’s time to rethink my future, I thought.

I stayed up long enough to make sure that Jason and Lucy had settled, then I decided to go to bed. I snuggled into the pillow, and immediately I could detect Kim’s unique scent on the pillow. I thought about how illegal bahis siteleri nice it would be if she was here with me, and then I felt something under the pillow. I reached under and pulled out a pair of Kim’a black lacy panties. My cock immediately got hard as I put the panties to my nose, inhaling her pussy scent, and reminded of the many times that I had eaten her cunt.

I found a hand towel in my bag, and then I rubbed my cock as I wrapped her panties around my nose. It just took a few strokes until I came, shooting cum into the towel.

I cleaned myself up, and stowed the towel and the panties in my bag. Then I settled down to go to sleep. I decided that fucking Kim in that bed was definitely on my Bucket list.

The next morning, I was woken up by a human torpedo crashing into me. It was Lucy, of course. “Wake up! Wake up, Uncle Tim!” she shouted. “It’s Sunday. No school today. Yay!”

Lucy immediately burrowed under the covers and snuggled up to me. I remembered my thinking from the last evening, and smiled as I thought that maybe children of my own would be nice.

I tickled Lucy and she squealed. “OK, go and get dressed, and wake up your brother, and I’ll fix breakfast,” I said.

We all got up and dressed, and I made pancakes for breakfast. “So what do you want to do today?” I asked. “Can we go to the beach?” asked Jason, excitedly. “Sure,” I said. The beach would be easy, and would fill in the whole day, I thought.

The beach was fun. It was late in the afternoon canlı bahis siteleri when we returned, to find that Kim and Roger had just arrived back from their trip. “How was your weekend?” I asked. “Wonderful!” said Kim. “I could get used to living like that.”

“Don’t get too used to it,” said Roger. “It only happens once a year.” Kim poked her tongue out at him, behind his back. “I have to run down to the shops,” he said. “I’ll pick up something for dinner.” And he left.

I could see that Kim was angry but she said nothing. She turned to Jason and Lucy. “Look at you!” she exclaimed. “All wet and sandy. Shower. Now! Lucy, use the shower in my bathroom.”

As soon as the showers turned on, I grabbed Kim. “How about a down payment on that big reward?” I asked. “Oh yes, please!” she said.

I pushed her back onto the kitchen bench, pushed up her skirt and pulled down her panties, taking them off. Kim pulled me towards her and kissed me. “Oh yes Tim!” she gasped. “Do me hard.”

I pulled out my cock and rammed it into her wet cunt, fucking her hard. I put my hand over her mouth to muffle her squeals when she came. And then I came hard, filling her cunt with my cum. Risky sex is exciting, I decided.

We straightened ourselves up. “I’m keeping these,” I said, holding up her panties. “They will go nicely with the lacy black pair.” Kim pressed herself against me and we kissed. Then I heard the showers turn off. “I should go,” I said.

“Thanks again, Tim,” she said. “For everything.”

That night I replayed the kitchen fuck in my mind, inhaling Kim’s pussy scent from her panties. I came hard. Yes, risky sex was exciting. I could tell that Kim had been excited by it too. I wonder what else we could do, I thought.

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