Mayıs 29, 2021

Summer Break Ch. 04

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Solo Male

When Danny had taken the lifeguard test he had underestimated the benefits of the job. He soon began to realize that his days consisted of sitting on his ass by the pool and getting a tan. He teased his friends who worked the register at McDonalds or folded khakis at the Gap when they complained about long hours on their feet where they could barely catch a glimpse of the sun. Danny had gotten a job lifeguarding at Seaview Beach Club where the well-off in Millington spent their summer days when they weren’t at their beach houses in the Hamptons. He worked mostly weekdays which meant the clientele was predominantly teenagers like himself, except that they drove their daddys’ BMWs and didn’t need a summer job, and housewives whose idea of housework meant trying to give their non-English speaking housekeeper instructions on what errands needed to be done.

Danny didn’t mind the housewives. Some of them were hot. A few of them had flirted with him, peeking over their sunglasses up at him from the opposite side of the pool or chatting him up while he was up on his perch. It disturbed him a little considering some of them were pretty close to his mom’s age, but at the same time, the whole Mrs. Robinson thing kind of turned him on a little. He of course had no complaints regarding the teenage girls who paraded around the pool in bathing suits that covered the bare minimum. Even the teenage boys weren’t that bad – at least there was little chance of them drowning. And they didn’t give him a hard time the way they would have if they had when they were in school. Here, he was invisible to them.

Thursdays were nice because Danny worked the afternoon shift which meant he could sleep late. He got to work at 1, peeled off his t-shirt, threw it in his locker and climbed up to his throne above the pool. Through his sunglasses he had free reign to stare at the plentiful mounds of flesh bouncing and bobbing below him. He was basically being paid to ogle women and he made sure to earn every penny he was being paid. Every once in a while he thought about Sara and felt a little guilty, but he was just looking he assured himself. There’s no harm in looking. Not that he and Sara were that serious. They were only 18 – it wasn’t like they were on their way down the aisle or anything. She would be going off to college in a month and a half and he would be staying here, going to Everton. Danny got the sense that there would be no effort made by either party to attempt a long distance relationship. Theirs was a high school thing and it would serve its purpose until it reached its expiration date at the end of the summer.

Danny’s eyes kept falling on Veronica Delacourt lying on a lounge chair directly across the pool from him. She seemed to be staring directly at him, but with her sunglasses on, he couldn’t tell. It wasn’t likely though. Veronica was Danny’s age and they’d been in one or two classes together in high school, but he was sure she had no clue who he was. He couldn’t even remember ever speaking to her in the past four years. But now, they were out of high school, away from the strict social hierarchy, and Danny thought maybe there might be some small possibility that here he had a chance.

Veronica was the girl who all the guys either wanted to sleep with or had slept with or at least claimed they had slept bahis firmaları with. Girls hated her because she didn’t play by their rules. They called her a bitch and a slut behind her back, but to her face, she was their best friend. Guys hated her because she refused them. They made lewd jokes about her with their buddies and then went home to jerk off to her picture in the yearbook.

It was hard to blame them – she was the utter embodiment of sex – and Danny was appreciating every inch of her. Her dark brown, almost black, wavy hair fell just below her shoulders. Her skin was on the verge of mocha and her body glistened with perspiration. Her breasts overflowed from the white bikini top with straps that seemed to be working their hardest to hold everything in. Her stomach was taut and Danny’s eyes trailed down to the tiny triangle that was held together with two little bows on each side just below her hipbones. The thought of what that small piece of fabric was concealing began to get his dick excited and he could feel it growing beneath his trunks. Danny tried to subtly move his arm to cover it as he scanned the pool to make it look like he was not neglecting his job.

When he looked back at Veronica, her chair was empty. His eyes frantically searched for her. He quickly found her at the end of the pool standing at the edge. She looked up at him purposefully. There was no mistake about it – she was no longer wearing her sunglasses and he could feel her eyes peering into his. She looked back at the turquoise water at her feet and dove in, barely making a ripple. He watched her tan body move underwater like a torpedo. He imagined the water moving over every curve of her body, seeping through her bikini to all those places the sunlight couldn’t reach.

“Hey man, you’re done. Go take your break,” his replacement called up to him.

Danny had completely lost track of the time. His shift was over and he climbed down from his chair, his eyes never looking away from Veronica gliding through the water. He began to walk along the edge of the pool towards the main building to take his break. Suddenly, she climbed up the ladder out of the pool. Her suit, which had done a wonderful job clinging to her when it was dry, was now stuck to her like shrink-wrap and the white fabric had become so translucent that he could clearly see her pert nipples that were the size of half dollars. At that moment Danny envied the beads of water that were trickling down her chest between her breasts. She slicked back her hair and then adjusted her bikini bottom to make sure it wasn’t revealing any more than it should.

Danny had been so overwhelmed by Veronica getting out of the pool that she literally stopped him in his tracks. He just stood there watching her.

“I saw you staring at me,” she said and looked over at him. She wasn’t smiling and he began to worry that she might not have appreciated his ogling.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Danny was flustered. He didn’t want to lose his job. He’d been so sure that the “checking out” had been mutual.

“You don’t need to apologize. I wanted you to look at me.” She walked over to her lounge chair and grabbed her towel to pat herself dry. She stepped close to him, her still-damp breasts just grazing his bare chest, and leaned to whisper in his ear. With kaçak iddaa the palm of her hand pressed firmly against his semi-hard cock, she said, “You want to fuck me don’t you?” She leaned back to look him in the eye. The only thing stopping from coming right there in his trunks was the fear that other people might have witnessed this exchange. Luckily, it was pretty empty today and the only member close enough to see anything clearly was lying face down on her chair with her bikini top undone to prevent tan lines.

She turned away and began walking towards the beach where the members’ cabanas were. Danny just stood there for a moment watching her perfectly smooth, round ass move away from him. Suddenly it occurred to him that she wanted him to follow her. He glanced around to make sure his boss wasn’t lurking nearby to remind him that employees were not allowed to just wander around the club during their break. The help was supposed to remain hidden when they weren’t working.

While the thought of Sara may have been somewhere in the back of his mind, his dick certainly was not thinking about her whatsoever. All his cock was interested in was what was under that sheer white bikini. He started to walk quickly to catch up with her, but then realized it would probably be better if no one saw them walking together. He stayed several steps behind her, his eyes tracing every curve of her body. Sara was cute, but this girl was different. Every movement she made and every word she said screamed “Fuck me.”

Veronica disappeared into the last cabana in the row. By the time Danny got there, she had already stripped out of her bathing suit. She stood there in the doorway naked, waiting for him. She was not the slightest bit concerned that anyone else might see her. Her large, round breasts that were just as tan as the rest of her body, her perfectly pink nipples, her Brazilian-waxed pussy. He could hardly believe he was standing there with this amazingly hot girl ready to fuck his brains out. He wondered if maybe he’d passed out from the heat while he was working and this was all just a dehydration-induced hallucination.

She reached out and grabbed the waistband of his bathing suit. Her fingertips tickled his pubic hair, making his cock jump. She pulled him into the cabana and slammed the door shut behind him with her other hand. She plunged her hand deeper into his shorts and wrapped her fingers around Danny’s throbbing cock. She started stroking it slowly. His hands jumped up to her breasts. He’d been dying to squeeze them between his fingers from the moment he saw her lying on the chair by the pool. Hers were only the third pair he’d felt against his skin (there had been a couple that he’d fondled “over the shirt,” but he didn’t think those really counted) and these were, by far, the best. He rubbed his thumbs over her hardening nipples, tweaking them with his thumbs and forefingers and then leaning down to devour one and then the other.

While his tongue flitted across her erect buds, she stopped stroking his cock to help him out of his bathing suit. She slid the elastic over his nicely-muscled ass and placed her hands on each cheek, pulling him closer so that she could grind her smooth pussy against his rigid cock.

Suddenly, she stopped and looked him in the eye. Danny was confused. “Why kaçak bahis is she stopping?” he thought. And then, slowly, she kneeled down on the ground and wrapped her hand around his dick. She looked up at him, stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock. Danny could swear his heart stopped for a minute. This could not be happening. Sara had always been reluctant when it came to blowjobs. He tried going down on her as much as possible in the hopes that she would reciprocate, but she was never really enthusiastic. She was the only girl though whose mouth had ever gotten that close to his dick. Until now.

Veronica traced her tongue around the circumference of the head, teasing it, and then began to lap at it like it was a popsicle. Slowly, she slid her mouth around the shaft. She swallowed his cock so far that he could feel the back of her throat.

“Do NOT come Danny, do NOT come yet,” he kept repeating to himself.

Danny combed his fingers through her hair as her lips slipped up and down his cock. Back and forth and back and forth while her tongue swirled around and around. He could feel his balls begin to tighten. Afraid he’d blow his load right then and reveal how much of an amateur he obviously was compared to her, he pushed her back off of him. She looked up and smiled, giving a little laugh when she realized why she’d been interrupted.

His ego feeling a bit bruised, Danny was determined to fuck her until she begged for mercy. He jerked her up to standing position and slammed her up against the wall. She smiled again, pleased to see how ravenous he was for her. It was as if she was daring him and he was not going to disappoint her. He grabbed her right thigh and lifted it with one hand while his other grabbed his thick cock and rammed it into her dripping wet pussy. She let out a small gasp and he lifted up her other thigh so that now she had both feet off the floor. He slid his hands to her ass to support her weight against the wall and began thrusting into her with all his strength. The inside of her pussy felt amazing. So hot and wet. And her moans were driving him crazy.

“Bring me over to the chair,” she demanded. He gave a quick look around to find the chair she was referring to on the opposite side of the room. He slowly backed up, her legs firmly wrapped around his waist and his cock planted deeply into her. He carefully lowered himself down onto the chair and, after a bit of adjusting, she began riding him furiously. Her pelvis was thrusting back and forth and she began gyrating on his throbbing cock. She managed to rub her clit against his groin while she slid up and down, her pussy swallowing him whole. She started to bounce up and down, faster and faster, and her beautiful tits jumped with each thrust. Her long moans became quick, fast and loud yelps and he wasn’t going to be able to hold back any longer. He felt her entire body quiver and he was sure now was the time. He exploded, shooting his come deep inside her.

They were both breathing heavily and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He hadn’t noticed that she’d had her eyes shut until he saw her open them. “Thanks,” she said and gave him a small smile. She carefully slipped off of him, leaving his still erect cock standing straight up as if it were a flag planted in a newly conquered territory. She started walking towards the shower and looked back to see Danny bending over to collect his trunks.

“What are you doing?” Veronica said as she disappeared into the shower. “I’m not done with you yet.”

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