Nisan 19, 2021

Sultry Samantha Ch. 01

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Mark walked into his bedroom hoping to relax after a hectic day at the office. His sales manager had quit, two of the receptionists had quit, and he found out his partner was having an affair with his biggest client. He would have given anything at that moment for his beloved wife Misty to be alive still, she was so understanding to his needs, ready to listen attentively about his problems while giving him the most wonderful massages, and chuckling to himself, fucking his brains out after she had him nice and relaxed.

He laid back on the bed kicking his shoes off, thinking about his day and the past. How perfect their lives had been before Misty was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. He thought back to before it was just him and his little girl, well not so little anymore. Sam was eighteen now, and she would have killed him if she knew he still thought of her as Sam instead of Samantha like she asked. But she would always be his little tom boy, fixing the cars with daddy on Saturday, helping with the yard work, tossing a baseball in the back yard while mom watched.

God those were good days. Now Mark found himself trying to raise their daughter on his own, dealing with periods and dating. His little girl had grown up, and even at thirty seven, Mark felt old all of a sudden. Determined not to let this sudden funk he was in overcome him, he rose up off the bed and walked slowly over to the bathroom, undoing the buttons on his shirt as he walked. Peeling the shirt of his broad chest, he reached into the bahis firmaları shower and turned the dials till the water temperature was just right, steaming hot, but not so hot that it would burn him.

He undid the button on his slacks and pulled the zipper down, letting his pants fall to the floor. He moved over to the full length mirror and examined himself, the broad shoulders and muscular chest. His hips were still slim, his stomach still firm, almost a six pack but not quite, strong legs, strong arms, “Huh,” he thought to himself, “not bad at all for almost forty.” He also took a close look at his cock, thinking that some higher power must have really liked him to endow him so well. His dick was 9″ long if not longer, (he never felt it necessary to measure), and thick. He remembered fondly when Misty had first tried to fit her mouth around it and couldn’t, mmm, but it was fun when she tried. Mark snapped out of his fond memories, then examined his face, he had jet black hair, slightly grayed at the temples, bright blue eyes, classic nose, firm but soft mouth that Misty, when she was alive, said could make her melt when he smiled in just the right way.

He moved away from the mirror and stepped into the shower, not locking the door as he usually did. He picked up the bottle of shampoo and started lathering his hair, again thinking back to when Misty was alive and they showered together. It would always start out innocently enough, but by the time they had washed each other, touching and caressing kaçak iddaa with the slick soap, they would end up with her pressed against the shower wall with his cock buried deep in her pussy, fucking wildly while the hot water sprayed down on them. He began rinsing his hair and looked down and smiled realizing that his cock remembered his showers with his wife fondly also.

“Why not,” he thought to himself, “it’s not like Sam is home to catch me.”

He grabbed the soap and lathered his hands, then placing the soap back on the edge of the bath, reached for his throbbing cock and began to stroke, letting his hand slide slowly up and down his length. He filled his brain with thoughts of the naughty times he and his wife had had. Thinking about how she had craved his cock, begging for him to fuck her tight wet pussy. Mark stroked harder when he thought about how his hot little slut us to beg him to fuck her harder, stretching her pussy wide, plowing her from behind. Harder and faster he stroked, thinking about how HIS slut wife would slam her ass back on him taking his long hard cock hard and deep. He moaned out load in pleasure, god it had been so long since he had thought this way, thought about having his cock in a nice hot pussy while he stroked himself till he came. Marks moans slowly became louder and louder as he slid his hand up and down his dick faster and harder.

Then suddenly the bathroom door opened and his daughter was standing there watching him pleasure himself. “Daddy! OH GOD! I’m kaçak bahis so sorry, I thought something was wrong!” Sam squealed then quickly shut the door again. Mark stayed in the shower with his hand wrapped around his cock, embarrassed that his daughter had seen him, but even more embarrassed that he was still hard and turned on that she had seen him. He was dumbstruck when she had opened the door so suddenly, and ever more dumbstruck when he saw what she had on.

His little Sam, Samantha, was standing in the door to his bathroom, wearing nothing but a little red thong and matching bra. His sweet innocent little tom boy, had red lingerie, and she was walking around the house in it like it was normal. With out knowing it, Marks hand had slowly started to stroke again, while he thought about his little girl in very sexy red lingerie. He was pumping his cock hard when he realized what he was doing, when he realized he was masturbating to the vision of his sexy, well built, 18 year old fiery temptress of a daughter. Marks cock suddenly jerked in his hand, shooting violently as he thought of the way his little girl’s ass had looked in that little red thong as she turned and left the bathroom. He cried out in pleasure as his cock kept exploding, the vision of his little girls body burning in his mind.

He leaned against the shower door, thinking about what he had just done, while still lightly stroking his still hard cock. Mark suddenly felt very guilty about jerking himself while he thought about his sexy, red haired little temptress whom he would never think of as Sam again….

Thanks to loverboy4mom for looking it over for me! Please give any comments or suggestions for making it better, chapter 2 is coming soon.

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