Mart 23, 2021

Suddenly I C Pt. 03

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Copyright 2012, 2020 Lisa Summers

All characters depicted in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are aged 18 or older.

September 18

“Wake up sleepyhead,” the woman’s voice said, to the teen girl snuggled under a blanket.

“Wha-?” said Samantha, waking up to find the bedroom bathed in early morning sunlight, as she rested in Mary Walker’s bed. “Ohhh…” she said, memories of the night before coming back to her.

“That was amazing,” she said.

“Do you remember how good it felt?” Mary asked. She wanted to make sure that memories of pleasurable lesbian sex washed away any feelings of guilt the girl might have. Samantha was very important to Mary’s plans for the future.

“Oh, yes!” Samantha said, her eyes lighting up.

“Good,” Mary said, sitting next to the girl on the bed, leaning over and kissing her warmly, and letting her hand slip under the sheet to caress the girl’s naked body. Her hand stroked Samantha’s small breasts, teasing her nipples until they stiffened from the pleasure she felt filling her groin.

“Mmmm,” Samantha moaned, as Mary’s hand slipped further down her warm, slim body to the moist nest between her legs. Samantha stretched and yawned, in the process spreading her legs for Mary to access her wet slit.

To Samantha’s disappointment, instead of finger fucking her or diving in to eat her willing vagina, Mary threw off the sheet, revealing the girl’s slim, lissome body, then slapped her plump ass twice, a slapping sound resounding off the walls of the apartment bedroom.

“C’mon honey, we’ve got company coming over for breakfast, we’ve both got to freshen up.”

Samantha pouted, but slowly rolled out of bed, then stood and walked into Mary’s warm, naked embrace, the woman’s body exciting against her own. “Thank you,” Samantha whispered into her ear.

“For what?” Mary asked, smiling.

“For showing me what it’s like to love another woman,” Samantha replied shyly. She looked puzzled.

“I don’t know why I’d never thought of being with a woman before the last few days,” she said, straining to remember why things had changed. “The thought of being with Brad now…well, it just seems boring, and unfulfilling.”

Mary said, “I’m just glad that you’re mine now. There’s a whole world of woman loving for us to explore, and we can do it together. But for now, let’s explore the shower, eh? We both smell like sex, and our guests might be surprised at that.”

“Guests?” Samantha asked.

“I wanted to show you off, don’t worry, they’re old friends.” Mary led Samantha to the shower, and turned it on, adjusting the water until it was just right. She opened the sliding glass shower door to allow Samantha to enter, and then followed her in.

As soon as the frosted glass door closed, Mary said, “Oops, I forgot I needed to pee.” She looked at Samantha.

“You don’t mind if I do it here, do you?”

Before Samantha could respond, Mary squatted down, still on her feet, and spread her legs in front of Samantha, inviting her to watch her female lover piss, right there in the spacious shower stall, onto the ceramic tiles. Her golden urine hissed as it hit the floor, her stream of piss strong and hard, a hot saline stink rising up to both women’s noses, along with the steam from the shower next to them.

“Ahh,” Mary sighed, although it wasn’t clear if her contentment was due to the release of pressure on her bladder, or fascination with the smell of her own pee, though the question was soon partially cleared up.

“Won’t you pee too?” Mary asked her young lover. “You can do it standing up. I want to watch you.”

She was delighted when, instead of refusing, Samantha only said, “I don’t think I can do it standing up.”

“Rest your cunt on my mouth, dear,” Mary said. “Your sweet piss will come out easily enough then.”

“You mean, you want me to pee in your mouth?” Samantha asked, incredulous.

“Yes, I’d love to drink your pee, darling,” Mary replied.

Timidly, Samantha brought her hips to Mary’s face, her own stream of urine still gushing steadily, now onto Samantha’s feet. Mary grabbed Samantha’s hips and ass, and brought her mouth to the girl’s divine little pink pussy, her tongue quickly slipping between the girl’s musky labia and teasing her pee hole inside her slit.

Samantha felt the urge to release her own morning stream of dark yellow urine increase as the older woman’s tongue poked into her urethra, and truth to tell, any shyness that Samantha might ordinarily have had was fast destroyed by whatever magic had made her feel pleasure in another woman’s arms.

Her stream of urine began as a few hot dribbles of salty fluid on Mary’s tongue, and then quickly became a deluge of steaming piss that thrilled the woman and filled her mouth, even as Mary quickly and repeatedly gulped the flavorful essence of female bodily waste.

At some point Samantha göztepe sınırsız escort felt her clitoris tingling with pleasure at the thought of a woman drinking the hot urine direct from her body, and when Mary teased Samantha’s moist clit with her tongue as her flow of pee came to an end, the girl shuddered from yet another orgasm.

Mary rose and took Samantha in her arms, kissing her hotly, the teenager opening her mouth to eagerly accept the residue and remnants of her own piss still in Mary’s mouth, her hips pressing hard into Mary’s as they both came together.

Under the hot stream of water, Samantha stayed in Mary’s arms, their wet bodies slickly rubbing together. Samantha squealed as the water coursed down them both.

“That feels so good!” she said, turning under the shower flow, her arms out. Mary looked at the girl’s beautiful body, as she pirouetted about. Her sweet breasts, round and full, her small, pink nipples stiff and pointing. Her perfectly round ass globes, smooth and glistening, the dark furrow between hinting at the lovely treasure within, and which Mary resolved to explore as soon as possible. Her hips, broad and feminine, signals of the girl’s fecundity and fertility. Samantha’s sweet, adolescent-looking pussy, appearing young, but so, so responsive to a woman’s tender and loving touch.

Her sweet young face, and lovely smile, the quintessential perky teenager on her way to becoming a woman…

“God, I love you so much, Samantha,” Mary said.

Samantha smiled. “And I love you, Mary, and for loving me,” Samantha said. Mary reached for the shampoo, then added a dollop to Samantha’s full mane of dark brown hair, gently working it in, as Samantha stood submissively, enjoying the massage. When she finished, Samantha returned the favor, shampooing Mary’s shorter blonde hair, then rinsing it out.

Both added conditioner themselves, then they began soaping each other, by far the most enjoyable part of their mutual cleansing. Samantha ran her soap-covered hands over Mary’s more mature curves, scrubbing away, and even daringly slipped her hand down between Mary’s own warm, full ass cheeks, teasingly showing her interest in that part of her female lover.

“And what’s this hidden down here?” she teased, her fingers stroking over Mary’s puckered ass hole. Mary squealed.

“That feels good,” she said. “But, I haven’t had a lot of fingers back there before…”

“Just fingers?” Samantha teased. Mary raised her eyebrows as Samantha giggled.

“Well, I see we have a lot of exploring left to do, don’t we?” Mary said, as the two women hugged and kissed.

“Oh yes,” Samantha promised. “My tongue is curious to see what you taste like… everywhere.’

“Well, do a good job of cleaning me, then…”

The two returned to their vigorous cleaning of each other’s body, settling finally on making absolutely certain that each other’s vagina and clitoris were well-scrubbed. As Samantha slickly teased Mary’s throbbing, soapy clitoris, running her fingers around the small organ, and pinching it between thumb and forefinger, Mary slipped her fingers inside Samantha’s silky, hot box, fucking the girl’s excited hole languidly.

“Ohh mmmm yeah,” Samantha moaned.

“Ohhhh fuck, so good,” Mary cooed, as each woman bathed in a sweet orgasm at the hands of the other. The two let the pleasurable sensations course through their lithe bodies, then kissed warmly, lingering long, then finally returned to finishing their shower, rinsing and giggling as they stepped from the shower, wrapping each other in thick, fluffy, floral sculpted slate gray bath towels, then leisurely drying each other off.


“So, who are our ‘guests?'” asked Samantha, her curiosity getting the better of her.

“Get dressed, and you’ll find out,” Mary teased. “Here, I’ve picked out some clothes of mine that I think will fit you, and are just perfect.” She opened a dresser drawer, and pulled out a pair of faded blue jeans, then went to the closet, and came back with a western-cut cowgirl shirt, with some lovely artwork over the breasts.

Samantha asked, “Where can I find a bra and panties – you probably don’t want me to wear my dirty underwear…”

Mary put her hands on Samantha’s hips, and kissed her, a peck on Samantha’s full, warm lips, then said, “No, of course you can’t wear yesterday’s dirty underwear, silly! You’re not going to wear any underwear.”

Samantha stared at her. “Really?” she said.

“Really,” confirmed Mary. “Just the blouse and jeans. I think you’ll come to prefer it.”

“Well, okay,” Samantha said, slowly. She stepped into the jeans, and pulled them up her hips. They fit her perfectly, nice and tight, showing off Samantha’s pert little butt. Then she put on the blouse, and looked at herself in the mirror. “Not bad,” she said, pleased with the effect.

“Here, you can leave the top three…no, four…buttons undone. Kind of show off your cleavage a little göztepe ucuz escort bit,” Mary said, adjusting the blouse. Samantha smiled at her reflection in the wall mirror.

“Kind of daring. I hope your friends aren’t offended.”

“I’m sure they’ll like it,” Mary said. “How do the jeans feel?”

“Very different…here,” she said, her fingers running over the vee below the zipper. “It’s interesting…”

Mary dressed herself in a brightly floral sundress. “How do I look?” she asked, turning for Samantha’s inspection.

“Beautiful,” the teenaged girl responded. “But you look like a girl, and I sort of don’t…”

“Darling, you’ll understand later,” Mary assured her.

“Do you think I should call my mother?” Samantha asked. “She must be worrying…”

“No,” Mary said. “I sense trust issues. I’ll tell you what…” Mary proceeded to convince Samantha to let herself be blindfolded and to have noise-deadening headphones put on, then lay on the bed.

Just then the doorbell rang. Mary picked one of the headphones off Samantha’s left ear. “Our guests are here, you stay here and don’t move – no matter what happens – okay?”

Samantha said, “I hope I’m not making a mistake – but, okay.”

After a few minutes of undistinguishable conversations and other’s voices, Samantha felt her jeans being pulled down to her knees. A soft pair of lips began kissing her thighs, on the way up to her pussy. She had to admit that this mysterious assault was much more exciting than threatening, and her pussy agreed, wetting nicely as a female tongue approached.

She felt a pair of hands caressing her breasts, almost timidly. But it felt so nice to have her breasts gently caressed, obviously by another female. Samantha was starting to get over her initial surprise and test of trust, and allowing the pleasure of female hands and lips to excite her.

Her nipples hardened, every time the girl’s fingers lingered on then through the shirt. The girl even began gently pinching them, shooting hot sparks through her breasts to her clit.

“Ohhhh,” Samantha moaned encouragingly, wanting more female attention to her breasts.

Meanwhile, the woman (or girl) kissing her thighs, had graduated to tonguing around her labia, then over them, and even into Samantha’s wet slit. Her hips involuntarily bucked upward, to feel the sensation of a tongue fucking into her sensitive, delicate hole. The woman eagerly penetrated Samantha’s steaming pussy, lapping up the young teenager’s creamy girl sauce, and pressing her nose over and around Samantha’s clitoris, swollen and hot. Samantha began cumming, an extreme sense of pleasure building in the tiny volume of her clit, then radiating out through her hips and thighs, finally washing over every part of her, ecstasy filling her until she felt that she was composed of sexual pleasure in every cell and atom of her being.

“Ohhhhhwaahhhhnuhhhh,” Samantha moaned, her body as stiff as a washboard, then collapsing limply. She felt the two females lying on either side of her, and then kissing her, making her giggle as she was assaulted softly with lips. She eagerly responded, her enthusiasm slowly building once again, her body moving in time with the two females.

This time, one sat astride her upper body, clearly naked from the waist on down, the aroma of hot pussy evident, and mouth watering to Samantha. The other one attended to Samantha’s own pussy with her mouth and fingers. If it were the same two women, apparently they’d changed places, as the mouth now on her pussy acted differently than the previous one.

But Samantha’s immediate attention was directed to the pussy of the woman on top of her. The woman slid her full, round ass closer to Samantha’s head, allowing Samantha to smell, then taste, the woman’s hot and ready vagina, fluid sweet and creamy dripping onto Samantha’s breasts, then her cheeks and lips, and then on to her tongue.

“Mmmm,” Samantha crooned, enjoying the taste of only the second pussy she had ever had on her mouth.

“Oh yeah, you taste and smell so hot,” she encouraged the woman, wanting the cunt to be mashed all over her face, to get herself as deeply inside that hot, tight womb as she could. The woman was frigging and teasing her clit, as Samantha licked into her gushing slit, the heat and moisture and fragrance of a fresh, excited pussy the nicest pleasure Samantha could conceive of.

As Samantha absorbed the pleasure that a woman’s ripe pussy was bringing to her mouth and nose, she began concentrating on the other woman licking and eating her own hole. Her clit was being teased by an expert set of lips and tongue, the woman clearly enthusiastic about the taste and feel of Samantha’s own female honey pot.

The two sources of Samantha’s pleasure were converging inside Samantha. When the headphones were unexpectedly removed, apparently by Mary, the sounds the other two women were making were clearer, and added infinitely to Samantha’s pleasure, kadıköy anal escort sending her over the edge of excitement.

The girl between her legs was commenting on her taste, and excitement. “Ooh, what a sweet, wet cunt…smells so fucking hot and excited! I wanna cum while you cum, I’m licking your hot hole with my fingers up my own gushing hole…uhh unnh fuck cum baby, cum with me!”

Meanwhile, the woman above her face, whose wet, sopping pussy Samantha was enjoying, had a slightly deeper, older voice. “Oh fuck baby, eat my fucking cunt hole, make me cum on you, gush my fucking cum all over your sweet fucking face, you hot little cunt! FUCK I’M CUMMING NOW…I CAN’T HOLD IT OFF…OH FUCK, SQUIRTING ON YOU LITTLE BABY GIRL, SQUIRTING MY HOT CUM IN YOUR FACE!!”

“What the fuck,” Samantha thought. “MOM? MOMMY??” But just as that awful thought took form in her brain, Samantha was cumming, harder than she had ever before, her body shaking and shuddering with the ultimate sexual pleasure…just as Mary ripped off the blindfold, to reveal to Samantha’s lust-filled eyes, her naked mother’s dripping wet pussy riding her daughter’s hot and thrusting tongue.

Samantha exploded in a second orgasm, her own sweet pussy squirting a blast of excited girl ejaculate over the face and mouth of the unknown girl between her legs.

The three women collapsed onto each other, their warm, supple and soft bodies melding beautifully, curve to curve, comfortably fitting together not for the last time. They snuggled together, many questions forming in Samantha’s mind that would keep her occupied for some time.

“Mommy?” she asked. Her mother understood every question wrapped within that one word.

“Samantha, something miraculous has happened, and you and I, and others, are part of it. Love between women can take all forms now, not just the sacred love of a mother for her daughter, and a daughter for her mother, but the love that two women can share that opens up the pleasures and delights of heaven and earth.”

“And all because of Mary Walker.”

She looked over at Mary, who had been standing in a corner watching the events, and who, of course, had been responsible for Samantha’s eyes literally being opened to the possibility of carnal love between a mother and daughter.

“Wasn’t that the most pleasurable moment of your life – when you realized that you were bringing your own mother a pleasure that had been denied her?” Mary asked.

“But…Daddy…” Samantha stammered.

“Your father’s just a man,” Gloria Barker replied, in a tone that told Samantha that sex in that way was a dead end, at least for her mother. She thought about Brad. They hadn’t yet had sex, but Samantha couldn’t imagine it being better than sex with a woman. Brad would have to go on a back burner, while Samantha explored the pleasures of sex with women.

Samantha thought a little more about her mother and father, then Brad, then decided to move on to more interesting topics.

“So, who are you?” she asked the young blonde girl lying next to her.

“That’s my daughter Dawn,” Mary piped up. “She’s the sweetest little girl.”

“And my lover,” Samantha’s mother added. “And she certainly is sweet, at least in every hole I’ve tasted…”

“I can speak for myself, you know,” Dawn said, looking a little aggravated. “I’m not a little girl.”

“No, you’re definitely all grown up,” Gloria, Samantha’s mother said.

“I’ll say,” Mary added. “And speaking of which, I think that it’s time that you two got to know each other a little more…intimately.” Both Samantha and Dawn looked interested at that comment.

“Oh?” Samantha said.

“Samantha, we want you to fuck Dawn. She’s – I mean you,” Mary said, looking at Dawn, “-are nicely submissive, and we want Samantha to fuck the crap out of you.”

“Literally?” Dawn asked, while Samantha’s eyebrows simply raised.

Mary laughed. “Maybe.”

Mary went over to the closet, and came out with a belt kind of thing with a cock-like attachment.

“What on earth is that?” asked Samantha.

“That’s your penis, dear.” She showed Samantha how to put it on, while Gloria kept Dawn distracted, by kissing her deeply, and fingering the girl’s already wet pussy. Samantha stepped into the two looped parts of the device, a simple latex dildo attached to thin pink nylon straps, and with a small nub on the back side of the dildo intended for the pleasure of the presumably female fucker, as the dildo itself was intended for the pleasure of the fuckee.

Samantha giggled, looking at herself in the mirror. “I look like a guy, sort of,” she said.

“A very cute guy,” Dawn said, standing next to her new lover, her left hand on Samantha’s sweet, naked rump, her right hand smoothly caressing Samantha’s new appendage. The two girls kissed, Dawn’s hands coming up to rest on Samantha’s shoulders, her feminine response when with the one who would be fucking her senseless, as Samantha’s hand went to her female lover’s cute, round ass, squeezing and caressing those soft pillows she intended to be slamming into soon enough.

“Suck me, bitch,” Samantha whispered. The words and the tone they were addressed in were unfamiliar to Samantha, but she rapidly found herself becoming comfortable with them. “Suck my dick.”

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