Mart 23, 2021

Submission to Lesbian and Gay

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When you start out in life, things are simple. You just look between your legs and determine if you are a male or female. The penis between mine clearly told me I was a male. This realization included my sexual role and responsibilities. It was my duty to seek out willing women, develop a relationship, and have sexual relations. Simple to understand, at least that has been the social understanding for a male.

I married Jan 10 years ago. During most of that time I was responsible for earning our income, taking care of the house, and fulfilling my sexual role. As a woman of our time, Jan was independent and felt free to do whatever pleased her. Her vision of the woman’s sexual responsibilities was more aggressive than perhaps women of an earlier age. She also never seemed to be satisfied with my performance in the bedroom. She always thought I failed to understand her physical, emotional, and sexual needs. Perhaps that was true, but I tried my best to make her happy.

There are times that life takes an unanticipated and unexpected turn. Sometimes it can have a wonderful outcome and other times turn your world upside down. It happened to me. It was a Friday night and I took my wife to dinner at a local restaurant and bar. Dinner was good as usual. At 9:00 PM a local band started to play. I asked Jan to dance. That was the turning point. My life began a slow, negative spiral downward that changed not only my life but that of four people.

As we moved to the dance floor, Jan stopped and yelled, “Rod, is that you?”

Sitting at the bar was Jan’s old high school flame, Rod Becker. Jan changed directions and went right to the bar. With me following like a dutiful puppy.

“Rod Becker is that you? Its Jan Wilcox from West River High.” The look on her face immediately indicated she was very happy to see him.

He replied, “Jan Wilcox, you are as beautiful as ever. What are you doing here?”

Responding she said, “I am having dinner and was going to the dance floor. What are you doing here?”

At that point I might has well been on the moon. Neither Jan nor Rod paid any attention to me until I interrupted and stuck my hand out to shake his. “Hi, I am Jim, Jan’s husband it is nice to meet you.”

Rod politely responded, “It is very nice to meet you. Jan and I went to West Water High school together and I haven’t seen her in at least 12 years.”

Attempting to look supportive, “That’s great. What brings you here tonight?”

At that point Rod’s focus shifted completely to Jan. “Our company is moving from Chicago to Tampa. I am looking for both office space and a new house located not too far from here and wanted to scout out the neighborhood.”

Pausing for a second. he then said, “Jan, you are the last person I thought I would see this evening.”

Jan smiled, “It is truly a big surprise to see you. Are you here with your family?

Rod replied, “Not yet, my family is still in Chicago but will be moving here once the deal on the house closes. I am Chief Financial Officer of Hoffman Tech. Mary’s father is the founder and owner. He is tired of Chicago politics and Illinois taxes, so we are all moving to Tampa. That means approximately 150 new jobs for this area.”

“Jan, you look as beautiful as when you were Homecoming Queen at West Water.”

Blushing Jan replied, “You are kind, but I was just one of the girls in the queen’s court. I am surprised your remembered.”

At this point I wanted to break these two up and get the hell out of the restaurant. This old-time high school reunion was getting to be a bit much.

Before I could say anything, Jan said, “Jim, let’s invite Rod back to our table so we can chat for a few minutes and catch up. You can also share some information about Tampa that might be helpful to him”

She then said, “Rod, unless you have other plans would you like to join us?”

Without hesitation he said, “Yes, I would love to. I don’t want to interrupt your evening.”

Without even looking at me, Jan said, “Oh, you won’t be interrupting. It will make the evening special right Jim?”

Immediately I was put into a no-win situation so I said, “Yes, that will be fine.”

For the next two hours and three rounds of drinks for which Rod paid, I had to listen to Jan and Rod re-live their high school days. Never mind that both had lives after West Water. I became the “potted plant” at the table.

Finally, I said, “Rod, it has been great seeing you, but I have to get up early tomorrow to help our neighbors move their daughter into an apartment. Jan, we have to go.”

She suggested, “Jim why don’t you go home. Rod, we don’t live too far from her would you mind dropping me off at home in a little while?”

Rod quickly said, “Jim, you are quite a guy helping your neighbors this way. I have no problem bringing Jan home. Don’t worry she will be safe.”

I reluctantly said, “Ok, Jan but please don’t be too late, Jean wanted your help in organizing Jennifer’s apartment, remember?”

Jan bağdat caddesi şişman escort replied, “Don’t worry I will be along shortly.”

I left with an uneasy feeling this was not the best idea.

Two hours later Jan finally got home. She had obviously had a few more drinks and was very talkative. I am not even sure she understood what she was saying. She also thought I was asleep, so I think she was talking to herself not expecting me to hear her.

“Rod is still the looker. We spent a lot of time in the back of his VW bus. I still remember that big cock filling me and driving me wild. He knew how to fuck a girl and probably still does.” He got me excited just talking tonight. Unlike my guy who has a micro-cock and doesn’t really know how to curl my toes. Why Rod married Mary Hoffman I will never know when he could have had me. Well, she will inherit $500 million at some point when her father passes away.”

That was the end of Friday night with Rod, or so I thought. Nothing more was said about Rod or that Friday night. Life returned to normal except Jan had no interest in having sex with me. A perfunctory hug and kiss in the morning was the closest I got to a sexual experience.

About a month after the “High School Reunion” Jan informed me that we were invited over to Rod’s home for a house-warming party. She had accepted and purchased two bottles of exceptional wine for a gift. The cost of this little gift was $150.

Rod’s house was in the same subdivision as ours and only 3 to 5 minutes away depending upon the traffic light at Linebaugh and Countryway. Jan greeted Mary with a big hug and Rod with even a bigger one. After Rod poured the drinks we settled in and talked.

Unlike Jan’s description of Mary, I found her to be a very attractive woman. At 5ft 9in tall, blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, and worth $500 million I could easily understand why Jan lost the “Rod Sweepstakes”. More importantly, Mary seemed like a genuinely nice person. Unlike Rod and Jan who started to re-live their past glories, Mary focused on me.

“Jim, I understand that you’re a sales manager for a large financial institution here in Tampa. That has a great deal of responsibility. Please tell me about yourself.”

That moment of kind, interest made me feel comfortable with her and we talked. I learned that she graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in education. That she taught special needs children in the Chicago school system. She loved to sail, go to plays, and spend time at the beach. Mary was a first-class woman. It soon became clear to me that Rod choose wisely when he married Mary.

During the evening Rod made a few crude remarks about Mary’s interest in sex. That seemed totally inappropriate to me. Unfortunately, Jan seemed to be encouraging him. Little did I know that they had already started a plan to control both Mary and me.

One comment Rod made really bothered me but truly upset Mary. “At Northwestern Mary had a roommate that enjoyed cuddling with her. They never seemed to have any clothes on.”

At that point he winked at Jan who seemed to smile as if to say, “Mary is a lesbian.”

After that comment I decided it was time to leave. Although Jan wanted to stay, I insisted that we had to go because in the morning we had volunteered for the church’s pancake breakfast.

Mary asked, “When and where is that going to be tomorrow. I am looking for a new church.”

After giving her the information, I said good night. Mary gave me a hug. Jan gave Rod a big hug and a polite one to Mary.

On the way home I told Jan I did not appreciate Rod’s degrading remark about Mary.

Jan responded, “Everyone in high school knew Mary liked girls better than boys. I don’t know why she married Rod if she wanted to have a lesbian lover. What a waste of a good man.”

I asked, “How did everyone know Mary was a lesbian?”

Jan responded, “Everyone just knew. She would make friends with girls that most of us would not want to even admit we knew. There was the time she was caught naked in the girl’s locker room with a senior girl.”

At that point I did not know that Jan and Rod had started a plan that would lead to blackmailing both Mary and me. They had spent time together in several motel rooms having sex and laying plans to get what they wanted in life. The fact that Mary and I would be victims did not bother either of them a bit. Their plan was to make Mary into a lesbian with a girlfriend and me into a gay submissive to a dominant male. In so doing they could then justify divorcing both of us and marry. The key was timing because until Mary’s father passed, away leaving her $500 million. But after his death and under a divorce settlement, Rod could end up with $250 million and perhaps control of Hoffman Tech. Until that happened Mary and Rod would stay together.

This sinister plan started to develop as soon as the pancake breakfast. Mary joined us at the church. Rod bağdat caddesi ucuz escort had a business commitment on the golf course.

“Mary, it’s good to see you this morning. Let me introduce you to some of the people here.” At that point I started to introduce her to members of the congregation.

Jan was busy cooking but joined us later. Smiling and chatting you would have thought Jan was Mary’s best friend in high school.

Jan finally said, “Mary, it has been a long time since we were able to have just girl talk. How about you and I getting together for dinner one-night next week and catching up.”

“Jan, that is a great idea. How does Monday evening at 6:30 work for you?”

“That’s perfect. Let me pick you up since I know the area and we can find a nice place to have dinner and chat.”

Mary smiled, “That’s perfect. What should I wear something casual or a bit dressier?”

“Whatever you feel most comfortable. Most of Florida is casual so anything from shorts and top to a sun dress works here. I probably will wear a sun dress but don’t let that influence what you will wear.”

Jan knew that by telling Mary she was wearing a sun dress Mary would do the same. This would expose Mary’s shoulders and legs which was part of the Jan’s plan.

When we got home, I complimented Jan for inviting Mary to dinner and renewing their friendship.

She smiled, “Yes, I will enjoy the evening and I am certain she will become very close to me.”

Monday at 6:30 Jan picked Mary up. As Jan had predicted Mary was wearing a pretty white sun dress with floral prints and white sandals. Jan was wearing a navy-blue sun dress.

Mary asked, “Where are we going?”

Jan replied, “The place is called Baxter’s. It caters mostly to women and couples. You won’t be hit on by some drunk male at Baxter’s.”

Arriving at the restaurant Jan said, “You are my guest tonight. I want to welcome you to Tampa. Relax and enjoy the evening.”

Mary replied, “Thank you I appreciate your kindness.”

Baxter’s is a bar/restaurant that caters to lesbians and making hook-ups. Jan was right that Mary would not have to worry about drunk men hitting on her. She would become a victim of a setup for blackmail.

After ordering a glass of white wine for Mary and a martini for herself Jan started the conversation on what Mary should know about Tampa. The conversation then drifted to high school.

“Mary, you and I didn’t have much of an opportunity to get to know one another in high school. We seemed to always be in different circles.”

Mary sighed, “Jan you are right. You were always one of the most popular girls in school and well I was shy and seemed to gravitate to girls who were more like me. I admired you and in fact voted for you to be Homecoming Queen.”

Jan replied, “That was sweet of you. I unfortunately, heard about that incident in the locker room where you and Judy Hopkins were both naked together. That was a school scandal for a few days.”

Shaking her head Mary said, “That was a total setup by someone who disliked Judy. They stole our clothes and towels while we were taking showers after gym. Then someone reported to the principal that Judy and I were having sex in the locker room. What a mess. Both of us were identified as lesbians when that was the kiss of death socially.”

“I am so sorry to hear how badly that turned out. Rod made a comment the other night that seemed to reinforce the lesbian image. That must have bothered you.”

Mary just shook her shoulders, “He likes to do that in order to let everyone know he is the boss and he married me even if I am a lesbian. It’s his way of control. My room mate and I often walked around in our underwear but were not naked.”

At that moment a woman approached the table. Jan said, “Hi, Emma, how are you I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

“Mary this is Emma one of the owners of Baxter’s. She does a lot of counseling work with women in Tampa.”

“Emma, this is Mary she and her husband just moved from Chicago to Tampa. We went to high school together and we were just catching up. Please join us.”

Emma replied, “I don’t want to interrupt your catching up, but I would like to say hi.”

Emma took the chair next to Mary, “It is a pleasure to meet you. Please excuse my boldness but you are a very attractive woman. I love that dress.”

Blushing Mary replied, “Thank you. I appreciate your compliment.’

Emma then waived at the bartender to bring another round of drinks. Which he did. Placing the new glass of wine in front of Mary and removing the half full one.

Emma said, “Jan and Mary I would like to invite both of you to my second-floor office and show you my collection of historic Tampa before you leave.”

Jan said, “We would love to stop by if that’s ok with you Mary?”

Mary smiled, “That would be great. I would find it interesting to learn more about the city.”

Emma excused herself. bağdat caddesi yabancı escort After 20 minutes or so Mary said, “I feel a bit strange. I need to go to the lady’s room.”

“Let me go with you. The restroom is across from Emma’s office on the second floor.”

It seemed strange that the lady’s room was on the second floor, but Mary followed up the stairs. Rather than going into the restroom Jan led Mary into Emma’s office.

“Emma, I think Mary is ready if you are.”

With a smirk Emma said, “I am ready for this lovely addition. Let’s strip her while she is still semi-conscience. It makes it easier. But first let me take a picture of her in that pretty sun dress. She looks very attractive.”

With Mary only mildly about to protest Emma took several pictures of Mary leaning against a cabinet.

“Okay, let’s strip the bitch and put her on the bed.”

Jan unfastened the clasp on the back of the dress and pulled it over Mary’s head. Mary tried to resist but could not do more than whimper. Then off with the bra releasing her firm breast.

Jan commented, “Those are small compared to mine what he sees in them I don’t know.”

Mary’s panties were unceremoniously yanked down her legs. Pushing her onto the day bed, her sandals were pulled off along with the panties. Now naked, Mary lay there like a woman waiting for a lover to come.

Emma took more pictures of Mary and made certain nothing was left out including her most private parts. She then said, “When the girls come in, I will have them pull her ass cheeks apart to I can get some good shots of her ass hole. Those are usually the most embarrassing. Fear of having someone see those pictures usually ensures that they obey whatever I want done.”

Emma continued, “She does not shave her pubic. I can have her shaved and take pictures of her bare pussy. That usually adds to my ability to control a girl. Do you want her shaved or will her husband notice and want to know why?’

Jan responded, “Shave the bitch. Her husband won’t care and the more you can humiliate her the better. I want her to obey everything she is told to do by you and me.”

“Jan, take a seat and watch as we turn Mary into to a slut who will either obey what I tell her or have pictures and a video that on a porn star would envy.”

Taking a seat Jan watched as two girls came into the office. Both were semi-nude wearing leather straps around their breasts and black leather thong panties.

Emma gave clear instructions. “I want you to suck her breasts, pussy and play with her like she is your lover. I am especially interested anytime she opens her eyes. I also want one of you to shave her pussy so that I can take pictures. Once that is done, spread her ass cheeks for me so I can get more pictures. The one of you can fuck her pussy the other fuck her ass. I want to hear some moaning if not from her then you. Get started.”

For over an hour both girls performed all the instructions given to them Mary seemed semi-conscient and at times tried to stop them but could do little. Jan seemed to get great pleasure in watching this degradation take place but really smiled when Mary was fucked in the ass.

“Emma, if I could love to fuck that bitch myself.”

Emma replied, “If you want to do it, I can give you a strap-on and turn off the camera. You will need to take off you dress, and I recommend removing your panties before putting on the strap-on, but that will be up to you.”

After a moment to think about its Jan said, “No, I will do that some other time. After tonight Mary will do whatever I want her to do she is now my lesbian slave.”

After the girls had completed all of their degrading acts and all the pictures taken, both girls were ready to leave.

Emma said, “Thank you for your help. You know I won’t tell anyone what you did here tonight, and your faces were not photographed. I do need you to clean her up and get her dressed.

Within a few minutes, using some wipes, and pulling Mary’s clothes back on her, the girls left.

Emma said, “The girls will pick up their money at the desk. They are my submissive and won’t say anything. Besides I have pictures of them. In another 30 to 40 minutes Mary will become conscience. She received a “Roofy” and won’t remember what happened. Her first clue will be a bald pussy.

True to Emma’s prediction Mary started coming out of from the influence in 30 or so minutes. Sitting on the day bed Emma and Jan were talking as if Mary had been in the conversation all along.

“Mary, it is getting late, I think we should be getting home. Are you ready to leave?”

Looking a bit bewildered she said, “Yes, I guess I am. I was on the way to the bathroom and we ended up here.”

Jan replied, “Yes, you went to the bathroom and then we took Emma up on her invitation to visit in her office.”

On the drive home Mary said, “I don’t remember the conversation we had in Emma’s office. There is a blank spot in my memory about that.”

Jan replied, “You were an absolute lady. Sometimes Emma can go on and it is hard to follow her.”

After dropping Mary at her house but before going into her home Jan called Emma.

“Emma, this is Jan. Just like you said, Mary doesn’t remember anything. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she discovers her bald pussy. How will she explain that?’

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