Nisan 2, 2021

Stronger than Glue

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It was a hot summer day. The entire neighborhood was at the beach, except for Emily and Xander. They were stuck at home while their parents were out of town for work related reasons. It wasn’t as if they didn’t want to go out or anything, but seeing as they were both pretty much adults in their mid-twenties, jobless and with no money, aside from the cash their parents would bring in, they had no choice but to stay inside.

Xander at least earned his money from doing chores around the house. He’d average around $200 a month. Not enough to pay for his own home, but at least he was able to afford his own stuff. Sometimes he wished his parents weren’t such cheapskates, they weren’t exactly poor, in fact, the individual salary of each of their parents would be enough to live a luxurious life. But, on the other hand, they didn’t really needed all that stuff, and being conservative with money had its own set of advantages. At least he and his twin sister could just stay at home for a really long period without having to worry about getting a job.

It’s not like Emily didn’t want a job though. She was smart, she could prove herself if she wanted to, yet her lack of confidence and motivation lead her to drop out of school once she could. She really didn’t like school anyway, as she wasn’t exactly the social type, or the popular kind. It wasn’t because she was ugly, but she wouldn’t exactly fit in any cheerleading squad either. She was just average, as she’d call herself, not ugly, not beautiful, somewhere in the middle, and she was fine with it.

But it wasn’t as if she wanted to be alone either. Sometimes she’d talk to her brother about how she felt. Xander was the only person she’d trust with anything, so naturally the subject of loneliness came up. Xander knew everything about loneliness. Even though he and his sister were mostly alike, he was still the more emotional one. Xander and Emily generally did get along pretty well. Sure, they did get into fights at times, but that wasn’t anything unusual for siblings to do.

“You need to clean your glasses,” Xander said. “It’s a wonder you could see through these things.”

Xander glanced at Emily’s laptop screen.

“Do you mind?” Emily said, a bit annoyed.

“I was just curious,” Xander replied. “Why are you looking for swimwear, anyway?”

“Maybe I want to go to the beach.”

“Well, aside from the fact that you don’t have any transportation, I wouldn’t look at these. They’re made to go off fairly easily.”

“How do you know that?”

“For one, it says so in the description, and the image already makes it seem like that’s the case.”

“Why do they make these things?”

“Em, I really hope you’re not as naive as you sound.”

It didn’t immediately click, but when it did, she felt a bit embarrassed, as she already did order a pair. In fact, it was going to arrive that day. She was quick to hide the embarrassment, and she wouldn’t want to let this fact stop her from wearing it. She wanted to feel as sexy as those models, even if she didn’t have the body of one.

While Emily waited outside for the mailman to intercept her package early, Xander decided to work on a small project in the garage. He wanted to start his own business, making miniatures and set pieces for tabletop games, mainly roleplaying games, and he wanted to make a start by building a large castle. He already had part of it done, and today he was going to work on one of the towers.

It was hot, and for some reason the air conditioning wouldn’t turn on. Every once in awhile this would happen, and he would always need to call somebody to fix it, but in the meantime, he’d just work on the tower in his underwear. He was home anyway, and it wasn’t as bahis firmaları if Emily would mind.

Things didn’t exactly go well while crafting, though. He couldn’t get the walls right, so he had to redo them by starting over. Then, for some reason, he’d use too much glue when gluing the walls together, meaning he’d have to cut the excess out after it dried. Then he spilled the glue all over. Perhaps it’s just too hot to work, he thought, he already made too many mistakes. He decided to just clean it all up and work on it when the airco was fixed.

But then a new problem arose. Whenever he’s working on something delicate, he’d always lean against the table. However, since he spilled a lot of glue all over the table, naturally a bit of glue would get on the edge, so now, he was stuck on the table. Or, actually, it was just his underwear that got stuck. Okay, no problem, all he needed to do was make sure the rest of the glue on the table was dry.

Emily had her own set of problems. The fact that she wasn’t a swimsuit model became a bit apparent when she tried out her newly arrived swimwear. She already had trouble getting her bikini on, but after a while, she noticed everything would be getting a bit more loose. Initially she thought that this wouldn’t be a problem, until things definitely got a bit too loose. She was a bit disappointed, especially since it wasn’t really cheap.

Suddenly she heard a short yell. It was her brother, she was sure of it. At that moment, she didn’t think of her swimwear, in fact, she didn’t exactly seem to care. It was her brother after all, it wasn’t as if he didn’t see her naked before. She ran towards the sound, until she tripped and fell, right on top of him, bonking her head against his, briefly falling unconscious.

You see, when Xander tried to climb out of his underwear, he began to lose his balance, and, with a loud yell he fell to the ground. He laid there on the ground, naked and dizzy. His head was spinning around, and he needed to have some rest. But when his sister fell on top of him and bonked her head against his, everything went black.

When shortly after they both came to, they both realized their predicament. They were both naked, lying on top of each other. Even worse, Emily felt something was wrong, and Xander realized that something happened that should never have happened. You see, right before Xander fell unconscious, for some reason, he began to have an erection. It wasn’t exactly something that would normally happen. Maybe it was the fact that it was hot, and he was naked, but when he came to, he felt that his member penetrated his sister.

Emily was too shocked to react, but Xander immediately said, “You should get off me, Em.”

Emily immediately snapped back, and tried to stand up, only to realize she couldn’t.

“Xander,” she said. She began to panic. “I can’t. I’m stuck.”

Xander felt the tug as well, and then he began to realize what happened. While falling, he tried to hold on to something, but accidentally squeezed a big tube of glue, squirting it all over his chest all down to his pubic area.

“Em, we need to get to the shower right now.”

“Why am I stuck?” Emily said, beginning to panic even more.

Xander still tried to keep his cool. “It’s the glue. When I fell, it got all over my body.”

Emily began to cry. “I don’t want it to be like this,” she said.

It took a little bit of time for Xander to realize what she meant, and then the shock came in. Neither of them have been intimate with somebody, so technically, this could be considered their first time. He began to breathe more heavily as his head got dizzy, but he had to pull it together for her.

“Em, listen. This kaçak iddaa doesn’t count, okay? Just pretend that this doesn’t count.”

Even though Emily knew Xander meant well, it didn’t help her at all. As much as she wanted to believe it, as much as Xander wanted to make her believe it, she knew this wasn’t true. She shook her head, with tears flowing down. “No,” she said, “No, it does.”

Xander realized this was something she couldn’t ever get back. As much as he wanted to believe otherwise, she was right. He took his sister’s virginity without even meaning to. Everything began to spin in his head, and for some reason his erection would still persist.

Finally, Xander knew what to say.

“Okay, Em, you’re right, but, this isn’t sex. We’re not going to have sex, Em. What we’re going to do is we’re going to the shower, and hope the glue would dissolve in warm water.”

Even though Emily was still crying, she calmed down a bit. She nodded.

“Now, could you help me get up? We just need to roll to our sides, and get on our feet from there.”

They both rolled to their sides, and used their hands to get up. It didn’t go as smoothly as planned, though. In order to actually get up, they needed to synchronise their movements, adjust their weights to each other. They were fortunate enough that their hands and feet were free.

But getting up wasn’t their only problem. While trying to get up, Xander noticed there was some friction in an area that shouldn’t have friction. Even though their bodies were mostly stuck to each other, there was still some room down there to move. Not enough room to pull out even if Xander’s member was limp, but enough room for things to happen. He noticed Emily felt it as well, as she let out a soft sigh, or rather, a silent moan.

They somehow did get on their knees. It was a bit painful, as they had to get in a weird position so that their bodies wouldn’t pull too hard from each other. Then they noticed that one of their hands, which they locked together while getting up, was now stuck as well. Apparently this was the hand that held the tube of glue.

“Okay, this is a small inconvenience, but we still have our other hand.”

They slowly got up, while trying to avoid as much friction as possible. It was unavoidable for them to feel something, though, and Emily already began to breathe a bit more heavily. They both were lucky there was no height difference, and that Emily fell just right so that their bodies would align somewhat perfectly.

Now they had to walk to the bathroom, which was upstairs. They slowly made their way out of the garage, into the main hall, but with every move, she felt it move inside her. She began to tear up. Even though this wasn’t sex, it did feel like it to her, and under normal circumstances she would probably enjoy it, but this was her brother. It wasn’t as if Xander didn’t notice this, though. He too felt it, and he didn’t want to feel it, and continued to feel it slide inside his sister. It angered him that he couldn’t do anything about it.

They slowly arrived at the stairway, the hardest part. Slowly they moved their legs up each step, but this time, on the stairs, the movements were more heavy. They both felt it, and with each step, Emily felt her knees getting weak. She couldn’t help but moan at this point, and while Xander could see her eyes fill up with more tears, she held it together. Xander himself though was beginning to struggle hard now. He knew that if they didn’t get up soon enough he might burst, inside his own sister.

When they got halfway, it was too much for Xander. He paused, looked away from his sister.

“Xander,” Emily said, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry, sis. kaçak bahis I’m sorry, I can’t help it.”

Emily heard in his voice that he was about to break down, that he was going to cry. She began to cry as well.

“Xander, please, don’t.”

“I’m trying.”

“I mean, don’t cry. It’s not your fault.”

Xander looked her in the eyes, and even though there was sadness, there was still that spark in her eye, telling him that it’s okay. Whatever would happen would happen. He nodded, and they continued their way, with each step feeling their genitals move against each other, his inside hers, connected. Not once would he forget that this was his sister, but he also knew his body wouldn’t care. But they had to continue, and they continued at a steady pace.

They were almost at the top, and at that point, Emily softly began to tremble. They were almost at the showers, but Emily couldn’t hold it anymore, and she knew Xander was at his limit as well.

“Xander,” she said, “Kiss me.”

“What?” Xander replied.

“Please, I can’t hold it anymore. Before it’s going to happen, I want to be kissed. I want this moment to be right, even if it’s with you.”

Xander obliged, and as they moved further up the stairs, towards the bathroom, Xander began to kiss Emily, perhaps in a way only a brother and sister would kiss, but this was good enough for Emily. As they steadily paced towards the bathroom, she could feel Xander’s member swell up, and as he came, so did she. This feeling was too much for her, and she began to shift her weight towards her brother’s as they both fell to the ground, still shaking, still kissing, this time as if they were lovers.

Xander noticed Emily had closed her eyes. He was glad she did. He knew he couldn’t look at them in the same way, not now, not ever, and he realized Emily would feel the same way. He decided not to cry anymore, though. This just happened, and all they had to do was get free.

After a minute, they both got up. It already was getting soft now, but he knew it wouldn’t take too long before it would harden again, so they both hurried to the showers. After a few minutes, they could feel some of the glue loosen, and after half an hour, most of their bodies were unstuck. Sure, their pubic hairs would need to get trimmed, but at least they were mostly free.

After they got themselves unstuck, Xander began to look away from her.

“Xander,” Emily said. “Look at me. I know things will change between us, but, you’re still my brother. I don’t want to lose that, I don’t want to lose you.”

“I can’t pretend that this didn’t happen, Emily.”

“Then don’t. Nobody needs to know, but we don’t have to pretend or forget. So look at me.”

Xander turned around.

“What do you see?” she asked.

“I see my sister.”

“And that’s never going to change. You might have been my first, but that doesn’t mean the things we do actually need to change. You’re still my brother, Xander, regardless of what happened.”

He smiled. “Yeah, you’re right.”

He looked her in the eyes, and, yeah, things were going to be alright. It might be different, but it didn’t have to be. Emily smiled back, and gave him a kiss on his forehead.

“Shouldn’t we get out of the shower now?” Xander asked.

“Why should we? Are you embarrassed or something?”

“No.” Xander laughed. “But what else are we going to do now?”

“Well, for starters, we need to get clean. I mean, it’s hot in here, the airco isn’t working, and we’re still sweaty.”

“Well, I guess it would be a waste of water if we didn’t actually use it.”

Things did change between them, but in ways they wouldn’t even consider. As they continued their shower, they began to reminiscence about their childhood, and all the fun they had. They laughed, they played around like they did as kids, they began to remember. Perhaps this entire encounter brought them closer together, as people, but most of all as siblings.

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