Mart 23, 2021

Stripping Isn’t So Bad

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If you want to know what I look like, I describe myself in the first paragraph of my story “I Thought She Was Straight.”

I’m a party kind of person. Yeah, sometimes I feel like just staying at home and reading a good book, but I’ll never pass up an invitation to a party. I also throw them on a regular basis, and people say that my parties are the best. I wouldn’t know since I’m usually unconscious by 10:30, but everyone always tells me that I throw really good parties. It’s all about who shows up.

One night I was throwing a party at my friend’s house, and he’d just installed a pole. Like, to dance on. His house was awesome already, it’s two stories with a balcony, hot tub, pool table, two wide screen TV’s, two refrigerators, a good sound system, a dart board, and several areas with couches and chairs, but with a pole it went past awesome. It’s the best house ever. You can see one of the reasons why everyone loves my parties.

So everyone was getting drunk and for once there was a good number of girls at the party. Usually it’s a total sausage fest with about four girls and maybe 20 guys, and I’m considered an honorary guy among my guy friends, so I don’t count. It doesn’t stop them from hitting on me when they’re drunk or stoned though, so at one point during the party when we were all completely inebriated they convinced me to do a strip tease as if I was a stripper.

There’s something about strippers that turns me on. I think it has something to do with this one stripper I knew and fell in love with, but maybe not. I have this fantasy of being a stripper, which will stay as a fantasy. I’m sure the reality of it is not anything like the fantasy.

Anyway, there was this pole that was kind of on a raised platform, but there were no seats or anything around it. I made a playlist on my friend’s computer to strip to, and everyone gathered around. I was feeling pretty nervous since “everyone” was about 35 or 40 people, but most of them were my good friends so I knew that whether I sucked or not they wouldn’t care. And even if they did, they were probably too drunk to remember anything by the next morning.

The song “My Hump” by Black Eyed Peas came on and I got up on stage. People started cheering and one of my best friends yelled something at me. I smiled nervously at her and started moving my body to the music. I was just wearing a bathing suit because I had been in the hot tub earlier, and no shoes. At this point I was pretty much just dancing like I would normally, except more provocatively. I had never done anything like this before, so I didn’t really know what to do. People kept catcalling and shouting encouragement though, so I slowly grew more confident.

I remembered what other strippers had done when I had gone to a strip club, so I started working the pole, twirling my body and wrapping my legs around it, moving in tighter circles each time I went around. I ended up sitting on the ground at the base of the pole, with it pressed against my crotch. I pulled myself to a squatting position and rubbed myself against the pole a few times, then I stood up. I shook my ass in somebody’s face a little bit, then I decided to be really daring. I went to the pole and jumped up so my ankles locked around it above my head. I wrapped my legs tightly around it and let go with my hands, going down the pole upside down. I still have no idea how I managed to do this, since I didn’t think I’d be able to do it even sober, but I’m just glad I didn’t break my neck. This caused a complete uproar, people jumping up and down and calling out. I landed fairly gently on the ground on my back, and I spread my legs in a V then got back up. I realized that some guy, a friend of a friend, had put up a dollar on the stage in front of him. This guy had black skin and a huge afro. He looked like he smoked weed on a regular basis and listened to Bob Marley.

I stood next to him and took his hands and ran them down my face and neck, pausing to squeeze my breasts with his hands then moving them down my stomach and inner thighs. This caused him to bend over so that his face was right in front of my breasts. He was mesmerized. I smiled at him, then went back to the pole and removed my top. This caused everyone to cheer and start laughing and telling him he should have waited. I started dancing again as the song E.I. by Nelly came on. Soon other people started putting up dollars. They were all guys. I just did things that I’d seen other strippers do, like put the dollar in his shirt collar and take it out with my mouth. I made sure not to get too physically close to any suadiye escort of the guys, though.

Once Ray put up a dollar for a female, straight friend of mine. This seems to happen to her a lot, and it catches her totally off guard every time. It had happened to her before in a strip club, the night that I met Heaven. In fact, it was with Heaven. This time was different though, since she knew me. We both laughed and I gave her a kiss on the lips, but with no tongue involved. She’s not open minded enough to french a girl.

Then the afro guy put up another dollar. I took him by the hand and led him up on stage. He was very drunk so he didn’t offer any resistance as I put him up against the pole, with his profile to the crowd. He was facing the pole, so I reached around and undid his belt, then took off the belt and pulled his jeans and boxers down to the bottom of his ass. He started freaking out a little here but didn’t move. I took the belt and gave him a good smack on the ass. He jumped and everyone started yelling and laughing. I think some people were taking pictures, but I hope not. I did it again a little harder, and people started chanting “Harder! Harder!” so what could I do? I started giving it to him really hard, but letting him rest for several seconds between spanks. Each time I hit him with the belt, he jumped up and held on to the pole, wrapping his legs around it. His ass started getting red and pink stripes on it, which was pretty bad since his skin was the color of milk chocolate, so I stopped. I gave him the belt back, much to everyone’s immense disappointment, and kissed him on the cheek. He didn’t seem mad at me and went back to where he was standing, too drunk to pull his pants back up. Someone eventually did it for him.

Finally a girl I didn’t know and hadn’t seen until just then came up and put a dollar. She was an island girl, with black hair and brown skin and eyes. She was a little chubby but had a pretty face. I tried to pull her up on stage but she resisted, asking me if I was going to whip her ass too. I laughed and said that I wasn’t really into that unless she wanted me to, and she let me lead her up. People started cheering again. I took off my bikini bottoms, which caused even more cheering. I pulled her shirt up above her fairly large boobs and laid her down on the floor. I grabbed a bottle of beer from someone and poured a little over her stomach. She wasn’t skinny enough to have a puddle form on her stomach, so I just licked and sucked what I could off her stomach, dipping my tongue into her belly button. I spent more time than necessary licking around her abdomen just above her skirt, then I helped her up and off the stage.

By now I wasn’t really dancing anymore since so many people were putting up dollars. One guy put up a five and told me to keep it, which was nice of him. I didn’t even have to do anything. I ignored the other people for a while and danced in front of the girl I’d taken a body shot off of. She was sitting on the floor like most people were by then. The song “Hey Sexy Lady” was playing and I took her head and moved my hips to the rhythm in front of her face, her nose almost touching my pussy. Her eyes were totally focused on it and I saw her tongue poke out a little and lick her lips. I smiled and looked around and I saw that the other guys who had put down money seemed to have forgotten about it, they were staring wide-eyed at us two.

It was hard to maintain that position so I left her and made my rounds, collecting dollars. The next morning, I found that I had collected $67 in tips. I have no idea how much in tips a stripper makes a night, but $67 is damn good for someone who’s not even a stripper.

As I had hoped, the girl had put down some money, but this time it was $3. I knew that for $3, I had to do more than I’d been doing previously. I put one dollar into her mouth, then I slowly and sensuously took it out of her mouth with my own. I made sure my lips brushed against hers when I took it and I stroked the sides of her neck when I took it out. I threw the dollar onto the stage behind me then took another dollar and put it into the top of her shirt. She was wearing a halter top which showed off her cleavage. I took that out with my mouth slowly, letting my face and lips brush against her chest. Then I told her to stand up and took the last dollar and stuck it in the front hem of her skirt. I lifted it and took the dollar out from underneath, letting my face brush against her pussy and kissing it once through her thong before taking out the dollar. She was already çekmeköy escort a little wet. When my head disappeared under her skirt, people really started making noise.

I stood up and smiled at her, then I decided that I had had enough. I was mostly sober by then and my body was tired. Stripping is a really good workout, I’ve really learned to appreciate strippers ever since having to do it myself. And they do it several times a night, several nights a week. You have to be really in shape. If there are any strippers reading this, I really freaken admire you.

I got up on stage and announced that I had finished dancing, which caused everyone to try to convince me to keep going. I told them to find another girl to do it since I was done, but none of the other girls would go up. I wrapped a towel around myself and got off the stage. The crowd dispersed, some of them starting a game involving erotic dice. It was funny because not enough girls were playing so some guys had to sit next to each other. I was laughing and watching one guy massaging another guy’s “breasts” (since the dice had told him to “massage breasts”) when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and it was the girl.

“Hey, I’m Amy.”

“I’m Michelle, so who invited you to the party?”

“Oh, Andrew did. He said that there was this lesbian he wanted to set me up with and he showed me a picture. It was you.”

This took me completely by surprise, since Andrew hadn’t told me he was setting me up with anybody. I told her that, and she laughed and said that he can be a little forgetful at times. Then she asked if I wanted to go upstairs with her.

I asked her how drunk she was. She said, “Not at all, I had just gotten there when I put up that first dollar.” I said that I wasn’t really drunk anymore, but I could use some water. We got water from the kitchen and went upstairs to the balcony, but people were smoking up there so we found a vacant bedroom and sat down on the bed facing each other.

We talked for a while and we actually got along very well. Andrew is good at setting people up, he should be gay. He’s just more perceptive to people’s emotions and stuff like that than a lot of straight guys are. Anyway, while we were talking I laid down on the bed and she laid down next to me. I was saying something and I looked over at her and saw that she was staring at me with her face turned towards me and maybe 5 inches away. I completely lost my train of thought and then she said, “For a stripper, you’re really smart.” This made me forget any sexual tension and I started laughing.

“First of all, I’m not a stripper. Second of all, strippers aren’t necessarily any stupider than other people. Believe me on that one.”

She apologized, for what I’m not sure, then she said, “You’re not a stripper? You’re hot enough to be one.”

This made me really uncomfortable but sort of pleased that she thought I was attractive. I said thanks and there was this awkward silence. I leaned in and kissed her, more to break the silence than anything else, but she returned the kiss hungrily. I found myself responding to her lust with my own. Almost immediately she took my hand and pressed it against her pussy, which was already very wet. Her thong was completely soaked and there were large wet spots on her skirt. I took my towel off and pulled her top and skirt off, leaving her in just that soaked thong. It was cute, pink with white trim. I had a thong just like that but I lost it, damn it. There were black pubes on either side of hers, but they looked well trimmed and tidy. That’s always good, nobody wants to go down on something really hairy. Getting hair stuck in my teeth and in my mouth doesn’t turn me on.

I got back on top of her and kissed her again, her legs wrapping around mine and rubbing them together. I loved how smooth her legs were against mine. Her skin and body was so soft, I couldn’t stop touching it. My left hand was all over her body, massaging her right breast gently then rubbing against her stomach, then running up her side and tickling her armpit. That actually really feels good, by the way. Try it sometime.

By now there was practically a river running between her legs. She was getting everything in the general vicinity of her pussy wet, and she still had her thong on. I took it off, and I bet that if I squeezed it some of her juices would have dripped out. I actually gasped when I saw her naked pussy, gleaming with all the juices all over it.

She must have known what I was thinking because she said, “I get really wet. şerifali escort Especially when I come.” This was such a turn on to me that I lapped up all of her juice I could get. I started on her thighs, and when they were clean I worked on the front of her pussy and hips. By the time I was done with that, I had her wetness all over my face and even on my neck, which had gotten it on her thighs again. So I repeated the process, and she just kept making more and more of it.

Finally I just gave up and stuck my tongue inside her, getting to the source. She cried out and her hips bucked up. My chin actually started dripping so I took out my tongue and rubbed her clit with my chin to spread the juices around, not like she really needed it. Her hands grasped the bed and held on while I took her clit in my mouth and started sucking on it. Her body started shaking and I looked up at her face. Her eyes and mouth were both wide open, with her making noises somewhere between a moan and a sigh. Then she looked down at me and we made eye contact, then her body went stiff and her eyes closed. As she started coming, I felt a gush of liquid on my chin and neck which dribbled down to my chest. Then I felt another gush, then another. She was screaming, and her screams were timed with the gushes. I had no idea that a girl could produce that much of anything. This happened maybe 10 times, then she went limp.

I was seriously afraid that she was hurt so I got up and started slapping her face lightly and calling her name. After what was probably a pretty short time but seemed like forever, she regained consciousness. I asked her if she was ok.

“Oh my god. I’m more than ok. I think I passed out or something. Oh my god that was good.” She grabbed my torso, pulling me on top of her and started licking her juices off my chest and neck. I moved my body up so that my nipple was directly in front of her mouth, and she started sucking and licking on that. This felt so good my arms almost collapsed, but I held myself up and moved my other nipple in front of her face. After a while I sat up and positioned my pussy in front of her face. I lowered myself down onto her and she took my hips and licked up and down my slit. She spread my lips even wider and took my clit in her mouth. She started sucking on it, which felt so good but when she licked it at the same time it was all I could do to keep myself upright. I leaned forward so my forearms were resting on the bed above her and one of her fingers slid down the crack of my ass. I came onto her face, not gushing as much liquid as she had but enough to cover her face with.

As my body relaxed and I stopped shaking I moved down and kissed her on the lips. Both of our faces were coated with the other’s juices and the smell and taste was very strong. We got dressed and tried to find the guy who lived there. We found him passed out on the floor between a couch and table, so we went to the bathroom to take a shower ourselves. There were still a lot of people downstairs, but a lot were passed out or had gone home or were making out somewhere. My best friend Rachel made eye contact with me as I led Amy into the bathroom. Rachel raised her eyebrows and I gave her a smile and licked my lips. She laughed and turned back to the pool game, which wasn’t really going anywhere because people were too drunk to hit the ball.

We took off our clothes again and turned on the shower. We rinsed our bodies off first, while we watched each other. I watched the water running in rivulets down her neck and her breasts, dripping off of each of her hard nipples. Some water got past her breasts and went down her stomach, going to her pussy. Water was clinging to her hair there, and the water that didn’t get trapped dripped off her inner lips. As she watched me watching, I could see more moisture begin to form there. She spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy. Her fingers rubbed in between her inner and outer lips, then between her inner lips. One finger dipped into her pussy then moved up and started circling her clit. I could see her juices dripping down her thigh as she rubbed faster and faster. She looked into my eyes and leaned against the wall, her hips moving back and forth. I saw the muscles in her thighs and stomach contract, then the gushes started again. There were only 3 this time, but they seemed to be enough since she sank down and sat down in the shower.

I took some water in my hand then rubbed it against her pussy and thighs, washing her off. I turned the water off and we got out and we kissed once before we dried ourselves, feeling our wet, slick skin rubbing against each other. We got dressed again then found a vacant spot on the floor to sleep on together, holding each other even when somebody tripped over us and fell to the floor, swearing. It would have been uncomfortable but I was happy because I was with her.

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