Mayıs 28, 2021

Strawberries and Cream

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It was a warm night. Marie lay on her bed wearing only her bra and G-string. There was a knock at the door.

“It’s open” she called.

The door swung open and there he stood, a tall rugged man, biceps rippling from under his tan, his shirt was unbuttoned making him look even sexier.

He strode over to the bed and gently swept her up, into his arms and guided her to the shower. As he turned the tap, he moved behind her. He rested his hands on her shoulders, moving her long blonde hair from her neck. He kissed the newly revealed skin lightly, his tongue tasting her saltiness.

His lips continued to work over her neck and ear, sucking her earlobe in his mouth. He unhooked her bra, his strong fingers following the material round to her breasts as it slid of her shoulders. His hands resting on her heaving bosoms feeling their weight and softness before rolling Marie’s hardening nipples between his fingers, all the time kissing her neck and shoulders.

“Oh Paul” she murmured, her head lulling back against his shoulder.

Paul’s fingers continued to knead her breasts. Marie reached behind her massaging his stiffening cock through his shorts. They moaned simultaneously at each other’s touch.

Paul slowly slid his hands back up to her shoulders and gently turned her towards him. His lips followed the curve of her jaw to her lips, kissing her fleetingly before lowering his mouth to her breasts. He nipped playfully at her skin before wrapping his lips around her right nipple. Sucking it gently into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it. His hand massaged her left breast, squeezing it, before pulling at the nipple again.

Marie pushed his shirt from his shoulders, scratching her nails down his back and back up to his head. Her fingers became entwined in his hair pulling his head against her breast till his teeth began to dig in.

Paul continued to suck greedily at her breast, his fingers caressing her. His hands followed the contours of her body, down over her soft smooth stomach, to her g-string. His index finger traced the outline of her g-string down to the apex between her canlı bahis şirketleri legs. He dipped his finger under the thin material, feeling the wetness on her outer lips, before pressing further and dipping between the folds.

Marie moaned as he pulled the g-string from her, before releasing his cock from his shorts.

They both stepped into the shower, the water cascading over their skin, sending new sensations through their bodies. Again Paul’s lips found her nipple. His mouth open collecting the water as it fell, as is if feeding from her. His finger again dipped into the folds of her sex, this time finding her hardening bud. He began to rub it back and forward slowly, increasing speed slightly with each movement.

Paul kissed down her body, licking at the water as it trickled down to her clit. He moved the finger further down her slit, sliding it easily inside her, feeling her warmth and wetness. She gasped as his fingers delved inside her working in and out. His mouth continued it’s journey until herreached her button, taking it into his mouth and sucking. He pulled at her clit with his teeth, and between his lips, in time to the movements of his fingers.

Marie gasped in ecstasy at the contrasting feelings of Paul’s mouth and fingers and the water raining against her breasts. Paul moved his fingers from her and sucked them, tasting her sweet juices before diving his tongue inside her, lapping at her. His finger flicking over her bud as his tongue delved deeper inside her. He licked all the way up her slit and once again wrapped his lips around her clit, his fingers returning to her wet inviting pussy. She could feel herself building towards orgasm, her legs barely holding her. Just as she was about to cum, he withdrew his fingers and released her clit. She cried out at the depravation, as he shut off the water and scooped her into his arms.

Paul laid her on the bed, her legs dangling over the edge. He leant forward his chest lightly brushing against hers as he kissed her. His tongue parting her lips, dancing with her tongue. She responded passionately, pulling him against canlı kaçak iddaa her. Marie could feel his hardness press against her mound.

Her fingers slid down his back, squeezing his arse cheeks, before sliding a hand between their bodies and wrapping it around his cock. Her hand squeezed the shaft before slowly pumping it back and forward. Paul moaned into their kiss. Again Marie found herself building for orgasm as she pressed the head of his cock against her clit while she stroked him.

“I need you,” she whispered, through heavy breathing.

Paul continued to kiss her as he lined his rod with her pussy. Slowly he penetrated her, every ounce of him causing orgasms to rip through her body again and again. He withdrew from her and re-entered her as she came, her body shaking beneath him. His speed began to increase, pulling himself further up her body as he thrust into her, so his pelvic bone would meet her clit.

She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her, her hips bucking up to collide with his thrusts. She dug her nails into him as he continued to pound into her. He began to grunt and groan within his throat. Sensing his impending climax, she reached a hand down to his arse, sliding a finger between the cheeks, rubbing back and forward, her finger edging closer to his puckered hole. He thrust deep into her as her finger pressed against his opening and grunted loudly as he shot his load into her.

“Ohhhhhhhhh…….. God, yesssss…… baby,” he cried out as he finished emptying into her.

The next morning Marie woke to find Paul still asleep. She watched him for a while, softly stroking his ruffled hair. Once again she thanked God for sending such a handsome, caring soul to her. A smile came across her face as she reminisced about the previous nights happenings and decided it was time to return the favour…

Marie slipped out of bed and into the kitchen to retrieve the cream, honey and strawberries from the fridge. As she returned to the bedroom, she found Paul had rolled onto his back exposing his naked body. Carefully she mixed the cream and honey together, before canlı kaçak bahis dipping strawberry into the mixture.

With the strawberry she painted a stripe down his chest. The coldness woke him with a start, but soon relaxed as his eyes settled on Marie’s naked body. Marie painted another line, joining his nipples with the cream mix. She then proceeded to lick it from, her tongue flicking rapidly over both nipples as she lapped up the sweetness.

Marie offered the strawberry to Paul, who took a bite and then used the rest to apply dobs of cream to her nipples. He sucked at her nipples, his teeth biting them, pulling them.

Marie began to stroke his cock, running her fingers lightly over the shaft, her grip tightening around it as it became harder. When he was fully aroused Marie scooped cream onto another strawberry and trailed it down his stomach to his cock, and applied another dollop onto the head.

Kneeling beside him she licked down the creamy honey trail. Her ruby red lips parted as her tongue darted out to remove the cream from his cock. She licked the head clean. Taking the shaft in her hand she began to stroke it back and forward while her other hand massaged his balls. She kissed the head of his cock and slowly parted her lips over it, sucking it into the warmth of her mouth.

Paul groaned loudly as he watched his cock disappear into her mouth. She continued to stroke him in time with the movements of her mouth on his shaft. Her tongue swirled and flicked over the head rapidly, tasting his precum. Her fingers still pulling and squeezing his balls. She reached out a finger from the grasp of his balls and began stroking down to his arse. Her mouth and hand moving ever faster on his cock, the head hitting the back of her throat as she took him deeper inside of her.

Marie felt his balls tightening and pressed her finger into the puckered hole of his arse as she sucked him harder than before. Paul exploded in her mouth, shooting into her throat. Marie swallowed as much as she could but could not help having some spill from her mouth and down her chin. She cleaned his cock so there was not a drop in sight. She sat up and scooped the cum from her chin and sucked it off her finger seductively.

“Just wait till you see what I have in mind for breakfast” she winked at him as she got of the bed and headed for the kitchen.

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