Mayıs 28, 2021

Strangers In The Big City

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Punching my Lesbian card

You know that saying about first impressions? Well I was about to experience an excellent exception to the rule. When I met Sara the last thing I expected was to end up in bed with her.

Sara’s a lesbian, and she dressed to stereotype. She had a neon Mohawk under her ballcap, piercings in each ear, her nose, lower lip and tongue. Her baggy clothing hid her body effectively. I found her attractive, particularly her blue-green eyes, but I figured friendship was as far as we would go. After all, we may have been in the same league, but we were both hitting for the same team.

After spending some time together it became obvious that there was a bit of a spark between us. Something physical, almost primal, pulled at us as the evening wore on and the crowds became a blur. All we wanted, needed really, was to get back to my room and into bed.

Once the door was safely locked behind us the clothes came off. The primal feelings within me swelled as she pealed her shirt and bra off, revealing full white globes topped by rapidly hardening pink nipples and slightly larger than quarter size areolas. Slightly larger than handfuls they were as oft and squeezable as only natural breasts can be. Her belly swelled ever so slightly before sloping down to her neatly trimmed but still fuzzy, illegal bahis garden of eden.

A little a bout myself, i am 5’10”, balding and carrying a little more weight than i should. I have green eyes and brown hair, what’s left anyway.

After disrobing we moved to the shower for a quick washing away of downtown’s festivities and grime. In the shower i couldn’t keep my hands off her, filling my hands with her breast and soaping her body. After she gave me similar treatment we got out and toweled off.

We climbed onto the bed and I began kissing me way down her body, eliciting sounds of pleasure as I licked and nibbled her ears, and neck. She squirmed and emitted small moans as I reached her breasts and discovered how sensitive her nipples really were. I continued my journey till I reached her neatly trimmed pubic hair. I turned more serioue now as I slowly ran my tounge down one side of her, as yet, hidden opening. Gently probing with my tongue I teased open the moistening petals of her feminine flower. I awakened the little bud hiding at the top of her cleft.

Fresh from the shower her moisture tasty sweet with a hint of saltiness. Her labia began swelling as her arousal increased. Moisture filled the narrow space between her lips as I pressed my tongue into her opening. I moved my mouth to her illegal bahis siteleri clit and began gently sucking the hard bud. Sara raised her hips of the bed as my finger entered the moist opening. I curled my fingers up and nibbled softly on her clit, eliciting a soft moan.

“Mmm, god”, escaped her throat as I increased pressure both inside with my finger and on her clit with my mouth. She gripped my head as her climax built. When the crest broke she spasmed slightly. I continued licking her clit shaping letters with my tongue as my finger worked inside her wet pussy. I trailed my pinky down to her twitching backdoor and lightly teased the opening bringing another wave pushing through her body. I pulled back and latched my mouth onto the inside of her left thigh and bit down gently before sucking tightly for a moment.

Marveling at her responsiveness I brought over the edge once or twice more before rising to my knees and placing the head of my cock at her hot, tight opening. I pressed forward sliding slowly into the tight inner cavern. Slowly I pushed in enjoying exquisite tightness. Fully enveloped I paused to allow her a moment to adjust, her face betraying the pleasure coursing through her, pleasure mirrored in my own body.

I began stroking my cock in and out of her, building to a steady canlı bahis siteleri pace as Sara arched her back into me and thrust her hips back against me. The combination of snug fit and hot moistness brought me to the brink of orgasm far sooner than I had any desire to finish. I decided to pull out, over her protests, to shift positions. I moved up over her torso so I was straddling her rib cage. I rubbed my cock between her breasts briefly before moving closer to her waiting mouth. She sucked the head of my cock greedily into her mouth. Most of the shaft followed quickly as she ran the stud in her tongue around the head, drawing moans out me as I experienced a new, long sought after sensation. Soon enough I need to change things up again to avoid losing control. I rolled onto my back and pull Sara on top of me into a 69 position. Now I could ravage her pussy with my mouth while she did the same to my cock.

Finally I felt confident enough to re-enter my little piece of heaven and we set up in a classic doggy style position. I found her opening again and thrust in once more to her satisfying moans of pleasure. This time I gave into pleasure as I pounded into her grunting like an animal. I peeled her ass cheeks apart to expose the tight opening. I rubbed my moistened thumb across the opening, just teasing the outside nerves. Finally I could take it no longer I thrust deep into Sara’s core and released my pent up load. Spent, I slowly pulled out and rolled over to my side next to her. She curled up against me and we drifted off into blissful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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