Nisan 17, 2021

Straight Flush

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She woke up feeling as if her day would be like every other day of her life – exciting to a point, but pleasantly predictable by default. Lately though, she had been switching things up a bit, a little something here, a surprising something there. They are the little things to help condition the guilt that she knows will come. Eventually she will slip up and carry the burden of guilt until she feels she has proven herself worthy, despite her faults.

How does one measure or define perfection, anyway?

It had been a beautiful day in which she spent hours basking in the sunlight. Feeling incredible and accomplished lying out by the pool in that black string bikini. She lost herself in the music, fantasizing about the sand and the water, and the waves breaking around her. Hours passed as her mind wandered and traveled through one song to the next. She took a quick dip in the pool to cool her body before packing up. It was a wonderful way to spend the day, but that evening she had plans to go out.

She undressed and admired the hue of her skin after her hours spent in the sun. She had been making great improvements as the months counted on. Transforming from a frumpy mom, to someone a man was proud to call his wife. It wasn’t easy, but the results were so encouraging. She noticed she had a new sense of confidence- it was almost as if you could see it.

The shower was inviting and invigorating. As the water rushed over her body, she was instantly refreshed.. Immediately she noticed her skin felt silky from the tanning oil, and she couldn’t help rubbing her fingers in circles around her skin, as the oil was spread over her body. The light caress alerted her nipples. The feeling was so gentle and suddenly she felt incredibly sensitive. She rubbed the oil all over her breasts, releasing a quiet moan has she brought herself pleasure. Her hands explored the new shape of her hips and stomach as she tried to avoid the temptation to rub the oil over her already swelling clit. Like a man’s inclination to adjust himself, she was frequently enjoying the brief adjustments when her clit would swell and cause the pierced ring to require the slightest touch to put it back in place.

Lately she was finding herself turned on by more than just the man she shared a bed with most of her life. She would fantasize about characters from romance novels, or dream up alternate endings to otherwise normal nights among friends.

As those thoughts filled her mind, she slid her hand down, slightly covering her throbbing clit. She couldn’t resist the urge to release the tension before going out. With her thumb holding her clit ring in place she slide two fingers at once inside the warm, wet walls of her pussy. As she thrust her fingers in and out repeatedly she felt ridiculously flushed and short of breath. The pattern of touch had her senses on high alert. Trying so hard to hold back the sounds she wanted to express as her orgasm released she exhaled the lightest long moan, hoping no one would catch her pleasuring herself in the shower midday.

In need of a second wind, she began to wash with a soap that smelled like summer, and let the aroma fill escort ataşehir her senses with joy and happiness. With a strong hand she wiped her body clean and cared for her skin. When she was clean and silky smooth from head to toe, she finally stepped out. Lathering lotion from head to toe, she gave herself an appreciating glance before carefully choosing her attire for the evening.

It was poker night again and she headed to the party ready to have a good evening. Greeted by friends, she made her way around the room, exchanging small talk before the game began. She joined the players at the table, taking each one in momentarily, acknowledging their presence, sensing their moods. It was going to be an interesting game.

Choosing her seat carefully, she found herself in the best seat in the house. He was there again. He’s been there before and caught her eye. When they had first met, she had noticed there wasn’t a ring on his finger, and casually tried to conceal her own. What would make her feel that way? Where did that come from? He’s had to have noticed. She wears a ring. It’s evident in his lack of reaction to her presence. She didn’t know what it was about him, but she wanted to get closer, to get to know him.

As any good poker player would, she started off slow. Examining each hand, she slow played even the best of cards, watching for each player’s reaction. When she felt confident, she began to play to win. It should have just been about the cards on the table. But her mind was on another hand- the one that couldn’t stay on her own lap, the one that wandered toward his knee, casually brushing it for a reaction. The hand that wanted to stroke his lap and make him turn his head.

She felt a sense of déjà vu. It all felt as if she’s been there before. If only she could remember how the scene played out, she could use the information to make tonight one she won’t forget. When she adjusted her seat slightly closer, it produced a tingling of sorts feeling him near. She’s felt that before. The last time they interacted. His mere presence heightened her senses. She found herself aroused yet again.

With casual conversation she tried to feel him out. His body language contradicted every word he said. Could he not feel the sexual tension buzzing in the air? She remained aware of the other players at the table, hoping no one noticed her daydreaming state as her mind wandered through the feelings flowing through her. Excusing herself from the table, she found a quiet place to gather her thoughts.

Her mind was running wild. She felt like tonight was the night she was going to lay her cards on the table and go all in on whim. It wasn’t a likely move for her. The other players wouldn’t expect it at all. Her mind was racing, but it seemed like the right move. She went back and forth many times. She was still undecided when she returned to the scene.

She won a few hands, before it was time to shuffle tables. She noticed he was getting up. Would she dare follow to him to the next table? She could just go. She should just go. What if she stayed and played just a little longer? Oh, it’s less shameful to go out kadıköy escort bayan on a small bet, than to bet it all and walk away empty handed.

It was the slightest touch that made her decision. A sign of reciprocation that made her feel wanted at that table. She threw back another shot and dutifully followed to the new seat. A delayed start left her a few moments to examine the drink options available in the kitchen. Taking in a deep breath she understood what her decision to stay would mean.

Were there words spoken? All she could feel was the heat of desire from his body. She found herself in a corner, where the door connected to the rest of the party. He was there, with his arms around her body, his mouth on hers. As their tongues passionately tangled together, she found herself releasing a moan she couldn’t hold back. There was nothing gentle about this encounter. She was breathless, feeling his body against hers. Strong arms embraced her, against a chest she wanted to explore every inch of with her tongue.

His hands held her body close teasing her with the erection he wanted her to feel. She wanted to feel it, too. In her hand, in her mouth, filling her pussy as she came all over it… Not here, not now. They couldn’t just leave now. Everyone would be curious. She was getting wet for him from a kiss. She wanted him to explore her pussy as the juices started to make her lips glisten. She guided his hand into her slick folds encouraging him to explore the desire she had for him. It was just a tease, they could leave together later, and explore each other some more. It was too hot, far too enticing for her. His hands were determined to make her squeal.

She could feel his erection pressing against the small of her back. The desire was so strong. Assuring no one was near, she accepted him deep inside. Just a tease she told herself as her body begged to be fucked until they both fell to their knees. His length filled her as his thickness spread her lips slowly sliding down his cock as he entered her from behind. She braced the door in hopes of reaching an orgasm and letting him feel her juices all over him.

It was then reality struck as she heard someone on the other side of the door. Had she really just given herself to someone 30 feet away from a crowd of mutual friends? Anyone could have walked in, they could have heard them! Was she quiet? Was it possible to feel something so intense and react in a way that would go unnoticed? How does one pretend like that didn’t happen and still face their friends?

It was time for the poker face, time to become unreadable. Focus on the cards. Focus on the hands worthy of playing. Who is still in this game? Is it over yet? Where did he go? Does he feel like he just made a huge mistake? Fuck!?!, Who goes all in, without considering that may not be the winning hand?

She continued to play, despite the instant replay on repeat in her head. Her nipples threatened to peek through her top, as she attempted to ignore the scene in her mind. Her panties rubbed her slightly, causing her to burn with desire. She should call it a night. Where does one go from here anyway? escort bostancı She was venturing into high stakes and not sure she was ready to go heads up.

As the game neared the end, she relied on a few strong shots to help her bluff her way through the final hands. When she turned in her chips, her body shook with excitement. The smell of smoke lingered in the air, but all she could smell was her own arousal. She imagined the taste of it in his kiss.

She boldly grabbed his hand and led him to her room. He was reluctant to embrace her. He knew there was no turning back. She brought her body close to his and whispered in his ear. Lightly dragging her tongue over his earlobe, down to his neck, she found a spot that made him squirm. Deep kisses were planted across his chest. She explored his shoulders, up his neck, with her tongue tickling the sensitive area below his ear. She pressed herself against him, his body’s reaction igniting a fire within him to bury himself deep inside of her. She watched as his body rose to eliminate the space between them. With confidence, courtesy of the whiskey shots, she removed her clothes and straddled him guiding him deep inside herself.

Riding him fulfilled her dirty fantasies. She was feeling him rock her inside out, bringing her to the verge of orgasm again and again as she tried to hold back and make it last. Unable to withstand the need to release, she allowed herself to coat his cock with the juices he summoned with his touch. He could feel her cum coating his cock, but still wanted to taste her in his mouth. She wanted to feel him deep in her throat. She wanted to please him and make him moan.

Re-positioning themselves, he used his tongue to open the folds of her wet pussy, carefully teasing her swollen clit, gently biting on the piercing that was now curved away from her body. She moaned and rolled her hips bringing him deeper within her thighs. With a hand guiding him in her mouth she sucked all the juices from his beautiful cock as her tongue teased from his shaft to the sensitive tip of his penis. She took him deep inside her mouth stroking him, while pleasuring him. He had pleased her and teased her, and no could no longer hold back. He un-apologetically rocked his hips, fucking her mouth until his orgasm filled her throat. He was so turned on, the cum kept shooting out. She took as much as she could before the desire to ride his sensitive wet cock took over.

She knew he would require some rest before they engaged so forcefully, but she had to feel him inside of her again. Bending over, she took him from behind, feeling him press so deep within. Her body shook, unable to handle the excitement, and she released yet again coating him with her sticky juices.

Meeting eyes, she kissed him, a deep, passionate kiss, mixing their flavors of sex. They shared an urgency in each kiss, finding it impossible to not be left wanting more. This time she wanted to slow it down, she kissed him slowly, thoroughly, enjoying every sensation, figuring out what he couldn’t get enough of. They rolled around together for a while, enjoying the feel of a body so close, so hot with desire, so drawn to fulfilling each sexual desire.

Eventually the exhaustion set in, and they saw the sun was beginning to rise, finding the perfect place to nestle her head with his arm wrapped around her, she dozed into the most satiated sleep she had in a long time.

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