Nisan 16, 2021

Stormy Weather Ch. 02

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After making love to my mother we both slept peacefully through the night, as a matter of fact I did not hear her get up when her alarm went off. I woke up alone in bed without her, I felt a longing for her I never felt before. Then I found a not on her pillow that she had left for me, I unfolded it and read it.


Last night was wonderful and sinful at the same time, you made me feel better than I have in a long time. I forgot what a sexual woman I used to be, I felt so alive that I woke up before the alarm went off, but I had time for a work out before work. We will need to talk about this when I get home later, and I love you, my son so much.


Great she was going to treat this as if it was a one night stand, how could she treat this as if it was a one night stand. I crumpled up the note and threw it in the garbage can next to her dresser, then I got into the shower. As the hot water cascaded over my naked body, my mind came up with what I was going to do.

I got out of the shower and got dressed, then I grabbed an apple from the kitchen and drove down to the station for the second time this week. I was allowed in and I found where my mother was, once again she was in the weather center with the senior meteorologist. I always hated this guy and his corny name, Dick Winters the senior meteorologist had been with the station for twenty years. At forty-eight years old he was handsome in a cheesy way, in good shape for a man his age and he is my mother’s boss.

They did not see me so I eavesdropped for a moment before making my entrance to let my mother know I was there. Dick was standing behind her as she sat in a rolling chair, she was working the keyboard and the mouse. My mother looked hot today, and Dick obviously noticed as he was practically standing on top of her.

My mother had on a red top that had thin spaghetti straps, her breasts were in it braless as her nipples were pushing out against the fabric. As a matter of fact they looked more like she was horny than cold. She had a white jacket that was hanging on the back of the chair and she wore a very short white skirt that showed off her shapely bare legs.

“Wow looks at that storm front would be you that is one severe line of thunderstorms coming our way in the next twenty four hours.” He said as he used one hand to lean over her on the desk and the other he brought around to sit on a bare thigh.

I was now getting jealous and angry as I watched this slime ball caress my mother’s leg keeping it just below the hemline of her skirt. I was even more angry at the fact she did nothing to stop him either, I was going to wait and see for just a moment longer.

“Yes it is Dick, should I issue a severe thunderstorm watch for the area” She asked.

“Yes I would do that, it is really hot in here, I mean in the area and that cold front pushing those storms in.” He said to take his hand off of my mother’s leg and moving it up to her breast, he gave it a gentle squeeze and then he slid it inside of her shirt.

“Dick, I think you need to get your hand out of my shirt.” She finally said.

“Jesus H. Christ Amanda’s you sure are being one hot little cock tease, one of these days you’ll give in.” He said giving my mother’s breast one last squeeze and pulling his hand out.

“Only in your dream’s Dick.” She laughed off his hands and his comment.

Unfortunately I could not and entered the weather center, my face was flush with anger as I stood in the doorway glaring at Dick. He straightened his tie and approached me with his hand extended to shake mine. I took his hand quickly and swung it up behind his back, then I slammed him into the wall face first.

“What the fuck is you doing you little fuck.” He yelled as I reached with my free hand and slammed the door.

“What the fuck does it looks like I’m doing asshole, you ever fucking touch my mother with your slimy fucking hands again and I will stomp a mud hole in your ass and then walk it dry. You get her in any trouble over this and I will come looking for you, tell the rest of these perverted little fuckers the same thing, touch my mother and her son will touch them. Understand me asshole!” I said to him pushing his arm further up making him grunts in pain.

“Yes, now let me go, I won’t touch your mother again, let me go, please!” He pleaded.

I reached over and opened the door, then I let him go and pushed him out in the hall, he stumbled forward and landed on the floor. He sat on the floor for a moment and glowered up at me angrily, then he picked himself up and quickly walked down the hall.

My mother sat in her chair looking at me in complete shock, I turned around and shut the door to the weather center. I locked it, then I turned around to face my mother who just sat speechless looking up at me from her chair.

“Brandon, I don’t know what to say.” She said softly. “I never saw such a display of jealousy.”

“It is not right for him to touch you like that.” I said breathing heavily with both animal lust for my mother’s sexy illegal bahis body and for just defending what I felt is mine.

“Brandon, you do not own me, I stopped him from touching me any further, so I can take care of myself. We will talk when I get home from work, so go home now, before you get into trouble here.” She tried to talk to me with a mother’s authority.

“I’ll leave when I’m ready.” I said walking over to her chair and pulling it out from the desk.

“Brandon, what the hell!” She said as I pulled her up out of the chair.

I shut her up quickly by planting my mouth on top of her mouth, my tongue wildly thrust into her mouth tangling with her tongue. I roughly pulled the straps down off of her shoulders and kissed my way down to her tits. My mother moaned aloud as I kissed and sucked hard on her hard nipples, I gave them tiny little bites which made my mother whimper with lust.

Our love making last night was gentle and with passion, right now it was more like a madman taking what he wanted. I spun her around and reached up her skirt, she was just wearing a really skimpy thong, the material was not very strong and I ripped it off of her. I bent her over the desk, and pulled my hard cock out of my jeans, I rubbed the head of it up against the wet, slick entrance of her pussy.

Then I shoved it into her hard making her grunt loud as I did, I fucked my cock in and out of my mother as she leaned over the desk further to allow it into her pussy deeper. I took my left hand and took her firm left breast into my hand to fondle it. My right hand ran up her back and grabbed a handful of her silky soft hair, I held onto it roughly as I now began to fuck her pussy harder.

“Oh fuck, fuck me hard Brandon, harder, fuck me hard.” She grunted and groaned as my cock was thrusting in and out of her.

“Yeah, oh fuck yeah.” I grunted back.

My mother was really enjoying the rough fuck I was giving to her and so was I, she continued to beckon me on over and over as I did. I knew she was going to have to go on soon so I fucked her faster trying to fill her pussy with my seed.

“Oh fuck Brandon, oh fuck my pussy, fuck me baby, fuck it, yeah, oh fuck mommy is cumming all over your cock baby.” She moaned aloud as she had an orgasm.

“Oh fuck mom here it cums, oh yeah, I’m cumming.” I said tensing up as I shot my cum into her.

“Oh god, Brandon.” She said turning around to me as I pulled my deflated cock out of her.

“I love you.” I said to her.

“I love you too.” She said to kiss me and pulling her top back up.

“Mom, I know what you want and need sexually, I’m letting you know right now, that I’m not going to stop and you know in your heart that you do not want this to stop either.” I said to her.

“No, I don’t want you to stop either, you bring out so much sexual desire that has bottled up inside of me. This last time I’ve never had a man act so possessive over me, nor has anyone risked physical contact with another man over me. Then you took me, and I wanted it so bad and I wanted you to dominate me, not all the time I want to be dominated, I enjoyed making love to you last night.” My mother explained. “Get home now, when I get home you will not be disappointed.”

“I’ll be looking forward to you getting home.” I said to kiss her again and then I left.

Several hours later my mother arrived home, she ran upstairs and went into the bathroom for a shower. When she came out, she dried off and came into my room wearing a tight black lace short teddy.

“Hey lover.” She said to me posing next to my bed.

“Hey sexy lady.” I replied.

“I was thinking of having a snack before we have dinner tonight.” She said to me licking her upper lip.

“What did you have in mind?” I said to her trying to figure out what she was up too.

“Pull your jeans off and slide down on your bed some.” She told me.

I did as I was told and slid my jeans off, then I dropped them on the floor of my room, then I slid down on the bed. My mother climbed up and swung her leg over me, only she was not facing me at the moment she was facing my cock. She laid forward, her beautiful round bottom slid upwards to my face and then I had her pink pussy in my face.

During her shower she had a douche, it smelled so clean and fresh, then her hot mouth engulfed the head of my cock. My mother was slobbering her spit up and down my cock getting it really wet, then she devoured it back into her mouth giving me an awesome blow job. I reached up between her legs with my hands and spread her pussy lips apart some, then I licked her pussy.

While licked her pussy and it’s sensitive clit, she let out little mews as she continued to suck my cock. I could not believe my mother was now deep throating my cock as I licked her pussy, the way her nose was tickling my balls were now causing my cum to well up in it. On one of her last up strokes with her mouth my cock began filling her mouth with warm cum, my mother did not let any of it go to waste and swallowed it down. When I finished cumming illegal bahis siteleri my mother now wanted to cum, she pushed her pussy harder against my face.

She now sat up a little bit and humped her pussy against my mouth, I was so eager to please my mother that my tongue lapped at her as fast as it could. My mother was playing with her tits with one hand and supporting herself with the other.

“Oh yeah, your cum filled mommy’s belly, now make mommy cum, oh yes, yes oh yes I’m cumming on your face baby.” I could now feel the rush of her pussy juice roll out of her cunt and onto my waiting mouth. “Mmm that was good, now I’m going to put something else on and go fix us some dinner.”

My mother walked out of my room and went back to her own, I heard her leave her room after changing and go back downstairs. I got dressed in an old pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt, and I got downstairs to find her frying some pork chops. She changed into a skimpy pair of shorts that let her ass cheeks hang out some and an old tee shirt.

She asked if I wanted to get the vegetable into a pot so she could boil them and she was going to make some pork dressing instead of potatoes. In forty-five minutes our simple dinner was ready and we sat down to eat dinner, my father called near the end of dinner to give us an update on his trip. After he hung up, I helped my mother with the dishes so we could talk, I wanted to know more about her, especially her sex life.

“Mom how old were you when you lost your virginity?” I asked her as she washed a plate.

“I was nineteen years old.” She replied.

“Wow I would have thought you would have lost it in high school like most kids, who did you lose it to?” I asked her.

“Oh it was terrible.” She laughed. “Bennie Williams, he was this little nerdy looking guy in my earth science class. Yet because I was more interested in my studies at the time and not a social life he was the only guy interested. We went out a few times, then one night we gave it a try, he was pathetic, he had no clue at what he was doing.”

“Did you date anyone else before dad?” I asked wondering how much information I was going to get out of her.

“No, I did not date until I met your father, the early years were great, sex was good, even though I did not have anything to base it on.” She said to her son. “Then I had your brother and then your sister, then you, after I got back into shape and got all of the fat off is when I realized how sexy my body is.”

“Really, so after you got into shape, you decided to wear tight tops and short skirts?” I asked her.

“Yeah, your father actually encouraged me too, he felt it was good for his image, aging, an older lawyer with a hot looking younger wife.” She explained.

“Mom, you said that a few times you were hit on by the guys down at the station and probably by some of Dad’s buddies.” I said to her trying to keep the mood light.

“Oh honey the stories I could tell, let’s see there was your Dad’s best friend Marc, every time he got me alone he would try like hell to get into my panties. I did let him feel my tits and dry hump me once during some new years eve party.” She told me her dirty little tale rinsing off the silverware she had just washed.

“Anyone else?” I asked.

“No, most of your Dad’s friends would just flirt, they were not as bold as Marc, your brother Carter had a friend, Danny who got very bold putting suntan lotion on for me. He thought he was being sly whenever he slid his hands up and down my leg he kept trying to get one inside my thigh and into my bikini bottoms.” She said as if remembering it fondly.

“Any of my friends’ try anything?” I asked with a small hint of jealousy.

“No, I heard all of their milf comments, but none of them ever got bold.” She said reassuring me.

“So how about the television station, I know that asshole Dick is all hand.” I stated.

“The television station, well Brandon, you have to both promise not to get mad or tell anyone of what I’m going to tell you.” She said to me.

“Okay I promise.” I said knowing if I didn’t she would not tell me anything.

“Until now with you I have never cheated on your father, but when I took the job at the station I can’t say I was looking for an affair, but if we did not have sex I probably would have had one soon. It has been a while since your father has been able to make me truly feel like a woman, I was bored with your kids not needing a full time mother any more and repressed.” She explained “I remember when I got the job and I had to do weekends, the sports guy Jim Cartman and the weekend anchor Seth Martin they made it real tough to stay faithful. They were constantly coping feels and rubbing their hard ons against me on purpose. I was so relieved when Jim transferred to another network job and I moved to do the day shift. The sports guy and the day producer both tried to take me out to lunch with the sole purpose of luring me to a motel afterwards but I never felt inclined to take them up on it. We had that one canlı bahis siteleri young weekend weather man fresh out of college tried to tell me he wanted to have sex with a beautiful woman before he took a job as a storm chaser in the Midwest. Then there is Dick of course, he tries the hardest, of course after today he will stop trying.

“Yeah he sure will.” With that we both shared a laugh and my mother got a bottle of rum and a bottle of coke. She dumped the coke into a tall glass and then the equivalent of a few shots of rum into it as well.

“You remember Burt from a couple of days ago?” She asked.

“The short little bald guy you work with.” I said. “Him too?”

“He never ever openly tried anything with me, never flirted with me, he was always respectful of me and a good friend. Up until three months ago he was happily married, then he found out his wife was cheating on him and pregnant with another guys baby. The poor guy was devastated, I came to work one morning and found him alone in the dark weather center, just the glow of the computer screens and the Doppler image. He told me not to turn the lights on, so I pulled up a chair and rolled up next to him. I could tell he had been crying, he told me the whole story and told me how he thought about killing himself. He did not feel wanted any more and he did not feel like he was a man anymore. My heart really went out to him, he was the only one at the station who respected me and I wanted to help him. The next I knew we were kissing, he may not look like much, but he really could kiss. I told him I would make him feel like a man, but I could not have sex with him. He nodded that he understood, without saying another word I pulled the sweater I was wearing off and unclasped my bra. He gently played with breasts, he then allowed me to pull his cock out of his slacks. I jerked him off while he sat fondling my tits, we never spoke of it again, he understood it was a one time thing and after his divorce went through I fixed him up with a friend of mine who is divorced, they are hitting it off quite well.”

“Wow, that was some story.” I said to watch her drink half of her drink.

“Yes, now I think it’s time for dessert.” My mother said to take another drink and then she set it down so she could kiss me.

We kissed passionately in the kitchen for several long minutes, my hands now had her ass cheeks in them as I was squeezing them. I led my mother to the back patio and we continued to kiss on one of the lounges. I pulled her shorts down and climbed on top of her, I pulled my hard cock out of my shorts and eased it into her pussy.

We made love under the stars on the lounge, we both had a laugh after mom had her first orgasm and when I went to roll her off she was stuck to the material the lounge was made of. Then I got her up on all fours, I fucked her doggie style, my now horny mother reached between our legs and used her long nails to fondle my balls. Soon I was shooting my young cum into her pussy, and we both collapsed on the lounge.

I told my mother to wait on the lounge for me to come back outside, when I did I carried a bed sheet with me, a light blanket and my old battery operated portable clock radio. I set the alarm while she spread the sheet out on the lounge, then I laid down on it, then my mother laid down cuddling tightly next to me. We pulled the lightweight blanket up over us and we laid under the stars, kissing and caressing until we both fell asleep.

The alarm went off the next morning and my cock was hard with morning wood, my mother was under the blanket sucking on it.

“Holy shit Mom.” I said as I looked underneath to see her bobbing up and down.

My mother then stopped what she was doing and climbed on top of me, she eased herself down on top of my cock. Then she pushed me back hard on the lounge and she rode my cock, she bounced up and down on it at a feverish pace.

“Oh god, oh god, oh fuck.” She said in between moans. “Oh yes honey, oh god, oh fuck me.”

With that I took a hold of her waist and thrust my cock in and out of her, trying to meet her thrusts. We got our timing down perfectly and we were fucking in sync with each other, soon she was cumming and I was not far behind.

My mother waited until I finished cumming and then got off of my cock, she went inside so she could shower and get ready for work. The clouds were really dark and grey as I laid there, then I heard the first rumble of thunder, the wind was picking up a little too.

My mother came back outside dressed in a conservative pant suit, and she looked up with some concern. The storm front stalled overnight, but now it was right on top of us and today we were in for some severe weather.

“I don’t think your father will be able to fly in if this storm system does not clear out.” She said as the first drops of rain came down. “I better go and you better get inside.”

“Drive careful mom.” I said.

“I will and you listen to the reports, also I have storm kits made up in case the power goes out and you will be glad to know I called your Doctor yesterday. I told him it will not be necessary for you to give him any more samples, I said you had a lover and you were sexually active now with no problems.” She explained to me and then kissing on the lips.

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