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It began about a year ago. Dina, one of the secretaries, kept giving me strange looks at work (I’m a computer tech named Devon, by the way…I work for a medium-size corporation). After a week or so of this she caught my eye and beckoned me to follow her into an unused storage closet. I closed the door and she was all over me, kissing and groping.

I couldn’t believe it — a married woman! I didn’t think about it for more than a moment, though, as I returned her passionate embrace. She was beautiful, a little short but curvaceous, with dark auburn hair that framed the light brown skin of her face. I think she had some Spanish in her, or maybe Greek. I never asked, and her married surname (Jones) wasn’t any help.

Her hands went down my back to my butt, kneading, as we kissed. Mine went to unbutton her blouse, revealing her fabulous, round bra-clad boobs. I fondled them greedily.

She moved her hands to my belt and unbuckled it, then pulled down my zipper. All right! She wanted to get straight to it!

Her hand snaked down into my underwear and I gasped — so warm! I grabbed as much of the front of her knee-length skirt as I could and pulled up, then maneuvered my pelvis closer to hers.

“No…” she demurred, pushing me back. What the fuck? She couldn’t see my face in the dim light from the small grimy window, but she knew I was confused. “Please…just this…at first.” She put her hand back on my crotch and massaged me back to hardness. I closed my eyes. Well, this was better than nothing.

The masturbation increased speed over the next few minutes. I could hear her breathing matching tempo with mine. Was she frigging herself with her other hand?

I got my answer a minute later as her thrilling digits pushed me over the edge. I gasped as I splashed the inside of my underwear and all over her hand. “Umm! Ahh!” she exulted, tremors going all through her body as she came in response to my pleasure. “Mmm! Uhh! Oh!” She collapsed a little into me as she lost some of her strength, pulling back as she recovered.

Giving me a peck on the cheek, she hurried out of the closet. I spent the next few minutes in the washroom cleaning up the mess in güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my shorts before it looked like I had an “accident”.

The next day she again enticed me into the storage closet, and again she undid my pants and masturbated me within my shorts. I kissed her passionately, trying once more to get my pelvis closer to hers. I wanted sex!

She pushed me back again. “No, please…can we not just stay with this?” She lightly squeezed my dick through the protective cotton, eliciting a pleasurable groan from me. I backed off, and she again manipulated me to a wet orgasm within the confines of my jockeys, bringing herself off in a chain reaction.

As I cleaned myself in the washroom I thought to myself, why would she not let me fuck her? Was this some sort of guilt thing about her marriage? Masturbating someone wasn’t considered adultery? I shook my head.

I looked for her in “our spot” the next few days, but she never showed. The office was large enough that you might not see someone from another department on any given day or week unless you had business in their area, and there were no outstanding tech issues in the secretarial pool. The weekend passed quickly, and she was nowhere to be found the next week as well. I wondered if maybe her guilt overcame her lust, or if she thought I might try to force her into intercourse.

Finally, another two weeks passed and I saw her tentatively poking her head around the corner into the tech area. She caught my eye and disappeared. I followed after a minute and furtively entered the closet. She again glommed on to me, kissing, groping.

I didn’t repeat the mistake of trying to get my crotch closer to hers, but after she undid her slacks and started to frig herself I slipped my hand under hers. She was surprised but didn’t push me away. My fingers found her warm, wet hole and I swirled them around the rim of her vulva, brushing her clit. She gasped, a sharp intake of breath signaling both her shock and pleasure. Her hand had stopped manipulating my member, but now her mouth sought out mine with fervor and her hand energetically went up and down my shaft. My index and middle güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri fingers slipped inside her, then back out. By the end of our encounter I was really giving it to her, and when we orgasmed it was much stronger than before. Unfortunately, I still had to clean up the freaking mess in my shorts. I had taken a step closer to my goal, however — I had been inside her, even if it was just my fingers.

After a week she again stopped coming around. 3 weeks later, just when I thought I would never figure her out, she came sniffing around again. Something was tickling the back of my mind about this but in my lusty state I couldn’t quite clue in.

One week on, three weeks off. Finally I asked her about it. Duh! Her husband didn’t want children and wouldn’t touch her when she was ovulating. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for me), she was incredibly horny during that time of the month. Since they were devout Christians, birth control was not an option, and most definitely not abortion. Our closet capers were the only way she could “scratch the itch” to her satisfaction, but there was no way she would let my babymaker anywhere near her unprotected hole.

Time passed. Things continued with regularity, except there was something in the back of my mind, something growing. Her tantalizing fertility, and her choosing me to assuage her appetites were an unbalancing factor in my thoughts. I couldn’t concentrate on my job, and my manager had to talk to me a few times about my performance. I had to do something!

One day while we were mutually masturbating each other I had an idea, a terrible and yet wonderful idea. I came instantly at the thought, catching Dina off guard. She stopped as I groaned and spurted.

“Oh, Devon, but I haven’t had my pleasure”, she sighed. I dropped to my knees, quickly pulling down her panties as I went, and slipped my tongue into her vaginal folds. “OH! Oh my God!” she gasped. Her skirt dropped over my head, obscuring my next move.

As I licked her cunny I plunged my right hand into my shorts, gathering as much of my semen as I could. Then I moved my licking up to her clitoris, making güvenilir bahis şirketleri room for my fingers as I brought them up and slowly pushed into her.

“Uuh! Um! Oh yes!” Dina moaned as I urged my potent sperm into her fertile hole. I moved my fingers in and out, depositing my “boys” where they had been trying to go for months. My other hand slipped into my underwear, scooping up more of my stuff, and then I switched hands. More of my sperm went inside her. She had no idea!

After a few minutes of this she was really getting hot and bothered. I had actually been speeding up and slowing down the licking and finger-fucking to keep her from cumming. I knew what would happen to the semen I was depositing within her when she came, and I wanted as much of it inside her as I could manage.

Finally the semen supply ran out. I jammed my fingers repeatedly into her cunt, and dramatically increased my licking. She exploded, vibrations running down her legs. “OH! OHH GODDDD!!”

I smiled evilly, picturing her cervix spasming and opening, jabbing down into her vagina to suck on the semen I had judiciously deposited there, pulling the life-giving liquid into her fertile womb. The thought was enough to make me cum in my shorts again, though she couldn’t hear me over her own grunts and through her skirt folds.

She was in ecstacy with our new arrangement, and my job performance got better. I would cum quickly, then, unbeknownst to her, finger- fuck my sperm where it should have gone since the beginning of this affair. She even made sure she wore skirts during that week to facilitate things.

I’m sure you can figure out what happened next. After a couple months she seemed to gain a little weight and a couple months after that told me she was pregnant. I said nothing, as it couldn’t have been me because I never had sex with her, right (wink, wink)? Her husband was furious — the rhythm method must have failed, and they were stuck. Crazily enough, though, her husband was turned off by her pregnancy — he hadn’t touched her since she told him about the baby, and now she was horny all the time!

Now she’s 4 months pregnant, and is showing a little bit of a paunch. It’s cute! I’ve got her pressed up with her back against the wall of the storage closet, and I’m fucking her hard. She’s groaning loudly, her pleasure increased by the penetration and the hormones. After all, it’s not like I can get her *more* pregnant, right?

Uuuh, uuuuhhh, AAAHHHHH! Oh, baby…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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