Mayıs 25, 2021

Stir Crazy Ch. 04

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Dear Readers – Here’s the next chapter in the tale of Jake and Juliet, two neighbors in NYC trying to find love and lust in the midst of the pandemic. If you haven’t read Chapters 1, and 3, I urge you to do so before availing yourself of this installment. It will add so much to your enjoyment. As always, if you enjoy it, let me know by rating or commenting. – Merci, Petitmort


The pandemic of 2020 had evolved from lockdown to a tentative reopening. Even in New York City, there was talk of how smaller groups of people could come together in “pods” and still minimize the spread of the virus. Large gatherings were out, but smaller co-minglings were starting to occur across the city. Young people especially were starting to reconnect, albeit cautiously.

Juliet was in her kitchen when she heard her phone beep. It was a text from Jake.

“Check this out”

She followed a link to a New York Times article about how public health officials in New York had just provided guidance that it was now okay to resume in-person sexual relationships, preferably with a limited number of partners. The gist of the article was that human touch and sexuality were important elements of mental well-being and, if both parties were diligent about staying safe, intimate physical content was considered an acceptable risk.

Juliet’s heart leapt. She and Jake had talked for weeks about the day when they would actually be able to be together. They had enjoyed Zoom sex for weeks now. It led to enjoyable, even torrid sex. They used the forced separation as an opportunity to have a different kind of relationship. They talked more, shared their thoughts and desires, and explored their sexual fantasies.

In fact, Juliet had some of her most satisfying sexual encounters of her life with Jake. They had developed a trust, and an intimacy, that allowed her to be totally authentic with him, to be her true self. They would lay in bed at night and have long, intimate talks over video calls. They’d set up their laptops so they were literally face-to-face in bed. They would tell each other stories – some true, some fantasy – that tapped into their deepest desires. With their hands free, they were able to slowly build the sexual tension and then to satisfy themselves in perfect synchronicity.

But Juliet longed to be able to touch Jake. She knew he had a great body. She could see that when they took their socially distanced walks together in the parks around the city. Tall, athletic, sinewy. He had dark curly hair that was growing longer by the week. He reminded her of an Italian movie star she had a crush on when she was a girl.

Plus, Jake was … physically gifted. She had gotten glimpses of his manhood during their late night virtual sexscapades. They’d pan their bodies with their laptop cameras to heighten the pleasure. She knew that he was big. Bigger than any man she’d ever known. Not that she was a size fanatic or anything. It was just … not being able to feel it … it felt like such a cheat.

As for Jake, he wanted nothing more than to be physically intimate with Juliet. She had exactly the kind of body that made his heart pound. Lithe and lovely. Juliet had a dancer’s body – slender hips with perfectly proportioned breasts. An adorable ass. And her face – it was a face to launch a thousand ships. She was French, Parisian to be precise, and she had the elegant features, the accent, and the sophistication that he found sexy beyond belief.

In addition, Juliet was a sexual dynamo. Jake was pretty experienced – guys with his looks and charm tend to have their share of women. Still, he had never known a woman who was as sexually responsive and as adventurous as she was. She would lose herself totally during their trysts, achieving orgasm early and often. He longed to experience that first hand – to see her luscious body becoming aroused, to feel her silky skin, to smell her scent.

Now, in a matter of a New York Minute, it all seemed possible.

Juliet responded to his email.

“My door’s unlocked”

Jake, who lived in the apartment right above Juliet’s, took a deep breath. This was the moment he’d be waiting for.

Juliet’s text was simple but Jake understood exactly what it meant. This was the advantage of having weeks to get to know each other so intimately. Jake knew that Juliet had a recurring fantasy that a man sneaks into her apartment while she’s sleeping. He silently slips into her bed and proceeds to ravish her. Any thoughts of resisting him are dispelled by the intense pleasure of the moment. It wasn’t rough sex or non-consent she wanted. It was surprising, passionate sex, with a man she’d yearned for from afar. Like her neighbor from the apartment above her.

Jake changed into a black pullover and sweatpants. He pulled on dark socks but no shoes. He was going into stealth mode.

He slowly turned the doorknob on her front door and silently let himself in. As he expected, the apartment was dark. Using the illumination canlı bahis from the streetlights outside, he tiptoed to her bedroom door. He listened for sounds coming from her room. Nothing. He silently turned the doorknob and slowly opened the door.

Inside, a single candle illuminated the room. Juliet was in bed, motionless. Jake stealthily moved to the side of her bed. He silently pulled off his shirt and pants. Naked, he slipped under the blanket and between the sheets.

He moved slowly next to her. Jake knew that Juliet always slept in the nude. Knowing her naked body was just an arm’s reach away made his heart pound with anticipation.

Juliet’s heart was pounding too. She had waited for this moment for so long. She sensed he was there but when will he touch her? How will he touch her? She didn’t know.

Jake moved closer to her motionless body. He could feel the warmth radiating from her skin. He reached his hand out to touch her, his fingers inching forward. In search of her nakedness.

At last, his fingertips reached her bare skin of her back. Juliet gasped.

Jake’s fingers slowly drifted downward along her curve of her back. He marveled at how silky smooth her skin was, how warm, how downy. His touch was feathery, he was barely touching her at all. And it felt amazing.

Juliet realized she had been holding her breath for who knows how long. Knowing that it was Jake, right next to her, felt incredible. His touch sent electricity through her body. It was driving her crazy.

Then, another sensation. She felt his soft lips kissing the center of her back. Ever so softly. She let out a murmur, as if in a dream, and turned toward him, rolling onto her back. She pushed back the covers revealing her naked body down to her waist. One hand went above her head and she arched her back, as if still asleep.

Jake looked at her lovely face, her raven hair so stark against the white pillow, her sumptuous breasts beckoning to him. He thought he’d never seen anything more beautiful in his life. He started to kiss her, ever so softly. On her arms, her breasts, her neck. He knew she loved to be kissed on the crook of her neck, he knew it drove her crazy. He nuzzles his face there, kissing her, inhaling her scent.

Juliet opened her eyes and he felt her arms around his neck.

“Mon amour,” she whispered.

He softly kissed her face, moving closer and closer to her lips. Finally, and for the first time, they kissed.

It was a kiss for the ages.

“Oh Jake,” she whispered. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”

“Me too,” he said simply. “And I don’t want it to end.”

She held him close, hugging him tight as if to pull him inside her.

For the longest time, they lay that way. Face to face. Looking into each other’s eyes. Just kissing.

“Let me look at you,” she said finally, pulling the sheet back to reveal his naked body.

“Mmmm, tu es délicieux!” she said looking at his long, toned body.

He too took in her nakedness – she was more beautiful in the flesh than he even imagined.

He began to kiss her body, starting with her collar bones and shoulders, down to her breasts and nipples, to her torso and hips. She lay back with a smile on her face, basking in the joy of the moment.

He began to kiss her lower abdomen, at the crease where her legs meet her hips, and her pubic mound. She was partially shaven, with a neatly trimmed landing strip.

She reached down and took his head in her hands, running her fingers through his thick, curly hair. With the lockdown, she had watched it grow longer and longer until he resembled a Roman god, in her mind anyway. She guided him to the warm wetness between her legs.

For the longest time, he kissed and licked her pussy while she held his head and moaned with pleasure. His tongue felt like heaven inside her.

Jake thought she tasted better than any woman he had ever known. He couldn’t believe how wet she was and how beautifully she came.

When her orgasm was complete, he kissed his way back up her body, past her tummy and her breasts, until his cock was at the level of her pussy. He was hard, of course. He had been hard from the moment he entered her room.

He began to rub the head of his cock against her pussy, coating it in her abundant juices. After massaging her labial lips, he rubbed the tip of his cock against her clit until she came a second time.

He started to slowly enter her but she stopped him.

“Wait,” she told him. “I want to suck you first.”

He lay on his back, his big cock laying against his stomach. She got on her hands and knees, a mischievous smile on her face. She moved into position, her eyes fixed on his.

Instead of using her hand first, she lowered her mouth to his cock. She kissed and licked it, even rubbed her face against the soft skin. She took the head in her mouth and tried to lift it. It was like watching a dog with a bone.

“Let me help,” said Jake, as he lifted his cock so bahis siteleri it stood straight up.

Juliet’s eyes widened. For her, it resembled one of the dildos she’d seen in a sex shop on a bachelorette night. Only this one was real. And it was attached to the man she was falling in love with.

Keeping her eyes fixed on his, she licked the shaft with her tongue. He was holding it up by the base. She hadn’t used her hands once.

She took the head in her mouth and sucked hard. It felt fantastic for Jake. She knew just the right amount of pressure to exert. When to be forceful and when to be gentle.

She began to take him deeper into her mouth and throat. She’d bob her head, producing slurpy sounds that made him hot, and then release him with a pop, gasping for air. She’d repeat this over and over and then take a break, licking the tender underside of his cockhead until his body shook with pleasure.

She was voracious, animalistic.

“I’m going to try to take you deep,” she gasped. “To swallow you. If I can.”

She positioned herself over him and wrapped her lips around the head. Slowly she descended on his giant prick, taking him deeper and deeper into her throat. She had to spread her mouth wide, he was so thick. She closed her eyes and pushed on, half way, three quarters of the way. She paused a moment, and then descended again, bottoming out. She began to bob her head, with the entire length of his towering cock deep in her throat. Jake could see her body twitching, spasming. Finally, she lifted herself off.

“I did it!” she gasped. “And I had a throat orgasm! I told you!”

She was as proud as a child who tied her shoes for the first time.

Jake was gobsmacked. It was the best blow job he’d ever experienced in his life.

Juliet wiped her chin and then shimmied up to his face, her breasts brushing against his chest.

“Je veux te baiser maintenant,” she said breathily. “Can we fuck now? Please?”

“Sure,” Jake said. “How do you want to do it? For our first time?”

“I don’t care,” she panted. “I just really need you to fuck me. Right now.”

Jake could see she was beyond aroused. The cunnilingus, massaging her clit with his cock, the throat orgasm – instead of satisfying her, it made her hungrier than ever. He knew he was going to have to give her the fucking of her life.

“Let’s start standing up,” Jake said.

She was surprised by the suggestion. She had never done it that way before. The laptop sex they had was more bed-centric. She wasn’t sure what to do.

“Come over here,” Jake instructed. “In the doorway.”

Jake led her to her bedroom door. In the candlelight, their bodies looked incredible. Her breasts were still heaving from her recent orgasms. Her nipples were standing up, begging for attention. Jake could see wetness dripping from her pussy on the inside of her thighs. She regarded his muscular frame, his strong arms and legs, his cock standing straight up. She couldn’t wait to feel it inside her.

They stood in the frame of the door and he started to kiss and fondle her. He was quite a bit taller than she was and she stretched on her tip toes, as if to get her tongue further in his mouth. He reached down and scooped her up effortlessly.

He held her to him and she wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed deeply. His cock was pressed between their sweaty bodies.

He lifted her in his strong arms and positioned her over his raging hard-on. He lowered her so the tip was pressed against her labial lips. She bit her lower lip as he raised his pelvis and the head of his cock popped inside her.

She gave a sharp intake of breath and her eyes got big. He maintained eye contact as he lowered her onto his shaft, gauging how fast to go by her expression. After giving her a few moments to adjust, he lowered her further, burying half his shaft into her incredibly wet pussy. She was so tight. So wonderfully tight.

Juliet couldn’t believe how much he was filling her. How much he was spreading her. It all felt so wonderful.

She reached up to the top of the door frame and used her hands to push herself down on his cock. She wanted him in her so bad. He rocked his hips to slide his turgid cock in and out of her. Her moans matched his motion.

He leaned back against the side of the doorway, sticking his pelvis out so she could impale herself on his cock. He lowered her until he bottomed out. She moaned loudly.

He started to bounce slightly, rubbing his thick cock against her clit. She was crying out now.

“Oui, comme ça! Comme ça! Je viens!”

He could see her eyes start to roll back in her head. She was riding the wave.

He thrust his pelvis upward, again and again, watching her orgasm sweep over her. It was as if she was suspended in air, held aloft only by his stiff cock. Like she was making love in zero gravity. Of course, he was holding her with his strong hands, making sure she was safe and satisfied.

After her orgasm ebbed, bahis şirketleri he carried her back to the bed, her legs still wrapped around him. He sat on the edge of the bed, then lay on his back. She started to ride him, raising and lowering herself on his still rock hard cock. He loved watching her writhing on his cock, her eyes closed, her hands in her hair. She loved being able to control the motion, deciding how deep to take him, and the speed of their fucking. No man has ever gone so deep, she thought to herself. Or filled me so much.

He sat up to embrace her, his strong arms, warm and enveloping, his hands caressing her entire body. She was filled with a warm, tingly feeling – an almost ecstatic sensation. Her hands held his head as she kissed him. Deeply, passionately. Then her arms wrapped around his head and shoulders, as if to pull him closer, if that were even possible.

Her beautiful breasts were pressed against his chest as she rocked her pelvis, grinding her pussy against his cock. She felt an animalistic urge to fuck him. Not to make love, but to fuck. He had never felt a woman so passionate, so overcome with desire.

Months of foreplay had led to this moment, a volcano of pure libidinous desire.

Without interrupting their kiss, Jake pressed her onto her back. He was on top of her now – and she was struck by the strength and weight of his body. This is a man on top of me, this is what I’ve been wanting. What I’ve been missing.

He started to pump himself into her, gaining speed. She wrapped her legs around his back, as if trying to absorb him into her. She wanted them to be one organism. One being.

He was thrusting hard now, burying himself in her. Lightning strikes that made her shriek with every thrust. She reached back and grabbed his hard ass in her hands, sinking her nails into hem.

Again he plunged himself into her, and again she gripped his ass cheeks, pulling him deep inside. Jake’s head was spinning now, and she saw a wild look in his eyes.

“Qu’est-ce que tu veux? What do you want Jake? Tell me.”

Jake thought a moment and then flipped her over her stomach. She looked back at him with fire in her eyes. She raised her butt in the air.

“You want to fuck me like this?” she growled. “Tu me veux comme ça?”

He was so far gone all he could hear was the word “comme.” And it lit a fire in his loins.

He jumped on her and pinned her to the bed. His cock found her pussy and he pressed it into her from behind.

She let out a cry.

He started fucking her like a wild man, pounding her pussy from behind. Her orgasm came quickly. And so did his.

All those weeks of separation had led to this moment. And the moment did not disappoint.

They spent the entire next day, and the day after that, in bed. They got up only to use the bathroom or to make some food and bring it back to share. When they weren’t eating or sleeping, they were fucking. And not just fucking, they were doing everything sexual one could imagine. They had a lot of catching up to do.

They learned a lot about each other. She learned that he was a big fan of 69. Or as Juliet put it: “Tu aime beaucoup la soixante-neuf.”

He found out that she not only enjoyed giving head, she was phenomenal at it. She had perfected the slow build, licking and kissing his cock, even using her face and hair to heighten the variety of sensation. She could do things with her mouth and tongue that he didn’t even know were possible. And yes, when she deep throated him, no mean feat given his size, she could give herself a body-shaking orgasm.

And she taught him a few things too. She introduced him to prostate orgasms – the super-orgasm achieved from massaging the prostrate gland by inserting a finger in your lover’s anus. He would never look at his yearly physical the same way again.

One day, Jake came home from his daily jog in Riverside Park to find a text from Juliet on his phone.

“Great news! Nikki’s coming to visit!”

Juliet had two siblings who both lived in the States. Pierre, her older brother, lived in Brooklyn Heights and worked on Wall Street. From Juliet’s description, he seemed a bit on the uptight side (Juliet said he had “a stick in his ass”) which Jake found funny. Her younger sister Nicole, or Nikki as Juliet called her, lived in upstate New York and worked as an artisanal baker in Katrine, a small town on the Hudson River. Juliet called Nikki a “free spirit” and it was clear they were as close as siblings could be.

Jake was thrilled Juliet was going to get to spend some extended time with her sis. Juliet obviously loved her dearly. They hadn’t seen each other since the lockdown. Now, with Nikki staying the weekend, Juliet was talking about adding her to their “pod”.

“You excited about seeing your sister?” Jake asked while they were making dinner together.

“I can’t tell you how excited,” Juliet smiled. “Here she lives in the same state and I hardly see her.”

“Tell me about her,” he asked.

“She great. She loves living in the country. She has animals. She designs and makes her own clothes. And she’s an incredible chef. She’s amazing.”

“Were you two close growing up?” he asked.

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