Mart 22, 2021

Still the Boss

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Nina was having a shit day. And as soon as she walked into the meeting room she could tell it was about to get even worse.

Mike looked at his watch pointedly.

“Sorry I’m late,” said Nina, sliding into the nearest empty seat.

“That’s okay,” said Mike, with a look that showed it clearly wasn’t. “Shall we make a start?” He smiled at Tory who stood up and walked out to the front of the room. She flashed her usual brilliant smile and Nina could see everybody in the room smile back. Her jaw clenched.

Tory’s presentation on how their online marketing campaign had boosted recruitment shouldn’t have been that interesting but everyone in the room was enthralled. Tory spoke well; her eyes travelling around table and making eye contact with everyone. When her eyes met Nina’s, Nina looked down, feeling something like fury bubbling within her.

Everything about Tory infuriated Nina. The moment she had first walked into the office, Nina had felt her stomach clench. Tory was good looking, in a posh, Sloaney sort of way, with her immaculate brown hair swept to one side across her forehead and her green-grey eyes that always seemed to have a knowing twinkle in them. She dressed impeccably – all crisp white shirts and pencil skirts. Always just enough to show off her slim figure but never too much.

Nina watched the men on her team look at her with obvious lust and the women with envy.

It wasn’t just Tory’s looks either. She was utterly charming. She had an easy, confident manner and a knack of gently pushing her opinion that seemed to bring everyone, even Mike, round to her point of view.

Everyone said she was like a breath of fresh air and that made Nina feel like she was some crusty pair of pants, waiting to get thrown out.

She watched Tory summarise the successes of the online campaign, watched Mike nodding along like a Churchill dog and clenched her fists under the table. It was her department, and she was damned if she was going to sit back and let Tory bask in the glory.

“That was excellent, thank you.” Mike was still nodding approvingly. “Does anyone have questions for Tory?”

“Yes, I have one,” said Nina, anger making her bold. “The successes of the campaign are very clear of course but I believe there were a few issues that cropped up along the way?” She looked at Tory and felt triumphant when she saw a flush creep up the girl’s neck.

“There were a few teething problems when it first launched,” Tory admitted, “but we were able to resolve them quickly and I don’t think it affected the overall success of the campaign.” Her eyes met Nina’s with a definite challenge.

Mike was opening his mouth but Nina jumped in.

“There were significant start up costs associated with the campaign,” she said. “And although applications have increased, we don’t yet know if these are quality applications. After all, we don’t want to have spent money on increasing applications that will just get dumped out later in the process.”

Nina felt pleased with herself. She might not have the youthful good looks and charm of Tory but she had been at the company for over ten years, working her way up. When she spoke, everyone knew there was solid experience and hard graft behind her.

Mike grimaced, as if he was in pain.

“That is a good point,” he admitted. “Perhaps we should revisit this issue in a few months’ time, when we have a better idea of the quality of these applications. But thank you Tory, for an excellent presentation.”

Tory smiled again and resumed her place at the table, opposite Nina. Nina tried hard to concentrate on the other business of the meeting but she was aware of Tory’s green-grey eyes resting on her face. She finally steeled herself to look back at the girl.

Tory’s face showed no signs of anger. She met Nina’s eyes openly, with a slight questioning look. And then her eyes travelled slowly, appraisingly down Nina’s body and back up to her face.

Nina felt herself flush and looked away.

That look stayed with Nina. She was sitting in her office a few days later, in the middle of writing a particularly complicated email and she caught herself absently chewing the end of her pen and thinking about that long, questioning look from Tory.

She banged the pen on the table in frustration and tried to concentrate on her work.

There was a knock at her door.

“Come in,” Nina called, grateful for the interruption. Phil slid into the room.

“Hi Nina. I had just had a few questions about this new leaflet we’re doing if that’s ok?”

Nina waved to the chair on the other side of the desk. Phil folded his gangly body carefully into it. He was a clever lad and he knew it. And that was the problem. He thought because he was clever that he shouldn’t have to spend time any time as a junior executive and should be able to leap straight into senior management. Nina knew exactly what was coming.

“I just had some queries about the wording.” Phil spread out the drafts of the leaflet, which were covered with biro scrawling. gaziemir escort bayan Nina sighed inwardly.

“Talk me through them,” she said, even managing to summon a smile.

Phil talked through all his suggested amendments and Nina gently but firmly rejected every single one. The leaflet had been drafted and redrafted countless times and Phil’s only job was to send it to the printers. It was irrelevant that he thought ‘cogent’ was a better word than ‘coherent.’

Nina watched his earnest face and wondered how anyone so clever could be so stupid. He questioned every decision she made, quibbled with every task she gave him and therefore guaranteed that he would never get promoted in this company which was what he so desperately wanted.

As Phil droned on, Nina found her mind beginning to wander. She looked critically at Phil’s face and decided that he was quite handsome, in a nerdish, Doctor Who sort of way. He wasn’t exactly a muscled hunk but she knew girls sometimes liked the skinny, alternative look.

She wondered whether he was Tory’s type. There was no doubt that she would be his – she was every man’s type. But Tory was surely way out of his league. Or maybe not, there was no accounting for taste.

She imagined Phil’s beardy face close to Tory’s soft, pale skin. That beard would tickle. She pictured Phil’s beard bristling against the smooth firm, flesh of Tory’s breasts and his narrow hips pumping up and down.

Nina caught herself suddenly and jumped. Phil frowned.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,” said Nina, brusquely. “Are we almost done here?”

“Well…there are a few more things I noticed – “

“Are they typos?”

“Well, no just some ideas I had – “

“In that case we just need get it off to the printers ASAP please.” Phil’s beard bristled.

“But – ” he began but as Nina raised her eyebrows at him he stopped. “Okay,” he muttered.

As he closed the door behind him Nina sighed and leaned back in her chair. God, this job was hard work. She sometimes felt like she was presiding over a snake pit, with everyone seething and jostling beneath her, just waiting for a chance to topple her. Maybe she was getting too old for this. She was thirty-seven but a lot of the time felt twenty years older. Her energy and exuberance had been drained by the hard slog of this job and when she looked in the mirror, she could see the lines beginning to develop around her eyes and mouth.

And they weren’t smile or laughter lines either. She hadn’t laughed much since the break up of her marriage two years ago. She’d been about Tory’s age when she’d got married and thought that she was settled for life. Then in a few short years it had all gone horribly wrong and suddenly her job was the only place where she felt in control of anything.

And she wasn’t about to give up that precious control to anyone.

The tension in the office was palpable. The run up to a major recruitment ‘go live’ date was always stressful. Adverts were placed in all the major papers, emails were being prepared to go out and the online application system was ready to go live. Copy was being obsessively checked and re-checked.

Nina walked from her office to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and noticed with satisfaction the heads bent over desks in concentration.

She was standing in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil when Tory appeared at the door.

“Hi,” said Nina, noting once again that Tory was dressed impeccably in her classic pencil skirt and blouse combo. The skirt skimmed beautifully over her hips and highlighted her narrow waist.

“Hi,” said Tory. “Can I speak to you about something?”

“Of course,” said Nina, wishing the kettle would hurry up.

“It’s about the online application system.”


“We’ve got this new feature this year where candidates can upload their CVs and supporting documents – “

“Yes, I know,” said Nina, impatiently. “I sat in on all the development meetings.”

“Well,” said Tory, taking a deep breath, “I’m concerned that we haven’t really tested this function probably. If we go live and candidates can’t upload their stuff, we’re going to be flooded with emails and we may have to run a fix whilst the system is live.”

The kettle clicked and Nina poured the water onto the tea bag, her back to Tory.

“I think,” said Tory, “that we should run a full test before we go live.”

“We go live in two days,” said Nina, without looking round.

“Yes, I know.” Was that a hint of impatience in Tory’s voice? Nina felt stupidly triumphant, like she’d found the chink in Tory’s armour. “But if this uploading feature goes wrong, we’ll be swamped with extra work and that will delay the whole process.”

Nina dunked her tea bag carefully before putting it in the bin. Then she walked to the fridge and got the milk, all the time aware that Tory’s eyes were on her, waiting for her response. A thrill passed through Nina and she felt herself tighten.

She poured the milk into escort gaziemir her tea, replaced the bottle in the fridge and finally turned to face Tory. The girl’s face gave nothing away, only a slight raising of the eyebrows to show she was expecting a response.

“We’ll go live as planned. The guys in IT were confident there would be no issues with the system.”

Nothing moved in Tory’s face.

“Are you sure?” she asked, her voice almost expressionless.


Tory gave a small shrug and Nina couldn’t stop her eyes from straying to Tory’s breasts to watch them as they rose with her shoulders.

“Okay,” said Tory. She turned and left. Nina watched her walk back to her desk, her eyes drawn almost against her will to travel up and down Tory’s figure, admiring the way her round, tight bottom strained deliciously against the fabric of her skirt as she walked.

As soon as they went live, Nina realised that Tory had been right. They should have tested the system. It went wrong almost at once and when Nina logged on to her emails that morning, there was a host of red flagged messages from Mike. She could hear the phone ringing constantly in the main office and harassed voices trying to deal with the queries.

She fought the fire as best she could. She called IT and told them to take the system offline and implement a fix as soon as they could. She told Tory to put a message on the website, informing candidates of the problems and saying the system would be online again shortly.

Then, with a sinking heart, she went to see Mike.

He spent a good half hour reminding her what an important and long-standing client they were dealing with, how it would damage the company’s reputation, how this sort of issue should have been spotted before. Finally, he reminded her that it was her responsibility as manager of the department.

Nina kept her cool. She’d fucked up – she knew that. And she knew the only way to deal with it was to ride out Mike’s anger and then fix it as soon as possible.

She apologised, took responsibility and assured him it would be sorted.

She got back to her desk and found that her hands were shaking. There was a knock on the door almost immediately.

“Yes?” she barked.

Tory came in, holding a mug. Despite the chaos in the office, Tory looked as calm and beautiful as ever. It pissed Nina off.

“I thought you might want a cup of tea,” Tory said. Nina didn’t reply and so Tory walked over and placed the mug on her desk. She gave a sympathetic smile. “You all right?”

She was being nice. She was being nice because she knew Nina had just come from a bollocking. And she would know that she had been right.

Nina looked up at Tory, at her sculpted lips smiling at her, revealing her perfectly straight white teeth. Tory must be laughing inside, rejoicing in the fact she’d got one over on her, on her stupid, slow-witted, old boss.

“I’m fine,” she snapped, turning her head away to look at her computer. She saw Tory’s face twist in anger for the briefest moment before resuming her usual, serene expression. Tory left without another word.

It was later, much later that evening when Nina finally tore her eyes from her computer screen and stretched her arms above her head. The office had finally gone quiet, the frantic ringing of phones over for the moment.

She stood and stretched her stiff limbs. She was knackered and was looking forward to cracking open the bottle of twine she had in the fridge at home.

She opened the door of her office and looked out. All the desks were empty save one.

Tory looked up from her computer.

“You should go home,” said Nina, her voice sounding strange in the silent office. “It’s late.” Tory nodded and dropped her eyes back to her screen.

Nina went back into her office and switched off her computer. Then she began gathering things up to put in her handbag. She looked at her watch, trying to work out if she had time to catch the last train home or would need to get a night bus.

She heard a sound and looked up. Tory was standing in the doorway.

“Yes?” she said, annoyed that she was being delayed from leaving.

“Would it be bad form to say I told you so?” Nina looked up sharply. Tory’s face was as calm as ever but there was an edge to her voice that Nina hadn’t heard before.

“What do you mean?”

“You know perfectly well what I mean. We should’ve tested the system.”

“Yes. We should have. A lesson learnt.” Nina picked her phone up from the desk and placed it in her handbag.

“You should’ve listened to me.” Nina’s jaw clenched.

“It was my decision,” Nina said, evenly. “And I take responsibility for that.”

“I could have said anything and you would have done exactly the opposite.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I’m not a threat to you, you know.”

Nina laughed harshly.

“You? A threat? Don’t worry darling, I’ve never thought that.” Tory flushed angrily and Nina felt the now familiar thrill gaziemir escort bayan pass through her.

She made to leave but Tory was standing directly in her way. Nina raised her eyebrows. Tory’s jaw was set in a determined line, her green eyes flashing.

“What is your problem with me?” she demanded.

“I don’t have a problem with you,” said Nina, keeping her voice calm. She was distracted by how close she was standing to Tory, close enough to smell the scent of her perfume.

“Really? So why do you always undermine me at meetings? Why do you never follow up on any suggestion I make? You don’t even bother to reply to my emails!”

Nina scowled.

“Look, sweetheart this is a tough job. If you want to get on in this business – “

“Don’t fucking do that!” Tory snapped, pointing her finger in Nina’s face. “Don’t patronise me!” Nina drew back. She had never seen Tory lose her cool before; she’d never even heard her raise her voice.

“Remember who you’re talking to!” Nina shot back. She was outraged that Tory would dare to speak to her like that but she was also uncomfortably aware of a warm dampness between her thighs.

“Yeah, like I could ever forget!” Tory’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “The great Nina Reynolds, queen of recruitment. Terrified that someone might come along who could do her job better.”

“You what?” Nina’s face burned with rage as she stepped closer to Tory. Tory didn’t back down and held Nina’s gaze, her eyes blazing.

“You heard. You treat me like shit because you know I could do a better job than you and you’re scared – “

Nina lunged at her, pushing the girl back against the office wall. Tory grunted as her back slammed against the wall. Nina held her shoulders hard and felt Tory’s breasts pressing against her own. The girl looked outraged, her mouth slightly open in shock.

Nina kissed her hard, forcing her tongue between Tory’s lips. She felt Tory stiffen in shock and then begin to struggle.

But Nina was several inches taller and at least a stone heavier. Her bodyweight pinned the younger woman firmly against the wall. Nina felt a surge of excitement and lust.

Nina’s hands moved from Tory’s shoulders and began to tug her blouse free form the waistband of her skirt. Her hands travelled up the softness of Tory’s stomach and stroked over her bra.

She felt Tory breathe in sharply and the kiss broke for a moment. Nina squeezed Tory’s breasts and watched as the girl’s eyes widened in surprise.

And then Tory reached a hand up behind Nina’s head and pulled her back into the kiss.

The wetness between Nina’s thighs became a sea as she and Tory plundered each other’s mouths with their tongues, lapping desperately at each other as their hands tore and pulled at clothes.

Nina pulled Tory away from the wall and pushed her clumsily back against the desk.

Tory just about got her balance sitting on the edge before Nina was upon her again, unbuttoning Tory’s blouse impatiently as she kissed her. Nina hands reached around Tory’s back, fumbling for a moment to undo her bra.

As her breasts fell free, Nina grabbed them roughly, squeezing them and running her thumbs over the hard nipples again and again.

She felt Tory squirm and squeal against her mouth. Nina couldn’t bear it any longer.

She pulled back from the kiss and pushed Tory down flat on the desk, leaving her legs hanging over the edge. She bunched the girl’s skirt up around her waist and pulled impatiently at her knickers, dragging them down Tory’s slender, toned legs.

Like everything else about her, Tory’s cunt was impeccable. The hair was neatly trimmed into a triangle but Nina spared no time to look at it as lust raged within her.

She leaned forward over Tory and placed her hand against her crotch. Tory was sopping wet and Nina again felt a thrill of power and desire buzz through her. Tory was breathing hard beneath her, her face tight with expectation.

Nina locked eyes with her as she moved her finger experimentally against Tory’s cunt.

Tory gasped as Nina pushed gently against her vagina. They looked at each other for a moment.

“Go on then,” Tory whispered. Nina raised an eyebrow.

“Really?” she said, hoarsely.

“Yeah,” said Tory, a look of defiance in her eyes. “Go on. Fuck me.”

Nina pushed her two fingers into Tory as far as they would go. Tory cried out and arched upwards, her head tipped back. Nina felt a triumph unlike anything she had ever known.

She withdrew her fingers to the entrance and then pushed them back in again. Tory cried out again and the sight of her naked breasts arching upwards was more than Nina could bear.

She moved her fingers in and out of Tory, slowly at first and then finding a rhythm. Tory gripped the side of the desk and gave short, staccato cries as Nina pumped her fingers.

The pace increased. Nina felt as if Tory was stretching beneath her fingers, growing ever wetter and larger as Nina fucked her.

Nina’s hand moved furiously back and forth, Tory bucked and arched from the desk, her cries turning into sobs as Nina fucked her faster and faster until Tory screamed, her whole body went rigid and her head tipped back. Her mouth remained open in a silent scream as waves of shudders passed through her body and her cunt contracted around Nina’s fingers.

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