Nisan 17, 2021

Stephanie Finds a Dream Lover

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Discovering erotic stories about the Practice and the charming Doctor Love, Stephanie dreamt of being one of his Guests. The description Guests provided of the exclusive medical centre’s location was familiar and intriguing. Did the Practice actually exist? Were the Guest’s stories true? The amateur sleuth in Stephanie couldn’t resist the challenge. Sometimes dreams seem so real they could have actually happened.

My breath laboured with the touch of his warm smooth hands. Heavy eyes fluttered closed and I moistened my lips as I felt the heat from Doctor Love’s body between my thighs. Anticipation surged through me as I lay on my back and with a body desperate for his therapy. Hands caressed with the skill of a professional over my hips and across my stomach and towards my tits, my nipples a pulsing beacon and drawing his fingertips to the pink hardening peaks.

‘Mmmm . . . ooh yeah,’ I purred like a kitten, my soft round tits filling his cupped hands perfectly and my raised sensitive nubs sprouting through his fingers.

I moaned as he teased with a single finger and my ass writhe into the luxurious bedspread as I felt the warm and moist sensation building in my pussy. Doctor Love squeezed my sensitive flesh between his fingers and thumbs, making me gasp with the perfect balance of pleasure and pain.

I lifted my face to look at Doctor Love and smouldering lust-filled eyes gazed back. The incredibly sexy smile he flashed sent adrenaline rushing through my veins. I held my breath as he lowered his face to my intimate opening. Every nerve ending ignited. Wild with desire, I grabbed as much of his short grey hair as I could and arched the small of my back while flinging my head back.

‘Uh, uh, uh,’ I continually searched for breath as his tongue lapping at the pink wet folds.

Gasps and whimpers turned to moans with the torturous pleasure Doctor Love’s tongue and fingers inflicted, rolling the sensitive nipples and flicking across my aching clit. Then the sensation of an orgasm building and delivered by my own personal sex therapist. A long penetrating groan erupted from deep within me as waves of pleasure surged through my body causing me to shake and gasp for breath as I climaxed . . .

I’ve enjoyed many similar dreams since I discovering the Practice, waking in a hot sweat and with that wonderful craving for cock. Hubby is more than happy to satisfy that need. Reading erotic literature is one of my naughty pleasures and I stumbled on the Doctor Love’s Practice series. Women shared their experiences of the Practice and being treated by Doctor Love on Literotica. Not in my wildest dreams did I imaging I’d feature in one of Maddisyn’s stories.

I’m just your average stay-at-home mum. I consider myself still good looking at forty-three and a mother of two. Hubby still gets excited when I flash my firm and ample tits and still have a toned body with soft curves in all the places he likes to play with. I haven’t given up on slipping my ass into a pair of stretch jeans. My legs look great in a short dress and heels although I don’t get to shown them off much anymore. Wouldn’t that turn heads at school drop-offs and pick-ups?

I might be an ordinary mum and housewife but there’s nothing ordinary about my story about the Practice. It’s an exclusive medical centre that provides salacious personal services for women known as Guests. Pure fiction I thought with women enjoying wild sex with the charming Doctor Love under the guise of sexual therapy. But there was something familiar about the location that increasingly intrigued me as I read their stories. The streets and other names mentioned meant nothing but the hidden investigator in me surfaced and wouldn’t let it rest.

My name is Stephanie. I promise it’s the only untruth in my story. I’d be surprised if any Guest used her real name. Stephanie is one of my favourite authors. I’m also into historic mysteries and I’m reading her Jane Austen series. I’m sure she’d be impressed at my amateur sleuthing and how I found out where the Practice actually was. I read all of Maddisyn’s stories, eagerly searching for clues.

Guests described the Practice as one of many historic buildings in the exclusive Park Crescent area with million-dollar park views. The park was popular with runners and had a five-kilometre course. Nearby Queens Parade was well-known for its restaurants and boutique shopping and where Nikki bought lingerie. Natalie taught at Asquith Ladies College in the area and Jennifer’s apartment was a short walk from the city, overlooking the park with the Practice on the other side. It sounded like a trendy area and if I did know it, it had to be an older inner city suburb with its many terrace homes.

Armed with my clues, I scanned a city map and even quizzed hubby that left him a little bemused at my interest. I narrowed the possibilities as the jigsaw slowly came together. One of the possibilities was south of the city and had a large lake but it was never mentioned. Another had extensive ataşehir escort gardens with prominent public buildings that didn’t get a mention. Both had well-known running trails and trendy shopping precincts.

The more promising location was one north of the city that had a large park but with a lesser known running trail. Even I was aware of the tree-lined parade with boutique shopping and several new high-rise apartments. I wasn’t surprised the parade wasn’t named Queens but it had another royal title and was the address of a prestigious private girl’s school. My heart was in my mouth when I found a road well known for its historic buildings on the other side of the Park! I just had to go and have a look.

I was so familiar with the Maddisyn’s stories that I knew the building number was never mentioned. I parked the car and walked along admiring all the lovely old buildings and looking for a white double story terrace that was well maintain and one of the prettiest. I could see why Amber thought they looked like pretty dolls houses. Can you imagine my excitement when a building matching the description came into view? A warm tingling sensation rippled down my spine as I read a brass sign with ‘Doctor Love’s Practice’. It was next to the large stained-glass door that Tiffany and other Guests had mentioned.

I started walking back, astonished at what I’d discovered. I never made it to the car. I had to see inside! Women toured the facilities before registering and their descriptions of the rooms and facilities were amazing. I just couldn’t resist seeing the Practice for myself. I must have known something, dressing much more smarty than normal. It was now or never. I returned and fortunately was able to have a tour, not intending to register. The Practice was better than I could have imagined.

The historic building was beautifully restored. The lovely period features had been retained and the rooms exquisitely furnished with period furniture and furnishings. The Practice certainly didn’t look or feel like a medical centre. The Sitting Room just took my breath away. I could imagine Chelsea enjoying her glass of red wine on the luxurious couch in front of the white marble fireplace with the chandelier overhead. No wonder Trudy claimed it was her favourite room. It was warm and cosy with pastel colours, soft cushions and fine lace curtains at the windows. Just like Suzanne, I was captivated by the exquisite facilities and exceptional service. I have my first appointment with Doctor Love in a few minutes.

I noticed a seat in the park opposite as I walked to the Practice. It must have been where Victoria sat before her appointment and contemplated the ethical dilemma of Doctor Love’s sexual therapy. I hardly entertained such concerns. The thought of having sex with my own personal sex therapist fuelled a series of wonderful dreams. How naughty and inappropriate sex with your doctor was just made me hot. There wasn’t a Guest that wasn’t satisfied with Doctor Love’s therapy. I’m sure hubby wouldn’t mind. After all, it isn’t cheating if he’s your sex therapist.

I wondered how many Guests had entered through the wrought iron gate on their way for sexual therapy. Something wonderful was stirring within me as I walked the short path to the large stained-glass door. My heart was thumping and I took in a deep, calming breath as I prepared to become one of those Guests. I pushed the doorbell and cast a last-minute glaze over my outfit. I selected a short skirt and jacket with high-heels. My blouse displaying some very nice cleavage and a glimpse of a white lacy bra. Even an ordinary housewife can look sexy and be a little naughty.

I soon heard the distinctive sound of high-heels striking the polished floorboards in the entry hall. ‘Hi Maddisyn,’ I smiled as she opened the door.

‘Hello Stephanie. It’s so nice to see you again. Please come through to the Sitting Room,’ she replied with a lovely smile that welcomed every Guest.

Maddisyn provided the tour of the Practice last week. I never let on I knew what the Guests were enjoying and deserved an Oscar for my performance at discovering the wonderful facilities. I could have provided the tour, I knew Maddisyn’s stories so well. I could see why the other Guests instantly liked her. She has a gentle, spiritual nature and is so caring and helpful. Who would have imagined this sweet angel authoring erotic stories about Doctor Love and his Guests? Knowing their secret made becoming a Guest all the more exciting.

‘Would you like anything before you see Doctor Love?’ Maddisyn kindly asked, interrupting my wicked thoughts.

‘I’d love another one of your coffees that I had last week,’ I answered taking a seat on the comfortable couch and feeling the warmth radiating from the open fireplace.

I glanced around admiring the wonderful room while Maddisyn went to a kitchenette behind her desk. I could image Maddisyn and Nikki sitting on the couches discussing lingerie and Narelle nervously working kadıköy escort on her laptop and trying to go unnoticed. Sunshine was filtering through the lace curtains in the bay window and I thought of Jane enjoying the lovely view of the park while lamenting the tragic loss of her husband.

Maddisyn soon returned and placed a silver tray on the coffee table. ‘I thought you might like some cheesecake with your coffee.’

‘Thank you. It looks lovely!’ I exclaimed, recalling that Trudy had enjoyed the same cheesecake topped with strawberries and drizzled with dark chocolate.

‘Is there anything else you would like?’ Maddisyn kindly offered.

A beautifully Guest Lounge with spa like facilities was off the Sitting Room and just perfect for a woman to prepare for Doctor Love. Maddisyn often helped Guests get ready. I thought of Trudy having a luxurious spa bath with a view of an illuminated private courtyard garden and scented candles dancing around her while enjoying champagne. Maddisyn helped many Guests with their hair and make-up while some Guests enjoyed her relaxing massage. Not always Miss Innocent, I felt the stirrings of arousal at some of the images of intimate fun she got up to with her Guests.

Maddisyn’s stories about Jennifer’s massages were among my favourite. ‘Would I have time for a massage?’ I ventured, feeling the warm moisture forming between my thighs at the thought.

‘Certainly. You enjoy your coffee and I’ll get things ready,’ she smiled before going to the Guest Lounge.

Maddisyn soon returned and went upstairs were Doctor Love lived to get changed. Some Guests had wondered why she kept clothing upstairs, even speculating if Maddisyn and Doctor Love were lovers or even partners. Some Guests became aware that she was gay and not in a relationship with Doctor Love and although never mentioned in her stories, I suspected she shared upstairs with him and lived at the Practice.

Maddisyn soon came back down the stairs, her tits bouncing in a tight-fitting sports top and ponytail swinging freely. She is attractive as many Guests commented. I admired how fit and toned her legs looked in a short sports skirt and gym shoes with anklet socks. I know Brianna couldn’t resist Maddisyn’s pretty looks and having some intimate pleasure. Others didn’t have to be gay to enjoy some girly fun. I felt my nipples tighten and pussy moisten as she came towards me.

‘Ready for your massage?’ She enthusiastically asked smiling.

‘Yes, thank you,’ I replied getting up from the couch and grabbing my bag to follow Maddisyn into the lounge.

Maddisyn had worked her magic as I expected. The delicate fragrance of an aromatherapy candle was wonderful as we entered the massage room and soft music was playing.

‘I’ll leave you to undress down to your panties and lay face down for me,’ she mentioned, placing a cotton towel on the massage table.

‘You okay with no panties?’ I asked, sharing her gaze.

‘Some Guests prefer it,’ she replied with a hint of a grin before leaving.

I stripped out of my clothing, hanging them up or placing them on the small table. I glanced at my mound in the wall mirror and was happy with the look. Hubby likes a few curly tuffs of hair and I gave my mound a little trim last night. The luxurious cotton felt sensuous against my tits as I settled on the table and tried to relax.

There was a gentle knock at the door and Maddisyn entered. ‘Happy with no panties then?’ Commenting with a definite smile of approval.

‘I’ve nothing to hide,’ I said a little saucily, causing her lips to curl into a grin.

Maddisyn placed another plush cotton towel over my back and legs. My heartbeat became more noticeable and I felt my pussy tingle in anticipation as I watched her reflection in the wall mirror as she got things ready.

She dimmed the light slightly and poured scented massage oil into a small bowl. ‘What sort of massage did you have in mind?’

‘How about something . . . wicked?’ My voice definitely purring as I gazed at her image in the mirror.

Maddisyn’s eyes were instantly drawn to my reflected face. ‘Ah . . . wicked? She prompted with a slightly curious look.

‘Something Jennifer would enjoy,’ I hinted, smiling knowingly at the mirror.

‘Do you know her?’ Maddisyn replied, having made the connection.

I turned to meet her inquiring gaze. ‘No. I’ve never met Jennifer or whatever her name is. But I’ve read all your Guest’s stories. I’m looking forward to one of your wicked massages.’

‘Would you like a happy ending?’ She replied with a devilish smile, unfazed at what I’d discovered.

I paused holding Maddisyn’s gaze as the image of her intimately massaging Jennifer to an orgasm entertained my mind. ‘Maybe once I get to know you a little better,’ I coyly smiled.

Maddisyn placed a small pillow under my head and I started to relax. ‘I don’t think we’ll be needing the towel,’ she smiled, removing it from my back and placing it on a chair.

An bostancı escort bayan arousing heat engulfed my body as I lay naked under her gaze. I watched Maddisyn in the wall mirror as she placed her fingers in the bowl and my body tingled with the sensation of her fingers drizzling warm oil over my back and arms. Her warm oil-soaked hands glided up my back, shoulders and arms before returning for several more sweeps. Contented purrs drifted across the pillow as her hands glided over my lifeless body.

I gave a contented sigh as my body surrendered to the pleasure of her wondrous hands. ‘Do the Guests know about their stories?’

‘Oh yes. They get to comment on the drafts,’ Maddisyn replied, moving to the end of the table near my feet.

My pussy throbbed as she gazed between my parted thighs and drizzled oil from her fingers along my legs and backside and then between my cheeks. I felt my nipples tighten as the oil trickled down over my pussy.

Ooh . . . that feels so good,’ I sighed, enjoying her long and slender oil soaked fingers and smooth palms caressing the back of my legs.

‘Tell me how you found the Practice?’ She asked softly, applying a little more pressure and kneading into the soft yielding tissue.

I managed to mutter my story as I succumbed to her caressing hands massaging the top of my legs and cheeks. Her touch was sensual and heavenly. My body rocked against the luxurious cotton towel, caressing my erect nipples and I felt my pussy throb and swell.

‘Could you lift your knee to the side for me,’ she asked while guiding one knee into position.

Maddisyn applied oil to my inner thigh and I stifled a moan as the warm oil drizzled across the soft pink folds between my legs. My pussy pulsed and I shivered with anticipation as her soft and warm hand glided up my inner thigh.

Using the same sensual technique, Maddisyn trailed her fingers over my inner thighs, mound and cheeks. Maddisyn’s finger tips caressed my intimate opening, gliding easily across the oil-soaked pussy before continuing their journey. Each caress of my pussy causing me to tremble and draw a deep quivering breath. Gradually her arousing touch felt so natural.

‘Ooh yeah. That’s nice,’ I panted, my eyes rolling back as Maddisyn worked the pad of her thumb through the furrow of my intimate flesh.

‘Okay, you can turn over now, she instructed. Take it easy getting up.’

‘That was wonderful,’ I uttered in a massage induced haze full of mixed emotions.

Maddisyn placed a circular pillow under my hips. My breath fell silent and my pulse raced as I gazed at her working some more scented massage oil into her hands and long slender fingers.

‘Open your legs more for me and place the sole of your feet together. Just relax and don’t forget to breath,’ she softly instructed.

Maddisyn trailed her soft hands over my inner thighs, mound, toned stomach and tits before returning for further sweeps of my highly aroused body. Her caress of my pussy and tits became an increasing focus of her attention. My nipples and pussy throbbed under her sensual touch.

‘Ooh yeah,’ I sighed as Maddisyn cupped each breast with her oily hands and kneaded the yielding flesh, then purred as her thumbs teasingly circled my aroused pink buds.

I softly moaned as Maddisyn lowered her mouth to a breast and began whimpering as her tongue slid over the smooth skin, tasting the scented breast. Her fingers and thumbs teased my sensitive nipples, throbbing against her tender touch while her tongue worked towards a nipple

‘Ooh yeah. Suck that tit,’ I moaned as lips locked onto a nipple and her tongue swirled around the swollen rosy flesh.

Maddisyn’s tongue flicked across my hardened peaks sending a thrill that vibrated through my body. Then I felt her warm oily hand gliding up the inside of my thigh. I gasped with Maddisyn’s first caress of my swollen clit, then moaned and thrust against her hand searching for more.

Maddisyn lifted her eyes to mine as a finger circled my aroused bud. ‘Do you know me a little better now,’ she moaned lustfully.

‘Oh god yes. Make me cum, please!’ I begged at her ear as her lips recaptured a nipple.

Two of Maddisyn’s fingers coated with a mixture of scented oil and the slick juice of my arousal slid into the soft wet folds. Her thumb skilfully brushed my aroused clit while her fingers pleasured my sensitive internal flesh.

Instinctively, I began thrusting my pussy in time with her thrusting fingers. ‘Don’t stop. Don’t stop. I’m almost there!’ I cried as her hungry mouth sucked on a nipple and tongue swirled across its sensitive peak.

I was moaning uncontrollably while biting my bottom lip as she raked her thumb across my aroused sensitive flesh with every inward thrust. A long penetrating scream erupted from deep within me as an orgasm tore its way through my trembling body.

‘Uh, uh, uh,’ I gasped for breath as my body erupted, liquid pouring from me and flowing around Maddisyn’s fingers.

My mouth refused to close and my eyes were firmly shut as I rode out the intensity of the orgasm. My screaming finally subsided and I just lay there spent and panting, trying to get my breath back as she gently caressed the inflamed pink folds of my pussy.

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