Mart 21, 2021

Staying Over at Jen’s Ch. 1

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Staying the Night at Jens.

When I was in high school my best friend was Jen. She was a year older than me and I was always secretly a little in awe of her social smarts, confidence and rebelliousness. She was shorter than me by about 8 inches, with long brown hair and wide brown eyes. She was chubby with a big round bottom and full breasts. Despite her short stout form she always wore revealing clothes and her sexual precociousness meant that she had her pick of the boys.

I on the other hand was painfully shy around boys for which Jen would often tease me. I had short blond hair and green eyes and was thinner than Jen with little pointy breasts with unusually (I felt) large nipples.

I often used to stay the night over at Jen’s in the weekends. She lived in a big property and had her own outside room in the sleepout in their garage. One night I was staying their and Jen had stolen a bottle of wine from her parents. We had drunk the bottle together and were quite tiddly. Jen was telling me about the previous weekend where she had been heavy petting with an exchange student from Australia who had been going to our high school.

We were both sleeping on Jen’s king sized double bed – I was wearing a little white cotton t shirt and my fluorescent green panties that where wearing thin and the elastic was nearly broken at the bahis firmaları waste (I was quite embarrassed of them but hadn’t realized I’d be bunking at Jen’s when I put them on in the morning). Jen was wearing her baby blue cotton nightie that she always wore to bed – I also knew that she wasn’t wearing any panties because I saw her whole bottom when she got out of bed earlier to go to the toilet, as her nightie was riding up to her waist. I had blushed at staring at her bum but she hadn’t noticed my staring.

Jen’s tails where making my heart beat double time as she described unashamedly in detail how Mike (the exchange student from Australia) had put his fingers into pussy and how good it had felt. She said that she had made Mike come in her mouth but hadn’t swallowed.

All of this fascinated me as I hadn’t even touched a penis – except through a boys clothes. I had a terrible urge to play with my self but knew that Jen would notice in the same bed. I could feel how moist my pussy was getting, my heart fluttering, hot steam rising off me trapped under the bed sheets, my panties and t shirt damp with sweat. The only stimulation I was willing to risk was to squeeze my thighs gently which offered no release and just taunted my hot ache.

I was feeling very hot and bothered, and dizzy with the alcohol and arousal as Jen began kaçak iddaa telling me about how she had even let Ken put a finger up her bottom (even she was a little embarrassed of this) and how it had felt. She said that it had hurt at first and she could feel her hole stretching and contracting and how Ken had wriggled his finger around while sticking a finger from his other hand in and out of her pussy. She said that she came while he was doing this and her pussy had suddenly got extremely wet – soaking her bottom, thighs, and his hand.

This was all to much for me. By now the room was dark and we had both started actually trying to sleep. All I could hear was the blood rushing in me and my heart pounding and my shallow breathing which seemed very loud and blatantly horny. I knew that I was never going to sleep if I didn’t relieve myself so I slowly let one of my hands linger down to my damp green panties.

So far so good – I wriggled as if stirring in my sleep and tried to tug the panties down silently with my one hand. They would come down enough and I got frustrated in my heat and in the end just pulled them down quite obviously.

I suddenly felt a cold sweat as I realized that my hot headed actions had probably given me away. I waited silently holding my breath with my panties pulled down to the middle of my thighs – twisted kaçak bahis in a damp sweaty tangle – waiting to see if Jen was awake and if she had noticed.

After what seemed like a year but was probably only 30 seconds or so I decided that I had gotten away with my sinful behavior and rolled onto my back and gently opened my thighs as much as my constrictive half pulled down panties would allow. I got a big wiff of my own sex smell mingled with my sweat as I lifted the blankets in order to once again lower my hand down towards my soaking sweet-spot.

I slipped one of my fingers into my pussy and just let it sit in there – squeezing it with my internal muscles – my heart began beating even harder and faster and I felt again dizzy. I started slipping it in and out, trying to do so as softly and quietly as possible but with each thrust my body would jerk and even the slightest movement seemed to rock the whole bed. I couldn’t help quickening the pace and now the bed was gently rocking with my rhythm. My feet would wriggle, my thigh muscles spasm and involuntary noises would escape from my throat. I tried to suppress these sounds and my loud breathing which had become all out panting, by smothering my face into my pillow but I would nearly faint from lack of air whenever I tried.

My buttocks where clenching, my throat moaning and panting and my pussy convulsing when Jen suddenly rolled over and stared straight at me.

My skin went cold and I lay in the dark waiting to see what would happen next.

“Are you wanking, Mia?”

To Be Continued…

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