Nisan 17, 2021

Start of a Weekend

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Your plans for the weekend fall through so you have a free weekend; ?and, even though over 500 miles separates us, we decide to meet for a fun weekend of play. We decide to leave after work and drive until we meet. As we drive, we occasionally text each other to let each other know of our progress toward each other. Also in the texts are things we want to do to each other when we finally meet. ?The texts become more frequent the closer we get to each other.

After driving 4 hours, we are finally within minutes of each other. The next town we decide to stop and find the first motel. I see you leaning against your car as I pull into the motel parking lot. ? I park my truck next to your car and get out and hurry to give you a hug and a kiss. I go in and get us a room and we quickly head to it.

I open the door for you and as you walk into the room I playfully grab your ass. I know that over the next couple of days that my cock will find its way there several times. I shut the door and come up behind you and start kissing your neck and begin to fondle your breasts. You turn around and start kissing me. Grabbing my hand you lead me to the bed and we lay down next to each other. We slowly start kissing and I start kissing and nibbling your neck and ear lobes.

I slowly unbutton your shirt and remove it along with your bra. Your nipples are hard with anticipation of being sucked. I start kissing your neck again and your chest and around your breasts without touching the nipples. I run my tongue around your areola being careful not to touch your nipple. I make sure I am spending equal time on both breasts. I keep teasing your breasts by placing my whole mouth over each nipple being careful not to touch them. Finally, I start sucking on your right nipple and I hear you moan. After sucking your right nipple for a moment, I move over to the left. I continue sucking from the right and left as I reach down and unbutton your pants. Reaching ataşehir escort into your pants, I find a very wet pussy.

I get off the bed and help you take off your pants and ask you to turn over. I start kissing the back of your neck as I stroke your back and caress your ass. I start kissing lower and lower down your back. When I reach your ass, I start to nibble on your cheeks. Spreading your cheeks, I can see your rosebud. I start to circle my tongue over the edge and hear you moan with pleasure. I try to stick my tongue as far as I can into your ass, while I start fingering your pussy. I keep tonguing and fingering you for several minutes. Your pussy unbelievably keeps getting wetter.

I turn you over and start kissing you again. I French kiss you and nibble your neck and ear lobes, while my hands explore your breasts and lower body. Once again I kiss down to your breasts and start sucking your nipples again. Kissing down your belly, I tongue your belly button. Kissing down your thigh, your calf, and finally your foot of your left leg, I start to suck on your toes. Moving over to your right foot, I start kissing it and finally suck the toes of this foot also. Then kiss up to the calf and the thigh until I reach your pussy. I kiss around your bare pussy and stop and smell how good it smells.

I spread your legs and find your rosebud again with my tongue. After licking it for a few seconds, I slowly move my tongue up over your pussy. I stop over the opening to tongue fuck your pussy as deep as I can get my tongue into your pussy. You moan as I tongue fuck your pussy and arch your pussy into my mouth. I move my tongue up and finally find your clit. I start to lick your clit and occasionally suck on it. At the same time, I start fingering your pussy with one finger. You tell me where my tongue needs to be to give you the most pleasure and I add another finger into your pussy. I keep licking where you directed me to as I kadıköy escort start fingering your pussy with three fingers. Now I have four fingers in your pussy and I can feel your clit harden under my tongue. As I continue licking you, I rub my thumb over your rosebud that is still wet from the licking I gave it a few minutes ago and more so from the pussy juice that is running down the crack between your legs. My thumb slowly enters your ass while my four fingers are fingering your pussy and my tongue is flicking and sucking your clit.

I continue licking your clit and fingering your pussy and ass, until I feel your pussy start to contract around my fingers. I know you are going to soon cum. I keep licking and sucking your clit as you scream out with your first orgasm. As you cum, you start to squirt. Your spray hits my mouth and face. I keep licking your clit as I try to extend your first orgasm and work on your second. I keep licking you as your body relaxes from the first orgasm. I remove my fingers and thumb from your pussy and ass and hug your thighs and hips into my mouth. I keep licking your clit softly. My hands slowly caress up to your breasts and I rub your nipples between my fingers and thumb. I keep licking your clit and I am soon rewarded with another orgasm from you. I keep licking your clit and soon your body responds with a third orgasm. As I try to keep licking your clit, you push me away telling me that you need to stop for a bit. I come up and hold you and kiss you while my hands softly caress your body.

You decide it is time for my clothes to come off. You unbutton my shirt and help me off with it. You undo my belt and button and unzip the fly on my pants. Reaching in you find my cock. You stroke it and then start to slowly lick it. You start sucking it and stroking the base with your hand. You can feel it grow in your mouth as you do. Oh my, your mouth feels so good around my cock. While you are sucking bostancı escort bayan my cock, I reach down and finger your pussy. You keep sucking and stroking until my cock is ready to pop. I stop you and bring you back up to kiss you. I lay you down on your back and spread your legs. Knelling between your legs, I start rubbing the head of my cock on your clit. You ask me to fuck your pussy. Watching your face, I slowly enter your pussy with my cock. Your eyes widen as I enter you and you start moaning. I slowly start fucking your pussy. My cock slides in and out of your wet hot pussy. I left your legs up and over my shoulders to fuck you deeper. You keep telling me to fuck your pussy as I fuck you harder and faster. I slow down so I don’t cum too quickly.

I pull out and start licking your pussy again. I love the taste of your pussy; I can’t get enough of it. I find your clit again and start licking it. At the same time, I start fingering your pussy. I suck your clit into my mouth and flick the tip with my tongue. I keep licking and fingering and soon I feel my fingers being squeezed by your pussy and know you are close to cumming again. You start moaning rapidly as you cum and you squirt although not as forcefully as your first orgasm.

Turning you over, I kiss your back and start fingering your pussy. With a finger wet with pussy juice, I start to finger your ass. You moan as my finger enters your ass. I keep fingering your ass while I kiss your neck. My cock is hard again and I use some lube to make him nice and slippery. Placing the tip of my cock against your rosebud, I slowly push. I feel my cock enter your ass. Slowly it slides in until it can’t go any further. I let you get used to my cock for a moment and then start fucking your ass slowly. You moan as my cock slides in and out of your ass. I increase speed as I feel your ass relax around my cock. I pull out and have you get up on your knees. I reenter your ass and feel you start moving on my cock. I am holding still and you are slamming your ass onto my cock. I can feel myself starting to cum and I grab your hips as my cock spurts cum deep inside your ass. We fall on the bed and cuddle and kiss as we rest up for the next round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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