Mart 21, 2021

Squeeze Inn Ch. 2

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Roni decided she didn’t want to go home after dropping Bob off. She didn’t even go in. She scanned the parking lot and saw that her biker friends were gone. She knew where to find them though. She took off, gunning her bike so hard it pulled a wheelie. It only took about 20 minutes to get to Insane Wayne’s. There must have been 30 bikes parked in his yard. Lights were on in almost every room of his one story house. You could see people milling everywhere.

Roni walked towards the porch where 2 guys stood, beer in hand, laughing and talking. Mike, the bigger of the 2 swooped Roni into his massive arms and nearly crushed her. How ya doing Babe?…he asked…Haven’t seen you for awhile. Where you been keeping your sexy self? Roni kissed Mike and explained that she had been working too much lately to do any partying. Ahhhh…Mike replied with a grin…You should never be that busy! You know Paco…he said pointing to his comrade on the porch. Yea, Ive seen Paco before…Roni said as she turned to greet him. He patiently waited for her to greet him properly. She leaned way up and kissed him.

Roni turned and entered the house. Everyone there knew her. They all shouted greetings, some grabbed her, some just waved. It almost felt like being home! Where’s Wayne?…she asked. I think he went for more beer…someone hollered…he’ll be right back. Roni sought out and found Wayne’s current live-in, Patty. She was glad to see Roni as always and greeted her with a hug. Ok if I grab a shower and crash here for the night?…Roni asked. You know it girlfriend…Patty replied…anywhere you find a place to sleep, just go ahead. I can’t guarantee you’ll be alone in the morning though!

That’s the way that house was. So many people, so many rooms, no one questioning who slept where or with whom for that matter! It was a great place to be when you didn’t want to be alone. Everyone was friendly, there was lots of beer and lots of drugs if you were into that. Roni wasn’t. She could drink with the best of them though and watch out when she did!!

Roni made her way through the crowd of people, down the bahis firmaları hall and in to a bathroom. She began to run water in the tub. She stripped off her clothes and snuggled down in the hot water. She was tired, pensive, and wanted some time to think. Yet, she didn’t want to be alone at her own house. She had a hard day at work. Being a nurse wasn’t always what it was cracked up to be. She had spent the best part of the day coaching a woman in labor, a long, painful labor. Complications set in though and the woman was rushed to the OR for an emergency C-Section. The baby suffered bradycardia for too long, insufficient oxygen. No one knows for sure if she will even live and what the quality of her life might be if she does. That part of her job sucked. Roni was so glad to be off the next few days. These things seemed to haunt her. Drinking and fucking took her mind off of them.

Roni leaned back in the tub and shut her eyes. She drifted off to sleep but was awakened with a start. A friend of hers stumbled thru the unlocked door. Sorry Roni…she half yelled…but I have to piis and all the other bathrooms are being used. Maggie was a tall blonde, thin, small busted. It was obvious that she had had a lot to drink or a lot of something else tonight. She stood in front of the open door, yanked her jeans down and squatted above the commode. Roni asked her to close the door but she either didn’t hear or she didn’t comprehend. Just as she started to pee, Some guy burst in, obviously looking for Maggie. Once he saw she was there, he decided to talk to her, never mind that she was in the middle of going to the bathroom or that Roni lay naked in the tub!

Maggie finished and they both left without a word to Roni. Oh well, she appreciated that! She washed and grabbed a towel. She didn’t have anything to wear so she just wrapped the towel around her and went in search of something. The door to the first room she came to was ajar. She peeked in, not knowing what to expect! It just happened to be empty so she went in. She opened the closet door, found a man’s shirt and put it on. That would suffice to kaçak iddaa sleep in. She was so tired all of a sudden and just wanted to lay down but she thought she’d better find someone to let them know which room she was crashing in.

When she walked out it appeared that there were more people now than when she first got there. That’s the way it was at Wayne’s house though. People came and went all night. Roni found Patty and told her she was going to go to bed. She made her way back down the hall and opened the door to the bedroom. Much to her surprise it was occupied. Some girl she had never seen before was lying on the bed, legs spread, head back, eyes closed. Some guy, naked as a Jaybird, was between her legs, just going to town! As much as she’s like to have joined in, she closed the door instead. She checked the next room and it was empty except for a girl she recognized as Cookie. Roni, is that you?…she whispered. Yes, is it ok if I come in and crash here?…Roni asked. Sure hon, come on in…Cookie said as she slid over in the double bed. Roni crawled between the cool sheets.

They made small talk and then both drifted off to sleep. Roni awoke a short time later, her head turned toward Cookie. She looked like a princess lying there sleeping, the moonlight streaming across her face. Her long blonde hair curled around her face. Roni could not help herself, she gently pushed it away from her beautiful face. Cookie stirred. Without a word, she reached up and kissed her. At the same time, her hand found Roni’s and lifted it to her tiny, firm tit. My nipples are really hard Roni…she whispered. Yes, I can feel that…Roni replied as she began rubbing them.

MMMMMM, wait Roni…Cookie said. She then got on her knees on the bed and stripped herself of her Tshirt. Her perky little tits, hard nipples and all, were showcased by the light of the moon. Roni sat up. delicately touched Cookie’s tits, kissed them and then began sucking on them. Cookie giggled, Cookie squirmed. She placed her hands on Roni’s head, pulling her closer. That really feels good Roni, suck them hard…she said, still kaçak bahis pulling Roni’s head towards her. Roni ran her hands down Cookie’s tight stomach, she automatically began to spread her legs. Before her fingers even found Cookie’s curly pubic hair, she knew she was wet. She could smell it.

Lay down…Roni ordered Cookie…lay down and let me love you. Cookie smiled and did as she was told but not before kissing Roni, tightly, lovingly, on the lips. She laid down on her back, her thin legs parted. I want to feel good Roni. I want you to make me cum…she said as she parted her pussy lips with her fingers… I’m all wet for you.

Roni stuck her tongue out, lowered her head and tasted Cookie’s wetness. Her tongue became entangled with her long pussy hair. She licked and tasted. She loved it. Cookie spread her legs even further, then she spread her pussy lips. My clit is so hard Roni…Cookie moaned…please lick it. Please make me cum. I want to cum so bad. Roni complied, she licked at her clit furiously, felt her juices really start to flow. She felt them on her chin. While her tongue lapped at the little swollen bud she inserted a finger in Cookie’s pussy. She felt the heat, the softness. Cookie only moaned louder, only squirmed harder. Yes, fuck my hot pussy… she said breathlessly…oh please Roni, fuck me hard.

Roni inserted 2 fingers, slid them in and out of her pussy folds. Cookie was rubbing het little tits, squeezing her nipples. Roni tried to part her lips with her hand but it was awkward so she just pushed her whole face against Cookies wet pussy. Cookie screamed, muscles tightened, as her body exploded with an intense orgasm. Cookie grabbed Roni’s head and gyrated her hips against her. She was cumming so hard. Don’t stop…she whined…yes, oh yes, keep licking my clit. I’m cumming so fucking hard. Roni licked and sucked until her orgasm subsided. She felt her face being washed in Cookies cum.

Cookie reached for Roni, almost pulled her up beside her…Kiss me…she said…I want to taste my cum too. Roni kissed her, shoving her tongue deeply into Cookie’s mouth. Cookie sucked hungrily. She licked her lips, then her chin and cheeks. Ummm, I love it…Cookie said. Roni loved the softness of her mouth, of her body next to hers. They lay together, arms and legs entwined and fell back asleep.

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