Nisan 14, 2021


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In life, everyone dreams of meeting that “perfect” someone. The one person who makes your heart skip a beat every time you see them, the one person who understands everything about you without a word being spoken. A person’s so called “soulmate”.

You can see it in their eyes, you can feel it is their touch, you can hear it in their voice and you can NEVER get enough!!!!

I met my “soulmate” 2 years ago. One hot summer night, by the light of the moon, I approached him. I told him my observations about the two of us. At first, he was taken back (although he did not want to reveal that he was). Once my words “awakened his soul”, our lives have never been the same.

After he thought about my observations of our “chemistry”, our relationship started to evolve, and so did our desire for each other. Suddenly, when we were together, we began exchanging glances that clearly were meant only for each other and no one else. It was as if we had each re-discovered ourselves in body, mind, and soul. The intensity of our feelings for each other was maddening. Neither of us had ever felt this way before. Our first kiss left me feeling dizzy, breathless, and weak…


We started the evening as we always did. I greeted him at the door with a kiss, gently caressed his hair with my hands, and un-did his tie. He opened the bottle pendik escort of wine and poured us each a glass, our favorite being a dry, red merlot.

As always, in the winter months, a glowing fire was burning in the fireplace. The lights were dim. We sat in our loveseat together savoring the wine, staring into each others eyes, and sharing with each other our hectic daytime adventures. Once relaxed from the wine and eager with anticipation to be together again, I could feel his desire building. Just knowing what would come next began to arouse me and he knew just what to do from here…


I always went out of my way to please him both mentally as well as physically. Now that I had found my “soulmate”, I was not going to let him go. I wanted him to ONLY want me. His wish was my command.

We gently put down our wine glasses and began to kiss. I caressed his hair with my hands. He gently touched my face. I slowly kissed him across his right cheek and then began to lick his right ear occasionally sucking on his ear lobe. He let out a low moan which caused me to instantly get wet. I could not get enough of turning him on. As I continued licking and kissing his ear, I began to unbutton his shirt. He gently pulled me on to his lap. The hardness of his cock against by ass caused me to moan softly into his ear further maltepe escort arousing him.

He next unbuttoned my shirt and began fondling my breasts through my bra with his hand. He knew exactly how to stimulate my breasts and nipples and was always delighted by the response he got. As always, this caused me to melt in his arms allowing him to now take control as I laid my head back on the arm of the loveseat with my shirt off and with one arm around his neck, my ass across his lap, and with one foot on the opposite arm of the loveseat and the other foot on the floor fully displaying my body for his pleasure.

He removed his shirt revealing his irresistible chest and gently lifted up my buttocks while removing his pants. My lower half was covered with a short black mini skirt and black thigh highs. He raised both of my arms above my head with one hand and began rakishly kissing my lips while unhooking my bra and caressing my now achingly stimulated supple breasts.

He next gently laid me on the floor in front of the fire and removed his underpants revealing his dripping cock. He straddled my upper body and continued caressing my breasts as I moaned with pleasure. He began to slide his slick cock between my breasts while pushing my breasts tightly together with his hands moving his cock in a slow, rhythmic motion. By kartal escort this point, I was so wet that I could feel my juice dripping out of me. I began to move my lower body, but he then locked his legs on top of mine to prevent me from moving as he grinned and moaned with pleasure knowing how bad I wanted him to touch my now soaking wet swollen cunt.

He continued his rhythmic motion with his rock hard cock between my breasts. He held my breasts together with one hand and lifted my head forward with his other hand as I licked and sucked on the head of his cock when it moved forward. He groaned with ecstasy. Just when he knew if he continued, he would cum, he stopped and laid on his side and aggressively continued to caress my breasts and upper body while wildly and deeply kissing me on the lips. I subconsciously reached down to touch my throbbing wet cunt when he grabbed my hand to stop me, wanting to save my wet cunt for his touch only. By this point, I was bucking and moaning loudly as he watched me while thrusting his cock against my upper thigh and tightly squeezing both of my breasts. After one more minute of intense nipple stimulation, I began to cum with the feel of his hard body thrusting against me. His right hand began to quickly slide up along my right thigh and he began to massage my large, dripping wet clit. I let out a scream as he continued to touch me. It was then that he discovered I had no panties on. He smiled and in a moment of passion exclaimed that I was something else and tenderly leaned over and whispered in my ear “I really hate you.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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