Nisan 14, 2021

Something New 03

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The fireplace crackled, the faint sound of the tv played in the background as Ashley talked nonstop about yet another one of my home videos that she watched earlier that day. She found these damn videos about nine months ago and no matter how much I begged her not to watch them, she did anyway.

I don’t know why that surprised me anyway. She was’a bit of a spoiled brat but I guess that was my fault. Ever since we moved in together, she hasn’t had to lift a finger to do anything. Whatever she wanted, she got. She got all the attention she asked for and never deprived in the bedroom.

She really got into the whole daddy thing after she saw that one video. Our relationship became one slightly of a “daddy dom, little girl” type at times. I took care of her, nurtured her and gave her all the attention she wanted whenever she got in that mood but when she wasn’t, she still very much enjoyed a rough pounding.

“Hello…psst…” She tried getting my attention as my thoughts trailed off.

“What’s that babygirl? I’m sorry.” I smiled over to her as she laid across the three seater couch, her legs extended and her feet fell in my lap. I grabbed her foot as it hit my lap and watched as she stretched her body with her arms extended over her head, making a specific moan she only ever did when she was horny.

“You know what calling me that does, Daddy.” She said as she settled back in her original spot. Her feet still in my lap.

“I know exactly what that does to you princess.” I smirk knowing exacting what I was doing.

I felt one of her feet lift off slightly and repositioned to start caressing my now hardening cock with the ball of her foot through my shorts. “Don’t talk to me like that unless you plan to do something about the problem it causes, Sir.” She giggled.

I grabbed her feet, lifting them off of me as I swiftly got up, crawling over her as she laid on the couch, positioning myself between her legs as I kiss up her stomach, between her perfect breasts and to her neck. She squealed and giggled in excitement as I repeated her words, “Don’t talk to you like that unless I plan to do something about it? Since when do you call the shots around here missy?” I smirked. “I’ll talk to you however the fuck I please.” I said as I bit her neck aggressively. “Got it?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Now what do you say?”

“Sorry Daddy.” She said as she pouted playfully.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her cute little expression. “That’s my good girl.”

I watched as a huge smile crept across her face. I slid both hands under her to wrap one hand around the small of her back and the other across her back to pick her up. Her squeal sounded again as her arms snaked around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist as I began to carry her up the stairs.

“Now, since you’ve been such a good girl, Daddy’s gonna take you into the bedroom and give you just what you’ve been wanting.” I smiled, kissing her collarbone as we got to the bedroom door. Just as I laid her down on the bed and crawled up over her, my phone started ringing.

I pulled the phone out and saw it was Danny. I ignored it tossing the phone higher up on the bed as I began kissing her softly but passionately. Her legs remained wrapped around my waist as her hands caressed my back. Our kisses intensified, growing deeper, faster and building every bit of hunger in me for her.

Her breathing was deep, her soft whimpers against my lips and the ever so gentle rolling of her hips told me just how turned on she was without even touching her. I broke away from her gesturing to her to move upwards on the bed. As she did, I crawled further up over her. Just as I leaned in to kiss her again, my phone went off again. I hesitantly grabbed it and glanced at the text message from Danny.

At this point, the text got my attention and I stopped all movement. It read, “Emergency with a shipment. Need you at the office now.” I grunted deeply in frustration.

“What is it?” She asked.

“I’m sorry babygirl. Danny wants me at the office.”

“But…” She started off whining, “Its Saturday evening. Why can’t it wait for Monday?”

“He says it’s an emergency, I’m sorry Ashley.”

She pouted, “But daddy…” She whined again.

As I got up off of her, I brushed her hair back and kissed her forehead, “I know baby but I promise if you’re a good girl for me, I’ll take good care of you when I get back.”

Her face lite up, “Ok, deal.”

“But you gotta promise me one thing.” I looked at her sternly.

“What’s that?”

“You better not touch that wet little pussy of yours.” I ordered. She looked at me mischievously but didn’t say anything.

“I mean it babygirl.” I reinforced how serious I was and she responded with a hesitant okay.

It was raining cats and dogs by the time I got to the office. Everyone that was called in was already there and waiting for me. Danny started the meeting and not even 10mins in, I got a text. It read, “Daddy, how much do you love me?”

I quickly responded, pendik escort “Very much babygirl” and put the phone away but then it vibrated again soon after.

“Well, since you love me so much, are you gonna let me play with myself?” She replied.

“No babygirl. I told you to be a good girl and not touch that pussy until I get back.”

“But daddy…”

“I mean it princess, now stop texting me. Daddy’s in a meeting.”

“Ok…” was all she responded with a sad face emoji.

I shook my head, slipped my phone back in my pocket and started paying attention to Danny. It couldn’t have possibly been 15mins since her last message when I felt the phone vibrate again. I rolled my eyes knowing it was her. It was just making me mad that she kept texting during an emergency meeting.

I pulled it out to a comment that say, “Sorry daddy but you’re gonna be really mad.” Along with a picture of her fully naked. She was leaned back against the headboard with her legs spread wide and her hand between them with two fingers knuckle deep in her tight little pussy. She had the most evil little grin in that picture.

I honestly loved the thought of her playing with her pussy at home, thinking about me but I really needed her to stop texting me. Especially after that picture, I definitely wasn’t paying attention to Danny anymore. I didn’t respond, I thought maybe she’ll stop, but no, the texts kept coming. Picture after picture. One of her playing with her tits, one of her using her vibrator and one of her sucking on her fingers. She knew that made me weak but oh boy was I mad.

She wanted this. She wanted to be trained. She wanted to learn how to please me and wanted to learn how to be my perfect sub yet, she wouldn’t follow simple instructions. This was the first time she had deliberately broken the rules and I wasn’t planning on letting her get away with it. She was going to have to learn the hard way.

I didn’t respond to any of her pictures and finally she stopped but only long enough for me to believe she was done. The phone vibrated yet again and this time it was a video. I assumed it was of her cuming and it was exactly that once I played it after the meeting in my car. I was properly teased but upset. Not only that she disobeyed me but she knew I was at an important meeting and the last thing I needed was my phone constantly going off.

I quietly turned the key in the front door, took my shoes off and quietly made my way up the stairs to the bedroom. I turned the light on but she was sound asleep. I walked over to the bed, pulled the covers off of her but she stayed asleep. She was on her stomach in nothing but a little pair of panties that barely covered her ass. A smile crept across my face. She was going to hate me but she’d never disobey me again.

I sat beside her on the bed, both my hands moved to her ass cheeks, I started caressing them, squeezing them and playing with them.

“Mmm” she moaned softly, slightly lifting her head off the bed and trying to open her eyes, “Baby you’re back?”

“Yes sweetheart, Im back.” I smiled as I started squeezing her ass a little harder, getting a bit more aggressive with her as she was starting to wake up.

“You were a bad girl while I was gone weren’t you?”

She was silent.

I lift one hand and forcibly smacked her ass cheek hard, “Weren’t you?!?” I said sternly. She flinched to my hand crashing down on her ass as she whimpered.

“Yes, I’m sorry Sir.” She cried in distress as my hand crashed down against her ass cheek again, same spot, making it sting.

“What did I tell you before I left?” I smacked her again.

She cried out as she tried to push her body away from me. I pulled her ass back in place and smacked her ass twice, back to back in the same spot, “What did I tell you?” I angrily yelled at her.

“Not to touch myself.” She whimpered as she pulled her body away yet again. She rolled onto her back and I let her. I stood up beside the bed with my hands on my hips, looking down, I shook my head.

“What am I supposed to do with you young lady?” I looked at her side ways.

“Sorry daddy, I was so turned on and you, you were the one that just up and left. What did you expect me to do?” She smartly stated.

“Excuse me? What did you just say to me?” I said in shock that she’d get smart with me right now.

“You weren’t here so I took care of it.” She boldly said. Now I knew she was trying to push my buttons.

I turned my head to look at her and flashed her a crooked smile. After a few moments of silence when she didn’t expect it, I reached down and grabbed her by the throat pulling her off the bed, she fumbled off the bed and landed on her ass on the floor.

With my hand still wrapped around her neck, I pulled her to her feet and pushed her up against the wall. “Want to rethink that answer?”

“Fuck you!” She blatantly said.

I shook my head. “Wrong answer baby.” I smirked as I grabbed her, pulling her towards the foot-side of the bed, bending her over maltepe escort the footboard, shoving her face first into the mattress. I stood behind her, my hard cock pressed up against her ass through my slacks as my hand remained planted firmly in her hair, pushing her head down.

I brought my hand down against her ass cheek again, “You’re going to learn how to behave tonight.” I scolded. Removing my hand from her hair, I pulled her panties down and off. Walking around to the side of the bed in the direction of her gaze. “It’s going to be a long fucking night.” I paused, shoving her panties in her mouth. But of course she pushed it out with her tongue.

I grabbed her jaw, slapped her across the face and pushed the panties back in her mouth. “Now, stay put.” I commanded as I walked away to go digging in the dresser drawer. I pulled out some rope, her favorite plug and lube.

“Stand up straight and spread those legs!” I commanded and she obliged. I tied her ankles to the feet of the bed and her wrists to the rope then to the pencil posts. “I knew I bought a four post poster bed for a reason.” I smartly mumbled to her. I smacked her ass again with one hand as I undid my belt with the other hand. Pulling it off, I immediately folded it in half and slapped her across the ass with it.

She screamed through the panties stuffed in her mouth as her her body jerked forward. I made her count every whip of the belt across her ass cheeks through the panties and just when I heard her muffled voice break after 15, I stopped. Her ass was so red, her chest rapid rose and fell from her breathing and she was almost in tears.

“Has my babygirl learned her lesson yet?” I asked, rubbing her red, welted skin, giving her some relief.

“Yes daddy.” Came loud although muffled through her panties stuffed mouth.

“I don’t think you have just yet princess.” I said as my hand rested on her ass, my thumb dipped between her cheeks and pressed against her tight ass. I turned my hand downwards to feel her wet cunt.

“Goddamn babygirl, you sure love your punishments don’t you?” I asked rhetorically as I rubbed her wet slit but only briefly.

“I was thinking of using this pussy til you couldn’t handle it anymore but you already had your fun with it earlier didn’t you?” I smirk as I slapped her clit with my hand then watched her squirm. I grabbed the butt plug, rubbing it up and down her wet slit. “I might not even need lube with how fucking wet you are.” I smiled as I sunk the toy in her wet pussy just for a few seconds, as I pulled it out, I immediately brought it to her tight little ass.

I started rubbing just the tip of it against her opening when I decided not too be so cruel. “I guess I’ll use some lube after all.” I grabbed the bottle and pumped a little onto the smooth silicone and rubbed it all over the toy then pumped just a dollop at her entrance and started working it in and out of her.

The muffled moans that came from her mouth still turned me on so badly as I slowly worked the plug in her ass. Her moans steadily increasing as I fulling worked it in, tugging on it a few times just to hear her moan then smacking her ass before I untied her hands. She dropped her upper body to the bed, propping herself up on her elbows.

“Hands behind your back babygirl.”


“Hands behind your back now!” I said roughly.

She hesitantly did as she was told. After tying her hands at the wrists behind her back, I made my way onto the bed. I kneeled in front of her, raising her chin so she could look at me. I removed the panties from her mouth and tossed it onto the floor.

I kept her head in that position forcing her to look at me, “Are you ever going to disobey me like that again?”

“No daddy.” She quietly muttered.

“Good girl.” I smiled, “Now how about you open that mouth up for me?”

I gathered her hair together in my fist, holding it behind her head as she opened her mouth for me. With my other hand, I took two fingers and slid it against her tongue and deep into her mouth. I started pumping my fingers, teasing her before I slid them into her throat just to hear her gag.

It wasn’t long before I found myself dying to have my cock in her mouth. I unzipped my slacks and reached in, pulling my fully erect cock out. She looked up at me as she softly moaned. I shuffled myself closer to her on my knees, still holding her hair, I guided my cock in her mouth slowly. Letting her go at her own pace as she started bobbing up and down but limited by the way in which she was laying and tied. However, that didn’t stop her, she worked my cock like she always did, til I was wanting to be deep in her.

I readjusted my grip on her hair before I started slowly thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth now, sending my shaft deeper into her throat. Slow, steady but deep, long strokes in and out of her throat, making her gag, making me moan. I held her head down on my full length, hearing her gag, watching her body buck as she was forced to keep it kartal escort in her mouth.

I finally let up, sliding it out, letting her catch her breath. I watched as she started coughing, gasping for air, spit and precum trailing from her chin. My eyes remained fixed on hers as I started pulling off my polo before getting off the bed and getting completely undressed. I walk around the bed and back behind her.

As I look down at her pussy, I comment, “You filthy little thing!” I smirked and shook my head as I watched as her arousal literally dripped from her pussy, a little bead of her wetness strung from her lips.

“What?” She insecurely asked.

“Oh nothing, you’re just literally dripping wet babygirl… i’ve barely even touched your pussy.” I smacked her ass again.

“That’s how wet you make me daddy, please fuck my soaking wet pussy!” She begged.

I laughed, “You’re forgetting you’re being punished princess.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, worry in her voice.

“Do I need to stuff those panties back in your mouth or are you going to stop asking questions?”

“Sorry daddy.” She quietly said.

I listened to her moan as i tugged against the plug in her ass. Her tight little hole pulling it against my light force, teasing her a few times before I finally slid it out. I spit on her ass before pushing the head of my cock against her. Her moans immediately started up as she felt the pressure of my cock head against her tight ass, pushing slowly, easing in to her. I start rocking my hips back and forth as I start to work it into her.

She gasped as the head slipped in and I slowly started working my shaft in til it was buried in her. I grabbed her hips tightly, as I could barely stand the grip of her tight ass squeezing my cock as I started thrusting slowly in and out, getting her used to me. Grabbing the rope around her wrists as I build my speed. Her whimpering subsided and now turned to sounds of pleasure.

It took that as my go ahead to start slamming into her. Her cries were loud all through this, not once did she say the safe word. I was pleasantly surprised by how much she could endure. I slapped her bright red ass cheeks and grabbed her hair, I pulled her back against me as I continued to mercilessly fuck her. My hand let off her hair and reached around to grab her throat.

“Have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes sir!” She whimpered.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Sir!”

My other hand now reaching around her and slid down, slapping her pussy, I ask, “Whose is this?”

“Yours Sir!”

I slapped my hand against her clit again.

“Get it right!”

“Yours daddy, this pussy is yours!” She said loudly .

“Next time I tell you don’t touch, what are you going to do?”

“Refrain from touching.”

“Good girl!” I pushed her upper body back down onto the bed as I felt her felt her ass tightening up on me.

“Are you getting close babygirl?”

“Yes daddy.” She responded but I knew I couldn’t let her cum.

“Tell daddy when you’re gonna cum ok princess?”

“Yes, im just getting close.”

I grabbed her hips, my fingers pressing into her skin as my pace picked up with deep long thrusts into her. I felt myself getting closer and closer, my eyes were closed and I focused on the amount of pleasure I was receiving from her tight little ass. I was brought back to reality when she cried, “I’m going to cum!”

I was on the edge but it could hear it in her moans just how close she was, I waited til the very last minute and pulled my cock out, stroking it behind her. I heard her whine but my orgasm ripped through me at that very moment, I grunted and jerked my hot cum onto the small of her back and her ass.

“Craig!” Her voice snapped me back, “I didn’t cum.” She complained.

“I know, didn’t I tell you this was punishment?”

“But.. but, you always make sure I finish.”

“But you already had your fun earlier babygirl. Don’t you worry, I’ll let you cum. I told you, it’s gonna be a long ass night. Now go get cleaned up.” I said as i untied her hands and feet front its bounds. She rubbed her red wrists as she scurried off to the shower. I gave her a few minutes to get cleaned up before joining her in the shower.

I stepped in the hot shower behind her, she was washing the soap off of her body. I pulled her back against me and wrapped my arms around her. Kissing the top of her head. I understood above anything else that aftercare was important. I knew she’d had to be feeling some kind of way because i didnt let her finish. I always make sure she’s taken care of before I am but I needed her to understand that this was a punishment.

I held her tightly against me for a few minutes, hugging her and placing kisses along her cheek and down the side of her neck.

“Are you ok princess?”

“Yes, I’m ok.” She reassured.

“Alright, finish up here and get your sexy ass back in the bed, no clothes!” I commanded and so she did. I got myself showered up and got in the bed with her. I sat with my back up against the headboard. Tapping my thigh, motioning to her to come sit in my lap. She did, laying her back against my chest as I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tightly as I placed kisses up and down her neck and shoulders.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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