Nisan 3, 2021

Some More Tribal Joy: Riya , Reema

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I had lost my virginity to Lalitha (read More Tribal Joy) – a beautiful tribal woman who had taught me how to give and take pleasure from a woman. Now I could hardly wait for my cousins Riya and Reema to join me at Grandma’s. There was a week yet to go and I used it to hone my skills with Lalitha. Every afternoon I would meet her at the stream and we would fuck like rabbits till both of us were exhausted. I never realized that beneath that sweet and demure exterior, there was a passionate tigress.

Finally the girls arrived, at about 12.30 pm having driven 6 hours from their town. Riya as usual boldly gave me a hug and kissed me on my lips not caring that their car driver Ramu was gaping at us.

“Hi, sexy bro. What have you been upto here without us?” she said, her firm tits squeezing against my chest.

“Well, I have been busy. Sort of graduated to the next level”

“What, you mean you are no longer a…..? When, who..?” she gasped. “Reema, did you hear. Big bro has been servicing his tools”

” Keep quiet, Grandma is coming” said Reema. She proceeded to give me a chaste kiss on my cheeks. I couldn’t resist it and gave squeezed her ass. She blushed and turned to Ramu.

” You can stay here tonight and drive back to town tomorrow. It is too late to go back now”

The girls then hugged Granny and went to their rooms to wash up. After a sumptuous lunch the three of us lounged around the front hall. Granny as usual fussed over us asking if we wanted to sleep for some time and take “rest”. Little did she realize the level of young hormones that were waking up.

” Let’s all go for a walk to the mango orchards, I feel like sinking my teeth into a juicy fruit” said Riya, with a naughty look on her face.

” No, you kids go ahead, I need my afternoons beauty sleep. Just be careful and don’t go anywhere near the river. And if you are planning to eat mangoes and climb trees, you girls better change into something more tough. Those short frilly skirts you are wearing! My God. If your Grandpa was here, he would have spanked you.”said Granny and she went into the house.

“Ooohh, how I wish someone would spank me” whispered Riya and before I realized what was happening, she had pulled off her top and stepped out of her short skirt. She stood there in her pink panties and a pink bra.

” What are you doing, you idiot. Ramu can see you from the courtyard. What will he think” gasped Reema, as ever the cautious one. She pulled Riya into their room and in five minutes both the girls returned wearing shorts and t shirts.

Soon we were at the stream where last year, Kaveri had begun our education. Riya as ever the bold one, stripped quickly and turned to face me. Her tits had grown in the last one year and they were now quite big and firm with hardened nipples jutting out. I noticed she had shaved her pussy and I could see her swollen pussy lips. She was one hot babe willing to go all the way!

“Come one, big bro, show me what new stuff you have learnt. Did you do it with Kaveri? But I thought she was visiting her husband in the town”

“It wasn’t Kaveri but Lalitha” I said, enjoying the stunned look on my cousin’s faces.

“You seduced that sweet lady, why, you….” Riya spluttered.

“Hey, I was the kid who got seduced by the big woman! But, well, if you put it that way – I don’t mind doing some seducing today!” I stripped off my tee and shorts and my 7 incher stood at attention, pointing at Riya.

“Oooh, he all set to go ‘a- deucing’, look at the beeg booy go!” the girls chanted in unison.

Soon all the three of us were frolicking around in the river, naked as jaybirds. All it needed was the arrival of Kaveri to spice up the atmosphere. Suddenly fake agents porno Reema and Riya were right beside me. Each took a shoulder and they pushed me under the water, I stopped struggling, feeling the two nude female bodies very close to me and rubbing against me. As I went under I could feel my arm brush against Reema’s breasts, then as I was pulled up again to breath my other hand touched Riya’s pussy – wow, this was great.

The girls brought me up for air again and by now my hands were strategically placed over the swollen left breast of Reema and Riya’s warm pussy. Both girls were breathing heavily, their breasts rising and falling in time.

With each breath Reema’s breast was pressed firmly into my palm, I could feel the erect nipple in the center of my palm and I instinctively closed my hand around the mound. Reema gasped at my touch and I started to release my grip thinking that I was hurting her, but then she brought my other hand up and covered it firmly against the other breast.

Riya had, in the meantime was exploring my chest, slowly moving her fingers up and down, feeling my erect nipples, tracing the outline of my muscles.

I pressed my fingers deeper between Riya’s thighs, I could feel the heat from her pussy. The deeper I went, the more heat I felt until suddenly my fingers made contact with the swollen lips of her pussy. I was unsure of what to do next until Riya spread her legs further and pressed back against my hand automatically slightly opening her outer lips and forcing the tips of my fingers deeper in between them. To me it felt like sliding into warm syrup, once my finger tips had parted the lips, there was no resistance due to Riya’s level of arousal and they glided inwards along the length of the outer lips until they came in contact with the tip of her clitoris.

Riya moaned and pressed against me, she reached between her legs guiding my hand again, rubbing my fingers against her clit until she was nearing orgasm.

It was about that time that Reema, seeing what I was doing to her sister, shyly allowed her hand to slowly venture downwards onto the fully hard shaft of my penis. She moved her hand gently up and down the shaft and I knew I was about to spray semen anytime now. Her other hand encircled my balls gently squeezing, feeling the soft spongy feeling between her fingers before wrapping her fingers around the base of my 7 inch shaft. I could feel my cock throb, driven almost to the point of no return by the touch of her hand.

As Reema was getting her feel of my hard on, Riya had positioned herself in such a way as to be able to introduce my fingers to the wet heat inside her pussy. She turned slightly to enable her to face me and lifted her knees in order for me to fully explore her vagina.

As my fingers penetrated Riya’s vulva Reema was busy as she slowly stroked my cock up and down, she pulled back the foreskin, exposing the head to the cool breeze. She gently pulled on my erection while placing her other hand under my waist, the result was that my hips were lifted out of the water, exposing my erection while I floated on my back with one hand exploring Riya’s vagina and the other gently massaging Reema’s breast. As my shaft broke the surface both girls stared at it, mesmerized.

“I’m going to cum now” I whispered.

At that I could feel the inner muscles of Riya’s vagina spasm.

“Me too” she moaned.

I felt my orgasm as it rose upwards. Nothing could stop it now and I could feel Reema press harder against me.

“I want to you ejaculate” she said and pulled the foreskin right down, leaving the head exposed for them to watch. After that things were a blur, I saw a long fake angets porno streak of semen shoot out from my penis and hit her all over her face and breasts.

Meanewhile Riya’s vulva tightened around my finger and she gasped as she reached down between her legs, exploding into orgasm as soon as she felt the pressure from my fingers on her clit.

I felt as if I would never stop coming, I could see my cock squirting semen over and over again, with both girls watching as each pulse of my orgasm caused my dick to pulse in Reema’s hand.

The spasms died down and Reema reluctantly released my still hard penis. At the same time I slowly retracted my finger from its warm nest inside Riya, feeling the tight inner muscles close behind it.

“Wow!” whispered Riya, “that was great.”

Slightly self consciously the three of us floated in the river, not speaking, trying to absorb what had just happened. I still had a semi erection and was still very horny, I knew that I could easily do it over again but wasn’t sure of how the girls felt. Neither of the girls said anything but it was clear that the time for making fun of each other had suddenly ended and things would never be the same again. In any case we were all over 18 now.

It was the Riya, who made the first move. She pushed me up into a sitting position and then straddled my legs so that her vagina was positioned right over the head of my penis.

Reema, seeing what Riya wanted went down on her knees next to the couch and took my shaft in her one hand and at the same time she reached under Riya and carefully parted her aroused lips. Reema guided Riya’s vagina over the tip of my erection, passing her thumb teasingly between the lips of Riya’s waiting pussy, rubbing the now open entrance.

Riya slowly began to lower herself over my cock, at first Reema kept the tip of her thumb in place, but as the pressure between Riya’s vagina and my penis increased, she slid her thumb out of the way and just hung on to the base of my cock.

I could feel the heat from Reema immediately as her elastic opening stretched to fit me. I felt the exact moment that the head of my penis penetrated Riya’s virgin cunt. There was a slight resistance as what must have been her hymen broke. She winced for a second, but her pussy’s inner muscles contracted around the head, convulsing with pleasure, massaging my cock. She continued her downward pressure, gently inserting more and more of my cock up inside her, her slippery, wet heat causing waves of pleasure to ripple through my body.

She held my face and pulled my mouth over her nipples which was moving erotically up and down in front of my face. I started gently nibbling and sucking on the firm flesh. As I sucked her, Riya started moaning and bucked faster up and down on my rod, thrusting her hips back and forth in an attempt to force the pleasure that she felt deeper up inside her.

All this time Reema’s’ hand was still at the base of my cock, following her every movement on my shaft. I placed my hand over her breasts and gently squeezed the firm swelling.

Meanwhile Riya went wild, moving up and down faster and faster on cock. I could now feel that she was about to come. At the same time, between the wet, warm tightness of her pussy that I felt around my cock and Reema’s soft hand moving up and down, I would not be able to hold back.

“I’m going to cum inside you ” I told Riya

“Don’t stop, we both had our periods yesterday, so we are safe ” she hissed between her clenched teeth.

I could feel my penis swell even more as it readied to ejaculate up into Riya’s virgin pussy and Reema felt it too.

” He’s going to cum Riya fake cop porno ” she said and moved her hand downwards, retracting the foreskin away from the head of my penis and giving Riya the full sensation of the head moving in and out of her.

“Ohhhh Nooo” Riya cried as her orgasm took hold of her. I kept sucking on her nipple and felt a massive orgasm so strong, that my head reeled. I could feel my semen shooting up through my cock and into Reema. My cock and Riya’s inner muscles twitched in unison, with each spasm a new load of hot, white fluid shot from me into my cousin’s convulsing vagina.

It took a long while for both of us to come to our senses. Finally when our breath came to normal l could see a big grin on Riya’s face.

“That was great, bro. Now it is Reema’s turn”

We relaxed for some time as the river cooled us off. Riya moved to my side and started kissing me. I could feel her tounge as it entered my mouth. She tasted sweet. Slowly I could feel my cock stir and a few minutes later it was at attention!

“Stand by for the 2nd launch” said Riya, laughing as she saw my cock throb again.

“This time, we do it with me on top” I said and pulled Reema toward me. I started sucking on her nipples and she moaned.

“Please, make it fast, I don’t think I can last long if you continue to do that and I want you to be inside me when I come.

I placed my cock between her legs and stuck the head against her hot pussy lips. I was using both arms to keep my weight off of her body, so she used her hand to grab my cock and guide it into her. As I pushed against her, I realized that she was tighter than Riya. Maybe it was because Riya was more active sexually and her pussy was stretched from all the masturbating with fingers!

My foreskin rolled back and I could feel the head enter her pussy. She whined a bit and I pulled back a little just so that she could calm down. Then I slowly moved forward again this time getting the entire head in. She screamed and dug her nails into my back.

“Are you ok, you sure you want to do this? I asked her

All she did was, to pull me inside her. So I slowly pulled a little bit out and pushed back in her this time getting another inch inside of her. She still moaned but I relaxed for a minute waiting for her to adjust to my cock. I then pushed in another inch or so and pulled back. Finally I buried myself, deep inside of her burning pussy. She screamed once more as I felt her hymen break. She was so out of breath just from the struggle to get my cock inside her all the way ,that I thought she would pass out on me.

She did not last long, despite the pain. She had a massive orgasm within seconds of me entering her. It was so intense that her eyeballs looked as though they were coming out of their sockets. I continued to thrust inside her, being ever so gentle. In and out in and out for a few minutes. I kept a steady pace going. I reached down under her legs and lifted them up to where her knees were against her breasts. And I felt myself get in a little bit further than I was. That’s when I felt this strong rush of warm fluid hit my cock. I enjoyed that so much I started fucking her with more force. I pounded her pussy harder and harder until I shot my load deep deep inside of her.

Finally I laid collapsed on top of her with my cock still inside of her and started kissing her.

“That was the best thing that I have ever felt before in my entire life.”

I kissed her some more and felt myself going limp. My cock plopped out of her and as I looked down I noticed that it was a little bit red. I thought that I had injured her.

“Don’t worry, that’s supposed to be normal” said Riya.

Both of us hugged Reema as her breath returned to normal.

Needless to say, for the rest of the holiday we fucked every day at the riverside, and tried every form of sexual pleasure on each other. Lalitha would join us once in a while, she managed to arrange for some condoms, so it was safe for me to come inside the girls.

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