Mart 22, 2021

Soft Incentive Pt. 02: Finale

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Note: All characters are above the age of 18.


From a very young age, Jessica learned that she enjoyed being in control. Whether it was having others rely on her, or being the connection her friends used to get ahead in life, she always knew that was her purpose in life.

To have others beneath her.

It was why she even wanted to be a model. Models were respected, envied and sought out. So far, it was working. Her friends, or followers, whichever you prefer to call them, were submissive and complacent. She stated something and it was fact, she joked about something and it was the funniest thing of the day.

But, one person had yet to understand her superiority. That one nerd, Aily. She first noticed the geek when the two of them were placed in a group project together, a few years back.

“Hey,” she had called out then. “So, what was your name again?”

The girl had been spaced out, looking down at nowhere.

“Sorry, what?”

This was new.

“I asked for your name.”

“Oh, uh, Aily, and you?” The raven-haired girl asked with a smile. Even back then Jess had been savvy enough to know the smile was forced.

“Jessica. Jessica Star.” The usual look of “OH SHIT, THAT’S WHO I WAS TALKING TO?” didn’t appear. Instead, the girl nodded and went:

“It’s nice to meet you.”

From that day on, Jess continued to try and try to gain the girl’s attention. If only to prove that her reaction had been a fluke. But no. Time and time again, Aily would basically act like Jess was the last thing on her mind.

And in Jess’ world, that was not acceptable.

So, if she couldn’t gain her attention by being the awesome person she was, she’d get it through other means. She started at first, by making fun of how she dressed as she passed. Then, she would encourage others to join in, mocking her at any point available.

At the end of the day, all it achieved was making Aily sad. Well, Jess considered, that was a slight victory. At least now Jess was a factor. But it always stayed with her, why did the girl randomly spend her time looking at nothing? Why did she refuse to associate with people? Jess wasn’t stupid. It wasn’t like naturally shy people didn’t exist to her, but with Aily things had always seemed different. Every time she or someone else tried to engage her in a conversation, she didn’t seem to be that awkward.

She thought maybe the girl had some sort of weird disease or something that she didn’t want people to know about.

Oh, oh had Jess been wrong. And being wrong had never felt so good.

After catching Aily in the act, every tendency inside of Jess had lit up. She found herself incredibly grateful for having the blessed mind that made it her first instinct to take multiple pictures of the girl and record a few clips before she interrupted her.

The things she could make Aily do with this, it was like something out of her best dreams.

Kissing her hadn’t even been something she thought of in advance. It just sort of happened. Aily looked so vulnerable, and to her credit, though it was clear she hadn’t worked out a day in her life, even as flabby as she was she still looked good. Her curves were accentuated just enough to make up for some of the fat she hid under those hoodies.

So, when her eyes lowered to the girl’s lips, she said: “why not?” Even though she’d only had a few drunken moments with girls before, nothing quite as serious as what had happened between them.

But now, she was definitely heading down the serious path.

“Maybe I should finger her myself…” She thought as she paced down the empty halls of their college, where the students had all left in anticipation of some concert that was going on at that moment. “Maybe I’ll make her lick her own juices.” Every thought got her more excited than the last.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket.

Aily <3: I'm here... Jess smiled. Me: I’m on my way. Feel free to get ready. Aily <3: Ready for what? Jess grinned to herself. Me: Wouldn’t want to spoil the fun, would I? With that, she locked her phone and slipped it back into her pocket. Just a few more rooms… And voila. Inside was a girl wearing a hoodie pertaining to some fandom Jess had no knowledge of. She was shifting in place, basically shaking when her eyes snapped to the door where Jess appeared. If how anxious Aily looked was any indication, Jess was going to have a lot of fun today. “Hey there, beautiful.” Jess opened, her hands behind her back and her eyes low as she grinned at Aily. “Uh, hi.” antalya escort Aily waved awkwardly and Jess borderline skipped over to her.

“So, let’s get right to it.” Jess reached for her phone and brought it out. “Here, I want you to see exactly how much I have.”

“It was one time!” Aily replied with a slight yell, her eyes wide and surprised. Jess stepped into her space and ran her right index finger over the girl’s lips.

“Mhm. But it was one very long time. Sure, the angles are all the same, but quantity over quality is a thing sometimes, I guess.” Jess gave an exaggerated sigh as she placed her head on Aily’s shoulder, bringing her phone up to let the girl watch what was on it.

Pictures and clips later, and it appeared that Aily had begun to fully understand how much was at stake.

“Now, before you even ask.” Jess wrapped her arms behind Aily’s back, playing up a sweet tone. “The… Payment, if you will, for deleting these are the same as yesterday.”

“W-What?” Aily actually looked surprised. It was cute. “You’re serious?”

“Mhm. All in all, it’s a pretty good deal. Part of me thinks I actually should charge you.”


“Because it’s too good a deal, was that not clear?” Jess raised an eyebrow.

“No, not that.” Aily shook her head. “Why do you want to… To…”

“To what?” Jess smirked. “Say it.”

“To kiss me.” Aily let out weakly.

“Does it matter?”

“Yeah, it does,” Aily replied and for the first time throughout this conversation, Jess found herself impressed. She expected the girl to cower. “You could have anyone you want, you’re on wallpapers, you’re famous, you, I, I just don’t understand why you want me.”

Jess was so impressed, she decided to reply as honestly as she could. She brought her hands up, cupped the girl’s face, and placed a lazy, quick kiss on her lips.

When she pulled back, Aily was blushing, looking away and wrapping her own arms around herself.

“That’s why,” Jess replied, gesturing at Aily’s face. “That, right there, is why.”


“Anyone else, I do that, they jump on me. They cry tears of joy, bend down and kiss my feet. You… You do that.” Jess leaned in, lifted the girl’s head by the chin to force her to look into her eyes. “And it’s fucking addicting.”

With that, she went in. Mashing their lips together, Jess brought her right leg between Aily’s, grinding on her thigh as she pushed her onto some student’s desk. Contrary to the first time they kissed, this time, Jess was hungry. She pulled at Aily’s bottom lip hard, trying to see at what point the geek would start whimpering.

Aily remained quiet. Her eyes closed, her hands balled into fists at her side, Jess had no idea what she was thinking.

And, to be honest, that was probably how they ended up in this situation, to begin with.

Jess reached up and tilted Aily’s face. She hoped the angle would give her enough space to let her tongue pass into Aily’s mouth, but it didn’t. The girl in front of her refused to allow that to happen it seemed, but Jess needed it. As stated, sure, she’d had a few drunken moments with other girls, but this was different. Her body was on fire and she needed Aily’s mouth to snuff that flame out.

She stopped, pulling back to glare at the girl.

“Give me your tongue.”

“What?” Aily asked breathing heavy, her eyes unfocused and dazed.

“I want your tongue. Stick it out.”

“O-Oh… Are you su…”



“Just fucking do it already.”

“… Okay.”

Aily closed her eyes and (adorably) tried to stick her tongue out as far as she could. Jess muttered a thank you and opened her mouth wide. Taking as much of it into her own mouth as she could, she wrapped her lips around the thing and sucked hard.

“Mh…” Finally, that whimper she’d been waiting for. That was the trigger Jess needed to keep her fire going.

Back and forth, slowly but forcefully, she sucked on Aily’s tongue, pulling some of the girl’s saliva down her own throat, which she gulped down greedily. Something happened then that surprised Jess. Aily’s hands, which had been inactive this whole time, raised up and fell on her shoulders. Aily wasn’t pushing her away or anything. She just had them there, like she needed something to hold onto.

Which was generally, a sign that a person was enjoying what was happening.

Jess smiled. She’d come into this not caring about anything else than getting herself off, but seeing this… A new idea appeared in her mind.

“Take off your clothes.” Jess ordered, kepez escort wiping her lips.

“Uh, why?”

“Because,” Jess decided there was no harm in honesty, “I want to fuck you.”


“I. Want. To. Fuck you.” Jess grinned. “I want to take my hands, stick them in your pussy and make you scream. I want…” She breathed in, almost like she couldn’t believe the words that were about to come out of her mouth. “I want to make you cum so loudly, the people at that concert can hear you.”

Aily’s breathing visibly grew faster.

“I, but, you, I don’t…”

“Fine.” Jess scoffed. “I’ll do it myself.”

She lifted Aily’s arms and pulled her hoodie off. Underneath, the girl had been wearing a black tank-top that left little to the imagination. But Jess wasn’t content with “little”, she wanted it to be “zero”. She began unbuttoning Aily’s jeans, keeping her eyes connected with the black-haired girl’s own as she did.

The girl was reacting to this like she was about to have a mental breakdown, and all that did was make Jess hornier. She kissed her again. She had to, she felt compelled to. This time, maybe it was because she caught the girl by surprise, but Aily’s mouth couldn’t close before Jess pushed her own tongue inside.

For the first time, their tongues began dancing as Jess pulled Aily’s pants off. Groping at the girl’s bra-covered breasts, she pushed her knee onto Aily’s bare pussy. The feeling was invigorating. Finally, she stopped for a moment.

“Look up,” Jessica ordered. What she’d just thought of had sent a bolt of lightning into her crotch.

Aily did, but Jess shook her head.

“With your head.” She pushed Aily’s chin up to help. “Open your mouth, wide.” Aily looked confused but did so. Finally, Jess laughed a little. “Enjoy.”

Aily’s eyes widened as she figured out what Jessica was about to do. She started trying to close her mouth, but Jess placed her fingers in to prevent that. She spit straight in.

“Drink it down.” Aily swallowed. Jess nearly swooned at the sight.

“I can’t take this.” The words came out of Jess herself. She put some space between the two of them and began taking her own clothes off.

“What are you…?”

“Come here.” Jess pulled Aily away from the student’s desk and towards the wider, larger professor’s desk. She sat down and beckoned Aily to stand in front of her, between her legs. “Oh, I need to hear your voice…”

“What are you going to… Ohhh…” Aily groaned as Jess placed a cold finger on her pussy. She had a mission now, she was going to make this girl cum if it was the last thing she did. All she wanted in life right now was to see Aily’s o-face and for her to realize it was Jess that made her reach that.

“Take your bra off.” Aily did so and Jess reached up with her left to grope her tits. With her right, she started slowly digging inside as Aily, maybe instinctively, maybe not, began to rest her back on Jess’ front.

Jess grinned. If the way the girl had stopped talking and was now… Yes, she was now moaning, then it was an indication that Jess was well on her way. “This isn’t enough.” She thought. “I need to mark her. Make that bitch of a boyfriend that she has know that I made this girl mine.”

With that thought in mind, she reached up, swept Aily’s hair to the side and leaned forwards. Tentatively, she started licking on Aily’s neck, eliciting more moans from her. Turning her aggression up a hundred notches, she started sucking on her neck hard.

“W-What?” Aily regained some sense. “Don’t, I can’t, ah!”

Jessica bit down. Being with this girl was bringing out sides of her she hadn’t known were there.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” Jess asked playfully.

“Don’t leave a, ah!” Again, Jess bit down.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” Jess replied. “I don’t care about your boyfriend. Right now, and until these clips and pictures are gone, you’re mine.”

Curiosity got the best of her for a moment.

“Actually,” she started, stopping her movements between Aily’s legs for a moment. “Come here.” She spun the girl around, to where now, their breasts were pushing against each other.


“Spit in my mouth,” Jess ordered simply.


“You heard me.” Jess smiled, opening her mouth slightly. “Right here. Come on. I want to taste you.”

Aily nodded slowly, leaning forwards a little. Again, she placed her hands on Jess’ shoulders. Jess tilted her head. When she finally had Aily’s saliva in her mouth, she gulped it down thankfully.

“Thanks manavgat escort for the meal. Now, where were we?”

Hoping to catch Aily by surprise, she pushed a digit in roughly at her pussy.

“Fuck!” And Aily’s reaction did not disappoint.

Jess wondered if there were more people like this out there, who somehow magically managed to boost her libido to a thousand just by being so damn adorable.

Jess pumped. Now was the time. The main event was here. She tried, as hard and fast as she could to fuck Aily into paradise.

But it wouldn’t happen. Maybe her technique was off, since she hadn’t done this particular part before, but it just wasn’t happening, despite Aily’s rising moans. So, Jess decided that drastic times called for drastic measures.

She stopped, turned Aily around so her butt was on the desk, and got on her knees.

“Look at me. Don’t stop looking at me for a single second while I do this.” Jess demanded, and Aily shyly nodded, slowly looking down at her.

Her tongue connected instantly with Aily’s clit. There it was. Her moans grew far louder than before as Jess slowly worked her tongue up and down Aily’s pussy. She’d had some reservations about this kind of stuff, but she was glad she did it. Aily tasted incredible, a strange flavor she couldn’t identify as she lapped at her.

Jess grinned as she worked, gliding her tongue up and down, left to right in hopes that soon, she’d be rewarded. But it still wasn’t enough. Aily was getting there, but it looked like she needed one more push.

Purely off instinct, Jess decided on what to do. Like a spider crawling up a web, she raised her left hand, sliding it on Aily’s ass. Aily’s moans were uninterrupted as Jess began massaging her butt, letting her fingers take the occasional trip into the girl’s crack.

Finally, she went in. Pushing one finger onto the girl’s asshole, she saw Aily’s pleasure briefly surpassed by her surprise.

“What are you going to…”

“Just enjoy it.”


“Stop talking.” Jess removed her finger and brought that same digit deep into her mouth to lube it with saliva.

Once again, she connected it to Aily’s ass.

Now, finally, as Jess subtly pushed in, trying to penetrate, Aily started to moan as loudly as Jess wanted her to. She knew she had her. Her finger was now up to her knuckle when Jess decided to start pumping.

Licking her pussy, and fingering her ass, Aily was finally cracking. Jess smiled. This was it, this was what she’d been wanting to see.

One minute, two, five, ten. As tired as her arm and knees were, she kept at it. Aily’s moans built, growing in volume and intensity until then…

“I’m, ahhhhh!”

A clear liquid splashed over Jess’s lips, running down her neck. She opened wide, trying to get as much of it into her system as she could. She did it. For all intents and purposes, she had won.

Aily’s body trembled, her look was unfocused like she’d stopped caring about the situation and could only think about what had just happened. Good. That’s what Jess wanted.

She got up and kissed the girl. Her own eyes widened the most that they had that day, as Aily, maybe off pure instinct, began actually kissing back. Jess moaned into her mouth and smirked.

In plain view of the girl, she grabbed her phone out of the jeans she’d thrown aside and deleted a clip.

“I think in total, I have eight pictures and clips combined.”

Aily breathed heavily. She still looked like she didn’t know where she was.

“That means we have eight more days where you’re completely mine.” Jess started putting her own clothes back on. Aily nearly fell back.

“You….” Aily started. “You made me cum…”

“I did.” Jess nodded. “I’ll be doing that a lot.”

Aily didn’t reply.

“Oh, and you can tell your boyfriend I fucked you in the ass if you want. Or not. I don’t care.”

Because she couldn’t hold herself back, she walked up and for the last time of the day, kissed Aily’s soft, plump lips, trying to etch them into her memory.



Later, that night.

“Uh, Cole…” Aily started.


“I want you to fuck me in the ass…”

“What the fuck? Hell no.”

“What?” Aily was surprised.

“That’s gross. Where the fuck did you get that idea?”

“Oh, sorry. I, uh, nevermind.” Aily laughed it off, Cole shook his head.

Depressed, confused, and more than a little horny, she reached for her phone.

Me: Jessica

The Girl That Made Me Cum: Yeah?

Me: Hi…

The Girl That Made Me Cum: Hey, why are you texting me so late?”

With one last look at her boyfriend who was focusing heavily on the sports on TV, she typed:

Me: Can we meet up tomorrow?

The Girl That Made Me Cum: Sure, just make sure you come prepared.

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