Mayıs 27, 2021

Snow Bunnies: Snowbound

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Black And

“We were two ships who passed in the night, two strangers who happened to meet who would part in the morning never to see each other again. However the passion we shared will remain a part of us for we have shared our souls and our spirits will forever be as one.”

The above quote may sound like something out of a romance novel or some hokey saying quoted by some lovesick poet. However, no matter how hokey or corny it appears, it best sums up what occurred to me just two years ago.

It was mid winter and at the height of the snow season in the small mountain community on the western coast in which I lived. The community was nestled in about 6000 feet above sea level just about an hour of the medium sized city where I worked as a senior architect. Seeing that we had just finished a grueling 6 week project and had given the presentation only this afternoon, my boss suggested I take much needed vacation. I had about a week coming but my boss was generous and gave me the remaining 3 work days as a bonus.

I had heard that there was a massive snow system moving in to the mountains that would dump at least a foot of snow if not more so I decided to leave early and get home before the blizzard hit. I called Dave at the mountain store I normally traded at and told him what I wanted plus ordered a few other things to get me through this blizzard. Since I didn’t have a farm and didn’t have dairy cattle, I was determined to get as much milk and milk products I could get along with other staples plus meat and other things I could cook.

I arrived at my cabin, backed into my 25x 25 garage and unloaded the back seat of my red 4 door 4-wheel drive super duty diesel pick up. I bought the truck specifically for the mountains. I needed the 4 wheel drive for bad weather and the super duty for hauling things. My truck had a full sized cab with 4 full sized doors and a full back seat. In addition it had a full sized (6’x9′) bed with a nice spray in liner, a towing package with the ability to tow 15,000 pounds and wench to pull things and drag out trees or limbs that may get on my property or block the mountain roads.

From the garage, I walked through the enclosed breezeway to the front door of my multilevel cabin. I entered into the kitchen where I set my supplies on the counter and put them away. The next thing I did was to make sure I had plenty of wood in on the covered patio that led to the balcony and checked the propane generator located down stairs in the basement just incase the power did go out.

Lastly, I checked all the windows and doors to make sure they were securely latched for when the wind would whip during the height of the snow storm. By now, the wind was beginning to pick up as the sun was going down. I looked over the horizon and saw the storm approaching. Speaking from experience, I knew that it would be less than an hour before the storm would hit here. With provisions ready, and supplies and fuel on hand, I hunkered down for the approaching wrath of old man winter.

I went up stairs and got changed into something comfortable after taking a nice long hot shower. I put on an old pair of light gray sweat pants, a white t-shirt, and thick wool socks. I then brought in some wood and lit a fire in the fireplace.

As the sun went down, the snow began to fall, gently at first then harder reaching almost to an inch or two an hour. It looked ominous as I sat on my enclosed covered porch looking out as they snow whipped by and the wind whistled through the trees. After a few minutes of watching the storm, I went back inside to cook dinner. I warmed up some homemade chili I had made earlier that week and heated myself some sour dough bread in the toaster. I poured myself a cola and sat down in front of the tube to watch the weather then a movie that was supposed to come on.

About 8:30 as the wind was howling, I thought I heard a bang on from the outside but figured it was something loose that was blowing around. However, a couple of minutes later the banging returned and became more persistent. I don’t know what made me do this but I went to the door and check to see what it was. There is where I saw this person all bundled up and wasted no time in letting them in.

I told the person to come in sit by the fire and get warmed. From all of the clothing, I couldn’t tell whether or not it was a man or a woman or how old he or she was. I all saw was a dark blue heavy parka with a hood, what looked like dark charcoal grey(almost black) denim material pants, gloves and boots.

My first impression said ” Great, just what I need. Some short middle aged bald fat computer geek or accountant with glasses.” However when the mystery guest would remove the hood from and pull off their winter gear, I would be in for a fairly pleasant surprise.

The first clue that I got of whether or not the person was male or female was when they removed their hood. Underneath the parka hood was a black ski mask and as it came off, a long mane bahis firmaları of honey color blondish brown hair came out. It was long and straight and came down to the person’s shoulders. I then saw the face and it was definitely female, young and very, VERY beautiful.

The young beauty couldn’t have looked more than 19 but in reality she was 22. She had full ruby red lips, a golden tan complexion and the most beautiful crystal ice blue eyes I had ever seen along with the smile that could make the sun seem as dim as a firefly.

The sweet beauty continued to pull off her parka removed her gloves. It was here where I would get a glimpse of her taut 5’6″ 120 pound 34C-22-32 body. Underneath her parka she had on a hunter green ribbed wool turtle neck sweater that clung tightly to her body and showed off every curve of 34 inch breasts. Upon closer exam it would appear that her pants weren’t denim but some stretchy heavyweight material that looked like denim but was much, much warmer.

I don’t know why this thought went through my head, call it my carnal lustful imagination. I surmised that from the pants she was wearing she was a “shaver” meaning that she shaved her pussy. Back in college my frat brother always gauged girls by what they wore. The ones that wore tight clingy spandex type and which were mostly blondes he said were the ones that always seemed to shave. My buddy said it was fool proof but I never paid him no mind I just thought he was full of it.

However as I would find out soon enough my initial perception was right. Perhaps there was something to that or perhaps it was a coincidence, who knows. That’s not important in the larger scheme of the story. Anyway she pulled off her outerwear and I told her to get by the fire to warm up.

She introduced herself as Holly and told her my name was Jason. “Nice to meet you Jason,” Holly said with a sweet loving voice. “You know you are a real life saver,” she added and then proceeded to tell me how her car had broken down on the road about a mile and a half back. She said she walked for what seemed to be hours and saw no lights on. Just as she was ready to give up, she said she saw my cabin and decided to take a chance.

Just then, it hit me… she was drenched and was probably freezing in those wet clothes. ” God, where are my manners,” I said frustratingly and apologetically. Being gentleman I was I suggested she get out of those wet clothes and that I would wash and dry them. I told her that I had a loft room upstairs complete with a nice shower and that she could change into something.

She told me she left her luggage back at the car and all she had was maybe a change of underwear in her backpack. I told her not to worry, that if she wanted, I had some old clothes of my sister’s she kept around when she came to visit and she was welcomed to help herself to what ever she found. What she would do next took me by surprise. The young lady kissed me on the lips and said “Thanks Jason dear, you’re a doll.”

I showed her where the bath room was and got out some fresh towels, wash rags and soap. I also got one of my long knee length white thick terry cloth robes that keeps you warm and when she was through I would show her my sister’s room where she could look through the clothes and change into something. With that I went back down stairs to cook us some hot chocolate.

As I was doing that I heard the water go on upstairs and then I heard her on the loft lading call down. “Hey sweetie, where can I put my clothes?” “Just throw them down and I will get them later.” I replied. “Are you sure,” she add. “Yeah they’ll be fine.”

Just as I said that, I walked into the main living room thinking she would be either in her robe or back in the shower but she was neither. She was standing on the ledge in all of her naked beauty.

Her perfect, sumptuous 34C-22-32 body glistened in the light. Her breasts were so round and so firm. Her nipples were so perfect and seemed to be erect. Her legs were so very well toned like those of a dancer and last but not least her pussy was oh so pink oh so inviting and very much shaven. “I guess my buddy was right,” I thought to myself as I smiled and I told her that her hot chocolate would be ready when she got out.

“Here you go doll,” Holly said and threw her clothes down. “I’ll be down in a jiffy and that hot cocoa you are cooking will hit the spot. Maybe we can sit by the fire and have a glass together that would be fun. Who knows we may find other ways to entertain ourselves and keep each other warm,” she added with a naughty grin and a wink and with that turned and went into the bathroom.

It would be about 15-20 minutes until Holly would come down. I figured she was enjoying the hot shower seeing how cold it was outside. About 5 minutes before she came down I heard the hair dryer going and knew she must have been out by now. Then a couple of minutes later, I heard the door open and footsteps as she descended from the loft kaçak iddaa walked through the living room into the kitchen where I was.

I would not be completely ready for what I would see when Holly walked in but even though I was a bit taken aback by the initial shock, I was not complaining. “So where can I put my towels sweetie,” Holly said. “Just toss them over in the hall by the laundry room and I’ll get em later,” I replied and I as I did, I turned around to a very pleasant surprise.

Holly was wearing a red satin camisole that came down to just above her navel with black lace trim on the collar, a matching satin pair of crotchless undies, red thigh high stockings and a matching garter belt. On top of her camisole, she was wearing matching colored waist length see through lace robe. It was unbuttoned and you could see everything. The camisole was low cut and showed an ample amount of cleavage and she had on a perfume that was intoxicating to the smell. When I asked her what it was, she told me it was called “Temptation’s Desire.”

Holly had a seat on the couch and placed herself in a seductive position. Her back was against the arm rest, her left leg was on the floor and her right leg was bent at a 90 degree angle so that her foot was up against the knee of her left leg. Her right arm was across the back of the couch like she was ready to hug someone and her left hand was outside her camisole gently running along the edges of her neck line.

Taking her right hand, she placed it on the sofa next to her and patted the cushion as if to say “Join me.” It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she was up to and I was no prude either so I played into her hand and made my way next to her with the tray of hot chocolate.

I sat next to Holly and she put her hand on the back of my head and began softly scratching the base of my skull as she caressed me. She took the mug of hot chocolate and drank some then placed it on the coffee table on top of the coaster. “Thanks a bunch baby, you’re a real angel,” Holly said softly and with that she gave me a kiss.

This would be no ordinary “thank-you” gratuitous peck on the cheek like I would have expected. Instead, it was a full blown kiss straight on the lips, not lasting for a few seconds, but lasting nearly one-half a minute. Not only was the kiss long, but it was intense, deep, and probing. I felt Holly’s tongue insert itself into my mouth and probe its way around.

Not being an idiot, I responded in like manner, inserting my tongue into Holly’s mouth and probing. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity but was only 30 seconds. When the kiss was over, we both knew the ice had been broken and there was no turning back.

After the kiss was over, Holly took the bag of marshmallows from the tray. I had brought in along with a wooden skewer that was lying on the tray and she went over and sat in front of the fire. She began roasting marshmallows and thoroughly enjoying it. She beckoned for me to come over and I did and we sat for about the next 10-15 minutes roasting marshmallows and having fun.

“This reminds me of being a little girl, “Holly said with a sweet child like voice in a big contented smile. “What I wouldn’t give to go back to those innocent days to be a kid again and not have the responsibilities that I face.” Holly went on to tell me that she was in the service as an RN and she was being shipped overseas in less than a week.

Her and a bunch or nursing buddies were going to the mountains with a bunch of guys for a “going away party.” She confessed that it was a last blow out and they all intended to get laid at least once before being shipped out. “It was to be our last hurrah before we went on our 21 month tour of duty in the middle east and our last time to get laid. You know how strict those countries are and we wouldn’t be getting any for a long time and I was bound and determined to lose my cherry before I went. Thank heavens I ran into you or I might have either been dead or worse yet gone over seas a virgin.”

If it wasn’t evident by now, there was no questions what Holly’s intentions were. She was wanting to get laid. She told me that her dream was to do it in a mountain cabin in front of a fire place with snow falling outside. “When I came upon your cabin saw you, I knew you were the one to give myself to,” Holly added. “I don’t know how, but fate led me here and told me that you were the one. Call it corny,” she added, “but it’s the God Honest truth.”

I must confess that Holly wasn’t the first I had fucked in this cabin in front of the fireplace. Many a winter’s night I had ladies up here. I was known for being quiet a lady killer. As far as I was concerned I was having too much fun to settle down. At age 35, I still had lots of wild oats to sew and plenty of women to sew them with.

Age or marital status was really not an issue. I had fucked them as young as 18 and old as 45 and even one 50 year old who you would have sworn was in her late kaçak bahis 30’s tops. Some were single some were married it didn’t matter to me The older married ones were the most fun and were lots of times the most adventurous.

Just call me a horndog in heat but hey they all knew it going in and knew my reputation as a ladies man and still kept coming back. All most of them wanted was to be held in my strong arms and to feel my firm well toned muscular 6’1″ 185 pound body next to theirs and to feel my massive nine inch tool go in and out of their hungry pussies as I would fill them with my manhood.

Anyway, back to the story. Being somewhat of a romantic and knowing that ladies like to be wined and dined, I told Holly to make herself comfortable while I went to get some things. My first stop was downstairs to my wine cooler to get a bottle of Chardonnay. I also got two frosted glasses, a cork screw and a bucket of ice. I put the wine and the glasses in the ice to keep them cool. I set all of those items on the cart when I reached upstairs in the kitchen.

My next stop was in the kitchen where I got out some whip cream, cheese cubes, grapes, strawberries, Maraschino cherries(the light red kind you find in drinks) and beef stick cubes. I also got some plates, honey, a honey dipper and a thing of napkins and placed them on the cart on the second shelf. My last thing to get was a bowl of warm water and washrag and with all of these items, I wheeled the cart into the living room to where Holly was waiting for me sprawled out in front of the fire place ready to “have some fun.”

When I got back into the living room, I noticed that Holly had taken off the camisole and was laying back one her elbows with her lace robe open and her breasts fully exposed. “Mmmmm,” what’s ya got there hun,” she said with wicked grin “Looks like we got party favors, and oooooh whip cream, you naughty little boy you.” I handed her a frosted glass and poured her some wine, followed by myself. We both took a sip and then took turns giving each other a sip as we crossed glasses and toasted again.

After drinking the wine, I got out the cheese, fruit, and whipped cream. This would be the beginning of the foreplay that would lead to a night of intense passion and hot sweet monkey love. We took turns feeding each other the grapes and cheese then Holly put some in her mouth and fed them to me as we kissed.

After a few times of doing this, Holly slyly said “You must be getting awfully warm in all of those clothes. Why don’t you get a bit more comfy,” and with that she removed my shirt exposing my bare muscular well toned chest and arms and my wash-board abs.

She also pulled off my sweat pants revealing my already pulsating 9 inch cock. Holly cooed with delight as she surveyed my body and I could tell she was definitely turned on. She ran her hands over my body and afterwards, she would make her move into sensual foreplay.

Holly took another sip of wine and then reached for the whip cream and the strawberries. She first put whipped cream on one and then bit into it and gave me the other half and we shared a couple of strawberries that way. Holly then proceeded to “play with the food in a very sensual way.

The first thing she did was to lustfully say “God it’s awful warm in here,” and remove her lace robe and panties so that she was wearing nothing but her stockings. She then took the whip cream, sprayed a little on both of her breasts and placed a strawberry on each one of them. Then with a playful mock little girl voice she said “Uh-oh, Holly made a boo-boo and got food on her.”

She leaned back on her elbows with the legs partly spread and seductively posed herself and said “Holly need help cleaning,” in a sweet little girl voice and a playfully naughty look as she put her finger at the corner of her mouth and cocked her head and turned it side to side. Playing these games were fun and I knew where she was going with it so I went along and added a little to it myself.

“Hmmm,” I replied “Looks like daddy is going to have to clean his little angel.” I first went down on Holly’s left breasts and put my teeth on the strawberry. Taking it by my teeth, I placed it in my mouth and ate it and did the same with the right side strawberry. I then placed my tongue to her nipples and licked off the cream from the each of her breasts and made sure that there was no cream in the center of her chest by running my tongue up and down her cleavage.

However, I was not convinced that that would be a thorough enough job so I spent the next 10-15 minutes “examining” every inch of Holly’s supple breast with my tongue and mouth to “make sure.” I first ran my tongue around her pink swollen nipples gently caressing them and softly kissing them.

After I finished with Holly’s breast, she took the whip cream and sprayed some on her shaved pussy. She then took some a cherry and placed it in the middle of the whip cream and taking the honey dipper, she poured honey on top of the pile and ran it up from her crotch area, up her torso to between her breast. “Uh-Oh,” she said with the same little girl voice. “Holly need daddy to clean her up again,” and with that I went to work.

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