Mart 16, 2021

Sleepover 5 — Exchange Student

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Our School Has Informed Us That 3 Students Have Been Picked To Be Exchange Students And Attend School In Rome For 3 Days. Who Were Picked? Me, Spencer, And Ethan. This Is Gonna Be Fun!

Principal: (Over Intercom) Thank You, Students, For Being So Interested In Being In A 3 Day Exchange Student Program. The Drawing Of Three Names Will Commence Soon I Just Need To Get The Bucket That All Of You Inserted Your Names In.

Spencer: Did You Put Your Name In, Mitchell?

Me: Yeah, What About You?

Spencer: Yep. Ethan Told Me He Did Too.

Student In Front Of Spencer: You Dumb Ass, Almost Everyone Put Their Name In. It Would Be A Miracle If You Guys Got Pi–

Principal: (Over Intercom) Spencer Ross (Fake Last Name) Is Our First Student.

Spencer: Oh My God! Awesome!

Principal: (Over Intercom) He Will Be Exchanged With Dreazel Bennideti.
Our Second Student Is Ethan Mundi (Fake Last Name) He Will Be Exchanged With Franz Vincent.

Spencer: Awesome! Now All We Need Is For You To Get Picked, Huh Mitch?

Me: Wouldn’t That Be Something.

I Crossed My Fingers And Prayed In My Head That The Next Name That The Principal Pullled Out Was Me, Mitchell Brinted (Fake Last Name)

Principal: (Over Intercom) Our Third Lucky Student That Will Be Spending 3 Days In Rome And Will Be Excused For The Rest Of The Day To Prepare Will Be… Mitchell Brinted

Me: YES!!!!

Teacher: Calm Down Mitchell It’s Not Like You Won The Lottery.

Principal (Over Intercom): Once Again Our Three Lucky Students Will Be Spencer Ross, Ethan Mundi, And Mitchell Brinted. Will You Three Please Come To The Office For Permission Slips? You’ll Also Be Excused For The Rest of The Day. Have A Good Weekend, Students.

Me: Spencer, You Need A Ride?

Spencer: Sure.

Me And Spencer Headed To The Office And Saw Ethan In The Hallway.

Ethan: Hey.

Me: Hey, How Are You?

Ethan: Great Now That I Won The Trip Thing.

Me: You Need A Ride To Your House?

Ethan: Yeah I Sorta Do.

Me: Okay I’ll Take Ya.

We All Went To The Office And Got Our Permission Slips. Then We Went Out Into The High School Parking Lot And Climbed Into My Car. Ethan And Spencer Sat In The Back And I Drove. Good Thing I Had Tinted Windows Because Ethan And Spencer Were Making Out In The Back Seat. I Stopped At Red Light And Turned To See What They Were Doing. Before I Stopped I Heard Ethan Moan.

I Turned Around And Saw Spencer’s Soft Hand Going Up And Down On Ethan’s Hot, 8 Inch, Cut Cock.


Spencer: What?

Ethan: Ahhhhhh..

Me: Okay Take It Easy Back There, We’re Almost To Your House Ethan.

Ethan: Oh Shit!

Ethan Pulled Up His Boxers And Pants.

Spencer: We’ll See You In Rome And We’ll Have More Of That.

Ethan: Great. But Hopefully Something More Than Your Hand.

Spencer: Definatly.

Ethan: See Ya.

Me: Bye.

Ethan Got Out Of The Car And Walked Up To His House. I Started Driving To Spencer’s House.

Spencer Came Up Between The Driver Seat And Sat In The Passenger Seat. I Felt His Hand Go On My Crotch And Got The Idea. I Leaned Back I Little To Let Him Unbotton My Jeans. He Leaned Forward To Get Closer, Then He Unbottoned My Jeans And Zipped Them Down. He Pulled My Boxers Down To Let My Cock Come Out. When My Cock Plopped Out Spencer Took It In His Hand And Began To Jack Me Off To Get Me Harder. When I Finally Was, He Put His Mouth Over My Head And Sucked Hard. I Moaned With Pleasure. He Then Licked My Cock Like A Popcicle. It Felt So Good. Then He Put His Mouth Around The Head Once Again And Started To Bob His Head Up And Down On My Cock. He Started Deepthroating My Cock And I Felt A Sensation In My Balls But He Wasn’t Quick Enough. We Pulled Up To His Driveway And His Mom Was In The Front Yard Gardening. He Got Out Of The Car And With My Cock Still Out I Had To Get Out Of There Before His Mom Saw.

I Put My Cock Back In My Pants And Pulled Away From The Driveway And Headed Home.

When I Got There I Saw My Mom On The Couch Watching “Dr.Phil”.

Mom: What Are You Doing Home So Early Dear?

Me: I Got Picked To Be An Exchange Student. I’m Leaving On Sunday.

Mom: That’s Wonderful Dear!

Me: Yeah Me, Spencer, And Ethan Got Picked.

Mom: That’s Great.

Me: Yeah. I Need You To Sign This Permission Slip.

Mom: Of Course I’ll Sign It.

She Pulled Out A Pen From Her Purse Which She Had Beside Her And Signed The Yellow Form.

Mom: Here, You Better Start Packing.

Me: Okay, Love Ya.

Mom: Love you Too Dear.

I Went Upstairs And Got Out My Old Suitcase. I Put In 4 Outfits Of Clothes, My Cell Phone Charger, About 10 Condoms, And A Tube Of Ky Personal Lubricant. Hopefully, We Wouldn’t Need The Condoms But Just In Case.

I Couldn’t Think Of What To Do Until Sunday When I Left For Rome. It Was 1:00 Now. I Had A Lot Of Time Untill Then. I Called Up Ethan To See What He Was Doing.

Ethan: Hello?

Me: Hey. It’s Me. Did Your Mom Sign The Permission Slip?

Ethan: Yep.

Me: Well I’m Bored And I Dunno What To Do Until Sunday So I Was Wondering If You Wanna Meet Up Or Something.

Ethan: (Sexy Voice) Sure I’d Love To “Meet Up”.

Me: I Ment Like Catch A Movie But That Sounds Fun Too.

Ethan: Oh. Well I Wanna Save Anything Serious For Rome But Do You Wanna Give Me A Blow?

Me: That Sounds Great.

Ethan: Okay Can You Pick Me Up?

Me: Yeah, I’ll Be There Soon.

Ethan: Bye, Hunn

Me: See Ya Sweetie.

I Went Downstairs Where My Mom Was Still On The Couch.

Me: I’m Going Out, Mum.

Mom: Okay, Be Back Before Curfew.

Me: I Will.

I Went Outside And Started Up My Car. I Pulled Out Of The Driveway And Headed To Ethan’s.

About 10 Minutes Later, When I Did Finally Pull Up To Ethan’s Driveway, I Saw Him Standing There In Different Clothes Than What He Was Wearing About An Hour Ago.

He Hopped In My Car. I Leaned Over And Kissed Him On The Lips.

Me: Hey

Ethan: Sup?

Me: So Where Ya Wanna Go?

Ethan: Uhhh, How About We Go Get Some Pizza And Then We Drive Into The Woods Behind My House So You Can Give Me A Blowjob?

Me: Sounds Great.

As I Drove To The Pizza Place Ethan Didn’t Say A Word.

Me: Are You Okay?

Ethan: Yeah, Why?

Me: You’re Not Talking.

Ethan: Let’s Skip The Pizza.

Me: Okay. Sure. Woods Behind Your House?

Ethan: Yeah. There’s A Back Way In. Just Park Out In Front. Turn Around And Drive Up Like You’re Going To My House But Turn Off Before You Hit My Street. I’ll Show You How.

Me: K.

I Drove As Instructed To And As I Started Seeing A Bunch Of Trees Ethan Said “Turn Here.”

We Pulled Up To Woods About A Football Field In Size . The Woods Were Very Dense. No One Would See Us.

Ethan: Wanna Go In Naked For Fun?

Me: No, Not Naked But Maybe Shirtless. I Mean Somewould Could See Us Walk In.

Ethan: Okay.

Ethan Took Off His Shirt And Unbucled His Belt And Put Them In The Back Seat.

I Did The Same And Then Got Out Of The Car.

We Walked Hand In Hand Into The Woods. As We Came Up To The Start Of The Trees, Ethan Turned To Me.

Ethan: You Got Any Rope?

Me: Yeah, In The Trunk. Why?

Ethan: I’m Kind Of Into That Fetish Stuff. Tie Me Up To A Tree.

Me: Okay Wait Here.

I Went To The Trunk Of My Car And Got Rope, And A Dildo I Keep Under The Spare Tire. Also, I Got Some Lube Out Of My Glovebox.

Ethan: Cool, You Got It.

Me: Yeah.

I Followed Him Into The Woods And He Walked Up To A Very Tall Tree.

Ethan: Here Tie Me Up.

I Did As Told And Tied Ethan’s Hands Together Then Tied Them On A Low Branch Slightly Taller Than He Was. I Got On My Knees And Unbottoned His Pants. When I Pulled Them Down I Saw A Huge Bulge In His White, Green Striped Boxers. I Tossed His Pants Aside. I Then Pulled Down His urla escort Boxers With My Teeth And Tossed Them On Top Of His Pants.

Ethan: It’s Cold Out Here!

I Just Laughed. Ethan Wasn’t Expecting What Happened Next. I Pulled Out The Lube And Put Some On My Hand.

Ethan: Dude I Told You No Fucking, I Want To Save That For Rome.

Me: I’m Not Gonna Fuck You.

I Rubbed The Lube On The Crack Of Ethan’s Tight, Round Ass. Then I Leaned Ethan Forward And Put The Suction Cup Dildo On A Flat Part Of The Tree Behind Him. I Lined Up His Ass With The Dildo And Made It Where Only The Head Of The Dildo Was In His Ass.

Me: Now Listen Ethan. I’m Gonna Count The Times That You Moan. If You Moan Twice, I’m Going To Push Your Body All The Way Down On That Dildo Without Warning.

Ethan Grinned Slyly.

I Got On My Knees Once Again And I Wrapped My Hand Around Ethan’s Diamond Hard Cock. I Started Licking The Head Slowly. I Then Put My Mouth Around His Head And Swiveled My Tounge Around It. He Moaned. I Don’t Think He Could Hold It In. I Then Let Off Of His Cock And Went Down To His Balls. I Gently Licked His Sac. I Then Put His Right Ball Into My Mouth And Gently Sucked. After About 30 Seconds Of This I Stuck Out My Tounge And Licked His Ball Sac And Went Up To The Head Of His Cock Then Started On A Real Blowjob. I Went All The Way Down On His Cock To Get It Nice And Wet And Then I Started Bobbing My Head Up And Down While Licking The Underside Of His Shaft. He Moaned Loudly. I Did As I Prmised Him I Would. I Went Off Of His Cock And Pushed His Pelvis Back All The Way Onto The Dildo. He Screamed In Pain And In Ecstasy. I Started Giving Him My Blowjob And He Started Shoving His Cock In And Out Of My Mouth. I Didn’t Realize Why At First But Then I Realized That He’s Fucking The Dildo And Getting Blown At The Same. I Felt His Cock Swelling And He Popped Off With “I’M CUMMING!” I Went All The Way Down On His 8 Inches And Got A Throat Full Of Cum. He Shot 6 Times And I Swallowed Every Bit.


I Woke Up That Morning Early. I Had To Give My School The Permission Slip To My Trip. When I Got In My Car My Cell Phone Rang. I Answered And It Was Spencer.

Spencer: Have You Turned In The Form?

Me: Going Now.

Spencer: I Can’t Belive It. One More Day And We Go To Rome!!

Me: I Know!! I’m Going To Take A Sleeping Pill And Try To Sleep Until Then.

Spencer: Don’t Be Late, We Have To Be At The Airport At 6 A.m.

Me: I Know.

Spencer: Bye.

Me: Bye Baby.

I Put My Phone Back In My Pocket. And Continued Driving. I Got To The School, Rushed In, Handed The Form Into The Woman Behind The Office Desk, And Ruched Out. I Wanted To Get Home.

I Drove Fast, Got Home Quick.

I Went In And Mom Was Still On The Couch Watching Montel.

Me: Mom, Do We Have Any Sleeping Pills?

Mom: I Know You’re Excited But You Shouldn’t Sleep All Day And Night.

Me: It’s 6 P.m. I Need To Be There At 6 That’s Like 7 Hours Because It Takes Two Hours To Get There.

Mom: Medicine Cabinet.

I Popped A Sleeping Pill In My Mouth And Almost Instantly Fell Asleep When I Hit My Bed. I Woke Up At 3:30. Spencer Was Calling Me. “I’m Outside My House”

I Told Him I’d Come After I’m Dressed. I Got Dressed Quick Because I Wasn’t That Good On Time. I Ran To My Mom’s Room And Asked Her To Drive Me. She Threw On A Baggy T Shirt, Sweat Pants And A Hat.

We Were Outside And In The Car In A Matter Of Minutes. We Swung By SPencers And Ethans, Made General Conversation And FInally Made It To The AIrport. We Went In And My Mom Left To Go Back Home. It TOok Forever To Get Through Security And Stuff And FInally We Were Being Seated On Our Plane. It Was A 14 Hour Flight. I Slept For Like 3 Hours. I Watched A Sucky Movie Twice To Make 7 Hours. Listened To Three Cd’s To Make Ten Hours. I Talked To Spencer And Ethan (WHo I Had To Wake Up FIrst) For About 2 Hours, And Sat There For 2 Hours Fondling My Thumbs.

We Were Finally There In Rome. We Were Told That We Would Be Spending 3 Days At A Hotel And In School And That The School Days There Were From 8 To 4. That Sucked.

We Learned The Hard Way That We Get Alot Of Homework. We Finished At 10 And Went To Bed. We Did This For 2 Days.

On The Third Day We Just Threw Out The WOrk Because We Didn’t Need It Anymore And We Were FInally Able To Fuck In Rome. In Our Hotel Room There Was Alot Of Room. We Moved The Three Beds Together And Climbed In Them. We Were Fully Clothed. We Started Kissing And Making Out. I Passionatly Kissed Ethan, Pulled off His Shirt, Kissed Down His Chest, Sucked His Nipple, Kissed Down His Stomach, Unbuttoned His Pants, Pulled Down His Pants And Boxers, And Kissed His Cock. I Did The Same With Spencer And They Both Undressed Me By Kissing And Sucking Me In Places.

Spencer: I Want To Fuck Your Tight Ass

Me: I Want You To.

I Leaned My Ass Over The Bed And Put My Feet On The Floor. Ethan Then Slid His Pelvis Under My Chin. I Began Sucking His 8 Inch Cock. I Licked His Ball Sac Furiously. I Felt Spencer’s Hand Lubing Up My Asshole. I Then Kissed Up Ethan’s Cock And Sucked On His Head. I Felt Spencer’s Cock Go In My Ass. I Bobbed My Head For A While On Just The First 5 Inches Of His Cock. I Then Deepthroated It And Made It Wet. I Felt Spencer’s Cock Enter My Ass And Be Pushed In 4 Inches. I Moaned While Sucking. I Bobbed My Head Fast On His Cock And Massaged His Balls While Doing So. Spencer Started Fucking My Ass Slowly. I Moaned Louder And Sucked Harder. I Bobbed Faster And Swiveled My Togue Around His Cock Head While Doing So. Ethan Was Breathing Hard. Spencer Was Fucking Me Fast Now, Him Breathing Hard Too. He Started Deep Fucking My Ass By Thrusting HARD Into Me. I Moaned So Much!! I Starting Jacking Off Ethan. Spencer Was Giving Me So Much Cock Into My Ass That I Was Drooling With Ecstasy. His Hard Cock Was Entering My Ass So Hard That If He Cummed I’m Sure I Would Taste It. I Moaned Hard And This Must Have Turned On Ethan Because He Yelled The Familiar: “I’M GONNA CUM!” I Deepthoated His Cock And His Balls Unloaded All Over The Back Of My Throat. I Then Kissed Him And We Shared His Cum. He Moaned At The Taste Of His Own Cum. Spencer Really Picked Up On Fucking Me. He Wanted To Cum. I Thrusted Back While He Went Forward.

Me: Fuck Me Hard!! YES!! HARDER!

He Went Harder And It Felt So Good!

Spencer: AHHH! I’m Going To Cum SO HARD!

Me: I Want It Baby!!!!!

He Slowed Down And Then Shoved His Cock All The Way In. He Came Hard. I Felt His 7 Streams Of Cum Lather Up My Rectum. He Slid His Cock Out And Was Panting Hard. Ethan Sucked His Cock Clean And Sat Back Down. I

Ethan: I Want My Ass Fucked Too.

Spencer: Me Too.

I Told Ethan And Spencer To Bend Over The Bed, Which They Did.

I Lubed Up My Cock And Went Up To Spencer’s Ass. I Licked His Hole And Got It Nice And Wet. I Then Lined Up My Cock Head With His Hole And Pushed In Gently. I Let Only The Head Go In And Then I Pushed In Futhur. His Moans Told Me That He Liked It. I Pushed In Another 3 Inches And He Moaned Again. I Pushed In All The Way And Started Fucking Him Slowly. His Hand Came Up And Started Rubbing My Chest. I Sped Up A Little And I Sucked On My Finger. I Fucked Spencer Harder. I Pulled Out And Went Over To Ethan. I Slid My Finger Up Spencer’s Ass While Fucking Ethan. I Lined Up My Cock WIth Ethan’s Hole And Pushed In As I Did With Spencer’s. I Pushed In Furthur And Ethan Moaned Hard. I Started Fucking Him Harder Until The Point Where I Was Like A Jack Rabbit. I Fucked Him Fast And Hard. I Told Them Both To Turn On Their Backs. They Did. I Told Them To Put Their Heads Together Which They Did. I Started Jacking Off Until I Was About To Cum. I Moaned And Landed An Explosive Cumshot On Both Their Faces, Mouths, And Chins. I Was Spent. Spencer And Ethan Obviously Weren’t Because They Fucked Me More And Came 2 More Times Which I Wantingly Swallowed. The Last Day In Rome Was A Blast. And We Clebrated Being Back In America Too. 😉

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