Nisan 2, 2021

Sleeping with Mom Ch. 03-07

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Part 3

I could feel her wetness against my stomach, as I pulled her closer to my face. At first I just gazed at her and then kissed her. Her lips were soft and warm against mine. She was a very good kisser and let me take the initiative this time. I pressed my lips against hers, enjoying the soft pressure, before beginning to suck each lip between mine like she had done to me. I paused for a second, gazing up into her eyes, before pushing my mouth back against hers. She kissed me back more passionately but remained the more passive partner. I parted my lips, and she mirrored the action, and gently pushed my tongue into her mouth. Her eyelids drooped as if she was tired and when she looked at me again her eyes were slightly glazed and misty. I opened my mouth wider and she accommodated and our tongues found and snaked around each other.

As we kissed I ran my hands over her back, feeling the muscle under the soft, smooth skin. Her back was small and narrowed considerably as it ran down towards her hips. I ran my fingertips down her sides and she twitched at the soft, almost ticklish, sensation. With my fingers I could feel the bulge of her breasts, which were pressed against my chest, and squeezed out sideways from between us.

My penis began to feel warm again and gradually began to harden. I put my hands, palms up, on mum’s shoulders and pushed gently so that she arched her back and lifted her chest off mine. Her breasts were hot to the touch having been pressed between us. I put the heels of my hands underneath each nipple and stroked my fingertips over the soft underside of her bosom, marvelling at how full it was before rotating my wrists a fraction so that my palms touched her nipples. Her nipples were very hard to the touch, especially in comparison to the soft skin of her breasts, sides and back. She was looking me straight in the eye as I touched her nipples and she shivered a little as I brushed them.

By now my penis was fully erect again and was pressing against mum’s inner thigh. Looking up into her face a wave of passion and excitement washed through me- the sheer disbelief that my mum was lying almost naked on top of me. Suddenly I pushed my face upwards and buried it into the milky white skin between her breast and shoulder, kissing it ferociously. Mum almost looked a little surprised at the sudden movement but moaned slightly to show her pleasure at me kissing her chest and sucking the skin between my lip and teeth. Gently nibbling her flesh raised goosebumps across her chest and caused an almost vampiric expression to appear on her face.

As I continued kissing, nibbling and licking her chest above her bosom I told her that I couldn’t believe that I was doing this with my mum. She replied that she could hardly believe it either, grasped either side of my head with hers, arched her back, and opened her legs wider across my torso and ground her pubis into my belly before running it up and down in slow, firm, deliberate strokes. The lace of her knickers scratched my skin.

As my own excitement mounted I rolled over to my left and rolled mum onto her back all the while looking into her brown eyes. I lay her flat on her back, looking up at me, naked from the waist up and with the tiniest bit of her lace knickers visible under the duvet. Rolling over I lay on my side, my leg out to steady me, and with my back arched so I could look down at her. She mouthed, half whispered, “Oh, pet” at me before pulling herself up and kissing me hard. Her lips parted and she snaked her tongue around mine. At the same time I put the hand that wasn’t supporting my weight on mum’s breast and gently, but firmly, squeezed and caressed it. It felt wonderful to be caressing her full breasts and another wave of passion flooded through me at the realisation of just how womanly she was especially in comparison to the smaller chested girls I usually dated.

As she lowered her head back onto the pillow I dropped mine to her neck and started to kiss it where she’d kissed me- where her jaw and neck met- before moving downwards to kiss the softer skin. I copied an ex-girlfriend’s technique and kissed each spot with pursed lips, gradually relaxing them and making the kisses softer and wetter, before opening my lips and giving her gentle love bites. Mum’s response was stronger than I’d had in the past and stronger than I expected. She put both hands round my neck and gripped the back of my head pulling my face against her.

When she relaxed her grip I began kissing, nibbling and licking my way down between her breasts. I cupped them in my hands and pushed them slightly together to enhance her cleavage and make sure I had plenty of soft skin to lick and give sucking kisses to. Licking between her breasts like that reminded me just how sexy I found her bottom and I decided I wanted to see if I could get her so turned on she would let me explore it with my mouth.

Without pausing I continued to kiss her breasts but teen porno began to move towards her right nipple. Holding her chest in my hands I began to lick the underside of her breast, slowly working my way towards her areola. When I got to it I ran the tip of my tongue up it towards her nipple several times before circling around it and finally engulfing her nipple with my lips and tongue. Mum arched her back up off the bed and pressed her bosom into my face. I loved the feeling of resistance as her breasts squashed against my nose and mouth.

I wanted to be a caring and considerate lover and didn’t want to rush but I was having the most difficult of times resisting the urge to push my face between her thighs. My resistance didn’t quite give out but I found I was already kissing her stomach with one hand on her side by her right breast and the other enjoying her womanly left hip and the raspy feeling of her lace knickers.

My stomach and sides are incredibly sensitive and I love when someone kisses, licks and sucks me there. It was one girlfriend who’d woken me to this pleasure and driven me wild with her kisses- it was somewhere between being almost too enjoyable and extremely ticklish. It was a very thin dividing line! Subsequent girlfriends seemed to bypass this area of pleasure altogether and I had resentfully thought on more than occasion that it’s not just women who have erogenous zones.

Mum and I seemed to be wired in the same way because as soon as I started to kiss and love bite her belly she began to moan and writhe around on the bed underneath me. Her belly rose and fell rapidly and her breath became shorter and her head and neck jolted off the pillow.

I slid my free left hand up the inside of her thigh and into her knickers. I was vaguely aware of the soft mat of pubic hair and its spongy resistance. I gently grasped some of it between my fingers, enjoying the feel and loving the idea that this was my mother’s pubic hair I was touching. Still kissing her belly I bent my hand over and rubbed the knuckles of my fingers up between her legs and between her lips. The hair felt moist and damp and as I continued running the back of my fingers against them I penetrated through to her lips amazed, again, at how wet she was.

Mum pressed her pubic bone down against my fingers and I felt my penis jerk. It’s gratifying and arousing when a woman responds like this but it was so much more so with mum. I pushed myself up onto my knees so that I was straddling her legs. Leaning forward I began to kiss the soft skin of her waist. Lowering my centre of gravity to balance myself I gripped her knickers and began to pull them down. Mum lifted her hips and I sat up. She pulled her legs out from under me, bent her knees and lifted her feet in the air so that they pointed at the ceiling. I lifted her knickers up her legs and off over her feet.

When her knickers were off she parted her legs and put one down on either side of me so that I was kneeling between her open legs. I was conscious of her watching me while she did this but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sight between her legs. As she had parted her legs her pubic hair had become completely visible. Her hair was lightly trimmed and formed a rough, dense triangle between her legs that petered off quickly at the edges to give a nice, tidy look. When her legs were at their widest I could clearly see her lips. Her hair stopped before her opening and was damp around the edges with the odd drop of dewy moisture in her curls. Her opening was pink and shiny and the lips were filled with blood and parted. As the lips got closer to her bottom they parted more and more so that I could see a distinct gap which I longed to push my penis inside.

Looking back up at mum I saw she had slightly parted her lips in anticipation. I wasn’t sure if she was aroused or concerned what my response might be. Staying in my kneeling position between her legs I stretched forward to kiss her. When my face was mere centimetres from hers I whispered in her ear that she was gorgeous down there and that I just wanted to lick and kiss her. She gave a little laugh and said that she was glad I felt that way. I explained it wasn’t just that she had fantastic hips and vagina but that the biggest turn on was that it was her and that I’d loved it when she’d raised her bottom, had willingly let me take off her knickers and then spread her legs for me. She gave a sort of purring laugh and gently bit my cheek, flicking the skin with her tongue.

I sat back up and ran my hands down her sides from her shoulders to her hips before dropping my head to her stomach and kissing the soft skin. She was very slightly overweight and had a little excess around her waist but any woman of her age would have been more than pleased with her figure- I was delighted with it. I kissed across the way and down the crease between her leg and pubic hair to her thigh. On the way down I planted a couple travesti pornp of firm kisses on her hair, savouring its depth and springy feel. She smelled divine. I kissed the inside of her thighs and sucked the flesh giving her a series of little love bites that worked their way back up to her vagina. Without warning I opened my mouth wide placing my top lip on the bone above her clitoris and licked slowly and firmly all the way up from the entrance to her vagina to the little hard nub. Mum shuddered violently and I burst with pleasure inside. It felt great to know that one lick had had that effect on her. Mum grasped the sheets on either side of her hips with her fingers and balled them up then, relaxing, put one hand under my chin and calling me ‘baby’ told me that she’d known I’d be good at that.

As I lay down with my face between her thighs and my nose in her pubic hair she went on to explain that she always said that I had a very gentle, loving touch and that she had thought my girlfriends would reap the rewards of it. I thought she was just showing the typical mother’s bias and she must have seen the laughter in my eyes because she gripped my chin more firmly and lifted it again and told me that she’d seen how I touched Steph (my last girlfriend) and how she’d responded and also that she’d get goosebumps sometimes when I cuddled her or rubbed her neck. Accepting that she was genuine I lowered my face again and closed my eyes as the eroticism of going down on my mum washed over me.

She was dripping wet and had a rich aroma. Her feet were on the bed on either side of me and her knees were bent. I put my arms round her hips and pressed her thighs together to lightly grip my head, as I wanted even more indication that I was licking my mum between her legs than just the act of oral alone. My penis pulsed at the thought. I tilted my head slightly and sucked one of her vaginal lips in just the same way as we had been kissing earlier. I didn’t know if this would give her much pleasure but this was more for me that her. I didn’t want to rush and thought this would probably heighten the expectation for mum, if I took it nice and slow.

Then I slowly ran my tongue along the inside of her left lip from the bottom right up to the top where it joined with the right lip and housed her clitoris. I marvelled at how slick she was. I repeated the action and then did it to the other side to taste her juices having licked a lot of them away on the other side. Wanting more I opened my mouth a little wider, stuck my tongue out further and licked around the bottom of the opening to her vagina. Sure enough a lot of her juices seemed to be trickling out there and there was plenty of the creamy liquid to lick up.

Looking up I saw that mum had tilted her head right back as if trying to push the crown into the pillow. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes closed. I felt a globule of semen push its way down my penis at the sight. I continued to lick around her entrance, savouring the experience and mum’s rich taste. I put a hand on each side of my face and gently pushed her thighs outwards so that they opened as wide as they would go. The view was fantastic- I was looking out over mum’s pubic hair with her inner thighs in my peripheral vision, across her stomach, over her full breasts and her erect nipples to the underside of her chin, which was throw back in pleasure. Feeling me momentarily pause my licking she glanced down into my eyes. Her mouth was still open and it was clear to see how turned on she was. She called me baby again and said not to stop- it was lovely and it was such a turn on that her baby was doing it. She emphasised the words ‘her baby’.

Mum stretched her hand out down between her legs and I took it and held it. I nearly melted. The size and shape of her hand felt so familiar to me. Sometimes she’d take my hand and it made us think of when she took my hand to lead me somewhere, show me something or comfort me. Holding hands with her now brought back the same familiar emotions and emphasised the contrast between our normal relationship and the sexual one we were having now. Mum’s hips jolted and I thought that she must be thinking something similar, as I hadn’t done anything with my mouth that would have provoked that kind of response.

Still holding mum’s hand I began to focus my attention on her pleasure. I continued licking up the length of her lips towards her clitoris. After sometime I began to focus my attention on it by licking the folds of skin just above it and then as it poked out a little more I started to swirl my lounge around it in a circular motion. Mum raised her hips off the bed slightly and pushed herself against my mouth. This made me think that I must have been doing something right so I continued to run my tongue round under her clitoris, up its side, over the hooded area and back round. I let go of her hand and pushed my forehead against it to indicate to her that I wanted her tricky masseur to leave it there. She did. I liked to look up and see her small hand with the long, delicate fingers and to be able to see it next to her vagina. It was even better to be able to look up the length of her arm to her face because it made me think that this showed just how much she wanted to come.

By now mum’s breathing had quickened and I could see and feel the little pulses and jolts in her vagina and belly. I concentrated on maintaining my stroke and keeping the rhythm but raised my right hand and slowly pushed my finger into her. I knew it would slide in beautifully but this didn’t diminish the pleasure I felt when it did just that. This woman was so wet and being in bed with me, her son, had made her that way.

Pushing my finger inside of her made her arch her back a little and her breathing quickened as I began to thrust my finger in and out in time with my tongue strokes. The little jolts I had felt earlier became more frequent and I realised she was going to orgasm soon. I slowed my fingering and extended my middle finger before easing it inside as well. It was gorgeous to feel the hot slick walls of her vagina and the way they gripped and quivered. I didn’t want this experience to end, could hardly believe I was having it, and wanted to make my mum come. It would have been nice to make her come with my fingers but this felt so much more personal and loving. This was something she couldn’t do herself and it was something her son should never do for her.

Mum made a loud ‘mmmm’ noise and arched her back and chest off the bed. Then she did it again and pushed her vagina quite roughly against my mouth. A thrill of excitement shot through me. I knew she was on the brink of orgasm and increased the pace of my tongue and fingers to bring her over the edge. This time she let out a little cry and, looking up from between her thighs, I saw her eyes blink open and she stared at the ceiling. She arched her back from the base of her spine but kept her hips in place before my mouth. She stayed like that, seemingly with her muscles locked solid, for what seemed like an eternity. Then her whole body jerked and I momentarily lost contact with her vagina. She bucked again and cried out. Her shoulders arched off the bed and then she was orgasaming.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her as her shudders became more and more frequent, the hand between her legs gripped my hair and pulled my face into her, as she arched her back and convulsed. I was over the moon because I’d made my mum come. In my head I stressed the words ‘my mum’ and felt hugely pleased with myself. I thought I deserved to because it was quite clear mum was having a good time in my company.

Mum’s orgasm subsided and I stayed between her legs and kept licking simply because I wanted to. It felt like a very nice place to be. A small series of aftershocks ran through her body and I watched her expression- as if there was no one and nothing else in the world apart from her and me. I put my head down between her legs again and nuzzled my nose and cheeks against the opening to her vagina and spread her juices over my face before pushing myself up and crawling up to lie face-to-face on top of her.

Part 4

She pulled my face down to hers with both of her hands and we kissed again as I lay on top of her. “Honey, that was gorgeous”, she murmured, “I didn’t think I’d ever be in bed with you, never mind suck you and have you go down on me”. She looked extremely relaxed but earnest and I found myself beaming down at her.

“I liked doing it mum. I really liked it”, I said, “It just feels right somehow- I didn’t think it would.”

Mum lifted her face to mine and kissed me tenderly against the side of my cheek and nose. “Well, we’ve got all night honey”, she said with a smile.

We went on to compare notes. I told her that I was more than a little worried when I woke up with my erection pressed against her stomach and that she hadn’t pulled away or flipped out and that she had actually touched it with her leg long after she was clearly awake and alert. The thing that had surprised me most was that she hadn’t seemed worried or to rethink what we were doing when I said that I was going to come and that she’d started sucking me and let me come in her mouth. She smiled at that, “I wanted you to come in my mouth baby. I used to fantasise about it and that I would give you your ‘education'”.

This came out the blue- that mum had fantasised about me and I told her that I’d had any number of masturbation fantasies about her, the things we’d do and the lingerie she’d wear. This pleased her a lot- so much so that she said we could go into town in the morning and I could pick out some underwear for her. We planned to tell Mark that we didn’t want to risk the weather no matter if it looked like it was going to improve.

While we talked we’d shifted positions again so that we were lying side to side. Mum’s hand slipped down between us and she played with my penis in an unrushed way. It didn’t take me by surprise when mum asked, “Do you want to come inside me?” I didn’t say anything and just nodded in agreement.

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