Mart 16, 2021

Skeletons in my Closet part 13

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Skeletons in my Closet part 13

Skeletons in my closet part 13 The Healing and the Slut games begin

I returned home and Keith never asked me about the convention or if I had enjoyed my fun or even if I had any. I didn’t tell him anything neither. I sort of buried myself in work. My time with Megan was only to give her cards from work or maybe sit with her while Keith showered. Megan and I hardly talked or perhaps I just wasn’t listening.

I stopped drinking as when I did drink I always thought about Keith. I still loved that man but it seemed he didn’t love me or desired me. It went on Keith nursing Megan back to health me working.

It now had been over six months that I had a drink. I learned to deal better with my stress at work and at home. I finally gained that balance in my life I needed. I felt I was now ready to turn my attention to Megan and Keith.

I decided it was my turn to take responsibility for Megan. I went to Megan’s room after work. Keith was not in there. I told her I would be taking over her care and Keith would be returning to work. I thought I was doing the right thing.

That girl let me have it telling me why to bother you haven’t been here for the last year and a half anyway. I thought had it been that long since her accident, I realized that it had been. She told me she wanted her daddy to be with her and not me.

I reminded Megan that Keith was not her real father. Megan looked at me with what I can only describe as pure hate as she told me he was her father and never to say that again.

”Megan, I am still your mother,” I said to her.

Megan pulled her self up in her hospital bed at home using the trapeze bar over her bed as she said. ” No your not as my fucking mother abandoned me many years ago,” In that same angry tone.

“MEGAN,” I heard Keith say as he walked into the room.

I walked away not wanting to upset her any further. I went to the family room. I did not grab a bottle instead I sat on that leather sofa and cried into my hands. My daughter was right I had missed most of her growing up because of that damn bar and now I was doing it all over again.

I hadn’t even known she could sit up in bed as she had. My once loving daughter hated me. I waited for Keith to come to give me comfort but he didn’t.

I returned to Megan’s room with Keith standing in the corner with his arms folded. He was glaring at Megan. My daughter gave me one of those fake ass apologies telling me if I wanted to stay with her she was ok with it. I looked at Keith and asked him to please leave the room. He did as I asked without saying a word.

I took Megan’s hand as I said, ”Now we can talk without daddy putting words in your mouth.” “If you want your daddy here so be it, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t love you.” “Maybe someday you will see that.”

I asked her to show me what else she was able to do. Megan swung her legs over to the edge of the bed. She stood up very slowly.

She stood there looking at me. Megan smiled and took those 3 or 4 steps to me. She hugged me then turn and walked back to her bed slipping slowly back into her bed. She told me daddy has been working with her day and night.

She told me she wanted to walk up to receive her high school diploma in a little over three months as that was her goal. Stacy and her other friends had seen to it she had kept up with her classwork. Something else I knew nothing about I only thought they were visiting her.

Megan took my hand as she said, ”Daddy had made her apologize to me but she was truly sorry as her words had to have hurt me badly but please know that it was out of frustration and not out of her not loving me.“

”Daddy can do more than just love me, mom he can help me reach my goal,” “That is why I need him mom,” ”Please mom,” Megan said to me with tears in her eyes.

I wiped her tears telling her I understood why

she prefers him being with her instead of me.

My own relationship with Keith was strained to say the least. I walked to the family room to see Keith kicking back a big glass of whiskey.

I grabbed it from his hand as I said, “A man once told me drinking only creates problems not solve them,” before dumping it down the sink.

I took his hand as I said,” A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.” “Just you remember that Keith.”

I looked him in his eyes. I slapped him across his face as hard as I could. Keith just looked at me.

”That was for ignoring me and anything else you might think of later,” I said to him as I stormed from the family room.

Those words about a daughter would come back to haunt me someday. I continued to run his business while he attended to Megan. Just as Megan had taken her first steps I was taking mine not depending on alcohol.

I felt better than I had for years. My head was clear and I also made time to be with Megan. She had good days and bad days. On Sunday We would walk outside. Megan would use a specially built walker as she had trouble on uneven ground. If she tired I would go get the golf cart Keith had brought her to use outside.

Megan even changed she suggested Keith and I go out on Saturday nights. She told us we needed time alone together. Megan explained Linda and Sara were ok with being with her as they were here anyway.

Keith and I both agreed it was a wonderful idea. We started with dinner and a movie. However, it didn’t seem the same. We realized it wasn’t because Megan wasn’t with us.

We talked about what also was missing. I told Keith I missed our lovemaking. I confessed I had cheated on him many times while on the road as I drank too much he told me it was his fault as he had lost that ability to love again. He told me he would forgive me as long as I forgave him.

”I forgive you even if you did nothing wrong as I had,” I said to him.

”Now what about us?” I asked.

Keith smiled and said, ”Date night with Ms.K.”

”Sounds fun to me,” I replied.

Come Saturday night I dressed in my best slut outfit. A tight white custom made tank top. a black leather short skirt with very sexy black thigh high nylons, no panties, and black boots.

The girls showed plenty, a little bit of my ass showed when I bent over. Just enough to get your attention. My skirt allowed me to flash my hairy pussy with ease when sitting while still being classy.

Keith was dressed in a three-piece tanned suit and tie with rattlesnake cowboy boots. A gift from Megan. We walked hand in hand to tell the girls goodbye.

As we walked in Megan said, ”That’s the couple I remember Ms.K and that man named Keith,” smiling at us as she stood up beside her bed.

Linda gave her approval as well. Sara told me she wanted my outfit. Sara then walked over to Keith she walked around him checking him out from head to toe. Sara shook her head from side to side.

”WHAT?” Keith asked her loudly.

Sara wrapped her arms around Keith’s neck. She moved her lips to his. Megan glared at her with that same hate in her eyes she had shown me.

Sara made it like she was going to kiss him upon his lips. Suddenly Sara removed her lips from near his. She undid his tie tossing it into a nearby wastebasket. She unbuttoned a couple of buttons on his shirt then opening it and adjusting the opening running her hands at his chest.

”Your mom always did dress you funny but that is better now,” Sara said laughing as she patted his face with her hand.

”One of these days Sara one of these days,” Keith replied shaking his head from side to side.

”In your dreams buster in your dreams,” Sara said walking to Linda hugging her.

I looked to see that Megan was still glaring at Sara. I sort of felt the same way as Sara had done all of that with very sexual overtones. It was probably just that green monster in me.

Keith, Sara, and Linda had told me before Sara loved to push Keith’s buttons and it was harmless fun. However no one ever really told me what their true relationship was. Sure Danny had told me they were pen pals during Keith’s wartime but that was it.

But I also remember how she tended to him at my bar. She was always dressed in very sexy clothes, always had her arm laced through his. I even remember Keith placing a very lovely diamond necklace around her neck. One that she still wore. That had caused my heart to break back then as I thought she was his girlfriend back then.

Those thoughts left my mind as I reminded myself I was the one married to him. I walked to Megan who still was glaring at Sara. I hugged her telling her thanks for giving us this evening.

I then whispered in her ear, ”Don’t let it upset you it is all in fun.”

I was not sure if that was for her good or for mine. Keith went to Megan. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down to her face. She smiled at Sara then planted a highly passionate kiss upon Keith’s lips. I couldn’t be sure but I think she slipped her tongue into his mouth.

”All in fun daddy,” Megan said smartly laughing while looking at Sara

Keith sort of turned a little red but didn’t say anything. Keith and I left. He loaded me up in his work truck. I asked him where we’re going as I cuddled up to him. He told me somewhere no one will know us.

”Perhaps you shouldn’t have driven a truck without a logo on it,” I said to him smiling.

”Note taken,” Keith replied smiling at me.

I think at every red light Keith and I kissed passionately and felt each other up like teenagers out on a date. We drove for a fair amount of time pulling into some bar. I can’t remember the name but the place looked like my old bar.

Keith parked as he told me now remember you are Ms. K. smiling at me. I reached over and rubbed at his cock smiling back at him. Keith reached down my top pinching a nipple lightly making them both hard causing them to poke through my top.

We walked into and the place. I saw they had a very good crowd. Keith spotted an open booth pointing to it. He walked me to it. I noticed guys checking me out as my tits bounced in its tank top with each step I took. I made sure to shake my hot ass as well.

I also noticed a few girls checking Keith out as well. Which I didn’t care for at all. Once at the booth I noticed 3 men in their mid 20’s sitting at the table next to our booth. Keith helped me into the booth.

As I got in I parted my legs giving those men a flash of my hairy uncovered pussy. I saw one whispering to the others as he pointed to me. A barmaid came to our table. She told us her name was Cathy. She was younger than me. Keith ordered a drink while ordering me a ginger ale. It made it look like I was drinking.

The barmaid even gave Keith a good view of her tits as she took our drink order. When she brought them back Keith handed her a fifty telling her to keep it and keep the drinks coming.

”Keith you gave her over a forty dollar tip,” I said to him.

”Just as I would one of Ms. K’s girls,” Keith replied smiling.

A band started to play. Keith asked me to dance. As I got out of the booth I parted my legs giving those men a clear view of my pussy. Just like the slut I was.

Keith and I dirty danced. Him feeling up my ass. Me rubbing my tits against his front and back. I noticed all eyes seemed to be on us. When the dance ended Keith sort of picked me up kissing me. In doing so I knew my bare ass should be showing.

We walked back to our table I told Keith my pussy was already dripping. At our booth, I bent down showing those men my tits in my top. They all just stared at me.

The barmaid came back with two more drinks. Ginger ale for me and jack and water for Keith. Keith paid her once again tipping her but more reasonable this time.

”You two new in town, as I never have seen you two in here before?” Cathy asked us.

”Yes we are this is Ms. K and I am Keith,” Keith said to her smiling.

Cathy shook both our hands telling us it was nice to meet us. Cathy stood there pointing out they had pool tables in the back. She told us they also had a grill.

”Our cook makes a mean cheeseburger,” Cathy said touching my arm. ”If you two need anything just raise your hand I will be here in a flash.”

Cathy walked away. I asked Keith if he had enjoyed the view as Cathy had her tits all up in his face. Keith smiled reached across our table squeezing one of my tits. He told me these were still better.

”Besides have you forgotten how to make tips,” Keith said looking at me with his look.

”Sorry Keith your right I forgot,” I said smiling at him.

I knew his remarks were guided toward me controlling my jealousy. I had already seen 5 or 6 women pointing him out and whispering to each other. I even saw women with other men checking him out. Technically I wanted to leave because of that.

Keith took my hand looking at the dance floor. Before I got up I looked to see if those guys were watching. They were so as I got up I dropped my little handbag. I bent down to pick it up from the floor. I pretty much gave them all a full ass shot. I am sure they could see my rather large pussy lips and the hair around them.

”Holy fucking shit,” one of them blurted out.

I turned and smiled at them as Keith walked me to the dance floor. We once again dirty danced on a packed dance floor. Someone even grabbed a handful of my ass as we danced.

I was in heaven as I had the attention of most of the men. I also loved that I had that I hate you look from other women. My pussy was creaming freely.

The dance ended and Keith walked back to the booth. He kissed me passionately then told me he would be back as he was going to check the rest of the place out. I reached out and grabbed his cock making sure those guys saw it.

”Hurry back hon,” I said sitting back down giving Keith and those men a big beaver shot.

As soon as Keith left I looked to those guys. I picked up my drink running my tongue teasingly around the rim of it. One readjusted his dick as I did. Cathy came to the table asking if I or my husband needed anything.

”Keith isn’t my husband he is my boss,” I replied laughing.

”You must really enjoy working for a man like him,” Cathy said to me.

I told her I enjoy it and him very much if she caught my drift. Cathy laughed saying you are a dirty girl, Ms. K. I told her to bring another round for us and also around for the table next to us. I had lied to her just playing my part in our slut game.

Cathy returned before Keith did with the drinks. I thought this girl knew her job well. She gave me our drinks first, then served the three men pointing to me as I smiled at them. She came back to me to be paid.

”Keith will pay as a lovely woman never pays for their drinks, remember that my dear,” I said to her smiling.

I was starting to wonder about Keith. One of those guys stood up and asked if he might sit down. I scooted over patting the booth seat. He scooted in beside me.

”Thank you for the drinks, it’s not often a sexy woman buys me a drink,” he said rather shyly.

I placed my hand on his thigh giving it a squeeze. I could also see the boner in his pants as I did. My pussy was dripping and I was very horny. I saw Keith coming.

The man saw Keith too and took off running. I noticed his buddies were right behind him. I looked at Keith.

”Did I interrupt something?” Keith asked smiling as he sat back down.

I told Keith he needed to not look so intimidating. He scared that man and his friends off. He told me that it was ok as he had found us some other fresh meat so to speak.

Cathy came back and I told Keith to pay the girl as I had got us and the empty number next to us around. Keith gave her another fifty. She started to give him his change.

I reached over placing my hand on her hand as I said, ”Keep it dear my boss can afford it if he wants to get lucky tonight,” smiling at Keith.

”Thank you so much Ms.K,” Cathy said kissing me on my cheek.

She looked to Keith as she told him sorry she did not kiss strange men. Keith told her smart girl smiling at her. Cathy walked away putting another large tip in her pouch in her outfit.

Keith shook his head asking me if he was that strange then laughed. I laughed telling him no just intimidating and too good looking. Now, what about this fresh meat he was talking about.

Keith smiled as he asked, ”Care to shoot some pool?”

I told him ok but give me a second. I raised my hand getting Cathy’s attention. I told her we hated to lose her but was going to move to the back to play pool.

Cathy smiled as she replied, ”I am the night manager I work where I want too.”

Cathy held out her hand helping me from the booth, she laced her arm through mine. She looked at Keith telling him to follow us. She walked us to the back room with around 4 or five pool tables. She took us to a table marked reserved for John.

She told me she saved this for her best customer but he hadn’t shown up tonight so we could have it. Cathy removed it and sat me down. She asked us if we wanted another round. Keith shook his head yes.

Keith gave me that look of his. I told him there was no way she had the hots for me. Keith smiled as she might not but look around once. I did and noticed that it was mostly men our age or older back in this room and most were looking at me.

I enjoy teasing older men. They are more open to my tease. They also are not afraid to touch. Cathy returned and gave us our drinks. Cathy told us they were free on the house. She bent down and whispered into my ear. I laughed and shook my head yes. She smiled and walked away.

Keith looked at me asking what that was about. I told him she had asked me if I was bisexual. Keith smiled as he told me I told you so.

About that time a man Keith’s age came over to our table and asked, ”Keith is that you?”

Keith stood up and shook his hand as he replied, ”John its been a long time.”

”John, I believe you remember Ms. K from her bar, my wife now,” Keith said to him.

John looked at me and replied, ”Yeah I remember her, but Ms. K is much more beautiful and sexier as your wife.”

”Pleased to meet you,” I replied giving him my slut smile.

John apologized to both of us for missing our wedding. He told us he was out of town that weekend but hoped we got his wedding gifts. I remembered his gifts three fancy painted motorcycle helmets with Keith’s, Megan, and my name painted on them. Keith had told me that John owned a bike shop.

”Those karabağlar escort helmets were adorable John thank you,” I said standing up hugging then kissing his cheek.

John smiled telling us he would let us continue our evening. I suddenly realized this was his table. Nonsense John after all this was his table. He told me it was but Cathy told him she would make it up to him. I moved my chair so he could sit beside me. John looked to Keith who shook his head yes.

I laced my arm through John’s as I asked, ”So how do you know my husband?”

John looked to Keith again who told him it was ok, she knew everything, John. John told me he was part of Keith’s circle of friends. John sort of removed my arm from his.

”It’s ok John she has my permission and you do too,” Keith said smiling at him.

Just what the hell is with all this permission I asked lacing my arm through John’s again. John explained he was probably to blame. Keith told him he was not it was that bitch wife of his, Rhonda.

”Ex-wife if you don’t mind,” John said first pumping Keith.

”Tell her all about it while I find myself a game of pool,” Keith said to John.

As Keith walked away he went to Cathy. He made the motion of another round pointing to our table. Cathy hugged him shaking her head yes. I didn’t care much for that big hug she gave him but remembered working for tips.

”Don’t worry Ms. K he is only into you,” John said smiling at me and patting my hand.

So what happened. John told me he and Rhonda were part of his group. Rhonda was his new wife. Everything went well until Rhonda went against Keith’s rule. That being not having private get together’s or trying to steal someone from someone else.

John told me his wife was always getting other men in trouble. She claimed to them she would keep their meeting a secret. However, in time she used their fun to sort of blackmail them.

”By then I had already divorced the bitch, we were only married 3 months,” ”However Keith allowed her to continue to be a part of his group,” John said.

He then told me she apparently set her sights on Keith. John explained there was only one problem she had to get through Sara and Linda who I am sure you know by now.

John explained Sara and Linda looked after and worshipped Keith as he was very special to both of them. Sure Linda was gay but Sara wasn’t. I was shocked to hear that as I never knew that.

”But anyways Rhonda made a play for Keith and Sara told her to take a fucking hike or else,” John said.

John went on telling me some time later someone told Keith what Rhonda had been doing. He checked with others just to make sure it was true. Keith told her she was no longer welcomed in the group.

”Some weeks later Keith and Sara were out having dinner together,” John said.

That sort of made me wonder about those two again. John explained during dinner Rhonda came to their table and made a scene. Sara kicked her fucking ass and got arrested. She was charged with assault and Keith got her out of jail and everything else costing him a chunk of change too I might add he told me.

”Was Linda arrested?” I asked.

”No as Linda wasn’t with Sara back then, Linda worked for John and would sometimes party with us all, however she had told John she was gay and they never did anything however Linda would enjoy other women including Sara,” John said.

I was just about to ask John to explain about Sara to me. However, Keith returned telling us the players suck here. He asked us all to play a few games. We all walked over and started shooting pool. It wasn’t a game just shooting at balls and me teasing them and others around us. Cathy kept our drinks coming as well.

”I see Keith has taught you well,” John said to me.

As John was shooting. Keith whispered in my ear asking if John would do for a little fun tonight. He also told me John was bi like him.

John was about 6’ maybe 220 lbs with a slight beer gut. He had brown eyes, long blonde hair in a ponytail, and tattoos. He looked like your typical biker. He was clean, very polite and good looking as well.

John and Keith were evenly matched at playing pool. Keith asked John if he was still a betting man. John told him he was. Keith looked at me asking if I wanted in on the game. I shook my head yes.

”Game is nine ball-winner choices their spoil,” Keith said.

”Whoa wait a minute,” John said. ”Does that mean as it used too?” He asked looking at us both.

Keith told him yep. I went to John and wrapped my arms around him kissing him on his lips. As I did I grabbed a handful of dick. He kissed me back grabbing my ass.

John broke the kiss as he said, ”Game on.”

Keith racked the balls. I told them I got to break as I thought they would enjoy it. The two got behind me as I lined the cue ball up. I bent over to take the shot giving them a view of my ass.

John gave Keith a high five telling him just like old times. I sunk 6 balls in a row calling each my shots while teasing them both with tit shots. I was very good at shooting pool between Keith teaching me plus I spent a lot of time playing at my bar and in our family room while Keith watched over Megan.

I missed my next shot. It was John’s shot. As he went to take the shot. I rubbed at the front of his pants causing him to miss.

”Unfair Ms. K,” John protested. ”All is fair in love and war,” I replied laughing.

Keith was up next. He sunk two balls leaving him just the nine-ball. Keith called his pocket and sunk the nine-ball he had won.

John shook his head telling us he was that close to the night of his life laughing. We returned to our table and Cathy got us around. Keith tipped her well once again.

Keith looked to John asking him if he had ever remarried. John told him no Rhonda sort of had made him gun shy so to speak. He told us just a girl here and there nothing serious. Keith looked at me smiling.

”Now as to my spoils, how about you join us for a little fun at a hotel?” Keith asked.

John looked to me as he replied, ”I guess that would be up to Ms. K here.”

”Game on, but only if you call me Kate,” I replied smiling at him.

John never would call me Ms.K again it was always Kate. I waved for Cathy to come over. I got in my handbag giving her a fifty. I told her she had a lovely place and managed it quite well. But the three of us were leaving winking at her.

Cathy hugged me telling me thanks. She told me she hoped to see us again kissing my cheek. I told her I am sure she would.

The three of us walked out of the bar. John got on his bike telling us to follow him as he knew of a place close by. We followed him I asked Keith about him. He told me pretty much the same as John had except the parts about Sara.

I sort of wondered why? However, I held my tongue as I didn’t want to ruin our night. I figured I would find out in time.

I did ask why Rhonda had attended our wedding? He told me because she had married someone else he knew and that I had invited her without him knowing. Keith told me nothing ever happened between them.

I decided to wait on any more questions as I was horny. We soon got to the hotel. John got the room then came and got us. The hotel was nothing fancy just a clean king bed, TV, and bathroom.

We entered the room and we went right to the bed. The boys went to undressing as I watched. My attention was on John. I knew the cock Keith had on him and loved it. But I had not seen John’s cock yet.

John had a very nice veiny 7-inch curved cock with big hanging balls. Just the perfect size I thought. I know because in the years to follow I would measure it. Lol, I sort of carried a small tape measure in my purse later in my life.

I love those g spot type cocks. They always got me off. They sometimes aren’t the easiest to suck due to that curve.

They call it Peyronie’s (pay-roe-NEEZ) disease which is a noncancerous condition resulting from fibrous scar tissue that develops on the dick causing the curve. Penises vary in shape and size, having a curbed cock erection isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. I call them glorious as they make me squirt.

I had the boys climb on the bed. I turned some music on the TV. I told them sorry but I hadn’t brought a sexy outfit with me. I did a slow sensual dance as I removed my clothes.

I started with my tank top. I removed it exposed my 38C tits. As I swayed to the music I lifted a tit to my mouth. I licked at the nipple making it grow hard. I did the same with my other tit until both my nipples were rock hard.

The boys were watching intently. Their cocks growing before my eyes as I danced. I removed my black leather skirt next exposing my hairy pussy.

That left me only in my thigh highs and black boots. I went to the edge of the bed placing my boot on the bed. I rubbed at my nylon covered leg as the boys watched and jacked at their dicks. I parted my legs exposing my pussy as I played with it.

My juices started flowing coating my pussy lips as I held them open for the boys. Both of them were playing with their now rock hard cocks. I turned around shaking my ass at both of them. My hands went to my buttcheeks as I bent over at the foot of the bed.

I pulled my buttcheeks apart exposing my hairy brown eye to them. I looked over my shoulder at them as I place one of my fingers in my mouth. I sucked at it getting it wet. I removed it moving it to my asshole.

I ran it around my asshole for a while. I then sunk it into my asshole. It entered easily with no pain. I ran it in and out for a while as I talked dirty to them.

”Mmmm your wife is such a slut, Keith, no offense meant,” John said to Keith.

”None was taken my friend,” Keith replied as his hand went to John’s cock.

John’s hand went to Keith’s big cock. He wrapped his hand around it. He jacked Keith off as Keith jacked him off.

”You boys lick my asshole and I might let you fuck my ass,” I said to them in a sexy tone.

I removed my finger from my asshole turning back toward them. I slowly lick at my finger then took it into my mouth sucking on it. My asshole is always fresh so I had no worry of tasting or smelling shit which is a turnoff.

I danced some more fingering my pussy. I was so horny my juices ran down my thighs. I licked my juices from my fingers. I started to remove my boots.

”Please leave them on,” John said smiling at me.

I climbed up on the bed. The boys removed their hands from each other’s cock. I slipped up kissed Keith as he groped my tits. I broke our kiss going to John. I kissed him slipping my tongue into his mouth.

His tongue slipped into my mouth kissing me back. His hands running up and down my nylons and my boots. I broke our kissing moving down spreading Keith’s leg as I got between them.

I looked at his throbbing cock as I said, ”I have missed you very much.”

I kissed and licked at the head of his dick. John got to the side of him. He started to pump on Keith’s dick while I licked at it.

I thought these two also have been together before. John pumped Keith’s cock until his pre-cum started oozing from the head of his cock. John then joined me licking it from his cock.

John kissed me then started to suck on Keith’s cock. He slowly worked on his cock taking half of it into his mouth. This man could suck cock almost as good as me. My pussy dripped as I heard.

”Easy John you know I could never last with you,” Keith said to John.

I get so turned on watching a man suck cock. I found out I loved it even more when it was a man sucking Keith’s big cock. I slipped to the side of Keith kissing him as John sucked on his cock as I watched.

John was now on his knees between Keith’s legs going to town on Keith’s cock. John was able to take most of that big cock into his mouth. I had not seen many take it all.

I moved down working my way to John’s curved cock. I pumped at it as I sucked on the head of his cock. It was a little hard being in the position I was. Then John got on his knees placing his hands on Keith’s thighs.

I slipped down laying under his exposed cock. I licked those big hanging balls for a while. I then took his cock into my mouth. I started to bob my head on his cock.

John started to face fuck me with his cock. He never missed a beat sucking on Keith’s cock as he did. In fact, he was in perfect time-sucking Keith and fucking my face. A feat few have ever matched.

John’s cock seemed to fit perfectly in my mouth. He was gentle and not ramming his cock in and out of my mouth. I just lay there rubbing my pussy and clit as he fucked my face. I had my first orgasm as I heard.

”Dam you John you going to make me cum,” Keith yelled.

John took some of his cum into his mouth. He then pumped the rest out causing it to splash down into my hair and upon my face. John removed his cock from my mouth. He kissed me then cleaned Keith’s cum from my face.

I pushed him down my body as I parted my legs taking him between them. John moved down and started to kiss and lick at my pussy. This man ate pussy just as good as Keith. He ate me until I squirted in his face.

I pulled him up kissing and licking my juices from his face. I wrapped my legs around him as I told him to fuck me like the slut I was. John grabbed the heel of my boots spreading my legs wide apart.

He placed my legs upon his shoulders. He rubbed his cock at my pussy then shoved it into my wet hairy pussy. John truly fucked me like a slut.

Every now and then he would grab the heels of my boots. Pulling my legs from his shoulders. As he would spread my legs apart expertly not too far that it hurt. But far enough to open my wet fucking pussy hole as he fucked me.

John would slam that fucking curved cock into me, each time he did I squirted pussy juices everywhere. I lost count of how many orgasms I had. John finally removed my legs from his shoulders.

He flipped me over to my hands and knees. I was now facing Keith’s semi-hard cock which he was stroking as he watched. I removed his hand and took his cock into my mouth. John started to lick at my wet pussy from behind with his tongue.

John moved his tongue to my asshole. He ran it around my asshole. My hole started to flex as he did. I moaned as he slipped his tongue up into my asshole. This man knew how to eat ass as well.

I had worked all of Keith’s now hard cock into my mouth. I started to slowly pull my mouth up his cock dragging my tongue on it. Once I popped his cock from my mouth I flicked my tongue around the head of his dick.

I looked over my shoulder to John as I said, ”Fuck my ass,” before sucking at Keith’s cock again.

John spits at my asshole. While some women may find that gross. I find it very exciting and hot. My asshole opened and closed as his wet spit splashed against it. He rubbed his spit at my asshole.

John then took his cock and gently eased it up into my asshole. He seemed to realize when it might be hurting as he would pause spanking lightly at my buttcheeks. John got it all up into my asshole. He held it there until I moved forward and then back onto his cock.

I removed my mouth from Keith’s dick as I looked back to John as I said, ”Fuck me John please fuck my ass,” with a begging look in my eyes.”

John went to fucking my ass. It felt amazing, no hurt, and that curved part seemed to hit that spot in my pussy as well. I went to town on Keith’s dick letting out wet slurping sounds as I did. I knew Keith loved that when I sucked cock.

Keith tensed up first as his cock swelled and throbbed in my mouth. He moaned my name as his cum splashed into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could as the rest ooze over my hand as I pumped at his cock.

John buried his cock deep into my ass. His hands went to my hips. He pulled me back onto his cock. I felt it swell and then throb.

Ahhhhh fuck Kate,” John yelled as his cum filled my asshole.

”Oh my God,” I cried out as I had one of the best orgasms in years.

My pussy was spraying juices over all of us. I had no control over it. It seemed to get worst as I felt John blasting another load of cum into my ass. I fell forward removing his cock from my ass. I felt his cum running down over my pussy.

We all were sweating and a mess. Especially me I had cum in my hair, dripping from my face, my hand and running down from my ass over my pussy and dripping onto the bed. I looked and felt like a true slut.

”DAM, that was the best fun I had in many years,” John said getting off the bed.

”Same here,” I replied flopping face down on the bed totally spent.

Keith came over kissing at the back of my neck. He licked and kissed hitting one of those spots I talked about in a past chapter. He moved his face to my ear kissing at it.

”Sorry, Kate I just haven’t been myself lately,” Keith whispered.

I sat up pulling him up. I kissed him telling him it didn’t matter. All that mattered now was he was back. John looked at us as he asked if something was wrong.

Keith and I both explained about my daughter Megan and the riding accident she had. That it had sort of caused us both to lose our way. That it had been over a year and a half that we had this much fun.

John told us both he was honored to have been a part of it. He politely asked me about Megan. I told him she was recovering as she had to learn to walk again with Keith’s help.

John told me there was no man better for the job. He explained Keith had helped him. John showed me a nasty scar on his left knee and leg.

Keith asked John if he would like to meet Megan. He thought he could give her some words of encouragement. John told him it would be his pleasure.

”Stopover anytime you are always welcomed at our place,” I told him.

”I would like that but I think we all need to shower, as one of us smells like hot sex,” John said laughing.

We all showered in a rather small shower then had sex again. Then showered again. It was a very fun night. We all left together with Keith reminding John he was welcomed anytime.

That was the start of what we would call the ”Slut Games.”

This chapter was a little long but it will play into future chapters as always I would love to hear your comments.

I was asked about using John’s name as Keith in one of my earlier chapters lol I was probably either talking to him on the phone or thinking about him. As he was to become one of my first friends with benefits plus still is today all with Keith’s permission.

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