Nisan 3, 2021

Sister and Family Ch. 02

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Chapter Two

When I came in, my sister was drinking a glass of tea and talking with mom. She was wearing a tank top that exposed her pierced navel, surrounded by it’s star tattoo. It did nothing to hide the fact she was braless. She also had on a pair of spandex shorts that formed a camel toe between her slightly spread legs. My penis began to stir within my shorts, as I grabbed a can of Mountain Dew from the fridge.

“Hi, Sis.” I said, popping the can open.

Mom was happily wiping down the table, as her bare titties jiggled within the thin housedress she was wearing, the hemline riding up her bare butt as well. “How’d you like to go spend the weekend with Sis?” Mom asked me, rising up. I saw her nipples, surrounded by its dark areolas standing out from her breasts.

“It’ll be cool, Mom.” I said, as I looked over to Sis. She winked at me, and slid her hand over her camel toe. I saw a tiny dark spot, as her pussy was beginning to drip with anticipation. My penis had aroused within my shorts, as I turned and went to my room to pack.

We left in Sis’s convertible in the late evening and rode to Arby’s for supper. “Mom sure was happy to get me away.” I commented.

“Yes, I think her boyfriend’s coming over for a while.” said Sis, as we went into the restaurant. I watched her spandex clad butt sway as she headed to the counter to place our orders. The teen guy must’ve noticed that Sis didn’t have a bra on, and became flustered as he took the order. I smiled at his reaction as we retrieved our sodas.

We ate as I admired Sis’s nipples showing through her top. “I have an idea,” Sis smiled. “Let’s stop at Wal-Mart and get us a black t-shirt, then go back home and see if we can catch mom with her boyfriend.” My penis popped up at the dariness of her idea spying on mom.

Soon we were on our way back home in the darkness with the t-shirts, parked the car on the farm road next to the driveway, and pulled our other shirts off. I saw Sis’s titties momentarily as she pulled her shirt over her head, and I quickly did mine are as well. We walked up the drive in silence toward the lights, and crept softly around the house to the den windows, which were at ground level, and settled ourselves between the shrubberies.

We saw mom’s boyfriend sitting on the sofa with a can of beer in his hand and wearing his boxers. Mom came into the room with a bag of chips and a bowl of dip. She had on a sheer negligee that showed her titties, and no panties, as she came to the sofa. They sat there for a while eating and drinking. My penis was swollen in it’s excitement, and I had to reach into my shorts to shift it into a more comfortable position.

I glanced at Sis, and she had her hand inside her tight shorts as well, working her finger in her pussy. I looked back as the guy set his can on the table, and reached around mom, as she leaned over to kiss him. He began to remove her negligee, as she appeared to be laughing, and stood before him naked. Mom freed the guy’s penis from his boxers, and straddled his legs as she lowered herself onto it.

The guy had one hand on Mom’s butt and his other hand on his penis, guiding it into her pussy until she settled onto his lap. Mom leaned forward and kissed him, before she began to bounce on his lap, as he reached up and grasped her bobbing titties. I looked over to Sis, and she was working her fingers vigorously within her spandex, as my penis throbbed and oozed its precum.

Mom raised herself off his penis, and we saw it was coated with his cum and her juice, as well as dripping out of mom’s pussy. She stood before the guy, and he began to lick her pussy clean. A few moments later she got down on her knees before him and started sucking on his penis, her butt was exposed towards the window, spread for us to see. A little cum was still oozing from her reddened, shaved pussy.

Sis withdrew her hand from her shorts with a sigh, and motioned for me to come. We crept away from the window, and began to walk back to the car. I was walking uncomfortably with my swollen penis, and reached inside my shorts to shift it again into a more tecavüz porno comfortable position. Sis noticed. “Oh, we have to do something about that.”

We stopped in the middle of the driveway, and Sis pulled my shorts down. She took my hard penis into her mouth and began to suck as I reached down to her head and held her hair. In no time, my hot cum was shooting into her mouth as I sighed with exhilaration, as images of my mom’s dripping pussy played back through my mind. As my penis relaxed, I stepped out of my shorts and Sis picked them up.

We got into the car, I noticed a large dark spot on the crotch of Sis’s shorts where it was obvious she had came too. Before Sis sat in the seat, she pulled her shorts off. Sis and I rode along in silence, as I clutched my semi flaccid penis, and she occasionally massaged her pussy. Little did people in other cars around us knew we were bottomless, even at traffic lights.

It was pretty late as we pulled into a convenience store for gas. As Sis pumped, she tossed me her purse and had me to go pay. Upon entering, I noticed the same girl working that had seen Sis and I the last time we stopped. I was conscious that I didn’t have shorts on, but the shirt was long enough to just cover my butt, however my penis was erecting, and becoming noticeable. The girl smiled in recognition as I gave her the money.

Sis came in, and went to the bathroom, and I followed her. We both peed in our respective urinals in the unisex room. As Sis stood, I had to feel her nudity again, as it was a while since the last time I touched her bare butt. She came around to me as I knelt on the floor and spreaded her pussy. I pushed my tongue inside and began to lick her engorged clit when the door opened. The girl stood there watching as Sis began to cum into my mouth.

After I finished Sis, she headed for the coolers to get a soda, and I followed her. Her shirt rode up her bare butt as she bent to select a drink. I didn’t have to bend for my Mountain Dew, but my shirt was tenting my erect penis as I turned, trying to hide it from the girl. But it was apparent that she noticed, as I saw her nipples becoming erect.

The girl rubbed over her titties and pulled down her pants a bit showing me her thong as I waited for Sis to come to the counter to pay for the sodas. We left, with a bit of our bare butts showing from the shirttails as we got into the car. I looked back and the girl had her shirt up in the window, exposing her titties. I told Sis. She laughed, “We’re going have to come back one day and take care of her.”

Arriving at Sis’s home in the wee hours of the morning, we dumped our stuff and went to bed. Late that morning, I awoke with my arm around her titties, as her hand was resting on my semi erect penis. I slid my hand over her titties, awakening her as she grasped my penis. “Oh, it’s you.” She smiled. “I was thinking you were Bill.”

As we ate breakfast for lunch, I was admiring Sis’s titties. Her areolas’ was not as large and dark as moms, although her nipples seem to stand out more than mom’s nipples. I could see the boyfriend tweaking mom’s nipples as she rode his penis. The telephone rang, and Sis jumped up to answer. I watched her nude body across the room as she talked on the phone for a few minutes, then hung up. “Amy wants to come over for the weekend.” she said. I was disappointed, as I thought we were not going to have any more sex as Amy is our 18 year old cousin.

“Oh, don’t be sad,” Sis said. “I’ve played with Amy like this too.”


“Yes, we’ve had fun in the past like this. Auntie also let Amy go naked at home, and had sex with her too.”

“Wow.” My penis was jumping again at the prospect of seeing our cousin Amy naked, as she was a great looking girl, being a cheerleader at her school.

“She’ll be here in a little while. We’ll get dressed some after we finish the dishes.” Sis began to clear the table, as I helped.

I pulled my shorts back on, as Sis tied on a halter and slid a mini skirt up her bare legs. The doorbell was ringing as we walked out of the bedroom. We teen porno greeted Auntie Jen and Amy as they came in. I saw that Auntie was wearing a pair of cut-off denim shorts, which was high in the back, revealing a portion of her butt, as well as a tank top It was obvious she didn’t have a bra on. Amy was wearing a bikini top, and spandex panty-type shorts.

“I’m going to see Jill for a while, because we haven’t visited in a long time.” said Auntie Jen.

I and Amy looked each other over shyly as I wondered about her body and sex. She was lucky, I thought, to be having sex so long, while I just started. Sis went out with Aunt Jen after she and Amy kissed goodbye. I noticed Auntie squeezing Amy’s butt during the kiss.

“I need to wash clothes.” announced Sis as she came back in from seeing our aunt off. “Give me your shorts, David.” I shot a quick look at Amy, then pulled down my shorts, revealing an erect penis.

Amy smiled and murmured, “its so big.”

I smiled back at Amy, as I fondled my penis while Sis went to load the washer. “Can I touch it?” Amy asked.


Amy came over and gingerly touched the tip of my penis, and got some cum on her finger. She brought it up to her nose and sniffed it. Sis came back naked and began to untie Amy’s bikini top. I saw a set of puffy pink nipples on a pair of small titties, as the bra came off. My penis jumped in Amy’s hand as she grasped it. I ran my hands along her tight shorts and hooked my fingers into the hemlines and pulled them down exposing a bare pussy. Amy rested her hand on my shoulder as she stepped out of the shorts, and turned.

I drew my breath in at the view of her butt cheeks. It was beautifully rounded and pink. I reached out and rubbed into the crack down to the inside of her thighs, and she spreaded her legs in response. My fingers soon slipped into her pussy. I withdrew my hand and Amy backed into my lap, with my penis between the cheeks of her butt. Sis had knelt in front of Amy, and helped her to sit into my lap. I leaned back as Sis began to lick into Amy’s pussy, and pulled at my penis underneath until she could lick its head as well. I embraced Amy and began to fondle her small titties.

Amy relaxed against me as Sis alternated between her pussy and my penis until she had both of us cumming. My cum was squirting out onto Sis’s face and Amy’s pussy, then she licked it into Amy’s pussy’s juices and swallowing it. “Oh, it’s so warm!” Amy exclaimed. Sis finished licking the last drops and raised up. My penis was still erect, as Amy began to slide herself off my lap, but my penis popped into Amy’s moist, open pussy as we both gasped. Sis saw what happened and laughed.

I held Amy onto my lap, enjoying the feel of my penis in her warm, tight pussy. After a few moments Sis urged Amy to start bouncing on my lap, sliding her pussy up and down the shaft of my penis as I reached around her waist and slipped a finger onto her clitoris. As Amy was becoming breathless from bouncing, I felt my cum surging into her pussy. “Whoa,” I gasped.

Sis saw cum oozing from around my penis and out of Amy’s pussy when Amy stopped. She stood up from my lap giggling as cum started running down her legs. It was the most beautiful sight I has seen since the day Sis got off me at her friend’s swimming pool with my cum dripping from her pussy as well. We went to the bathroom to clean ourselves up, and I had to pee. Amy watched the stream from my penis delighted, as she had never seen a guy pee.

“You can learn to pee standing up,” Sis said, demonstrating for her. She straddled the toilet and held her pussy open as her urine flowed into the bowl.

“Cool,” said Amy. “Can I try?”

“Let’s try in the bathtub until you get the hang of it.” Sis told her. “The first few times I did, I got it all over my legs and ground, before I found out how and where to hold it.” Amy stepped over into the tub, and held her pussy open as she seen Sis do, and her urine shot out at first, then ran down the side of her legs. Amy giggled.

“I learned to do that outside.” Sis told us. “Bill taught travesti porno me on some of our truck runs out in the country. When we were out west, we can go for miles without seeing any stores or restaurants, so sometimes we just stopped in the middle of the road and went to bathroom beside the truck. It’s not any trouble, really, after you get the hang of it.” Amy was wiping her legs off with a washcloth. as Sis rinsed the pee out of the tub.

I surfed the channels on TV until I found a rather sexy program on cinemax. The guy was having an affair with some lady from his work, and then has sex with his wife afterwards. His wife later bumped into the co-worker while shopping and learns of the affair. She was angry at first, and had a fight with him and he left, going straight to the other woman’s house. While there, they began having sex. His wife came, stripped and joined in having sex with both of them!

Amy had curled up besides me watching the program too. I embraced her naked body against mine’s and slipped my fingers into her pussy, taking my time exploring her delicious nakedness as my penis jumped about in excitement. Occasionally Amy would grasp my penis and play with it. Once she almost made me cum, but stopped in time.

After the show went off, I knelt before Amy, and began to lick my cousin’s pussy for the first time. Amy relaxed, and placed her legs over my shoulders, effectively opening her pussy wide to my probing tongue. I savored her tender pussy, which was becoming quite juicy as I slipped my fingers into her hole, and felt its occasional contractions, as I sucked onto her clit, as Amy giggled.

Then she tensed up, I felt her pussy jump, and go into spasms, pretty much like my penis does when I cum. Some of her juices dribbled out between my fingers onto the sofa, as Amy shrieked in delight. Sis came from the laundry where she was finishing up the wash, and saw what we were doing. She patted me on my shoulder as I finished Amy’s pussy. “Boy, you really gave her a good one. I never had got her to react like that.”

I raised up and Amy was still reclining on the sofa smiling in bliss. My penis was throbbing in excitement, as I observed her wet, open pussy, and drove my penis into it. I worked it for only a few moments before I came. Amy laughed at the warmth of my cum flooding her insides as my penis began to relax. I withdrew it as Sis said it was her turn, and knelt before Amy to lick my cum from her pussy.

I laid on the floor, and slid my head between Sis’s knees, as she lowered her pussy to my face. I began to drink in her juices for it was dripping from the excitement of finding Amy and I having sex. Amy giggled again as she came into Sis’s mouth, while Sis’s pussy poured it’s juice from her own orgasm into my mouth as I massaged her clit with my tongue, while caressing her butt with both my hands. We soon untangled ourselves as Amy asked Sis what my cum tasted like.

“You’ll have to taste it and see for yourself.” smiled Sis. “I’ve had tasted a couple of guy’s cum and they all have a bit of different taste. I think Dave’s taste the best, though.”

“I want to try.” said Amy.

“Okay. There’s several ways to do it,” said Sis. “We’ll start with this one.” She had Amy to kneel before me as I sat on the sofa, and guided my penis into her mouth, “Now, suck a bit, like you’re drinking from a straw.” Amy sucked my penis into her mouth, and it started to swell again.

“While you’re doing that, run your tongue around it like you’re licking an ice cream cone, and move it in and out of your mouth like he did in your pussy.” Amy mumbled and kept moving my penis around in her mouth as it swelled and became hot from the excitement. It took her a few moments, as Sis stood nearby, while I feasted my eyes on their naked beauty, enjoying the delicious sensations on my penis, until I felt my cum surging up.

“It’s coming,” I warned, as the first spurt shot into her mouth. Amy jerked her head back and my penis popped out, and the second spurt hit her on her chin, and the remainder squirted onto her small titties with their erect nipples.

“He gave you a facial.” laughed Sis, while Amy carefully tasted the cum in her mouth, and wiped the glob from her chin as the rest trickled down onto her titties.

“It kind of taste like egg whites.” commented Amy, as she rubbed my cum about her titties.

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