Mayıs 24, 2021

$ Shortage

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I was relaxing on the beach one sunny afternoon. There was some pretty fantastic scenery wandering around and I was enjoying it. Mind you, it took a bit of effort to keep the old fellow under control so he wouldn’t embarrass me.

A couple of the choicest bits of scenery were decorating a couple of towels quite close to me. I know what you’re thinking – I chose that spot because of the scenery, but you’re wrong. I was actually there first and they set up next to me while I was swimming, but I had no complaints.

The two items of perambulating scenery were blonde and brunette. Young and fit and nicely tanned, they were wearing bikinis that had enough material between the pair of them to make up one set of normal swimwear.

Now while I would have been quite happy to just sit there and stare at them I did have some sense of the social niceties, so nobly refrained from doing so. I was very much aware of them, despite that, and could hear their current discussion quite easily.

The discussion was about money. The brunette was apparently about a hundred short on her rent and didn’t know how to come up with it. The blonde didn’t see the problem.

“What does it matter if you’re a few days late with some of it?” she asked with exasperation. “You’re paying in advance, after all, and what you pay on time will put you well ahead.”

“I know, but the landlord gets so snarky about it and he’s got creepy eyes. I prefer to just pay it all on time and minimise my contact with him.”

“Then why don’t you just borrow the hundred from your parents or your boyfriend. I mean, you’ll be paying it back in a couple of days, so they won’t mind.”

“Ha! My parents wouldn’t mind but it would be stretching their budget and I don’t like to ask them. As for Alex, he’d lend it to me but then expect to be screwed every day until I pay it back and even after that as a thank you. I do not want to find myself in a situation where I’m being perpetually fucked.”

“I take it you’re not particularly enamoured with sex,” the blonde said with a laugh.

“I can take it or leave, but would prefer to leave it,” was the reply.

“I’ve told you that it’s just that Alex is a crappy lover,” said blondie. “You should try someone else. That could be the answer you know.”

“What could be?”

“Someone else. Pick up some guy and let him fuck you. Then sell him a sob story and get the hundred off him with promises to repay. Then it’s sayonara stranger and here’s your rent mister landlord.”

“You have got to be joking,” gasped the brunette. “That’s prostitution.”

“Only if you get caught,” said the blonde confidently. “And who would ever know. I’ll bet lots of girls do it.”

“Sure they do. Have you ever done it?”

“I might have,” said the blonde with a giggle, “but I’ll never admit it.”

The conversation lapsed at that stage as the girls turned on some music. I lay back thoughtfully, considering what I’d heard.

A little later the blonde got up, stretched, enjoyed the fact that a hundred eyes swivelled to watch her stretch, and then headed up the beach.

“I’m just going up to get some drinks,” she called. “Won’t be long.”

Watching blondie walk away I waited a few moments and then spoke up.

“I’m someone else.”

For a moment I thought my new friend hadn’t heard me or intended to ignore me, but then she bit.

“I beg your pardon?” she said. It sounded more like ‘how dare you speak to me’, but the ice was broken.

I say up and looked at her, letting her see the admiration in my eyes.

“I overheard your conversation with your friend,” I explained. “I’d just like to point out that I’m someone you don’t currently know and may never meet again, but I have a hundred that I would willingly lend to an intimate friend.”

She glared at me, flushed.

“You were eavesdropping on a private conversation,” she said coldly. “Didn’t you hear me veto that suggestion when you were snooping?”

“Um, no. You appeared a trifle reluctant but you didn’t actually dismiss the idea. And you have been thinking about it but you’re just not sure that it’s right to take an unfair advantage of some poor sucker. That makes me perfect for the role of someone else.”

“I was not thinking about it. And why does it make you perfect for the role, anyway?”

“You’re not taking unfair advantage of me,” I said simply. “I know damn well you intend to vanish with the money, so you won’t be cheating me.”

“Well, if you think I’m going to have sex with a stranger for money you’ve got rocks in your head. Forget it.”

“Oh, the money is incidental,” I said, dismissing bahis firmaları a hundred dollars with an airy wave of my hand. “That’s not why you’re going to do it.”

“I’m not going to do it at all,” she snapped.

There was a short silence, but something was bugging her.

“Um, if I was going to do it, which I’m not, why would I be doing it?”

“Several reasons. The excitement of doing something that you know you shouldn’t. Curiosity as to what it would be like with someone else. The feeling that you’ve scored one over your blonde friend, even if she doesn’t know it. It’ll be fun.”

She gave me a look, the way women do, and returned to ignoring me.

After a few moments I got up and looked down at her.

“Let’s take a walk,” I suggested.

“A what?”

“A walk. It’s where you place one foot in front of the other as you gently perambulate along the beach.”

“Why?” A very suspicious girl.

“Why not? Get a little exercise. See the scenery. Watch the birds and see if you know their names. Come on. Up you get.”

She gave a heavy sigh but rose to her feet. I didn’t try to hold her hand. She wasn’t ready for anything like that. We just ambled along, talking about trifles. Mind you, at one stage she did decide to test my knowledge of birdlife.

She was watching an osprey hovering, and asked me if I knew the various bird’s names. I humbly admitted that I did.

“That one,” she asked, pointing to the osprey.

“That’s George,” I told her. “He’s waiting for Margaret to get back from the shop with a nice fresh fish.”

She punched my arm. Would you believe it? Only just getting acquainted and she assaults me. And called me an idiot. There’s no justice in this world.

We were now strolling past the car park where I, by a fortunate coincidence, had happened to park.

“That,” I said, indicating my panel van, “is my transport. A very nice vehicle. As you can see from the way it’s parked, we could sit comfortably at the back with the door open and watch the birds in comfort. We might even see Margaret bringing George his dinner.”

I lightly touched her arm and steered her in the direction of the van. She was dragging her feet slightly, but she came, probably considering it safe enough. I lifted the rear door and dropped the tail gate. The van was nice and clean and I wasn’t so gauche as to have a mattress in it. Mind you, there was a very nice piece of carpet on the floor.

We sat on the tailgate, and this time I did tell her a few of the bird types that we could see, starting with the osprey. After a few moments she began to relax again. At least, she relaxed right up to the point when I tried to be helpful.

“It is a bit warm here,” I casually mentioned. “If you want to take off your top I won’t mind.”

Damn right I wouldn’t mind, seeing as how her top was an itty bitty bikini top. She blushed.

“Better not,” she muttered. “Someone might come past.”

“Not really. I’m parked right on the edge. No real room behind. Just shuffle in a bit deeper and no-one will even know you’re here.”

“I’d better not,” she said again, even though she did shuffle a little deeper into the van. “If I do you might get the wrong idea.”

“Sweetheart, I already have the wrong idea, or the right one from my point of view.”

I reached out and pushed those two skimpy triangles to either side, watching her nipples pop into view. I touched each nipple lightly.

“Take it off,” I said, speaking more firmly.

She didn’t look at me but she did unhook the top and let it fall.

“But I’m not taking off the bottoms,” she insisted.

“That’s OK,” I said soothingly. “I can take those off easily enough. Now lie back.”

Hands cupping her breasts I gently pressed and she sank slowly back onto the carpet, looking very nervous. As soon as she was lying back I hooked a hold of her bikini bottoms and started pulling them down. She grabbed and held them for a moment.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Taking them off, like I said I would,” I replied. “It will be easier if I take them down now.”

A little tug and the bottoms came loose from her fingers and I finished drawing them off and tossing them to the side. Moments later my own shorts joined them. Her eyes stared at my erection and she went slightly pale and then blushed.

“I, um, I never agreed to have sex with you,” she said defensively, hands now trying to cover breasts and pussy.

“Yes, you did,” I told her. “You knew what would happen when I asked you to come for a walk.”

I took her hands and pushed them to her sides, replacing them kaçak iddaa with mine. I watched her face as I massaged her mons and breasts, and I could see she was getting flushed. Her nipples were puckering, quite enjoying the attention they were getting.

I slid my hand down off her mons, just letting it rest where her legs were pressed tightly together. I didn’t try to force her legs apart, just letting my hand rest there until she was ready.

I leaned over her until my lips were just touching hers. Then I asked an important question.

“What’s your name?” I whispered.

“Cheryl,” she said softly.

“Hullo, Cheryl. I’m Peter,” I said and then I kissed her.

Just a brushing of lips to start with, deepening as the moments passed and she reciprocated. Some of the tenseness started to drain out of her, and I wasn’t really surprised when her legs drifted slightly apart.

My hand started stoking back and forth along her inner thighs, just moving easily, but with the upward strokes approaching closer to her mound each time. Then my hand bumped into her pussy and sort of spread itself across it, covering it gently and softly squeezing.

To give Cheryl something extra to occupy her mind I let my lips leave her mouth and drift down until they were caressing her breasts. A little bit of gentle nibbling and sucking on her nipples and Cheryl was facing a war on two fronts as excitement started to ripple through her.

By now I was massaging her pussy quite firmly, squeezing and rubbing and tracing her slit, encouraging her mound to flower and her lips to part. Deciding it was time I started exploring deeper I split her attention again.

Cheryl knew I had an erection. She’d seen it when I dropped my shorts before she hastily looked elsewhere. Since then she’d managed to ignore it. Time to bring it back to her awareness. I shifted position slightly, at the same time dipping a finger in between her lips, exploring internally. The slight change of position meant that my erection was now pressed firmly against Cheryl’s side.

Cheryl was squirming a little now, conscious of my finger inside her and also aware of my cock pressing against her. She wasn’t able to concentrate on one or the other, both of them sending signals demanding her attention. It appeared that she decided to push my cock away as an unwanted distraction, but didn’t make allowance for her own curiosity.

Her hand came around and pushed my cock aside, but instead of then withdrawing Cheryl closed her hand over me, holding me. I could feel her tentatively measuring me, first girth and then length. Her breath seemed to deepen slightly, but whether in dread or pleasure I didn’t know. Whichever it was, she kept a tight hold on my cock.

Cheryl’s pussy was nice and hot and wet. She was breathing hard and pressing her mound up against my hand while her breasts were being offered up for me to taste. She gave a small wail when my probing touch came too close to her clitoris, twisting about under my touch.

Little whimpering sounds were coming from her mouth when I start edging her legs further apart. I had to ease her hand away from my cock as I moved to position myself between her legs. She stared down at where my cock was now poised, threatening her, shaking her head slowly.

“I didn’t say we would do this,” she gasped, watching my cock press firmly against her pussy.

“True,” I assented, holding myself poised, wanting to take her no matter what she said. “Do you want me to stop or to fuck you?”

“Ah god,” she groaned, as my cock started to push her lips apart. “Do it. Fuck me. Oh, god, fuck me hard, please.”

It would seem that she was ready and I pushed forward more firmly, feeling her soft flesh yielding to my hardness. She was hot and wet and tight and she felt marvellous. I pushed forward forcefully, making her passage yield to me, driving in up to the hilt, hearing her give a groan of pleasurable relief as I went.

I started slowly moving within her, pushing deep and then withdrawing, only to return with another long slow thrust. I was surprised to find that Cheryl just lay there, letting me do all the work. I paused.

She blinked, staring up at me.

“Why’d you stop,” she asked.

“It appears that you’re not ready to move with me. I’ll wait until you’re prepared to push up against me.”

She looked a little confused. What the hell kind of lover was she used to?

“Come on,” I coaxed. “Lift your hips and push up against me.”

Hesitantly she did so, and I pushed firmly against her.

“Now relax,” I said, pulling back, “and push.”

For a few moments kaçak bahis I coaxed her to respond. Her breathing deepened and her actions got firmer, then she was matching me as I took her. Still moving slowly, Cheryl was driving up to meet my lunges, which were still relatively gentle. I kicked it up a notch. Cheryl hesitated and then met me, pushing up harder and faster.

We continued at that pleasurable activity for a while, my hands on her breasts and my mouth covering hers. Wanting even more, I proceeded to kick into overdrive, driving in hard and fast. Cheryl was a live wire beneath me. She bucked frantically to meet me, her mouth wildly clashing with mine, her legs closing around me to help her pull me in while she roughly rubbed her breasts against my hands, her hands clinging to my shoulders.

I bounced against Cheryl, enjoying the movement of her nubile young body against mine. I took her hard and she answered, her cries of enthusiasm being swallowed. (I did not need someone coming to investigate.)

Quite frankly, I was ready to climax from the moment my cock slid into her, and it was a labour of love to prevent my coming too soon. (I loved the way she felt when my cock rasped along her passage.)

It was with a sense of pleasure and relief when I sensed that Cheryl was about to climax. I just relaxed and went for it, driving in for that final run just as hard and as fast as I could.

Cheryl shrieked, with her mouth still plastered to mine, fortunately, and went into a climax that just seemed to set her shaking, spasms seeming to be rippling through her. She was clamped onto me, milking me, and I was happy to let go and let her, each of us clinging to the other.

We lay there afterwards, both of us breathing hard. I recovered first and tidied myself and dressed, then sat back, just enjoying looking at Cheryl’s nude figure. Eventually she sat up and looked at me.

She promptly closed her eyes and lay down again.

“Oh my god. I don’t believe I just did that,” she moaned. “What the hell happened.”

“Apart from the fact that we got slightly better acquainted?” I asked.

She opened one eye so that she could give me the evil eye treatment, then closed it again.

“I don’t think I can move,” she moaned.

I keep a box of wet tissues in the van. It’s surprising how often they come in handy. I grabbed a couple and started wiping Cheryl down with them.

“What are you doing,” she grumbled, pushing my hands away.

“You’re a little sweaty,” I told her. “I’m just wiping the sweat off you.” And some other assorted fluids but I didn’t think it wise to mention them.

“Are you going to get dressed or just lie there tempting me to try again?” I asked.

Her eyes popped open and she grabbed for her bikini, apparently only just remembering that she was naked. Not that that bikini made all that much difference to the degree of nudity. Still, it fitted the legal definition of clothing, I guess.

As we strolled back towards where our things were I could see her wondering how to raise the matter of the hundred dollars. I made it easy for her. I’d seen her on the phone earlier. The phone had a case to protect the screen, so when we reached our things I asked if I could borrow it.

She burrowed through her things and I sent myself a message. At the same time I folded up a couple of fifties and slipped them into the case. It would have been nasty to stiff her on the money, and I could afford it. I stood at an angle that let her see me tuck the money in, but blondie couldn’t. Cheryl was embarrassed and I could see she didn’t want to take it, but she did need it. She was about to speak up but had the sense to just shut up when I gave her a warning glare.

I relaxed back on my towel and Cheryl did the same on hers. I could hear blondie starting in on Cheryl.

“Where’d you go? You just seemed to vanish. And who’s he?”

“Ah, his name’s Peter. We just went for a stroll down the beach. Peter was identifying the birds for me.”

“Hm. Can’t get into much trouble on a public beach, anyway, worse luck. Have you thought of trying to find a decent lover? I assure you that that boyfriend of yours is the pits.”

“How would you know?” grumbled Cheryl. “As far as I know you’ve never actually bedded him. Have you?”

“Haven’t and won’t,” said blondie cheerfully, “but I’ve heard rumours. So why not tell me what he’s like?”

I saw Cheryl flick a glance towards me.

“Let’s discuss it some other time. Too many big ears round here.”

I blandly smiled at her, relaxing and enjoying the sun. I was new in the area, having just moved into a new unit a few days ago. As far as I was concerned I’d had a good day. I’d made the closer acquaintance of one of my new neighbours and I had her phone number. I wondered how she’d react when she found out where I lived.

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