Mart 22, 2021

Shop Till You Drop

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Alexis Texas

Laura kissed her husband on the lips and watched as he turned, picked up his carry-on bag and headed down the tunnel to the waiting plane. She still couldn’t believe that he was going to Florida and leaving her in Minne-fucking-apolis — in January! In prior years she’d gone with him to his partners meetings. But not this year. In the interest of cost savings and efficiency, this year spouses weren’t permitted.

She watched as he disappeared from sight, then she turned and headed back to the main concourse. It wasn’t fair, she thought. The spouses had to put up with the long hours, had to entertain the clients, and had to be the perfect company wives. And then they get left behind, in January, in Minne-fucking-apolis! It just wasn’t fair!

Laura Sanderson was a 34 year old homemaker. She’d given up a promising career of her own to follow her husband from Phoenix to Minneapolis. Where once her life had been full of meetings and deadlines, now it was full of empty time; empty time she tried to fill while she waited for her husband.

And she’d been so looking forward to this trip. She’d even bought a new bikini especially for the occasion. And what a bikini it was, what there was of it. Not many women her age could wear such a skimpy garment. But she could. Her blonde hair, 5’9″frame and 36C, 25, 36 measurements still looked awesome in a bikini. To bad she wouldn’t get to flaunt it for her husband, she thought wistfully.

Oh well, she thought. When things look their bleakest, it’s time to shop! And being only 2:00 PM on Saturday, she still had plenty of time.

* * *

‘That was sure a waste of time,’ she thought as she pulled out of the mall parking lot. Over two hours of shopping and nothing to show for it. Could it be that she was losing her touch? Oh, well. If she hurried, she could still make it to Beverly’s before they closed.

Beverly’s was a small women’s boutique in a strip mall on the way home. It was very pricy, and naturally, one of her favorite shops. It was quarter to six when she pulled into the parking lot. She knew it was almost closing time, but she was such a good customer that Bev never hesitated to stick around to see that she was satisfied.

“Can I help you?” a young woman asked as she entered the store.

“No thanks,” she said. “I usually deal with Beverly.”

“I’m sorry,” the lady responded. “Bev’s not in today. My name’s Candy. Is there anything I can help you with?”

Laura hesitated, looking over the young lady. She was in her early 20’s, probably 22 or 23, and about 5’7″ with strawberry blonde hair. Her slightly small breasts were more than offset by her long, slender legs and firm buttocks. And she was exquisitely dressed.

“Maybe,” Laura replied. “Let me browse a bit. I haven’t seen you before. Are you new?”

“Yep,” she answered. “I started a couple weeks ago. I’m in my last semester at the university, so I only work a couple of days a week.”

“I see. Well, let me look around a bit. I’ll call you if I have any questions.”

“We close in a few minutes,” Candy said, “but I’m in no hurry to be anywhere, so take all the time you need.”

“Thanks,” Laura said as the young woman walked away. She seemed nice enough, but there was something about her. Something she couldn’t quite put a finger on. Oh well, she thought, and she refocused her attention on shopping.

* * *

Laura was looking at sweaters when Candy returned. “The store’s all locked up,” she smiled. “I’m completely at your disposal. Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?”

“Well,” Laura began. “What I’m really looking for is something sexy, something a little risqué.”

“Okay,” Candy smiled. “Just how sexy do you want to get? You have the looks and body for almost anything we have.”

Laura blushed at the unexpected compliment. “I don’t know,” she confessed. “Why don’t we start out with something not overly risqué and go from there.”

Candy started by showing her a silky black dress with spaghetti straps that hung to just above her knees and showed just a trace of cleavage. “How about this one?” Candy asked.

“It looks kind of plain, don’t you think?” Laura responded.

“I don’t know,” Candy replied. “Sometimes the simplest things are the sexiest.”

“Okay. I’ll try it.” Laura took the dress and headed to the changing room.

Once inside Laura hung the dress on a hook and quickly removed her blouse and pants, laying them neatly on the bench. Then she looked down at her bra and shrugged. ‘I sure can’t wear a bra with that dress,’ she thought. So she removed the bra, set it next to the rest of her clothes and slipped into the dress.

She took a few moments to check out her reflection in the mirror. Candy was right, it seemed. The dress looked good on her. Very good in fact. Then she nodded her head approvingly and stepped out of the changing room.

“What do you think?” she asked the sales girl.

“Step over here in the light,” the young woman responded.

After she’d done as directed, Candy antalya escort looked her over closely, then moved around behind her. She reached out and touched each hip with her hands, running her hands gently downward to smooth out the fabric. She repeated the motion with one hand on the woman’s ass, then returned to her front.

Once in front, she reached out to smooth the fabric along the sides, inadvertently brushing the side of Laura’s breasts. “It’s perfect,” she announced finally. “And your breasts fill it out beautifully even without a bra.”

Laura blushed again, even though she knew the compliment was deserved. The way the garment clung to her figure was quite sexy, indeed. And besides, Laura always liked getting compliments on how she looked. Even from other women.

“I like it,” Laura said. “What else do you have?”

“Well, there’s one over here that’s really risqué,” she replied, walking to another rack. “You certainly have the body for it, but it’s certainly not something you’d wear just any place.” She pulled a light brown patterned dress off the rack and held it up. Laura’s eyes were immediately drawn to the deep vee in the front.

“I don’t know,” she responded hesitantly. “That might be just a little bit too much.”

“Try it anyway,” Candy smiled. “You never know. It might be just the thing for one of those special, intimate encounters with your lover.” It seemed to Laura that Candy was talking softer now, in an almost sensual tone. And she began to wonder if the young woman was coming on to her. Maybe this wasn’t such a hot idea, she thought.

But in spite of herself, she saw her hand reaching for the dress, and felt herself moving back to the changing room.

Once inside, she hesitated and took a deep breath. Surely she was imagining things. She was just letting her imagination get carried away because she already missed her husband.

She took another deep breath and changed from one dress to the other, then looked herself over in the mirror. The dress was sleeveless, with two one-inch wide straps coming over her shoulders, widening on the sides as it wrapped under her arms, while plunging way down to just above her belly button before joining the material coming from the other shoulder. The downward plunge left a very large portion of her cleavage exposed. It was nearly as bad as her bikini, she thought. There was no way she could wear this dress in public.

She stepped out of the changing room and over to Candy. “I could never wear this,” she said.

But Candy was silent as she looked her over slowly, diligently.

Laura began feeling funny again, exposed, as the younger woman examined her. She liked dressing sexy, and she liked people admiring her, but somehow, this was different. She felt a certain helplessness before this young woman. It was a feeling she wasn’t used to, one she didn’t know how to deal with. So she didn’t deal with it. Instead she just stood there and let Candy examine her.

Candy walked around behind her and ran her hands down the sides of the dress like before, only slower this time, and softer. She then ran her hands over Laura’s buttocks, and Laura felt her body shiver at the tender touch. “If hugs your sides beautifully,” Candy said at last, “and your ass. It really shows off your curves.” While she spoke, she ran her hands gently over Laura’s sides and buttocks for emphasis.

She moved back around in front of her. She reached out and pulled on the dress just above Laura’s breasts. “It fits snugly enough that it won’t inadvertently flop open,” she said. She then ran her hand lightly down the woman’s chest and over the exposed portion of her bosom, sending goose bumps over Laura’s body. “It does show a lot of your breast,” she said. “But you shouldn’t be embarrassed about showing off this chest.”

Slowly, she raised her eyes from Laura’s chest to her eyes. “While you’re thinking about it, I’ve got one more for you to try,” she said as she took a red garment off the rack. “Try this one.”

Laura was dazed, certain now that the young lady was coming on to her and confused by the signals her body was sending in response. Hesitantly, she took the dress and moved back to the changing room. Once inside she leaned against the wall, took a deep breath, and tried to calm herself. She was a married woman and she wasn’t looking to have an affair. And certainly not with a woman! But why was her body reacting this way? Why were her nipples so erect, and why could she feel dampness in her panties? And why hadn’t she left yet?

Laura made up her mind. She had to leave – and leave now. Quickly, she shed the revealing dress and replaced it on the hanger. But when she turned to grab her bra, she saw the red dress. ‘It does look nice,’ she thought as her hand reached out for it. ‘What the hell,’ she reconsidered. She’d try the dress. If she liked it, she’d buy it. If not, she wouldn’t. Either way, she’d just have to be firm with Candy and let her know that she wasn’t interested.

She dressed quickly, stepped out of the lara escort changing room and moved to where Candy waited.

“You look stunning,” Candy said quietly, almost whispering. And immediately Laura sensed that she’d made a mistake. She shouldn’t have tried on the dress; she should have left when her resolve was strong.

Candy circled Laura, checking her out from head to toe, front and back. “Yes, it’s beautiful,” she said, “and so practical.”

“Practical?” Laura stuttered. “What makes it so practical?”

Candy stood to Laura’s right and placed her left hand on Laura’s shoulder, sending shivers throughout the older woman’s body, leaving her standing as still as a statue, terrified about what was to come, yet unable to move or utter a single word of protest.

“I’m so glad you asked,” Candy answered as she slipped her right hand inside the top of the dress, then slid it over Laura’s breast and squeezed gently, massaging it, pressing it into her chest.

“For one thing, your boobs are easily accessible to your lover,” she said as she continued to squeeze her.

Laura gasped and jumped slightly, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip. ‘Run, run, run,’ her mind was shouting at her. But her body wouldn’t respond. She hadn’t felt this nervous since her first date, all those years ago. And besides, what Candy was doing to her breast felt good. As a matter of fact, it felt very good.

“You like it when your lover has easy access to your boobs, don’t you?” Candy asked suggestively.

Laura felt herself weakening as she nodded her head — yes — while the young woman continued to fondle her breast. She heard moaning and realized the sounds were coming from her own throat. Then she felt the hand withdraw slowly, tracing its fingers lightly over her skin as it retreated.

Unable to open her eyes, Laura sensed Candy moving slowly around to her front and dropping to her knees, then grabbing the slit that ran from the front hem all the way up to her lower hips and spread it wide.

“For another thing,” Candy said, “your lover has easy access to your legs and pussy.” As she spoke, her right hand moved deftly towards her pussy until it was cupping her mound through the damp panties.

This time Laura moaned loudly. She could feel herself teetering as the hand gently massaged her womanhood. And she felt herself gyrating her hips in rhythm to the motion of the younger woman’s hand.

Candy withdrew her right hand from Laura’s pussy and began easing both hands towards the top of her panties. “Also, should you desire, your lover could easily remove your panties, allowing for even better access to your dripping cunt.”

As Candy spoke, Laura stood by helplessly as her panties slid slowly over her hips and down her legs. And when they reached the floor, Laura reacted automatically, raising first one foot and then the other as Candy pulled her panties out from under the dress, held them before her nose, and breathed in the scent of the aroused woman.

Setting aside the panties, Candy reinserted her right hand under the dress, then slid it up to her pussy. She eased her fingers into Laura’s pussy, slowly easing the fingers in, and then out. And as she continued to stroke the aroused woman, she felt Laura’s hands each grab a handful of her hair, even as she was gyrating her pussy over the probing fingers.

“But perhaps the most practical aspect of this dress,” Candy continued, “is that it is held together by only two buttons, thus making it very easy for your lover to open you up completely. Like this.”

And with that Candy reached up, quickly released the two buttons and spread the dress wide, putting Laura’s breasts, with their nipples sticking out excitedly, and her pussy, with their lips glistening with dampness through her neatly trimmed bush, on full display.

Finally, Laura opened her eyes and looked down at her new lover. She released her grip on Candy’s hair, then reached up and slid the dress off her own shoulders and onto the floor, leaving her standing before the younger woman naked and completely under her spell. She could feel the excitement building inside her as she stood there, visibly shaking.

When Candy’s hands touched her belly she gasped. She gasped again as the hands slid slowly up to her breasts, caressing them, then squeezing them while her mouth moved to her tummy to plant sweet little kisses all over it.

But it wasn’t until Candy rose to her feet, wrapped her arms around her and eased her lips forward that Laura truly realised just how complete her surrender had been. And as her body melted into the younger woman’s embrace, she opened her mouth and eagerly accepted the attacking tongue.

The kiss seemed to last forever as the two women eagerly explored each others mouths. When at long last Candy broke the kiss, she stepped back,reached for the front of the small jacket that covered her dress, pulled it open and slid it off her shoulders, before laying the garment neatly over a nearby rack manavgat escort and moving her hands behind her back.

“No!” Laura said suddenly. They looked at each other for several moments, before Laura finally spoke again. “Please,” she said softly. “Let me.”

Candy smiled at her, reaching out to stroke the hair from her eyes. “Of course,” she replied.

Laura moved behind her new lover and lowered the zipper of her dress. She opened the back, placed her hands on Candy’s neck and eased the dress off her shoulder, watching while it floated softly to the floor. She allowed her eyes to feast on the back side of the young woman, on her matching black bra and panties, and on the garter belt and black nylons. She stared intently as Candy stepped out of the dress and turned to face her.

“It’s okay to touch me,” she said. “It’s okay to do anything you want to me.”

Laura reached out and touched her bra enclosed breasts, tentatively at first, then more firmly as she gained confidence. She smiled when she heard Candy moan, gaining even more confidence. Then she stepped closer, reached behind her back and released the clasp of the bra, pulling it slowly forward and off her shoulders.

“They’re beautiful,” Laura said, looking at a woman’s tits sexually for the first time in her life. “So beautiful.”

“I wish they were bigger,” Candy responded. “Like yours.”

“No, they’re perfect,” Laura said as she took each one in a hand and massaged them into her chest. Then she leaned over slowly and took the excited nipples in her mouth, sucking them and raking her teeth lightly over them.

She stood up and turned Candy so she was facing a large seamstress’ table, then eased her towards it. Reaching the table, she slowly pushed her face and chest down to the table, leaving her sweet buttocks extended back towards her. And then she began massaging the woman’s back gently, moving slowly, tenderly, making certain to cover every inch of her back, all the while pressing her naked pussy against Candy’s scantily covered ass.

She lowered herself to her knees and slid the panties down the nylon covered legs. Then she moved her attention to the garter straps and released them from the nylons. She heard Candy moaning her encouragement as she began sliding the garter belt over her hips and down her legs.

Laura’s confidence grew with each passing moment and each moan of encouragement from Candy until she finally felt like she was back in control. She liked being in control, she thought as she reached out for the naked cheeks before her. Forcefully, she took each cheek in a hand and squeezed, eliciting another moan of encouragement from Candy. She massaged the cheeks anxiously, spreading them wide so her eyes could feast on the pussy and dark hole before her, then she moved her hand between the legs, encouraging her to spread them wider.

She returned her hand to the bare buttocks, squeezing the tender cheeks as she moved her mouth towards them. Softly, tenderly, she planted little kisses on each cheek, allowing her tongue to wander lightly over them. She moved her mouth to the open pussy before her, kissing the swollen lips before plunging her tongue into its depths.

“Oh, yes,” she heard Candy moan as she continued plunging into her wetness, tasting another woman’s pussy for the first time. She felt the young woman squirming on the table, trying to push her womanhood onto her mouth as she moved her right hand from her butt cheek, through her legs and onto her clit.

Candy gasped loudly, her body jumping as Laura continued working her tongue into her cunt while one hand worked her love button and the other massaged her buttocks, keeping up her attack until the younger woman was thrashing her ass wildly back at her and emitting loud moans of encouragement.

Laura slid her tongue out of the pussy and up to her ass, circling the forbidden hole before forcing it into its darkness, all the while maintaining her assault on her clit. And no more than a handful of seconds later she felt convulsions shudder through Candy’s body. “Oh shit, I’m cuming!” she heard her scream as her body shook upon the table.

With a final, massive shudder, Candy went limp on the table before her. Laura withdrew her mouth and hands and stood up behind the panting woman. Softly, she caressed her back, allowing her lover to gather herself.

After a bit, Candy pushed her chest up from the table and turned to face Laura. She pulled the older woman to her and plunged her tongue deeply into the waiting mouth. Slowly, the fires started to heat up again until Candy started turning Laura towards the table.

“No,” Laura said softly, pushing the young woman back towards the table. “I’m not through with you yet.” She pushed Candy backwards onto the table, lifting her legs from the floor and swinging them onto the table. Then she paused, looking down upon the young woman, her would-be conqueror, now laid out on her back before her and awaiting her pleasure.

Laura’s pleasure was to explore the young body before her. She started with the nipples, hard and pointy, just begging to be toyed with — or to be sucked. Gently at first, and then harder, she twirled the nipples between her fingers. She pulled them, flicking them with her fingers as Candy squirmed uneasily atop the table.

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