Nisan 3, 2021

Shipwrecked with My Son

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All characters featured are over 18 years of age.


I had never been on a ship before. It had just never come up. I had never considered them dangerous. Shipwrecks were something of the past. For ships made out of wood or before radar was invented. Now planes. Those were the crashes of the modern age. Or cars. Trains still derailed, I guess. Anything but ships sinking.

But mine did.


A hand shook my shoulder. My eyes fluttered open, stinging with salt water and staring into the bright sun. My stomach convulsed as salty water escaped my lips and I rolled onto my side. The hand still remained on my shoulder and a head blocked the bright sun.

‘Mum, are you okay?’

It had been a small cruise ship. Nothing grand like some of those you see in advertisements. Single mothers didn’t have many savings to spend on a holiday. Though if I had known that this would happen, I would have put more away.

‘Wha-‘ My voice was hoarse, but it seemed enough for my son. He rested his head against my shoulder as if to hug my prone figure.

As he pulled away I sat up, my head spinning. We were on a white beach. To each side, nothing but sand. Inland was a thick jungle with a rocky peak in the centre just a few metres above tree line. Where were we?

‘Thank god you’re alive!’ Kyle exclaimed. ‘I dragged you to shore but… but you wouldn’t wake.’

I weakly patted his arm.

‘Where are we?’

He stood up and looked around.

‘I don’t know…’

‘Did anyone else make it?’

I looked out to sea, but was met with an empty horizon.

‘I haven’t seen anyone else. I swam a long way to get here.’

I sat still and silent. I was lucky to be alive. Though, would anyone find us here?

‘We should see what’s here, I guess…’ He offered me a hand. ‘Are you all right to stand?’

‘Yeah, I’ll be fine,’ I said, still finding my breath. I took his hand and got to my feet. The sand was warm between my toes. I had been wearing sandals on the boat. They must have washed away when I went under. Kyle was barefoot too. Same situation, I suppose. Or he may have ditched them to swim better. He didn’t have a shirt either, perhaps that too had been washed away.

We both slowly walked across the sand until our feet met dirt and sticks and rocks. I winced every time my foot came down on something sharp, but it didn’t seem to bother Kyle. I could hear birds with exotic cries overhead. Hiding in the canopy. If they could survive here then hopefully we could too.

In the shade, my clothes felt much damper. My long, wet hair holding the water against my shirt. I wrapped my arms around myself to keep from shivering, savouring the rays of sun that pierced through the canopy.

Before long we found a steep rock face in the side of a hill, and as we followed it around we found an opening.

‘Just be careful,’ I warned as Kyle stepped inside. The opening was fairly wide, like the mouth of the rock face gaping before us. Inside it carved out a perfect little hovel.

Kyle inspected every corner before returning.

‘Looks like a good place to spend the night.’

‘Really?’ I grimaced at the thought, but I knew he was right. ‘What about, you know, search planes or passing ships?’

‘We can set something up on the beach for that. We need somewhere safe to sleep tonight. Out of the elements in case it rains.’

I gave a small chuckle. ‘I should be the responsible adult here.’

Kyle was thinking clearly; planning ahead. I should be the one doing that, not relying on my son to look after me.

‘Okay,’ I said, unwrapping my arms. ‘We should look for food and water, too.’

‘You’re onto it, mum. I didn’t take you for the wilderness survival type.’

Despite the worry that gripped me, I couldn’t help but smile at him.

‘How do you know? I was quite adventurous before you were born.’


We did set up a sign on the beach. ‘Help’ spelled out with rocks. Though, with each passing day, it seemed less and less likely that someone would come. Soon, a month had passed and we were still here.

We made do, though. All throughout the island were bushes and trees bearing various fruits and nuts. That must have been what the birds survived on. There didn’t appear to be any other animal on the island, though. Our first few nights were spent with one eye open, but we soon grew confident. Kyle even began trying his hand at spear fishing. He hadn’t had any success yet, but he swore he was getting close.

Near the rocky peak in the centre of the island we found a spring. Its waters spilling down a creek until it reached the sea. With that we had everything we needed to survive as long as it took to be rescued.

My routine changed to suit my new life. Collecting fruits and nuts in hollowed out coconuts to bring back to our cave. Doing the same with water from the spring. The tracks through the jungle soon became familiar to me. All the while my feet became tougher with each trek. czech gangbang porno Developing callouses to protect them from the rocks. I was becoming a real wild woman.

Though, there was one part of my old self that refused to change.

I walked back to the cave and placed the fruit that I had collected on the rock that had become our makeshift table. Kyle was nowhere to be seen. He must have been fishing again.


I snuck out of the cave and disappeared into the jungle, diverting from my usual tracks. With little to do or entertain my mind, I often found myself daydreaming. Especially the times when I gathered the fruits and nuts alone. I had always been a sexual person. Maybe I just had a higher libido than most people, but I had always enjoyed frequent uses of my vibrator. Late at night, when Kyle had gone to bed, I would lock my door and pull it out. Writhing in the sheets as the pulses coursed through me.

Was it sad that I missed my vibrator more than I missed my sheets?

And so, after a month on this island, with little relief, it was hard to keep my daydreams tame.

I found a place surrounded by bushes and squatted down behind them. After a quick survey to ensure I wouldn’t be seen, I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them, and my panties, down.

My pussy was flushed and practically dripping. It was cruel to deny myself so much. I wasted no time in plunging my fingers inside me. A slight moan escaped me. My clit was begging to be touched. I sat back on the ground, feeling small rocks poke into my butt, and started to rub my clit with my other hand.

My pubic hair pricked at my fingers. I had always kept myself shaved down there, the smooth sensation a wonderful thing. But I had no razor here. So my nether region was covered in prickly little hairs, that, to be honest, only made it harder to ignore my desire with such a long forgotten sensation against my panties.

I worked my fingers in and out. Letting my soft inner walls squeeze around them. No, not my fingers, the cock of my lover. A strong rescue party member who had found our island, finding me first. His rippling muscles visible through his shirt. We wouldn’t have to say anything. He would take my slender waist in his arms and our bodies would collapse to the jungle floor. My coconut bowl of fruit spilling out beside me as he rips my pants off. Before I could even dare to wriggle away he would be in me, thrusting powerfully, pushing me into the dirt with his rhythm. His mouth sucking at my breasts.

I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my breast from my bra, squeezing and playing with my nipple as I imagined he would. My moans came louder and quicker as my hand hastened. With one final thrust, my knees clamped together around my hand and I writhed on the jungle floor.

As my breathing returned to normal I opened my eyes to see the blue sky through the canopy above. My hand was soaked in my juices and my clothes were covered in dirt. I reached over to one of the bushes and wiped my hand dry on it.

As I did, I heard a twig snap nearby. I sat up with a jolt. Wide eyed. Was there an animal nearby?

The sound of someone running away through the jungle greeted me. I shuffled on my knees over to the bush and peered through it. The unmistakable back of Kyle could be seen running through the trees.

‘Oh god!’ I moaned, sitting back and putting my head in my hands. Had he seen me? Had he heard me?

I pulled my panties and shorts back up and re-buttoned my shirt. What was I going to do? What was there to do? Out here I couldn’t hide away from him in my room, drowning in humiliation.

No, as much as I dreaded it, I had to talk to him about what just happened. We were relying on each other for survival out here. We couldn’t just let an awkward silence stay between us. No matter how uncomfortable it would be to address. We would have to learn to be much more open with each other.

With a sigh, I stood from my hiding place and made my way back to the cave.


The conversation went about as well as it could. I didn’t feel the need to go into any detail about what had happened, only to say that I wasn’t mad at him.

He seemed okay with it, though over the next few days I caught him looking at my breasts and ass a few times. I couldn’t help but feel bad for him. I had been so horny after just a month, I could only imagine how sexually frustrated he was. Having seen me out there in the jungle would only have made it worse. He was only human.

Though, I would soon find myself making it even harder for him.

One morning when Kyle headed off try fishing again, I headed into the jungle to gather some fruit for our lunch. Feeling adventurous, I headed far beyond where I usually forage. Toward the rocky peak.

While bathing in the spring one day, I had spied a few trees near the peak that looked to bear fruit. I was curious to see what they were.

And so I hiked. My bare feet scaling up the rocky czech harem porno path as it became steeper. I soon reached as high as I could go without climbing. I was no rock climber. Even if I were, it would be too impractical to try and carry fruit while climbing down. But there was an outcropping to my left. Perhaps if I could get around to another side it would be easier to get up.

I placed a tentative foot on the rock, testing my footing before continuing. It seemed fine. I hugged the rock face as I shimmied along. Bit by bit.

As I placed my next footfall, though, it broke away. With a gasp I slid down with it, trying to grab onto something. I slid down the rough slope before crashing into brambly bushes. Rips and snaps of twigs surrounded me as I tumbled out the other side before finally coming to a rest.

I sat up with a groan, looking back up the slope. It thankfully hadn’t been that far, and the bushes had slowed my descent. I looked down at my stinging arm. There were grazes all up it. My eyes followed up my arm to my shirt. It was the worst off. It was ripped open and tattered. The bush above me still held pieces of it like small trophies.

I pulled it off and held it up before me. It was ruined. Worse was my bra. It hung over only one of my shoulders, my right breast hanging free. The right shoulder strap and the side strap had both been ripped. A cut was on my side where the branch must have hooked it.

I pulled that off too and looked at the torn fabric in my hands. There didn’t seem to be any way to salvage any of this. And it was the only thing I had. What I would give to suddenly find a suitcase with fresh clothes washed ashore. But that fantasy didn’t help my situation now.

I looked down at my bare chest. My 34F breasts anything but unnoticeable. What could I do? The thought of heading back to the cave like this was horrible, but what choice did I have? There wasn’t anything else out here that I could use to cover myself permanently.

I sat and thought, ignoring the dull throb of my injuries. Perhaps it could work. Kyle didn’t wear a shirt, was it really so strange for me not to either? I was just his mother after all. But I couldn’t help but think about how frustrated he had been. Seeing me topless all day would surely drive him mad. Seeing any woman’s bare breasts after a month without any would drive any man mad. Maybe I would just have to let him know that it was fine for me to be topless. He’d get used to the sight of my breasts eventually.

I stood up, watching my freed breasts bounce with my movement. They would surely torment him, but it would have to work itself out.


The next few days were tough on both of us. When Kyle returned, I explained everything to him. How I fell and how my shirt had ripped. I explained how I would have to go topless from now on. He was supportive and understood everything I said about how they were just a part of my body and not to be embarrassed. Though, throughout the conversation he seemed to struggle to keep his eyes on mine.

We lit a fire and had some dinner, my uncontained breasts wobbling with every movement. Kyle kept to himself for the night, and I knew why. Every now and then I would see a tent forming in the front of his pants, right before he would excuse himself to either the other side of the cave, or for a bathroom break outside.

I felt horrible to put him through this. Just a few weeks and he might get used to seeing me like this. Then things can return to normal.

Every night seemed to be the same ordeal. I tried pulling my legs up as I sat by the fire, but that didn’t seem to help. It was impossible to hide them completely. His erection simply kept straining against his shorts. He wasn’t getting the relief he needed, and I was putting him through all this.

Though, I couldn’t deny that the attention was doing something for me, too.

Perhaps it was due to that, that one night I found myself lying awake. From the other side of the cave I could hear soft shuffles and quick breathes coming from Kyle. As I exhaled he suddenly stopped.

Just finish, sweetie, I don’t mind, I thought. I could think of no greater frustration than to have to quit mid masturbation. To let all of those pent up desires remain caged. But he didn’t move. He didn’t get up to go finish in the jungle, or continue.

I don’t know why I did what I did. Maybe I was starting to feel horny too. Maybe I wanted to do something to help after days of tormenting him.

I rose from my bed of palm fronds and crossed the cave in the dim moonlight.

‘Hey,’ I whispered, kneeling down beside him.

He lay frozen, his hands covering his crotch as he pretended to be asleep.

His eyes flew open as my fingertips lightly touched his.

‘Shh,’ I cooed before he could say anything.

I pulled his hands away and his cock sprang upright. I could see droplets of pre-cum glistening atop his head in the moonlight. I wrapped my fingers around czech sharking porno his shaft. It was so warm. And big. He had inherited his father’s good genes.

With my other hand I grabbed his and placed it on my hanging breast. He seemed hesitant at me gripping his shaft, but wasted no time feeling and exploring my breasts in his hand.

I could feel his cock grow even harder in my hand as he massaged my breasts. This was what he had wanted. All those days staring at my breasts without being able to touch them. A mother knows.

My hand began to pump up and down his shaft, feeling every inch between my fingers, which seemed dwarfed by its size. My breasts jiggled beneath me as my hand flew up and down. He pinched and pulled at my nipples, causing me to bite my lip and hold my breath against the moans which wished to betray me.

Soon, his breath became heavy and his hips tried to thrust into my hand. I turned his cock away to the cave wall as it spasmed in my hand. Squirt after squirt of cum splattered against the rocks. It just kept coming. Great thick ropes. Oh my poor baby, I thought, how much did you need this?

Finally his cock stopped and he panted beneath me. Without saying a word, I leant down and kissed him on the forehead before crossing back to my side of the cave.


Every young man needs an outlet for their sexual needs. Back home they would watch porn, fantasizing about those women’s bodies. Driven by desire. Yet out here, Kyle didn’t have anything like that. All he had was me. I was the only woman on the island. Everything he desired about women, I had. My breasts. My thighs. Every curve on my body tempted his yearning. I was beginning to wonder if he saw me as his mother anymore, or just another woman. The only woman he ever saw here. It must be confusing for him. The constant pull between his desires and the knowledge that I was his mother.

To be honest, the line was beginning to blur for me too. It had been almost two months on this island. And lately…

The feel of his cock in my hands. His hands playing with my breasts. The smell of his hot cum as it exploded from him. A smell that I had been so long without. Even before the cruise.

It had become a regular thing for us now. We never properly discussed it. We just knew that this was best. In mind, we were still mother and son, but our bodies were just bodies. I needed a man’s body as much as he needed a woman’s. And since we both had what the other needed, why deny it?

Every night, before turning in, I would join him on his bed and stroke him to orgasm. All the while he fondled and played with my breasts.

It didn’t take long, the third night, in fact, before he began to explore between my legs as I stroked him. I didn’t protest, helping him to unbutton my shorts.

I squealed as his fingers probed my depths. Sliding along my wet inner walls. Of course I was horny. This whole situation drove my passions through the roof.

As he pumped his fingers into me, my head lowered more and more until my breath tickled his cock. Without thinking I took him in my mouth, stifling my moans around his shaft. I sucked and licked his cock, treating it as I would one of my lovers.

His fingers never ceased inside me. Exploring deeper and faster. His rhythm only wavering whenever my sucking struck a good nerve.

Far quicker than when I had used my hand, he came. The first spurt exploded in my mouth before I could turn it toward the cave wall. Rope after thick gooey rope. He came as much as he had the first night.

Some hung from my bottom lip, clinging to my chin, while a pool collected in my mouth. It was different than any other cum I had tasted. Sweeter. Perhaps the all fruit diet had done that. I swallowed what was in my mouth before collecting the residue on my chin. After that I returned to his slowly deflating cock and milked the last few drops from him onto my tongue.

We continued like that for a while. Satisfying each other’s sexual needs. Yet there was still something missing. We were still holding back some desires.

One night as I sucked on his cock it became apparent to me. His fingers just weren’t enough. I needed more. I was teasing myself by only allowing this huge cock into my mouth.

I lifted my head and paused, small trails of spit still connecting us.

‘What is it?’ he asked, noticing my hesitation.

Without a word I sat up and threw my leg over him until I was straddling his hips. He gulped as he watched me guide his cock home. Home to where he came from. Where he was born from.

The head of his cock pierced my lips and slid in with ease. God he was big! My mouth had not prepared me for how big it felt inside.

I moaned a sigh of content as he bottomed out. His head nuzzling against my cervix. We fit together perfectly. Like it was destined to be. And we never would have known had we not found ourselves here.

‘Let me know before you cum,’ I told him.

I rocked back and forth on him, feeling ever inch slide in and out of me. Every inch of my son’s cock. Even with how much our relationship had changed over the past few days, it still felt so dirty to think about. A mother and son locked in an intimate embrace. It went against nature. Yet nature led us here. Our urges too strong to ignore.

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