Mart 16, 2021

She’s the One – Part 1

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Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read my story. But if you’re looking for a story with just lots of sex, sex and more sex then this story isn’t for you and you’re probably better off reading another tale by another writer.
This story will be a slow burner over lots of parts about a serial stalker mostly and the what he does that leads up to the final confrontation with the victim. That’s not to say there won’t be any sex scenes at all but probably a lot less than maybe you’re looking for.
If you do read the story then I hope you enjoy it, if you change your mind and don’t read it then there’s no hard feelings on my part.


He watched her as she returned the ball from the baseline, he didn’t watch where the ball went, he didn’t care, watching a tennis match wasn’t the reason he was here.

The reason was the 16 year old girl who had just returned the ball.

He first laid eyes on her just a week ago as she was shopping with a friend at the local shopping arcade and laden down with a dozen shopping bags from a dozen different stores.

She almost bumped into him as she came spilling out of a shop, her bags banging on her legs as she walked with purpose to the next shop and chatting to her friend about the things 16 year old girls chat about to each other.

The first thing he noticed about her was her smell, a fruity/apple perfume he didn’t recognise but would now always remember and that’s all it took.

He turned around and followed her. From the back he saw she was about 5’7 or 8 maybe and slim, no apparent body fat. She had dead straight blonde hair that ended half way down her back. He was happy it looked a natural blonde as he hated girls that coloured their hair, he thought they looked slutty. She was wearing a short green tank top with spaghetti straps that ended a few inches above the waistband of a short white pleated skirt that only went half way down her thighs. Her legs were tanned and athletic looking and on her feet were a pair of white tennis pumps.

As he checked her out his cock immediately grew hard and he put his hand in his pants pocket to feel it’s thickness and to adjust it slightly as the bigger it got the more uncomfortable in his pants it was. He preferred to be naked if possible, but he just had finished work and was still in his suit.

When fully erect it was 9 1/2 inches and much thicker than a banana.

He followed her into a department store, where they headed to the lingerie department and he finally saw her from the front.

He wasn’t disappointed, her face had an oval symmetry and high cheekbones that in his opinion put her in the top 5% of beautiful girls. Piercing blue eyes and her eye brows confirmed that blonde was her natural colour. A cute button nose and her lips had that perfect bow shape and were plump with pale red lip stick.

Her breasts, he decided were 36c and he thought she wasn’t wearing a bra, or at least he couldn’t see any bra straps or the tell tale shape of a bra under her tank top.

Yes, she was the one he decided as he felt his cock. He knew what he was going to do, he had a plan, he always had plan.

He’s had lots of “ones” over the years and she would be his latest.

He got close enough to hear and see what they were saying and doing
She and her friend were at a rack of blue bras with matching panties. They were looking for the right sizes.
“Here you are Julie.” said her friend.
Nice name, he thought.
“Thanks Kate” Kate had found the right sizes, the bra size was 36c and the panties were size 6.

Julie then went to the cashier to pay for them. He picked up the same same sized matching pair, if he got the chance he had a use for them. He followed her to the cashier and stood behind her in the queue and she breathed in her fruity smell, he would soon find out what perfume it was.

She didn’t notice him standing behind her, not a clue. Even when he bent down and smelled her hair, coconut. He breathed in deeply. His cock ached.

It was one of his many gifts, he could almost be invisible when he needed to be or a chameleon. If you stared at his face for 5 minutes then looked away, 5 seconds later you would have no idea what he looked like. And if you then looked at him again you’d swear he was not the same man.

After they had paid for their purchases, he caught up with her just as she was leaving the department store. He was just a few steps behind her and was watching her swaying hips as she walked, her movement as regular as a metronome, almost hypnotic.

Next stop was a Starbucks and he ordered the same medium sized banana milkshake as she did. The coffee shop was all but empty and she was sitting on a stool at the front of the shop in front of the window.

He went to the baby changing room and locked the door behind him.

The changing table was already down and he placed the bag with the underwear on top of it. He then took the lid off the shake and emptied half it in the sink, turned on a faucet and the water washed away the milkshake. He then placed the cup on the table and then took out the bra and panties and placed them on the table. And undressed making a neat pile of his clothes, if he was anything he was always tidy.

A moment later he was naked, his 9 1/2 inch cock in his hand and masturbating. He had closed his eyes and was imagining her naked and straddling him while he was on his back, his cock at the entrance to her cunt hole as she slowly impaled her self on it. Inch by inch of his cock slowly disappeared in to her dripping wet cunt. She threw her head back and let out a howl as her orgasm racked her body and only half his cock was in her!
She was pinching her nipples, squeezing, twisting and pulling them….

He opened his eyes when he felt near to cumming he picked up the milkshake and after a couple of final strokes of his cock he aimed his cock at the the thick yellow shake and he came. A long thick rope of cum landed on top of the milkshake and he let out a deep satisfying moan as he did this. Then he placed it back on the table.

Next he picked up the bra and shot some cum into each of the cups and placed it back on the table. Finally he picked up the panties and fired 2 final thick blobs of cum on the panties gusset, then wrapped the panties around the base of his cock then wrapped his hand firmly around the panties and his cock and pushed the panties along the length of his cock. When the panties touched his cock head he moaned once more as he cum again on the panties. He placed them on the table and got dressed.

Taking the milkshakes straw he stirred his cum into the shake and placed the lid back on. Then placed the cum stained underwear back into the bag. Washed and dried his hands and left the baby changing room.

Julie and her friend were face to face chatting away as he sat down next to her.

Her shake was on the bench in-front of her and he swiftly swapped her banana shake for his banana and cum shake.

He looked down to where her shopping bags were and luckily the bag with her blue undies was close. He dropped the bag with the cum stained bra and panties on the floor and managed to take hers with no trouble at all.
Sitting up straight he picked up the shake she was drinking from and sucked some of the shake through the straw. He savoured the straw more than the shake because the straw had been on her lips, he would keep it as a souvenir.

He stared patiently out of the window, not looking at anything. And 5 minutes later his patience was rewarded when she picked up his banana and cum shake, put the straw to her lips and sucked.

A thrill went through his body, his cock twitched and a knowing smile formed on his lips.

There was a beep of a car horn and she looked out the window.

“It’s mom.” she said to Kate and waved at her mom.

They got off their stools and bent down picking up their shopping. He noticed her skirt ride up her thighs and he caught a glimpse of white cotton panties.

He brought his hand to his cock and squeezed. There was something thrilling seeing a flash of panties.

Finally Julie picked up his shake and she left. He stayed were he was and took out his smart phone and made a note of the cars license plate. He watched her pack her bags in the trunk of the car, close it and get in to the passenger seat next to her mom and wave to her friend that stood on the side walk and she was gone.


He pulled out her straw from the shake, sucked and licked it clean and dropped it into the lingerie bag, stood up and left the coffee shop.

He was prepared to go home, but he caught a glimpse of Kate entering the park across the street.

It wasn’t part of the plan, but he jogged across the street and entered the park.

He saw Kate about a 50 yards to his right walking along a track. He knew where she was probably going as this track was short cut of sorts to some new houses that had been built about a mile away.

A few hundred yards in the track went by a legally protected part of the park, where there was a about 50 acres of woodland.

Then he had an idea, 2 actually and amended his plan for Julie.

Bag in hand he jogged along the track, catching up with Kate.

His footsteps were quiet as he caught up with her, the grass under feet muffling any sound.

She didn’t hear him behind her then it went black.


Kate opened her eyes then the pain in her head hit her, she felt giddy and disoriented. Closing her eyes again helped a bit and the giddiness went.

She tried to move but couldn’t, something was pinning her down.

She was on her back that much she could tell, what ever it was she was laying on felt rough but not uncomfortable
All her muscles felt like stone. Tight, brittle. Her arms hurt. When she tried to move, she felt spasms in her shoulders. It took a moment to comprehend her hands were tied above her head and her legs were spread apart and tied to something heavy. Her mouth was sore and dry, she tried to swallow but found her mouth was stuffed with something and couldn’t.

She was confused. Am I dreaming? She opened her eyes once more and when she tried to lift her head, the pain at he base of her skull informed her she was awake. Then she saw she was naked.

Confusion transforming to fear, she managed to scan her surroundings. Trees, lots of trees. A wind blew across her naked body, she suddenly felt cold and damp. Kate shivered, whether it was from fear or the cold, she wasn’t sure.

Then she saw him, saw him step out from behind a tree and Kate shivered from fear and started to cry.

She saw a monster.


She was light in her arms as he carried the unconscious body and a handful of shopping bags further in to the woodland, he knew were he was going. A small clearing just another hundred yards further in.

He wouldn’t be disturbed there, he knew the spot well.

He placed her gently down against a tree, stood up and for the first time he really looked at Kate.

Short dark hair, pale skin, skinny, rather that slim. 17 or 18 he thought. Blue t shirt, blue denim jeans, red pumps. He knelt down next to her and put a hand under the t shirt and cupped her right breast through the bra she was wearing. 34a, he guessed. Nothing wrong with small tits, he thought.

With his other hand he lifted her face to him. He thought she looked elfin. He let her head drop and let go of her breast.

He went to her feet and took off her pumps, no socks.

Then he undid her jeans and with a little effort pulled off her jeans folded them up and dropped them next to her pumps.

Her panties was a red thong, he pulled them off her and brought them to his nose and took a deep long sniff. He could smell the sweetness of her cunt and the sourness of her pee. He put them on top of her jeans.

He was getting hard, but he didn’t need to adjust himself, he just undressed and was soon naked. A neat pile of his clothes next to hers.

She still had on her t shirt and bra which he removed adding them to her pile of clothes.

He crouched down next her her and wrapping one arm around her shoulders and his other arm under her knees, he lifted her konak escort up a little and turned 90 degrees to his right and laid her down on her back and straightened her legs out. He reached over for her jeans and placed them under her head.

Even though he had knocked her out, when she would eventually wake up she will have a bad head, he didn’t want any more physical injuries to her if possible.

He kneeled down between her legs, spreading them apart as he did so, then brought a finger to his cock head that was oozing pre cum like a dripping tap and coated his finger with it and then pushed his finger into her pussy. She felt tight, but not virgin tight. He knew what virgin tight felt like. But tight enough. He pushed until his finger fully disappeared and twisted his finger in her sex a few times, pulled it out and sucked his finger tasting her sticky sweetness.

He stood up and from his jacket pulled out his smart phone, tapped the screen a couple of times and had the phones camera working. He took a dozen pictures of her, then knelt down between her legs again, tapped the screen again another couple of times to get the video camera working and pressed record.

He held his phone so his cock and her pussy were on screen and with his free hand he held his cock just behind the head, aimed it at her pussy and let out a stream of hot piss. The phone recorded his piss splashing her cunt and as he lifted his cock slightly his piss made a trail up her belly and across both of her tits.

His piss run off her body and virtually spread all over her. When he finished pissing he pressed the stop button on the phone and placed it on the ground beside him.

If this had been a properly organised event he would have had his proper video equipment recording everything in 1080HD and surround sound. But for now he was going to need both hands.

He was on his hands and knees and moving down her body and when his cock was at the right place he rested on his forearms a moment then moved his right arm underneath his body and took hold of his cock and guided it to her cunt and in one swift move he forced half his cock into her piss covered cunt. Then he raped the unconscious body underneath him and he did it with a smile on his face and a clear concious.


The pain in her head mixed with the tears in her eyes caused her vision to blur a little, but when the monster had stepped out from behind the tree she could make out a large man shape. And he was getting bigger.

She screamed but it came out a gurgle as the gag muffled the sound and her eyes widened when she felt a hand between her legs, then a finger in her pussy, then another. Then they were gone.

She jumped when he spoke.

“You see these fingers.” and he held them up to her face.

Her vision had cleared enough to just about see them.

“Can you see how wet and shiny they are?” The question was rhetorical, he didn’t expect an answer even if she could speak.

“That’s because they have just been in your sopping wet cunt. And do you know why your cunt was so wet? It’s because when you were unconscious I fucked you. But I didn’t cum. You see, even though you weren’t awake when I fucked you you had an orgasm. I know I couldn’t believe it myself. So you know what I’m thinking, if you can cum when you’re not awake, what would happen if I was to fuck you when you were?”

Her eyes were as wide as saucers and pleading with them as well as shaking her head. She had never been so scared, her body was shaking, she had no control over it. She felt herself peeing and started to cry again.

He saw what was happening and smiled.

He continued.

“So what I’m going to do now is untie your hands, legs and take the gag out of you mouth. But there are a couple of rules you should be aware of first. Rule one, if you scream or shout for help, I will snap your neck and fuck your dead body. Rule two, if you try to run away, remember rule number one. Ok? Nod if you agree.”

She nodded her agreement, she believed him. She could hear the menace in his voice, but at the same time his voice was calming and serene. He hadn’t shouted or ranted or raved. He sounded like he was just ordering a coffee or something. It was unnerving.

She felt the bonds at her feet being untied and finally she could move her legs, they were stiff and sore and her feet had pins and needles.

Next she felt her hands being untied and once free she rubbed her wrists and brought her arms down, she winced because her shoulders were cramped.
Finally the gag from her mouth was pulled out, it looked like a blue pair of panties. She coughed a few times.

“Thank you.” she spluttered between coughs.

“Don’t take this for a kindness, you’re nothing but a fuck toy for me, just some thing for me to abuse. So you see this?”

He said, holding up his 9 plus inch fat cock. Here eyes widened she’s never seen such a huge cock before outside a porn video online.

“This is now going in your cunt.”

And with that he moved between her legs and and then slowly began to push his length into her to hot wet cunt.

A moan escaped her lips, she didn’t mean to but she had never had suck a huge cock inside her before. All the boyfriends she’s had were tiny in comparison.

“See, I knew you would like it. You’re all the same.” Then he moaned loudly as her tight, hot, cunt squeezed his cock. He leaned down and kissed her roughly, moving a hand down to rub her clit. She moaned and wrapped her legs around him lost in the moment and forgetting she was being raped.
This just egged him on and it took everything he had not to plunge into her and fuck her senseless. Slowly he pushed into her until he had almost completely filled her. He moaned loudly.

Her mouth opened in a silent moan and she squeezed her eyes shut, as he began to fuck her faster.

She gasped, biting her lip to stop herself from making any sound.

“Tell me what you want.”

She opened her eyes and looked up at him.

When she didn’t respond, he stopped moving.

“Tell me what you want me to do.” This time it was an order.

She wriggled in vain, trying to make him move. It was no use
Her eyes pleaded with him, she was on the brink of orgasm and he knew it.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you.” He repeated
Her already flushed cheeks turned brighter pink

“I want you to fuck me.” She whispered, embarrassed.

“What was that?” He smiled smugly.

“Fuck me!” She shouted in frustration.

Her mind now taken over by pleasure, she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, digging her nails into his back.

He let out an almost animalistic growl and began to fuck her faster.
She felt so good around his cock; wet, warm and tight.

“Oh FUCK!” He yelled as he started to really pound her, no longer caring whether or not he might hurt her.

“AHHH! OH GOD YES!” She was moaning uncontrollably now. She arched her back, allowing him to go deeper, as a mind-blowing orgasm consumed her.

“Fuck. You. Are. So. TIGHT.” He grunted in-between each thrust as he fucked her mercilessly.

He knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Her pussy was now massaging his cock with every thrust as yet another orgasm rocked through her, making her scream.

“Uh, uh… YES!” She shouted.

“Uh… OH, OHHHHhhhh! YES! FUCK ME !” She moaned loudly, having another orgasm.

He knew she was enjoying it and this just about put him over the edge.
“Oh FUCK! I’m cumming!” he shouted.

“AHHHHHhhhhhhh! FUCK YES!” He shouted as he buried his entire length into her pussy and shot his huge load deep inside her.

The feeling of his hot cum filling her felt so good that she was pushed over the edge again, having one last mind-blowing orgasm.

She panted, unable to move. But before she had a chance to catch her breath he had pulled out his still rock hard cock of her sopping wet cunt and flipped her on to her front and was pushing his cock into her ass.

She screamed in pain as she felt her ass hole being stretched wider than ever before and his cock violating her rectum inch by inch.

He was grunting as he forced his cock deeper and deeper, her ass was probably the tightest he’d ever had, it had to be a virgin ass.

Her scream turned into small grunts that matched his as the pain subsided and the pleasure took over. She felt like a dirty whore, getting ass fucked on piss covered ground with a cunt full of cum and her orgasms.

“Oh yes you bastard, fuck my ass, fuck it good.” The pleading in her voice turned him on even more and began fucking her ass, forcing the whole of his cock deep in her ass. Then pulling out just leaving an inch inside. Faster and faster.

“Yes, Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Oh GOD YES” she screamed as another orgasm racked her body.

The tightness of her ass was too much for him and with out warning he grunted as he buried his entire length into her ass and shot another huge load deep inside her.

He was spent and collapsed on the ground beside her.

She was breathing heavily herself, and rolled onto her side facing him. She was still scared of him, hated him even. The fucker had raped her after all but she admitted to her self she had quickly grown to enjoy it and she was ashamed to say to herself she would do it again.

She looked at his face for what seemed the first time. His short blonde hair, grey eyes, the dimple in his chin. He wasn’t a monster anymore, he was quite cute actually.

She pushed her self upright and her head spun for a moment, she closed her eyes shut and like before it eased the pain, then the pain stopped.


He had dressed her in the blue bra and panties, they didn’t fit her but she didn’t buy them for herself and they weren’t bought for her. He had bought them for another reason which had been accomplished, the new use for them now was an unexpected bonus. The new use was as a message, a message to Julie and the police too. Whether they would understand the message he didn’t know.

Kate, he had no doubt would be reported missing tomorrow at the latest. Her parents would be worried she never came home, they would call her friends and eventually Julie would tell them she left her to walk home when her mom picked her up.

The park would be the first place the police would search for her, she’d be found in a day or two, no more. Found wearing a blue bra and panties and her body covered in his cum and DNA.

And Julie bought the same blue bra and panties that have his cum and therefore his DNA over them too.

Would the connection be made? He hoped so. He wanted Julie to know he was coming for her.

Anyway, he acted on his 2 ideas, his amended plan. Raping and killing the little slut and using her as a mail man to deliver a message. He liked it when his ideas came to fruition.

And as an added bonus, Kate was actually quite a good fuck and she enjoyed getting raped, nearly all of them do in his vast experience.

The clothes she had worn was placed in a bag along with her purse. The new stuff she bought would be left with her, he didn’t need or want them. Anyway some of them had been used as a make-shift gag or were used to tie her up. But he would take with him her purse and the clothes she had worn today.


He was going to have to move house soon, he was running out of room for all his souvenirs. He made a mental note to contact a realtor tomorrow.

She was propped up against a tree, she looked like she was having a nap from a hard days shopping. Tired of carrying her bags it looked like she just sat down to take a breather and nodded off.

He, on the other hand was pumped up as he always was afterwards. Like a jolt of adrenalin to the system he was buzzing, who needs narcotics when a rape and death will do just as well.

After tidying up he picked up all his clothes and the bag containing today’s souvenirs, he headed to the small stream deeper in to the woodland to clean up a little. He smelled of sex, cum, pussy juice , piss (his and hers) after all and had dried mud over most of his body. 30 minutes later he had left the park and was sitting in his favourite bar with an ice cold beer infornt of him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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