Mayıs 29, 2021

She Learns to Love Thunder

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The air was still, the humidity so thick it could be cut with a knife, the sky dark and angry speaking loudly of approaching thunderstorms. Sitting at home, working diligently papers all over his desk, his computer full of the draft to the manual he is rewriting for work. The closer the storms got the more frantic and frustrated he became as he just had to get these reports completed for work tomorrow morning. He also knew that in a matter of a few hours he is supposed to be leaving to pick her up yet he somehow knew he wasn’t going to make it on time if he didn’t complete his task.

Picking up the phone he calls her and informs her of his doing, and his need to change the time till a bit later. She agreed, they set a later time, and he went back to work. Now being the loving girl that she is, she decided that if he couldn’t come to her then she would go to him instead. She herself didn’t like storms at all so she decided to get herself together she slipped into her little white lacy spaghetti strapped tank top, and her perfectly fitting tight white jean shorts that she knew he loved on her as they showed off her curves perfectly and head over to his place instead where they could ride out these storms together.

Arriving at his place, just as she stepped out of her car, the sky opened up and down the rain poured. Just what she really wasn’t needing at this point as her hair and her clothing were now soaked. As she was walking toward the door she suddenly remembered that her hair being long, and wet turned him on, and seeing her body in clothing that was stuck to her just added to that arousal.

Reaching the door, all she could hear was his music blaring, (that’s what he does when he gets frustrated, he blares this music to try to clear his mind.) she didn’t bother to knock, as she knew he wouldn’t hear her anyway. Letting herself in, she slowly walked through the living room, and down the hall to his little office.

Suddenly, the angered storms began to rear their ugly heads, when a loud crack, bang, and sizzle were heard, and the power went out. “Oh you son of a bitch, not now I was almost done, this is not the time for the power to go out.”

Making his way from his office, he went downstairs and started the generator. The lights and his computer were back on, but the generator wasn’t quite powerful enough to support his A/C.

Before he came back upstairs, she made her way into his office and hid behind his door. As he enters back into the office, he turns his computer back on and as he went to open his file for his work, he realized it was gone, he had forgotten to save it before the power went out.

“Oh No, darn it all she is so going to hate me, I have no choice now but to stay here until I finish this. Why me, why is it when I want to be with her something has to go wrong?” The more frustrated he became, the warmer he seemed to get as the room temperature was rising. He sits back in his chair pondering just how he is going to explain this to her. The entire time this is going on, she stands behind that door watching him, and listening to him. “Oh well, no better time to break the news to her than the present I guess.” Sitting forward he picks up the phone to call her once again. As picked up the phone, he out of the blue felt a warm gentle breeze blowing over the back of his neck.

“Alright now I know its warm in here, but I am not delirious, I know that window is closed, so where is that breeze coming from?” dialing her number he waits for it to connect when suddenly bahis firmaları he feels the softest of lips kissing the back of his neck in between breezes crossing it, and nails running gently down the sides of his neck, and over his chest. Gentle fingers opening his shirt, they remove it from his shoulders He drops the phone, as his head leans to the side. Those wonderful lips kissing their way down his neck to his shoulders, licking, sucking, and nibbling the width of them from shoulder tip to shoulder tip.

Leaning him forward, her warm velvety tongue runs down the center of his back slowly. He gasps and moans softly, his body shutters. Her tongue follows that same trail back up his back. Reaching for her, he sits up and gently pulls her in front of him. Liking of her attire that presents his eyes, her tight white spaghetti strapped tank top, and her black spandex shorts, hugging nicely to her every curve. He didn’t say a word for he didn’t have to, she can read his every thought when he looks at her the way that he does. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulls her gently in between his legs closer to him, he leans into her, resting his head upon her chest; listening to her breathing and her heart beating, his hands feeling of her every curve through her tank top. She moans softly her fingers gliding through the back of his hair.

“My god do you have any idea how good you feel?” he asks softly.

“I only know what you tell me baby.”

“Why don’t you let me show you.” Taking her hand he leads her out to the couch. Sitting on the edge of the couch, he brings her in between his legs. Taking hold of the bottom of her tank top, he slides his hands inside, slowly sliding them up her sides, raising her arms over her head he removes her tank top from her. His hands cup her breasts, pushing them together, massaging and kneading gently, his tongue lightly runs between them, she moans, her back arches, her nipples erect, aching for his attention. His lips wrap her right nipple pulling on it gently. Holding the back of his head, she pulls him in closer to her. His fingers softly running up along her sides up to her shoulders and then from her neck down to the small of her back then he cups her tush and softly but firmly squeezes her pulling her even closer up against him.

Straddling his lap, she slowly begins to grind against his growing shaft that’s tenting inside his pants. He pulls the straps of her tank down her shoulders her bust pours out from the top, and he bends down to flick his tongue over her erect nipples, the more his tongue flicks over her erect nipples, the harder she grinds against him. Sliding her hand between them, her fingers paw at his shaft, he gasps, his body shutters. His hips hunch forward to her fingers, he locks onto her eyes with his teeth closed around her nipple and bites down softly as he firmly squeezes her ass. She gasps as her fingers that are still in the back of his hair, pull him in even closer. Her eyes lock back into his he tugs her nipple with his teeth as his hands part her thighs and he places her right over the bulge in his pants their bodies grind together in rhythm as they sense each others rapidly increasing arousal he feels her body beginning to shake, he grinds against her harder than before his body letting her know just how much he wants to get inside of her at this very moment he bites down on her other nipple and slowly tugs it with his teeth, as he feels her shudder with more intensity.

“Take me baby, take me now!!” she lets out kaçak iddaa in a scream. He thrusts his body against her fervently. He grabs her by her waist pushing her off of him bending her over the couch that they were just sitting on and tugs her shorts down around her thighs, the snug shorts do not give her a lot of room to wiggle or spread her legs wide open, but he does not have the patients at this moment to pull them all the way down.

He pushes down her back leaning her head into the cushions of the couch as he drops his pants around his ankles and lets his raging hard on spring from its confines. She looks back over her shoulder and just smiles her devious smile. He places his hand between her creamy thighs and rubs her mound he is instantly drenched in her wetness and he is consumed with the smell of her sex. He rubs her juices over his cock and squeezes it between the tight opening of her thighs her pussy feels so nice and tight with her hips being held together by the shorts. He presses his way into her burying inch by rock hard inch into her warm tight wet pussy. She grabs onto the cushions of the couch; her head throws back. He feels her muscles contracting around his shaft and squeezing him even more tightly. He loves this about her; how she can massage him this way while he is inside of her. With long but slow thrusts he pushes in and out of her.

“Oh yeah that’s it fuck me baby” she screams. Going in slowly and finishing with a strong thrust his body slapping against her ass she grinds and pushes back to meet his every thrust as she has waited all day to get him inside her. He begins to push harder and faster slapping her ass lightly between thrusts.

“Harder baby, fuck me harder! Show me what a “BAD” boy my baby can be.” he grabs a fistful of her hair and pulls her head back, riding her, and fucking her hard as he tugs her hair. The sounds of their bodies slapping together get louder and louder as he thrusts harder and harder deep inside of her.

“Your tight little pussy is so hungry for my cock!”

“Oh fuck yessssssssssss feed it to me!!”

“I love the way you squeeze my cock with your tight pussy!” hearing him say that… she tightens her muscles even more.

He reaches around her body to grab her breast with his free hand her body lurches, her back arches as his cock forcefully pistons in and out of her pussy. He loves the feeling of her wetness all around his cock.

“Yeah that’s my baby take what you want from Me.” as she squeezes him more tightly inside of her he feels a throbbing begin to build inside of him. She pushes back harder against him as she continues to squeeze.

If she keeps this up he wont be able to hold back much longer she squeezes tighter as her hips begin to roll softly he begins to grunt and moan as he feels her body taking control of him. She feels his throbbing and she knows that she can push him over the edge. She reaches between them and cups his balls kneading them gently. He closes his eyes trying to restrain himself and last a bit longer but with her hands on his balls, and her pussy milking his cock he knows that it is a losing cause. Her body begins to shutter, her muscles contract now even tighter. Her fingers knead a bit deeper. Feeling a weakness in his eyes he cries out as his cock throbs and shudders inside of her.

“That’s right baby give it to Me.” he feels a thick wad of his seed erupt. His cock throbs and spews forth as he cums and cums inside of her. She cries out as she feels his cum deep inside her.

“You kaçak bahis like that? You like my warm cum in your wet pussy?”

“Fuck yessssssssssssssssssssss!!”

“Milk me baby. Milk my fucking cock.” her muscles contracting, as she milks him the way that only she can. “Mmmm yeah I love the way you squeeze me so tightly.” her hips rock back and forth as her muscles squeeze him. As the last drops of cum ooze from his cock he stays hard and continues to pound her pussy as hard as he can wanting her to climax with him.

“Now it’s your turn I’m going to fuck your little pussy harder and harder until you cum.”

“Oh yessssssssss my naughty boy… fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!” he grabs her hips and pulls her against his body roughly with each thrust. “”OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSS” she screams as her body begins to whither and shake.

“I’m going to turn your lips purple if I don’t feel you cum on my cock.” his cock slams into her roughly he has no restraint the naughtier he talks to her the hornier she becomes, as her orgasms rapidly approach. He fucks her as forcefully as he can now he is taking control of her body.

“Your pussy belongs to me now. I gave you what you wanted and now I’m taking what I want” gave you what you wanted and now I’m taking what I want” when he least expects it she lets out with one hell of a loud scream, her body shakes almost uncontrollably, her muscles contracting rapidly… as he pushes her over that edge.

“Fuck yeah, cum for me, cum loudly for me. Let me hear how much you love the way my rock rams your pussy”

“Ohhhhhh Yessssssssssssssss FUCK ME BABY” she screams louder than he’s ever heard from her as her body shakes almost violently.

” I bet it hurts good.” Looking back over her shoulder she said something to him that he never expected to hear her say.

“Fuck me like the little naughty bitch that you know I can be.” he continues to slam her pussy as she shakes and shudders, slapping her ass and pulling her hair.

“I know this is the way that you love to cum.” But what he doesn’t realize is that once her body is set into releasing mode it releases repeatedly until its satisfied. He grabs her hair and pushes her face down into the cushions of the couches as his cock is still slamming into her. He squeezes her ass tightly. She growls loudly as she pushes back even harder against him.

“That’s it bitch take this cock in your hungry pussy. Take all of it that I slam inside your wet pussy.”

“UHHHHHHHHHHHHH feed that fucking thing to me baby.” once again her muscles go to contractions as another rapid hard orgasm rips through her. He grabs her wrists and pulls her arms behind her back and quickly fucks her with short rapid thrusts. Riding her by her arms.

“OHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” he continues his short and rapid thrusts as he feels her body continue to shudder even more he feels her pussy squeezing his cock as it spasms over him.

Suddenly she lets out with a high-pitched scream that he’s never heard before. Her body releases even harder than before. Holding her wrists he pulls her body upright his cock still inside of her. He reaches around her waist and begins to quickly rub her clit. He sends her body into convulsion like spasms.

His head bends down and he bites into her collar as he fingers her clit and his hips slowly circle still pushing his cock in and out of her pussy. As he pushes her over that edge one last time, her juices erupt all over his shaft, her body begins to tremble and shake. With his arms around her, he pulls her back against his chest and holds her tightly until she has settled, and her shaking has ceased. Yet the entire time he runs all these wonderful ideas through his head as how to start her all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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