Nisan 14, 2021

She Gets What She Wants Ch. 03

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Rod was frustrated. Not only was he frustrated, he was mad. He was mad, and frustrated, and horny, and it was not his beautiful fiancé to blame.

It was his student, Bitsy.

He had found her panties in his desk when he had come back from lunch with Sarah, his fiancé, that Friday. Luckily, Sarah hadn’t come back inside, she just dropped him off with barely a goodbye kiss.

The minute he opened his drawer to pull out his planner, he spotted them; they were a mint green lace bikini cut pair with a wet crotch, and he knew they were from. Without even pausing to think, he picked up the panties and brought them to his nose and inhaled. Fuck, her pussy smelled edible. His cock twitched in his pants and he groaned, thinking this was the last thing he needed, with class starting in 10 minutes.

He glanced down at the note she left with the panties and winced as the knowledge of her thinking of him while getting her panties as wet as these were made him hornier.

And from there, the torture just kept getting worse.

During the week, whenever he opened his drawer, he found a new picture of her, either nude or practically nude.

He discovered the first one as he was grabbing chalk to write something on the board for his first class. He stumbled over his words a little, and the color rose in his cheeks, but he was proud to be able to say that his cock made no appearance.

Monday’s picture, which he examined in close detail later, was her, in a red lace thong, bending over her bed, while she pulled the thong to the side to reveal her snatch. Which he already knew was tight, hot, wet… and fit his cock like a fucking glove.

During class that day, she made sure to bend over twice in front of him. Her ass was encased in short jean shorts that were surely against the dress code, because he was almost positive he caught a glimpse of the edge of her panties.

Tuesday, he made sure to get to class early enough to where there were no students waiting outside his classroom. He waited a few minutes, then opened his drawer to see if there was a dirty photo for him that day. Surprise, there was!

it was her cupping her breasts for the camera, with one of her nipples being pinched by her fingers. During class that day, he couldn’t tell if she had opted for no bra or just a demi-bra, but her nipples were definitely showing through her tight t-shirt.

When ataşehir escort Wednesday arrived, Rod felt an odd sense of keen disappointment when he found no picture from her. Nor was there any behavior from her during class.

However, the Thursday one seemed to make up for it. She was on top of a desk (certainly not his; it looked like it was situated in possibly her bedroom), her legs splayed wide, one of her hands spreading her pussy, the other pushing a flesh colored dildo into her cunt. She was obscenely wet, the juices from her pussy making a giant puddle on the desk in front of her.

During class, she flashed him a glimpse of her bare pussy. ‘She isn’t wearing panties’ basically repeated itself over and over in Rod’s head during the rest of the class period. After class was over, she slipped a note onto his desk and walked out of the classroom nonchalantly.

Rod was embarrassed to admit to himself how quickly he tore open that note. His cock was definitely halfway hard, which he did not admit to himself.

Her note read: My dildo didn’t quite fill me up as well as you did, Mr. Gellar. I’m ready for another hard ride, if you are. Same time, same place.

Short, sweet, and oh, so fucking tempting.

It didn’t help that every night, he would think about that day he had fucked her, and fucked her good. Sarah lived in a different town, so that one day he saw her for lunch didn’t quench his need for sex.

So every night, he would cum in his hand, looking at Bitsy or thinking about Bitsy or wrapping Bitsy’s panties (fuck yes, he kept those) around his dick and coming on them.

Thursday night was no different.

So by the time Friday rolled around, Rod was tired of his hand. He wanted something warm, wet, tight, around his poor, unused cock.

And Bitsy was so willing, in fact, demanding, to help him slake his lust. And if he was completely honest with himself, it was her body he was craving, not his fiancé’s. She was so forceful in her demands, so sure of what she wanted, so determined to take what she wanted… it was a turn on.

But no. He couldn’t let it happen again. He would be in enough trouble as it is if anyone found out. And he could plead a pretty good case for coercion the first time around. But if he knowingly continued an affair with a student…

Nope. No, wasn’t going to happen kadıköy escort bayan again. Rod forced his randy cock to chill the fuck out, because he would not let it happen.

He strode to his classroom, a determined bounce to his step, opened the door, and swept inside, turning the lights on as he went. He walked to his desk, set his briefcase down on the floor by it, grabbed some chalk from his drawer and wrote today’s assignment on the board: Watch movie and take notes. The teenagers would be happy and mad at the same time, something about teaching he loved.

He waited until the students swarmed in, took role, then turned off the lights and sat at his desk, with the TV slightly in front of his desk off to the right. He turned on a soft desk lamp, grabbed the papers he had put in his briefcase and set them on the desk before reaching for a pencil.

As he stretched, he suddenly felt a strange pressure on his legs, pushing them apart. Startled, he scooted back a little as hands reached for the zipper on his pants. Bitsy’s eyes glinted as they met his, right before she pulled out his cock and pulled on his legs to get his chair back under his desk.

Rod bit off a curse. He was trying to think of his options from here, and there weren’t very many. He could either make a scene and kick Bitsy out, which would be in no one’s best interests, he could try to quietly leave his desk, which might also cause a disruption as Bitsy had quite a grip on his legs, and –

He couldn’t think of any more alternatives. Bitsy’s mouth had wrapped around his cock and Rod’s brain flew out of his head. It took all of his concentration to keep his mouth tightly shut while Bitsy worked her magic.

And what magic it was. Bitsy hadn’t pussied around with his cock, she had wrapped her lips around the head and started slowly sliding her mouth downwards on his cock, sucking in a gentle rhythm as she went. Her hands released his legs and one went up to reach under his cock to fondle his balls inside his pants, and he couldn’t be sure about the other hand, but if he had to hazard a guess, he’d bet on inside her panties. If she was wearing any.

Bitsy worked her way back up his cock, before coming back to just having the tip in her her mouth, and her suction got stronger, before she licked the drip of fluid that had leaked from his cock. He felt her breath escort maltepe against his cock before her lips were sliding down the side of his cock, and she was licking and nibbling her way down one side. Then she went up, doing the same, before stuffing him back in her throat again. His cock touched the back of her throat and she gagged slightly and quietly, making him swell even more.

But just in case her gagging wasn’t silent enough, Rod reached for the remote and turned the volume up on the movie, just in case.

And that’s when she started humming. He couldn’t be sure if it was humming, or moaning, or what, but it was vibrations on his cock while he was basically down her throat, and it was so fucking hot he almost came right then.

But she backed off before he could. She wrapped the hand that had been playing with his sac around his wet dick and started jerking him off as she shifted to get closer.

The next time her mouth went down on him, he knew it was just about time. He had an entire class sitting in front of him, not looking at him, but they could just as easily glance over and see his jaw glanced shut, his eyes squeezed shut as well, and his head almost thrown back in euphoria. It was so risky, which made it so goddamn hot, the thought of getting caught…

Finally, she coaxed his cum out of his dick by forcing his cock deep down her throat, where her lips were almost wrapped around the base of his cock. He bit his tongue so hard he was almost sure he tasted blood to keep from shouting his pleasure.

She took his cum greedily, almost slurping too loudly as she pulled up off his cock.

The movie ended conveniently at the same time, and he turned it off with his remote, dismissing his class without moving from his seat as Bitsy tucked his cock back into his pants.

He waited before all the students were out and then scooted back, glaring at the head the poked its way out. An impish grin was on her face, as well as a dollop of his cum by the side of her mouth.

“What the fuck were you thinking?” he almost yelled as his hand moved to remove the cum on her face. Wiping it away with his thumb, he showed her, giving her a pointed glare, seeming to imply ‘You can’t go around school with cum on your face.’

To his surprise and unwilling delight, she caught his thumb in her mouth and licked at the cum he swiped, moaning and closing her eyes in appreciation as she swallowed the last drop of his cum.

“I was thinking that I wanted you too much to give you a chance to say no,” she saucily replied, winking, before striding to the door. She waved her fingers at him before walking out the door.

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