Haziran 10, 2020

She didn’t know I knew…

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She didn’t know I knew…
Many years ago my wife and I were going through rocky times for a few reasons however these times led to a few experiences that I thought I would never have let alone enjoy!

It was an idle Tuesday morning, rainy, grey and as I got up out of bed to get ready I just couldn’t face work and thought today is going to be a duvet day as you do sometimes. After my wife left I set myself up with a box set and a cup of tea ready to just chill all day but how wrong was I. When opening my wife’s laptop it asked me if I wanted to restore the windows that were open before and thinking nothing of it I clicked restore. To my surprise in front of me were her new private email I knew nothing about and a certain sex toy / clothing website. First port of call was the website to see what she had bought hoping I was in for a treat but nothing so I quickly checked her email as this was nagging me, why does she have a private email I don’t know about it.

The first email I saw the most recent was from a guy called Ben saying can’t wait until Friday!!! What the hell is happening Friday I thought. Anyway being a sod for detail and logic I went right to the bottom of the inbox to see the first email and then it hits me she works with a Ben and had mentioned him in passing but that’s it. It all starts off quite flirty and he is being a bit creepy but then when I see her responses I realise what I am looking at. Marie (my wife) is having an affair or about to. The emails get dirtier and dirtier with pictures being swapped and Marie telling him how she is in bed playing with herself thinking of him while I’m downstairs!

A mixture güvenilir bahis siteleri of emotions start hitting me pain, anger, sadness but most of all this huge bulge in my boxers as it is clearly turning me on thinking about Marie flirting with Ben. At this point I realise why she has taken so much care in her appearance at work recently. A few hours pass and I get the understanding nothing has happened but this meeting on Friday night is starting to play on my mind. Do I confront her, do I leave it, what the hell do I do.

As the week passes I decide the best thing to do is just see what happens maybe they are just emailing about a fantasy and nothing will happen. Friday evening arrives and I get home after a few after work drinks to find Marie getting ready for a night out with the girls. She asks me to help her choose a dress that is suitable for a cocktail bar. Something came over me and I went for the shortest, most revealing verging on slutty dress she had, She tried to make out she didn’t want to but I could see in her eye she was loving it.

When it was time for her to leave we kissed goodbye and she said don’t worry about staying up for me!! Like I’m going to be able to get an early night now!! I watched her walk out the door looking ready to be a slut and immediately felt jealous but rather horny too.

Once she left I cracked open a beer and went through the emails again this time I can’t help but play with myself looking at the pictures and thinking what is she doing.

The next few hours seemed to take an eternity to pass them all of a sudden it’s 1am and I can hear her keys in the door. In perabet güvenilir mi she comes shocked to see I’m up still and looking like she has run a marathon!! Apparently her night was quite quiet and she had too much to drink as I could tell she was a bit wobbly. Off I went to make a cup of tea and paced around kitchen wondering what to do. This took quite some time as I went through so many ways of confronting her but as I went back into the living room there she was with her hand in her knickers playing with herself, as soon as she noticed me she stopped and looked so guilty so naturally I said don’t stop for me. By this point I’m feeling incredibly horny and ask if she needs a hand, before she can say no I was kneeling in front of her stroking her pussy through her knickers which were soaking and when I say soaking it was insane how wet they were. Slowly I manage to pull her knickers down to her ankles and as I look down I see that the inside is creamy, wet and full of cum. Now my mind is going into overdrive here I’m seeing her filthy knickers round her ankles with a very sexy anklet and some stunning heels! At this point t I realise this is something I have wanted to see for a long time but there is something in the back of my mind, what will I see when I look up? I brace myself and then slowly look up to see her playing with her smooth shaven pussy rubbing the cum all over herself and it dripping down to her arse.

i can’t quite believe that I am thinking about licking my wife’s pussy with someone worse cum all over and in it. At this point I manned up and started kissing it thinking oh shit perabet giriş someone had cum here!! It tasted strange to start with then I started to enjoy it getting very enthusiastic and as I glanced up I see her running her fingers over her nipples and licking her lips. Things progressed and before I know it I’m rubbing my cock all over her cum drenched pussy and slowly sliding it into her well used pussy. Unfortunately for me it didn’t take long for me to become overwhelmed and I found myself cumming in such a short space of time. I immediately think that I bet Ben lasted longer!! Anyway after this she makes her excuses and goes to bed.

Still a mixture of emotions I don’t know what to do so I go outside for a quick smoke and then back in to clean up the glasses etc. As I go in the living room I notice that she left her dirty knickers and handbag. Then I notice a flashing light in her bag and it’s a notification of an email from Ben, the message read “amazing night can’t wait to share you” wtf!!! Attached to the message were some pics of their night and this was the strangest feeling ever I’m looking at pics of my wife worshipping his cock and I have to say at this point Ben had quite an incredible cock! The pictures were amazing a selection of blowjobs, anal, and lots of fucking and it looks like she fully submitted to him. Now I know why she was licking her lips there was the horniest picture of him rubbing his huge, thick and smooth cum dripping cock all over her lips. I can’t contain myself any longer and I realise I have picked up her knickers and rubbing them all over my cock and face tasting and smelling them like a cum fiend haha. What better thing to do than come in them myself so there it is I’m cumming into the knickers looking at pics of my wife getting used like a complete slut!

i can’t help afterwards sitting there wondering what he meant by sharing you!!

can be continued….

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